Suggestions for EraToho TheWorld

Development suggestions for TW include:

Bridal Carrying


  • Oh yeah? As the boss of /egg/, here’s MY demand: Bridal carrying. Functionally identical to using Lead Around, but it’s cuter. Because only being able to carry 2hus around in stopped time is dumb.

“Can I Sleep With You?”

An event where characters can ask to sleep in your room.

  • Touhous living on the same map as you should sometimes ask to sleep in your room instead of their own. Mainly for the wholesome “gf spooning” experience while keeping your own room, but it can also serve as an excuse to change something about 2hus that stupidly masturbate right next to you while you sleep. Like you know, have actual sex at the cost of waking up a bit more tired.
    If she’s horny enough it should be something like “X tries to gently shake you awake”, you can wake up and fuck her or pretend to be asleep to see if she has any special masturbation dialogue, as to not render it impossible to access.
    Somnophilia is also a thing, hint hint.
    The higher the favor the bigger the chance. Should also be possible for multiple lovers to ask for it simultaneously. If you’re spending majority of your day underneath a pile of women, why not spend majority of your night drowning in girl’s affections too?
    Btw this suggestion is for AnonTW, not any other branch. Don’t you dare steal it, pedina.

Character Nicknames

A suggestion to allow the player to give characters nicknames.

Childcare Expansion

To be determined.

Clothes Menu Expansion


  • The clothing system can mostly stay the same since there are already many slots for clothing (found in Equip.csv). Strip poker can handle undressing on its own without having to meddle with the overall system. As a starter, the clothing menu can be expanded using SQN's clothing action as a reference just to unlock its full potential. All of this isn't a priority right now though.


To be determined.

Female MC Pregnancy

To be determined.

Free Use Content

Self-explanatory; a feature to allow the player to have have free use sex with 2hus, whether via hypnosis or other means. Example:

  • Having sex with Eiki while she judges the deceased.

Furniture Recipe Mechanic

To be determined.

Hypnosis Expansion

In particular, the ability to guarantee that morning sex events happen the following day, the ability to make characters exhibitionists/nudists (they would walk around in their underwear or naked), and the ability to make characters surrender their panties to you and/or not care if they catch you with panties.

Incident Scenario

To be determined; initial concept by AK Spectre and Eri.

In Heat Expansion

An expansion of which characters have events for when they are in heat.

  • Momiji. She should try to avoid having sex despite herself unless she is in a fall state, in which case she should seek out the player. Alternatively she could get territorial.
  • I want to be raped by savage beast youkai who claw and bite me desperate for babies who sheepishly apologize after with a fertilized ovum; i.e. the Kagerou event from TohoK.

Jealousy Expansion

To be determined.

Map for Makai

Self-explanatory; in the past, requests were made to relocate Makai citizens to their home dimension to create room for homeless characters.

Money Sink Options

Self-explanatory; it is too easy to amass wealth in TW, therefore options to splurge on would be neat to have.

  • Entrepreneurship of a Touhou-style business
  • Funding for Junko’s Wacky Revenge Schemes
  • Gensokyo Diorama for Shinmyoumaru
  • Harvest Moon-style upgrades for your home
  • Investment options for public works at each location; for example:
    • Building a Kappa Dam
    • Building Yoshika a Mausoleum
    • Building an intricate canal system for Waggy
    • Donating to the Hakurei and Moriya Shrines
    • Expanding the Hot Spring in the Underground
    • Fireproofing the Moriya Shrine
    • Renovating Eientei
    • Renovating Mystia's Izakaya
    • Renovating the Ministry of Right and Wrong

Play a Game Expansion

An expansion to the Play a Game custom command.

  • Blindfolded Breast Grab

2hus that are friends with you should offer you a game where they blindfold you and you have to squeeze a few pairs of boobs then guess to who each pair belongs to. Maybe also the order they let you touch them. There should be a few misdirections where for example one in a group skips letting you fondle her chest, or another gets two or three turns with your hands. Overly enthusiastic girls can grab your hands or even skip fondling and go for a little smothering.
Get a few descriptions of the boobs depending on the size, 2hu's height(Shinmyoumaru is obvious whether her chest is flat or gigantic, hus taller than you can bend down to your level and you can feel that, or they can crouch down and you can't tell, short ones need you to lower your hands etc), lactation, their heartbeat depending on their feelings towards you and their boob sensitivity, maybe the feel of the bra/clothes etc. They should be able to orgasm from this too.
Not a suggestion for neodev/pedytw

  • Cheating Mechanic

A mechanic where you could cheat at a game, where your success would be dependent on opposing character traits, fortune, and et cetera.

  • Pachisi
  • Poker + Strip Poker
  • Skill + Trait Integration

A mechanic for participant success in games to be affected by traits and skills alongside fortune.

Prayer Event Rework

A rework of the player-unfriendly prayer event.
I'd like for it to not knock you out in the first place, since it's a random chance and you have to dedicate time and money to them, but that's just my opinion. Simple, you should get an image or a description of a big boobed goddess or a flat titted one that clues you in what aspects those gods watch over. Maybe make it dependant on having at least C in knowledge or your overall wisdom regarding fondling/sucking boobs to get a clearer picture with more details. So you can guess the flat one might be looking for people who like small boobs.
The questionnaire should be removed or reworked into giving proper rewards, like oh, maybe the materials that you can mix up into the boob medicine. Or actually working as the best option that can both decrease and increase the size as desired. Or enabling/disabling lactation. Right now it's completely useless and a complete waste of a roll.
And finally, the event should be 100% forced to trigger within a week of praying for it, with more frequent prayers actually affecting the chance. Pray for boobs for the entire day and you will be guaranteed to get it that night.
And all of that (except lactation) of course should apply to butts too.

