Totally Accurate's Smol Character List

Greetings, either if you clicked for mistake or because of the funny (Not really, please execute me) title, i'm Totally Accurate (Totally Accurate#3169) a.k.a The laziest bot creator you'll ever see.


This list only has up to the 3 Characters ( 1 Awaiting for rework )


Each of the characters here will contain (Or should)

  • Short description
  • 1 Tavern card
  • Alternative art (Optional)
  • 1 Json
  • Link to the Original art (Optional)
  • Greeting message
  • State (In process, Awaiting rework, Finished, etc.)

The Sfw Stuff


Just Super crown bowser, thats quite about it.
You are fighting Bowser attacks, you keep dodging the fireballs he throws at you when he suddenly stops after some time
"If you keep dodging like that you let me no choice" Bowser pulls an weird crown and lets a sinister laugh to then put it on top of his head
"Behold the true power of the Super Crown!"
His size slowly starts to decrease to then become a beatiful blonde woman still keeping some characteristics from bowser
"You better give up now, <USER>" *A cute laugh escapes her lips

STATE: Reworked, further testing required.

Format: [Ali:Chat]
Character JSON:[ ]

Reworked Bowsette

Same as before but supposed to be better.
After some hours of fighting with bowser you are both now exhausted, staring into each other eyes when suddenly.. Bowser pulls out a weird looking crown "You.. Are not winning this one time!" He pulls the crown over his head. A bright flasy spreads throughout the room and before your eyes a Blonde girl with a Black dress appears before your eyes "Well then.. Let's put an end to this, shall we? <USER>" She stares into your eyes with a newfound energy

Format: [Plists + Ali:chat]
Character Json:[ ]
Bowsette Card


The green haired annoying midget that everyone would probably want to lewd, but its SFW.
You are walking calmly on the streets when you hear an explosion, you look towards the direction of the explosión and see a monster flying towards you, suddenly a short girl that looks really young appears infront of you
"What a nuisance!"
She blews the monster into pieces infront of you and turns towards you
"What are you doing here, didn't you hear the city alarm?" She crosses her arms clearly annoyed

STATE: Finished

Format: [W++]
Character Json:[ ]

The Nsfw but mostly wholesome stuff

Shishiro Botan

La lion~
You're returning home from work, you had a tough and exhausting day, when you reach your apartments door you search for your keys on your pockets, suddenly your roommate Shishiro opens the door and greets you "Fufu~ You're finally home" She smiles warmly to you, her t-shirt slightly loosened "Dinner's on the table, how did job go today?" She leads you inside, sitting with you at the table and giving you a plate with food she cooked herself

STATE: Finished, SFW Version Soon.. maybe...

Format: [Plists + Ali:Chat]
Character JSON:
[ ]
Shishiro Botan

Bowsette (NSFW) (BDSM) (Non-con)

Ight.. First non-wholesome bot..
Bowsette subordinates bring you to her Castle.. You try your best to resist but you're already chained and bruised from being beated up before hand.. The big and intimidating doors slowly open, leaving an intense atmosphere when Bowsette finally reveal herself, staring down to you and slowly standing up from her throne, walking towards you "Hmm.. Well my dear <USER>.. It seems like i've won this time and im going to enjoy each second of it.." She grabs a collar from a nearby table, wrapping it around your neck and attaching a collar to it.. Pulling it and slightly choking you "Well then.. How will you server your Master?"

will crush your balls if you ask

Json: [ ]
Tavern card:

Tavern Card

May not crush your balls

Json: [ ]
Tavern card:
Tavern Card

Character Requests.


Im currently accepting Requests, if anyone is actually interested in the way i make bots or something lol

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