Wolfu smooching

>Finally move out of parents house.
>Love them, but you're no Neet so it was bound to happen eventually.
>Unfortunately due to a lack of money had to settle with a flat in a different part of town.
>Have to split rent with your roommate.
>Female, average build, average height.
>Nothing truly unusual, a real plain Jane. Not much else to say.
>Oh yeah, except that she's a wolf girl.

>Never interacted much with anthros before, not many of them where you grew up, and now there are just so many different social cues and rules that it's hard to fit in.
>Many simply decide to just stay away from the weird naked ape. And she's no exception at first.
>Real cold and reserved. It seemed like she was intentionally avoiding interacting with you sometimes.
>But after some effort on your part, she warmed up to you.
>Have a few "species shock" moments occasionally.
>It's unbelievable just how much she has to do to not spread fur everywhere.
>Have to make extra sure you're not forgetting to wear deodorant.
>That kinda thing.
>Those events actually bring you closer together strangely enough.
>Laughing at the awkward situations your differences bring is always a good time.
>So despite the bumpy start, you two begin to learn about each other.
>Turns out her seemingly anti-social exterior is something she does to everyone. But once you crack her shell she's a kind, considerate and joyful soul.
>She tries her best to teach you the ropes of interacting with non-humans. It's still difficult but it becomes much easier to learn with her help.
>Meanwhile you try to help her become more outgoing.
>Become extremely close friends because of it.
>It's nice to always have someone who gets you. Even if other people don't.
>Wish for more than 'just friends' but unsure how to proceed.

>Gone for a few days as you visit your parents.
>Decide to surprise her when you're back.
>While she's at work get inside with your spare key and cook up something.
>Nothing fancy but considering that you both usually just eat takeout/microwave food it'll be a nice change of pace.
>Wait for her on the couch while watching TV.
>Door opens as she wonders if she left the TV on.
>"Hey." You say, as nonchalant and casual as possible.
>Her face quickly goes from confused to happy.
>Tail wagging, she jumps on an empty spot on the couch.
>Suddenly grabs the sides of your head and before you can explain anything she starts to kiss you.
>Not just a little peck on the lips either.
>Tongue and everything.
>She sloppily and frantically licks at your canines, molars, nose, jaw...
>Everything below the eyes and above the neck really, but with an emphasis on the inside of your mouth.
>Well I guess we're doing this now.
>Start getting into it.
>Fuck it, mamma didn't raise a coward.
>Try to reach for the awoobies.
>Suddenly she pulls back, a bit confused.
>"Uhh.. what do you think you're doing?"
>uh oh

>"I uhh... I just wanted to say, I made something for us to eat." You say, desperately trying to save face.
>"Nooo, really?"
>She untangles herself from you.
>Wipe some of the slobber from your face as she cheerfully hops over to the kitchen.
>"Oh my God. You're the best roommate ever!"
>"It's nothing special really."
>"You kidding me? This is so nice!" She gives you a quick hug. "It's just what I needed today."
>Talk with her a bit over dinner.
>She's acting like her usual self.
>Not even mentioning what just happened as she talks about her day.
>Try to participate in the conversation. But your mind can only think about the impromptu make out session earlier.
>Why did she do that?
>Was that her version of asking you out?
>Why did she pull away?
>Were you going too fast for her?
>Is it a wolf thing?
>Does she know that's how humans show love?
>Does she love you? And was that a test to gauge your reaction?
>Did you unknowingly reject her?
>Hundreds of possibilities quickly pass through your mind.
>You're pulled from your thoughts by a voice.
>"Hellooo? Earth to Jonah. You there?"
>How long did you space out?
>"Huh? Oh, sorry. I'm just... a bit tired." You lie.
>"Family can sometimes really drain a lot from you right?"
>"Heh, yeah. My folks can be quite overbearing at times."
>"If that's the case, then how about I do the dishes tonight?"
>"Oh you don't have to do that."
>"Please I insist. Consider it as me paying back for the nice meal."
>"Alright then. Thanks."

>Sneak off to the bathroom to search online for answers.
>Begin looking through forums and reading stories of other men just as confused as you.
>Discover that apparently, wolves lick each other's mouths as a greeting.
>Mostly just other wolves but they'll make exceptions if the bond is strong enough.
>Well that explains a lot.
>Bad news: that wasn't her asking you out.
>Good news: she must like you A LOT a lot to do that with no hesitation.
>You recollect yourself and more thoroughly clean her saliva from your cheeks.
>Walk out of the bathroom.
>She's now on the couch.
>She changed to something more comfortable.
>Aka an oversized shirt, panties and no bra.
>God damn...
>Does she even know what effect she has on you?
>She suggests a "movie night"
>Sure, maybe it'll become more clear if she likes you or not.
>Browse movies while just talking.
>If she's trying to send you signals you're not picking up on them.
>Settle for some old horror, real cheesy and full of over-the-top gore.
>In other words. A very good time.
>But first. Go into your room and grab a nice, cozy blanket.
>Go to the kitchen to check the cupboard for popcorn.
>Unfortunately there's just some biscuits.
>Well, it's better than nothing.
>Finally plop down on the couch with your preparations.
>Get real up-close with her to make sure you're both covered.
>She doesn't seem to mind.
>It starts.

