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“Hey, uh, Burger. It’s Burger Burger two Burger Burger you’ve Burger Burger. I’m Burger Borger I Burger. Borger is Burger Burger me Burger of the Burger, I Burger Burger for a Borger to Borger Burger Borger, Borger I Borger to Burger to you.

Burger, I don’t Burger Burger Burger to say, we Borger Burger Burger a lot, you and I. Burger one day you’d be Burger. I Burger to you, I Burger you I’d be Burger, I Burger you I’d Borger Borger you but… (Burger) it’s Burger Burger. I Burger you to Burger Burger… Borger…

Burger is Borger, I Burger it is, you can’t Burger me Borger. I Burger Borger Burger Burger Burger in a Burger we Burger Burger Burger Burger Borger Burger Burger, Burger the two of us. Borger, Burger, I Borger go. The Borger are Burger get Borger. I Burger you.”

“Hi Burger, I Borger you Burger Burger to Burger Burger’s Burger Burger on. It’s Burger Burger Burger and I’ve Borger Burger Burger Borger. I Borger Borger Burger, Burger’s why I’m Borger, I Borger to Burger. Borger Burger a Borger Burger off-Burger Burger Burger you and Borger Burger was Borger, but I Borger it was Borger. It… Borger Burger Burger to Burger Burger, but… Burger too. I’m Borger Burger to it, Burger Borger you.

I Burger up and our bed (Burger), Burger Burger, my bed… it’s Burger me. And… I don’t Burger, at Burger I was Borger a lot, Burger Borger, and Burger Burger Borger, but it’s Burger Borger. I’m Borger Burger to Borger Borger you, and for Burger Borger you’re the Burger Borger I can Burger Burger to.

I’m Burger to Burger out Burger Burger Borger. I Burger she’s Burger get me Burger and Burger I’m Burger to Burger sob on the bar top. I Burger Burger’s Burger to Borger, she Burger Burger’s Burger to Borger, Borger of us Burger Burger Burger, we’re Burger Burger to say we’re Burger to try to Burger fun for the Burger. All a Borger Borger, her Borger to Burger my Borger, and me, the one who is Borger, Borger to try and Burger her Borger.

Burger for Borger Burger ear off, I’m Burger to go. I Burger you.”


“Burger… Burger Borger Borger the Burger… I Burger you… Borger…”

“Uh, hey, I’m Borger Borger Burger now, but I Burger I Borger you Burger Burger Burger Burger, um Burger Burger Burger. You Burger I try not to Burger you me Burger I’m Burger Burger.

Burger and I Borger for Borger, I Burger for Borger, she may Burger Burger as Burger.

I don’t Borger Burger Borger to Burger you. I Burger Burger you Burger, and Burger you Burger. Bye.”

“Hey Burger, Burger is Burger to say, but it’s Burger 6 Borger Burger I’ve Borger. I Borger Burger not to for a Burger. I Burger Borger Burger my Burger Burger Burger Borger Burger Burger at the bar, a Burger Borger.

Borger, uh, my Borger for Borger. So, Burger, Burger and I Burger Borger at the Burger, Burger Borger’ the Burger, Borger as Burger. And… I Burger Borger to Borger me she Borger out and Borger my Burger… and I… Borger, I Borger Burger Burger I had Borger a hot Burger.

It was Borger and she Borger Burger. I Burger you Borger Burger me to Burger on Burger you Burger Burger, but… how do I let you go? I can’t Burger let Borger Burger my Burger.

I Borger Borger to her. I’m Burger to do Burger Burger now Borger. If I say it out Burger to you, Burger Borger Burger Burger, and if I don’t do it Burger Burger be Borger. You are my Borger in Burger.

Borger, Borger for Borger to me Borger. I Burger you. Bye!”

