Tesla - The Nintendo Switch Overlay Menu

What is it?

Tesla is a simple overlay menu that can be opened at any time. It let's the user use simple homebrew very quickly in this menu.
The default directory for overlays is /switch/.overlays where only .ovl files (Plain old .nro files renamed to .ovl to differentiate them from normal homebrew) get loaded.

How does one open it?

Once main files and desired modules are copied correctly to SD card, and the console has been restarted.
Open menu by pushing these 3 buttons at the same time:

  • L, DPad (▼) and R3 (right analogue stick)
Getting started / setup

Both of these two are required for Tesla menu to work.
Download and extract them to the root of your SD card.

Name Download Instructions
Tesla-Menu Download Extract ovlmenu.zip to the root of your SD card.
nx-ovlloader Download Extract nx-ovlloader.zip to the root of your SD card.

A comprehensive list of available modules

Each category is sorted alphabetically. For more information about each project see it's main GitHub page.

System Tools
Name Description Download Instructions
fastCFWswitch A tesla based overlay to boot into different payloads on the Nintendo Switch Download Extract fastCFWswitch_x.x.x.zip to the root of your SD card.
Studious-Pancake A Tesla overlay that allows you to reboot to hekate configs. Download
ovlSysmodule A Tesla overlay that allows you to toggle sysmodules on the fly Download Copy ovlSysmodules.ovl to /switch/.overlays.
QuickNTP Syncs the Nintendo Switch time with a list of NTP Servers. Download Copy QuickNTP.ovl to /switch/.overlays/.
Status Monitor Overlay Monitor Your hardware in real time! Download Copy Status-Monitor-Overlay.ovl to /switch/.overlays/.
sys-clk Switch sysmodule allowing you to set cpu/gpu/mem clocks according to the running application and docked state. Download Extract sys-clk-x.x.x.zip to root of SD card.
sys-ftpd-ovl Displays your internal IP address for FTP purposes. Download Copy sys-ftpd-ovl.ovl to /switch/.overlays/.
Other Tools
Name Description Download Instructions
emuiibo Use emulated Amiibo from overlay. Download Extract emuiibo-vx.x.x.zip and from /SdOut/ copy the /atmosphere/ and switch folders to your SD card.
ReverseNX-RT Alternative version of ReverseNX that can switch between handheld and docked mode in Real Time. Download Extract ReverseNX-RT_x.x.x.zip to the root of your SD card.
ShareNX Overlay Share your last screenshot while ingame. Download Copy ovlShareNX.ovl to /switch/.overlays/.
sys-tune A simple background audio player Download Extract sys-tune-x.x.x-xxxxxxx.zip to the root of your SD card.
TextReaderOverlay-NX Lets you view text (.txt) files on top of any foreground application Download Extract TextReaderOverlay-x.x.zip to the root of your SD card.
EdiZon Overlay EdiZon Overlay functionality Download Extract EdiZonOverlay.zip to the root of your SD card.
Game specific
Name Description Download Instructions
CaptureSight CaptureSight is a Nintendo Switch homebrew to view Pokemon Sword and Shield data while playing Sword and Shield. CaptureSight comes as both an overlay and an applet. Download Extract CaptureSight-Overlay.zip to /switch/.overlays/.
MEGAHAKUS A Tesla overlay for 初音ミク Project DIVA MEGA39's. Download Copy MEGAHAKUS.ovl to /switch/.overlays/.
Ultimate Training Modpack Plugin A Skyline plugin using cargo-skyline for adding features to the training mode. Download Extract TrainingModpack.zip to the root of your SD card
Standalone Tesla Menu Games
Name Description Download Instructions
Snek Play a simple Snake game in the overlay Download Copy snek.ovl to /switch/.overlays/.

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