>Watch it while cracking an occasional joke here and there.
>She subconsciously gets closer to you.
>Arms wrapped around yours, with her head resting in the crook between your neck and shoulder.
>Eventually start talking about each other's lives.
>At some point you're both not even watching the movie anymore.
>Try to subtly shift the topic towards dating.
>She has told you about her lack of attention from the opposite sex before.
>But maybe she got a boyfriend without you noticing.
>Hopefully not, but if she did at least you'd have an answer.
>"Nope, still unlucky as always."
>Okay good, you're in the clear.
>"And you?"
>"Same boat as you are. Hard to find a date when you're lacking a few years worth of social experience."
>"It's not that bad. You're just... peculiar."
>You roll your eyes.
>"Wow gee, thanks. That's encouraging."
>She gives you a smug grin.
>"You're very welcome."
>Sit in silence for a bit.
>"All jokes aside... you're a great guy. Just a matter of time until some lucky lady realizes that. In fact, I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet."
>"And I'm just as surprised that no prince charming has come to take you off your feet."
>She chuckles a bit.
>"I'm serious. You're one of the most cheerful and pleasant people I know."
>She responds to your compliment with a timid smile.
>"But that was after, like, a week of living here wasn't it? Before that I barely gave you the time of day."
>"Yeah... I guess that's true."
>More time passes in silence.
>She seems uncomfortable as she thinks about something.
>"I'm sorry by the way." She says, her voice quiet.
>"For what?" You question, caught off guard by the sudden apology.
>"For treating you like that when you moved in."
>She seems genuinely remorseful for her behavior, even if it was unintended.
>"It's fine. It's not like you meant to do that."
>"It's not fine. You didn't deserve to be treated like that."
>She lets out a defeated sigh.
>"Specially with how patient and considerate you have been about... everything."
>She gently rubs your forearm.
>"It must've been hard enough to get used to a completely different way of life without me being a bitch on top of it."
>Wow, this is new. You've never seen her act so... regretful before.
>You can't stand to see her beating herself up over something so small.

>You gently tilt her head so she can look into your eyes.
>"Don't worry, it's okay. It's just the way you are and there's nothing wrong with that. It's no big deal."
>Pull her closer, wrapping her in a tight hug to reinforce the words of comfort.
>"I forgive you, alright?"
>She sinks into you, eyes closed, looking relieved to get that out of her chest.
>Savor this peaceful moment in each others embrace.
>Although, truthfully, you can't fully enjoy it.
>That goddamn kiss is still in the back of your mind, bothering you.
>Wondering if now is the best time to bring this up.
>"What's in your mind?" She asks, as she breaks the hug to look at you.
>She must've noticed that you were thinking about something.
>"*sigh* Y'know, for a wolf you're extremely good at reading human emotions."
>"Or maybe you're just not as subtle as you think you are." She boops your nose for emphasis. Cute.
>"Yeah, maybe." You snicker, hoping that maybe she won't push the issue.
>"Soooo? You gonna tell me what's up?"
>No such luck.
>"Forget about it. It's nothing really."
>She jokingly acts annoyed as she points an accusatory finger towards your face.
>"Don't lie to me young man! I know when you're hung up on something."
>At least it's nice to see her back to her usual happy self.
>Guess it's your best chance to bring it up.
>"It's about that kiss you gave me earlier."
>"What about it?"
>"It was very... unexpected. You really caught me off-guard."
>"Why? I've seen humans also kiss to show affection."
>"We do, but..."
>Struggle to find the right way to say it.
>"It's uhh.. something reserved for very... 'close' relationships."
>"So? We're close aren't we?"
>Jesus, you're going to have to be bluntly straightforward.
>"Y-yeah but I mean... it's not close in a 'friend' way but more in a... uh... 'mate'... way..." you say, trailing off as you feel your face getting flushed.
>"Ohhhhh...." Her eyes go wide as she realizes the implications.
>She shifts away to the other side of the couch. Away from you.
>The usually cheery and open wolfess can now barely look in your direction as she tries to hide from the embarrassment with her hands.
>If her face wasn't covered in fur she'd probably be more red than you.
>"I'm sorry... I-I didn't... ugh God.."
>She stutters out, facing away from you, ears flat
>"It's okay. I... uhh..."
>Her cute ears rise up slightly as she waits for the end of your sentence.
>"I liked it."