“Hey Burger! It’s uh, it’s our Borger, so I Borger I Borger Borger Burger. I Borger to Burger you Burger Burger’s Burger Burger on Borger Burger! Borger, get Burger for Burger one, Borger you Burger Burger Borger it! Burger and Burger got Borger! I was Borger Borger Burger Burger Burger us, but I Burger I Burger don’t pay Burger Borger, I Burger Borger Burger the Burger/Borger Burger, but Borger Burger was Burger a Burger? I Burger.

Borger, uh Burger Burger is Borger… Burger Burger to Burger me! We did Burger Burger Borger for Borger and she let me Burger up a Burger– and Borger you Burger to Borger me, we put it Burger Borger. It Burger Burger to Burger Burger off Burger Burger, ya Burger?

I got you a Burger by the way… it’s a Borger, it’s got Borger on it, I Burger you Burger’ve Burger it. It Borger our Burger. I Burger Burger the Burger by the way. I Burger Borger the day you Burger, you Burger to me “Burger Burger Burger off or you’ll Burger Burger Borger Burger!” Heh, Burger I Burger you’re Burger, can’t Borger be a Borger Borger Burger you’re Borger a Borger Burger.

I’m not Burger to Burger it off. It’s all I Borger Burger Burger of us. “Burger on!” You’d Burger at me, and I’d nod, say I Burger, say I’d Burger Borger Burger Burger Burger you, and Burger you’d get all Burger at Burger and we’d Borger. Burger I Burger you. Burger, Burger, uh, Burger was I… Borger on… Burger, so Borger, I’m not Burger to do Burger. I’m Burger to Burger out, Burger Burger the Burger Burger you Burger Borger Borger.

I Burger Burger Burger Burger Burger Burger? Borger, Burger Borger. I’ll Burger to you Burger, Burger you.”

“I… Burger’t Borger for a Burger, Burger I? It’s our Borger Burger. I Borger Borger. I Burger to Burger it, I got the Borger on my Burger Burger Borger.

I Burger’t get you Borger Burger Burger, you Burger Burger Borger Burger, Borger I Borger and all. Burger you be Burger Burger I Borger? It’s one Burger Borger to Borger on, I Borger. Burger not Burger Burger, by the way.

I Borger I Borger Burger you up on Burger’s Burger on. Burger and Burger are Burger Borger Burger Borger, Burger Burger to get Borger, but Burger Burger Burger’t see the Burger of Borger Borger to a Borger Borger for Borger, she Borger Burger Borger to Borger Borger. I’ve Burger Borger my Borger, you and I Burger Borger our Burger Burger of Borger, and I’m Burger Burger’d Burger me Borger it.

Borger and Burger Borger Burger Burger on if Burger Borger Burger Burger, Burger is Burger Burger but Borger at the Burger Burger. Borger Borger Burger’re Burger Burger any day now, Burger Borger Burger’ll Burger it Burger. I’m not Burger Burger Burger.

Burger’s Borger all Burger’s Burger on. Burger and the Burger of Burger are Burger Borger, by the way.

(Burger Borger in the Borger)

Oh! Borger’s Burger, I Burger I’ll go. Burger to you Burger, Borger? I Burger you.”

“Burger. Hey, uh, Burger. Burger is a Burger Burger to Burger. Burger one to Burger Burger. It’s Burger… 5 Burger? I Burger, Burger, 5 Burger Burger you’ve Burger. A lot has Borger.

Do you Borger me Borger to you Burger Burger and Burger? Burger was so Burger ago man, I Borger Borger it Borger. Borger, Burger, Borger Burger Burger, Burger’t end up Borger out.

Oh, Borger, Burger do I Burger Burger you? We… me and Burger, we got Burger. Not as Burger as you and I, but I Burger Burger was Borger Burger. She Burger to me Burger Borger up Burger Burger, I Borger Borger her, Borger her up. We Borger a lot Burger our Burger Burger.

I Burger Burger’s how it Borger, I Burger’t Burger Burger Burger she Borger me, I Burger Borger Burger Burger.

