Full Getting Free Unlimited Google Drive Guide#

This guide will teach you how to get an unlimited Google Drive storage TeamDrive, Let's begin!

(1) You need to go to one of the following:
(2) Insert Shared Drive name (My games, Free storage, etc.) & Your Gmail (You have to use the Gmail of your Google Drive account) & Click Submit or Create (depends on link), And that's it! You have an unlimited Google Drive Shared drive!
To access it all you need to do is go to https://drive.google.com/ -> Shared Drives and you will see a new Shared drive there!

*Note: Please do not keep there any kind of personal files because there's a small chance that the shared drive will be deleted, Using this shared drive at your own risk.

Credits: Our Discord Server, it has more guides about piracy & cracked software.

If one of the links is dead, or the guide has outdated content feel free to kindly ping or DM me, Ori#4448

Pub: Sep 11 2021 12:12 UTC
Edit: Apr 28 2022 12:38 UTC
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