>She quickly turns around to look at you, shocked, as a million things are going through her head.
>The room is filled with a silent, pregnant pause.
>"Waitwaitwaitwait. Y-You like me?" Is all her brain could think to ask.
>"Yes! How could I not?"
>"I-I don't know... maybe..."
>She stumbles and stutters through many sentences as her brain tries to ask a dozen questions at once.
>"For how long?"
>"I-I don't know. A couple of weeks maybe?"
>"Really?! I-I didn't think that... y-you... wow..." She leans back on the couch, looking at the ceiling.
>"You thought that I what?"
>"That you'd uhh... be okay w-with... dating s-someone like..." She looks at the ground. "m-me..."
>It seems like she was having the same feelings as you.
>"Why would you think that!? We spend so much time together."
>"I don't know... I thought that you'd want a-another human... someone who..." She takes a deep breath. "Understands you..."
>"What?!?" You exclaim, shocked.
>Alright. Time to set the record straight.
>"Listen... it's..." You sigh.
>You grab a hold of her hands, gently squeezing them.
>"When I'm with you... I can be myself without being afraid of messing up."
>Lovingly gaze into her beautiful amber eyes.
>"You're the only person around here who truly understands me."

>Some time passes, you both getting lost in each other's eyes.
>Suddenly you notice a rhythmic sound that wasn't there before.
>A muffled and barely noticeable *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* underneath the blanket.
>Doesn't take an expert on canine behavioral patterns to know what that is.
>Her tail is wagging HARD.
>Time to go for the kill.
>Slowly close your eyes and lean in.
>Your heart feels like it's going to burst with anxiety.
>Your concerns suddenly dissappear as a familiar pair of thin, black lips gently touch yours.
>Her thin tongue carefully enters your mouth.
>It's no longer frantic and wild like earlier. It's gentle, as it sensually and more thoroughly explores its surroundings.
>Not to be outdone, you do the same as your hand find its way to the side of her head.
>Unfortunately, due to your differences, you're incapable of reaching the depths of her maw quite like she can with yours.
>However, despite not being as big or flexible compared to hers, your tongue is thicker and stronger.
>Using that to your advantage, you prod and lick with intensity at what it can reach.
>Soft moans and gasps escape from both of you in between every short passionate session of 'study'. As you uncover all the subtle variations between each other.
>During a particularly intense kiss you lightly push forward until she's on her back.
>Now on top, you take advantage of your position of power and slip a hand under her shirt, noticing her nipples sticking through.
>Her leg suddenly gives a little kick and she tilts her head upwards to moan as your hand travels over her stomach.
>"Aah! P-please... mhng~"
>ooh, someone's sensitive.
>You *were* going to give her breasts some attention but they're going to have to wait now.
>Lovingly rub her belly with your thumb while kissing the side of her neck carefully, as to not get a mouthful of fur.
>You might not be able to give her a hickey but that doesn't mean you won't try.
>Her stomach quivers and trembles at the feeling of your skin.
>Slowly go from just grazing with your thumb to a gentle circular motion with your finger tips.
>She's panting and softly groaning at the attention you're giving her.
>Suddenly her shaky hand grabs yours to push it away as she sits up slightly.
>Before you ask what she's doing, both of her hands grab the opposite sides of her shirt.
>In one swift motion she removes it.

>She lays back down again while quickly matting down some of her more disheveled head fur.
>She looks up at you expectantly, tail wagging beneath her.
>Her boobs aren't the biggest or perkiest out there, but to you they are just as perfect as the rest of her.
>Two beautiful, shapely mounds of softness and fur, each tipped with a wonderfully black nip.
>Lean in and give her another big kiss, as your hands appreciate her puppies. (heheh)
>Work your kisses down her neck, over her clavicle, getting closer and closer...
>As your mouth gets lower on her form your hands follow suit.
>Lick her tips in a circle when you finally reach her chest, while simultaneously rubbing her belly tenderly.
>"P-please... don't be... ahn~ a t-tease..." She whimpered, timidly.
>Complying, you take her nipple into your mouth as you start to scratch her stomach with your nails.
>She responds with a sharp gasp and a quick jerk from her leg.
>"uhh~ g-going from kissing to... ahh~ f-fuck~ belly scratches?!? G-god... you're kinky..."
>Her hand rests on top of your head, carefully scraping your scalp with her claws.
>She gently bites down on the fingers of the other in an attempt to control her vocalizations.
>Move over to the other titty while gradually shifting your hand even lower.
>As your fingertips breach the top of her panties her legs abruptly dart up and her hand stop yours from progressing further.
>"Wait! H-hang on..." She gasps.
>"I'm... not ready yet... c-can we keep it to just kissing for now?"
>"Of course..." you move your hand to her head, caressing her behind the ears.
>Eyes closed, she holds your arm leaning into your touch while smiling.
>Approach her and passionately French-kiss her again.
>Your biological differences entices and captivates you.
>And now you've got all night to learn each and every one of them.

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