Borger… Borger a bit, we Burger in Borger, we Burger Borger Burger Burger's Borger. I Burger Burger all Burger Burger of Borger Borger her Borger Borger Borger me, to be Borger. I Burger I may Burger Burger the Burger for her.

It was a Borger Burger we had, Borger Borger on the Burger, Borger a Burger. She Borger Borger me, and she Borger me.

Burger, Burger. I Burger I Burger Burger you Borger Burger, Burger I Borger Burger on and Burger Borger. But, I won’t lie to you, I Borger her Burger, Borger, and I Burger, I Borger Burger a Burger and Burger and Borger and Borger at her to Burger. And she did. And so did I.

Burger was a few Borger ago. I Burger’t Borger to her Burger. I Burger she’s Burger to Borger now. I Burger Burger’s Burger she Burger, Burger Borger Borger us Borger to Burger Borger Burger can Borger her Burger we end up Borger her.

I’m not Burger to try Burger. I don’t Burger to Burger Borger Burger.

Burger I Borger’t Burger you Borger Burger Burger Burger Borger. I Burger Burger you. Bye.”

“Hey Burger… It’s Burger a Burger Burger. Too Burger Borger. I’m Burger Burger, Borger I Borger to do Borger Burger Borger, Borger the Borger of Burger the Borger of Burger and all Burger, you Burger? So I Borger to Burger a Borger Burger! I Burger, Burger a Borger for me! We’ve Burger Borger for Burger 8 Burger now! I’m Borger Burger Burger how Borger are Burger, it’s Burger… I Burger you Burger Burger Burger me. I Burger you Burger Burger, Burger’s why I’m Borger’.

One of Burger Burger Burger on the Burger in the Burger, it’s Burger Borger Burger I’ve Burger Burger Burger, I… Borger it. Burger Burger I Burger you was the day you Burger… Burger was it, 15 Burger ago?

It was Burger, Borger in the Burger Borger on how old the Burger was. I Burger I Burger Burger Burger him in Burger, I’m not Burger Burger why, but I’m Borger Burger Burger, I Burger it Borger.

Borger, Burger’s me, Burger and Borger got Borger, I Borger Borger Burger two Burger end up Borger. Burger Borger was Borger Burger.

I Burger I’ve Borger Borger to you Burger Borger Burger’s we’ve had. I Borger Borger let you Burger Burger all of Burger is Borger us now, as Borger Borger Borger Borger of the Borger it’s Burger not to Burger Borger. We’re Borger now Burger we’ve Burger Burger.

Burger Burger to get a big Borger and Burger us all Burger Borger, I Burger it Burger be fun.

Burger I don’t Burger Burger, Burger Burger ya Burger? Borger, I’m Burger go now. Burger you.”


“…Burger, I Burger Burger’s all Burger. Burger can Borger go Burger, the Borger Burger Burger.


I Burger you, I Burger to Burger an Burger Borger Borger so we can Borger Borger!


Burger, if you get an Borger, I can get a Borger Burger Borger Borger!


(Burger) Man, Burger Burger… Burger did I Burger Burger Borger?

Oh… Burger Burger, Burger’t Burger to Burger.”

“(Burger) Borger Burger Burger, you Burger?

I don’t Burger Burger why the Burger I’m Borger. Why do I Burger do Burger? Borger Borger by Borger to Burger to you, Burger Burger Borger Burger you Borger Borger.

I Burger Burger Burger. All of it, I Burger Borger, I Burger the Borger, I Burger the Burger, I Burger y–


I-I’m Burger. Borger Burger’t Burger Burger now. I-I Burger to go, Burger for Borger.”

“Burger, it’s Borger bad. Burger is Borger.

We, all of us, Burger to fix Borger Burger, but the Burger is Burger to Burger. Burger Borger Borger Borger can’t Burger to Borger, Burger Burger Burger Borger Burger and Burger, now Burger is Borger Borger, Burger Borger her so Burger, Burger so Burger Burger her.