Research System

A feature to allow the player to research recipes.

  • Mixing would be a method to achieve quick results, whereas research would take more time but produce more consistent results; i.e. expediency at the expense of time vs. consistency at the expense of time.
  • This technique could be used instead of interacting with certain 2hus to unlock recipes.
  • Plans for implementing some type of counter-balancing so that this system does not overrun the original mixing mechanism will be addressed.

Sex Act Expansion

This issue will serve as a non-exhaustive list of sex acts to be added to TW as commands specific to character and species. Facesitting, gap shenanigans with Yukari, tailjobs, and wingjobs are among the examples which have been requested.

  • Wakamezake

Tanuki Loans via Mamizou

A feature that allows the player to request a loan from Mamizou, with the risk of losing reputation if they do not repay it in a timely manner.

“Teach Me How to Please You”

A request where characters can ask you to have another character demonstrate their sexual expertise.
Suggestion. Not for use by neodev/pedytw. Haremettes should give you a request that makes one teach the other how to best please you with a selected sex technique. Basically the existing "have sex with me" but more like "have sex with her while I watch and take notes".
And with 2(or more) 2hus, obviously. Requires love, or sex friends level with both. Vaginal sex won't be possible if the teacher is a virgin. Anal too. And both if the player is a virgin(there are better events with existing dialogue for losing virginities). Student's virginity is alright, I'm imagining it as an event where the student just watches you have actual sex, at most practicing sucking or jerking you off under the teacher's watchful eye.
The higher [2hu A]'s level in any of the techniques is, the better teacher she is to [2hu B]. Ex tiers would be able to get an E rank straight to C, for example. Your own technique level should also matter, but say at a 50% reduction. It should be a random technique roll with a strong preference for vaginal if [2hu B] has it at really low levels. The entire request should be initiated by [2hu B], with a suggested teacher, who you might be able to swap out for someone else(so you can have your main girl teaching every time instead of a randomly selected one). You bring her and [2hu A] to your or her bedroom and you execute the request there. Or, for when you will be able to have group dates, in love hotels or bedrooms outside of your home area too.
Like imagine, Seija getting tips from Shinmyoumaru on how to take your massive dong and remain conscious. Tsukasa teaching Reimu proper handjobs, while doing that funny fox hand gesture with her free hand. Remilia sipping wine and carefully watching what to do while Meiling is showing off proper boobjob tech and Sakuya is calmly sucking nut after nut after nut outta you and staring you in the eyes. Embarrassed Yuuka holding Wriggle on top of herself while you fuck the bug and she explains how she rhythmically tightens the kegel muscles in the way that makes you cum the fastest and that wrapping her legs around you makes you lose your mind. Youmu slowly stretching her virgin butthole with her fingers according to Ran's stuttering advice as you pound her. Kaguya drooling and masturbating like a madwoman neglecting any advice while Mokou(or anyone else) is riding you. It can even be done with the planned tailjobs and wingjobs, where say, Okuu would teach Aya what to do not to break her wings.
It should help with the technique grind. It's not like it's usually a problem to get the girl to agree to sex at the point when she loves you, but it's kinda sucky to have a harem newcomer who's pretty much unable to have sex and please you the first couple of times. I guess you could also adapt it to nonlewd requests, like learning to cook with a team of chefs behind the newcomer.


Yandere content (I personally support its inclusion as long as it does not detract from the overall user experience; the more lighthearted variants of what characterizes a yandere, in my opinion, could fit the setting of TW without too much difficulty) has been an often discussed suggestion in the thread:

Suggestions From the Old Git

2hus Stealing Food From You Expansion

Accessory System

Danmaku Expansion

Egg Laying Mechanic

Gardening Expansion

Hate Mark Date Forgiveness Overhaul

Hickey Mechanic Tweak

Milking Improvements

New Achievement Ideas

New Request Ideas

Suggestions Ported Over to Git

Dating Expansion

An expansion of the functionality of the dating system, such as visiting an izakaya, going out for karaoke, and other distinct dating locations based on map, which might allow the player to train other stats while on dates and minimize the sameness of dating.
For example:

  • [Go to an Izakaya] could be an expensive alternative of [Eat Together] since it involves alcoholic drinks and there’s just more things you can do with alcohol involved. Potential features include:
    • A main drinking mini game where you two compete in some sort of game; the losing side drinks a round.
    • Drunken conversation.
    • A “Mood” meter that gives a boost to everything you do during the entire scene.
    • If someone passes out from drinking the entire scene is over (the date should still go on so drunk rape can happen), which forces the player to engage in resource management.
  • [Engage in Karaoke!] should not penalize either of you if you have low musical skill because it is merely a fun party activity; however, it should give a boost if either of you do have a high musical skill.
  • [Window Shopping at Kourindou]
  • Event specific ideas such as [View the Fireworks] on New Year’s Day.

LiG Housing System & Carpentry Skill

In response to requests for the MC to be able to make their own furniture, in order to bypass paying for a commission at the Human Village, I believe it would be best represented by a skill.

  • This skill could theoretically tie into being able to build your own house.
  • The specifics have yet to be determined; concerns about balancing issues have been raised.

Alternatively, porting over the LiG housing system as a money sink may be a more viable option, with the carpentry skill being used for minor things.

NAS-Exclusive Suggestions

Suggestions related to diaper fetishization, gunplay, necrophilia, or other such content are welcome, but will be exclusive to NAS. In addition, code ported over from the Japanese side of development is in its own category; anything egregious will be locked behind toggles wherever possible.

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