Toonami Non-Alcoholic Drinking Game
(because no human could survive WITH alcohol)

Take a shot every time:
-Toonami original content (promos, music videos, game reviews) finish
-Drink twice if a game gets an 8/10
-One of the following commercials airs:
-Trojan condoms
-Upcoming/current video game
-Any commercial you feel out of place airs
-♪ Hooot Pockets ♫
-Random upcoming genre movie
-Someone trying to sell you insurance
-Any anti-smoking (two if it's REALLY annoying)
-Sonic shakes
-Steve Blum Fast Food/theme restaurant
-Someone mentions how one of the drinking games is fatal

-something starts bleeding that wasn't bleeding before
-A creature gets eaten
-Spear thinks bout his family
-Spear is tired of Fang's shit
-Fang has bedroom eyes
-Peace and calm is suddenly interrupted
-Someone or something roars

Yashahime Half-demon princess
-Towa talks about the dream butterfly
-Moroha loses a bounty/gets shitty pay
-Setsuna doesn't give a shit about Towa
-Moroha's unable to fight
-Myoga goes "boing"
-A villain is defeated in less than 3 minutes
-Towa discovers a new power and saves the day
-A flashback of [characters I remember] begins
-A character's name is shown on screen
2 drinks when:
-inuyasha or kagome say the other's name

-A car chase happens
-Lupin escapes a trap or outplays an enemy.
-Fujiko reveals herself
-2 shots if someone besides fujiko was wearing a mask
-Fujiko double crosses everyone.
-Lupin hits on Fujiko.
-Jigen gets nostalgic
-Zenigata gets embarrassed
-The locals get theirs for not listening to Zenigata.
-Goemon does something obviously impossible
-There's a reference to the Sherlock Holmes books
-Someone asks about Raven
-2 shots when they steal something

One Piece
-Luffy mentions meat
-Luffy is a retard
-Zoro puts on his bandana or gets lost
-Nami is greedy
-Usopp lies
-Sanji lights a cigarette
-Chopper eats a Rumble Ball
-Robin is morbid
-Franky says Super or talks about his week
-Luffy activates Gear 2nd or Gear 3rd
-Sanji and Zoro argue
-Someone talks about dreams, the New World, or a New Age
-A future antagonist is foreshadowed or talked about
-There's a DON or DODON
-Someone does their signature laugh
-Bullets or cannonballs are useless
-A new Devil Fruit user shows up
-Gol D. Roger, One Piece or the Pirate King is mentioned
-"Overtaken", "The Very, Very, Very Strongest" or "Difficult" play
-The weather is fucked up in the Grand Line
-Brooke makes a bone pun
-Brooke and Sanji do something perverted
-Hancock starts gushing about Luffy
-Sanji fawning over a chick, 2 if he uses "Nami my darling" or any pet names for the girls
-Someone mentions "Pirate king"
-2 shots whenever Zoro gets lost, again

Naruto Shippuden:
-Sasori sleeper agent meeting flashback
-Someone sighs or facepalms at Naruto's antics
-Naruto mentions ramen
-Sakura misses a chance to be useful
-Somebody runs with their arms trailing behind them
-There's a flashback
-Jiraiya does something perverted
-Sharingan activates
-A rasengan is used
-Someone gives a speech on friendship
-A kunai, shuriken, or paper bomb is used
-A nature based jutsu is used
-A hokage is shown or referenced
-A ninja walks on water, up a tree, or side of a mountain
-Someone does/uses something overly impractical

-Tom shows up
-Ryo responds to someone with "I see..." or repeats what was said.
-Ryo thinks/talks about revenge
-Ryo finds a new clue
-you see a forklift
-Drink twice if Ryo cockblocks himself
-Drink twice for any reference to a minigame or QTE from the original
-Finish your drink if he looks for sailors

Attack on Titan:
-Someone posts spoilers (optional)
-A side character you barely know dies
-2 shots if a named character dies
-Sasha does something with food
-Anyone acts like a psycho (two shots if it's Mikasa, Eren, or Kenny)
-Gabi is a cunt
-Falco is a pussy
-Piecke crawls around
-Mikasa says "Eren"
-A Titan looks/acts dumb
-Eren bites his thumb
-There's some faux-philosophical narration
-Monkey Trouble pops in
-People start spouting political garbage

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