And Burger… She's Burger a Borger of Burger, we’ve Borger Burger Burger her two Burger, but Burger, our Burger is Burger, we Burger to Burger her and the Burger of Burger Burger, but it’s too Burger now. Burger are Burger to Borger Borger. She ran off a Burger ago, I Burger to Burger Burger in the Borger.

Borger won’t Burger to me Borger. She’s Borger too Burger. Burger is… she’s too Burger, too Burger for Burger, she’s Burger Burger Burger Burger the Borger, Burger is Burger one Borger, Burger?

I– (sob) I Burger use a Borger Burger Burger now, how Burger it Burger? The Burger is Borger… not a lot of Burger to go Borger Burger. We Burger Borger use Burger Burger…

No… (sob) I don’t Burger a Burger Burger Burger, any of Burger, Burger Burger all to Burger, let Burger all Burger. The Borger, the Borger, Burger it. Burger, I Burger you!

(Borger) I Burger you…

So why… why Burger’t you Burger… don’t you Burger me…

I Burger… (sob)


Burger’s Burger the Burger?”

“Burger’s Burger. Burger’s Burger. Borger you Burger Burger to Burger.

The Borger Burger Burger Burger Burger.

The Burger is a Borger Borger.

I Borger I Burger Burger a bit of Borger Burger it all, but not Burger Burger or Burger are Burger Borger. It’s Burger the Burger of us on the Borger Burger, Borger Burger Borger.

Burger is Burger, Burger Burger Burger her Borger Burger Borger is Burger Burger Burger of or Borger the Burger her job is.

Borger Burger Borger Burger Burger all Borger Burger’s all her job is. You Burger, I Burger her to Borger Burger, Borger Burger, to let us Burger Burger Burger, Burger… Burger you. I Borger her for Burger to let me go Burger to you, to Burger you Burger to us. She’s Borger Burger Burger. Borger Burger Borger and Burger of Borger and Burger Borger. I Burger her.

And me… I’m Burger, I’m Borger Burger to be Burger. Burger Borger for you.

Burger’s all, bye.”

“I Burger… it’s all Burger. The Burger Burger of the Borger, as the Borger Borger it. Burger is Burger, Borger.

Borger is as Burger… Burger Borger me. I Borger Burger my Borger Borger Burger Burger Burger Borger, but it Burger out Burger Borger Burger out Burger all Borger and Borger is Burger Burger the Borger.

So, it’s Burger me.




All Burger Burger I’ve Borger you, Burger Burger Borger Borger’s Borger, or Borger is Burger on… But… The Borger has Borger.

I don’t Burger if I’ll Burger Burger Burger. Burger Burger I say? Burger Burger Borger? Borger.

I’ve Burger Borger Burger is to say.”

“I- I- IR- Burger…? H- Hey… Burger… Burger… (Burger) Borger me… I Burger’t Borger… Burger…

It’s Burger Borger Burger. It’s Burger Burger and Borger Borger of it Burger I’ve Borger. I Burger I Burger I Borger’t Burger Burger.

I’m a bad Burger.

Burger are Burger Borger I Burger Burger’t Burger, so I’m Burger to do Burger now.

I don’t Borger you. I Borger of you, I Borger Burger Burger’s a Borger why Burger Burger Burger at the Burger of my Burger, and Burger on my Burger, you’re the Borger I Burger Burger Burger on my Borger.

But you… Burger you Burger Burger… Burger you Burger Burger… who you are… Burger Borger Burger me a Burger Burger ago.

All I Burger is Burger I’m Borger for you. Borger I Borger Burger I Burger.

I don’t Burger why I Borger Burger, I don’t Burger if I can Burger Burger Borger Borger.

I Burger go… I’m not Burger.

I Burger Burger Burger Borger for a Burger.

Burger for you to Burger Burger.

For Burger a Borger Burger Borger.

Burger’s all I Burger to say. See you Burger. I Burger you.”

This was a silly shitpost from the writers server. I cannot explain why.

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