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This megathread contains a list of tools, software, sites, etc. for Software Piracy. This will be updated every now and then so be sure to check once in a while.


What are scene releases or Cracks?
What are Torrents?

For Non-English sites, use Google Translate or MATE Translate to view them in English or another language.

Sometimes, your ISP can spy on your web browsing activity when going onto piracy sites (despite the chance of this being slim). To prevent this, use a DNS that your ISP doesn't use. We recommend AdGuard DNS and Quad9.

If a site is blocked or you can't access it, it can caused by your ISP or DNS Blocking the site. This can be fixed by using a DNS, Proxy, or a VPN.
Another tool you can use is Unblockit-PW. Just use the sites listed on the megathread there and stay away from unsafe or untrusted sites.

Direct Download/DDL Software Sites

TOP PICK: FileCR (DDL / Torrent) - High Quality software site with many things to download. Provides APK, Mac, and Windows Programs along with updates for most software when they come out.

Other noteworthy mentions:

  • Soft98 (DDL) - Persian software site with software that has updated downloads for cracked software and freeware.
  • Sanet SoftArchive (DDL) - Cracked Windows Software. Usenet banners are just ads, so avoid and don't click on them
  • Aiowares (DDL) - Software release board
  • NsaneForums (DDL) - Software release board
  • AppNee (DDL) - Software Download site that has a lot of content and updated software
  • SCNLOG (DDL) - Software Scene Release download links
  • SceneSource (DDL / Torrent) - Software Scene Release download links
  • DownloadHa (DDL) - Persian download site that provides software downloads
  • RadiXX11 (DDL) - Software cracker that makes keygens and posts them to his BlogSpot
  • Downloadly (DDL) - Persian download site that provides software downloads
  • YasDL (DDL) - Another Persian download site that provides software downloads
  • MyDigitalLife (DDL) - Software release board
  • Ru-Board Warez Section (DDL) - Warez subforum at Ru-Board
  • DirtyWarez (DDL) - Popular Warez & Software Piracy Forum with Request Subsections

Software Torrent Sites

In order to Torrent, you NEED a VPN and a Torrent Client

TOP PICK: RuTracker (Torrent) - Popular Russian torrent download forum that has a lot of high quality software. Provides MacOS, Linux, and Windows software.

Other noteworthy mentions:

  • 1337x (Torrent) - Torrent site with a lot of software. Stay away from untrusted uploaders and names listed below on the megathread
  • M0nkrus (Torrent) - Adobe Products & More
  • Tapochek (Torrent) - Russian Torrent forum
  • VSTorrent (Torrent) - Torrent site focused on Video Software and Plugins
  • Fost.ws (Torrent) - Russian Torrent site that has a variety of software to download
  • SceneSource (DDL / Torrent) - Scene Release Torrent Links

Software Repacks

Software Repacks are usually cracked software that is put into a different installer than the original program and only requires installation, running the software, and enjoying it! Software can be installed as a portable version included sometimes. These are different from Video Game Repacks.

  • LRepacks (DDL) - Elchupacabra Repacks
  • Repack.me (DDL) - KpoJIuK Repacks
  • RSLoad (DDL) - TryRooM Repacks
  • Diakov (DDL) - Repacked / Pre-Cracked Software from Diakov
  • RuTor (Torrent) - Russian Torrent Site that includes some repackers that don't have sites like Dodakaedr. Also has torrents for repackers above on the list

For activating or pirating Windows, go to this awesome guide made by u/Overimagine!
If you want to pirate other Microsoft Products like Office, use KMS. Do not use this on Windows.

APK & Android Download Sites

TOP PICK: Mobilism (DDL) - One of the most popular software piracy forums focused mainly on Android Software. They provide high quality modded APKs and you can even request some apps.

Other noteworthy mentions:

  • APKMirror (DDL) - Untouched APKs
  • ModdedCentral (DDL) - Modded APKs
  • r/APKsApps (DDL) - APK Piracy & Discussion Subreddit
  • r/ModdedAndroidApps (DDL) - Modded APK Piracy & Discussion Subreddit
  • RevDL (DDL) - Cracked / Modded APK Download Site
  • ACMarket (DDL) - App Store similar to Google Play that lets you download Cracked / Modded APKs easily
  • Androeed (DDL) - Cracked / Modded APK Download Site
  • APKMB (DDL) - Cracked / Modded APK Download Site

Torrent Clients

Torrent Clients are required to Torrent, use the clients below:

Other noteworthy mentions:


Its hard to recommend a VPN service, so here are some lists on VPN recommendations below. You can go to r/VPN and ask questions there or advice on VPNs.


These are unsafe / untrusted sites that you should NEVER go to and do not download from there as these are malicious or bad.

  • The Pirate Bay / TPB - It is one of the worst torrent sites now and has A LOT of malware. Lower quality than other sites as well
  • Kickass Torrents - Same as The Pirate Bay
  • SadeemPC / SadeemAPK - High malware risk
  • KaranPC - Affiliated with SadeemPC. High malware risk
  • KolomPC / Manulik - Affiliated with KaranPC, and SadeemPC. High malware risk
  • CracksHash - Malware spotted in a release
  • haxNode - Untrusted software & APK torrent uploader/site
  • CrackingPatching - High malware risk
  • AliTPB / AliPak / b4tman - Torrent Uploader with high malware risk to releases
  • S0ft4PC / Portable4PC - Malware Risk
  • IGI30 - Malware spotted in torrent upload
  • Cybermania - Suspicious and Untrusted Site
  • GetIntoPC / iGetIntoPC - Subsidary of OceanOfGames & GetIntoMAC which had a history of shady stuff and malware, so we don't recommend it here
  • GetIntoMAC
  • OceanOfAPK - We don't recommend this site and they are affiliated with GetIntoPC
  • ANY VIDEO ON YOUTUBE or SITE YOU FIND ON GOOGLE that tells you how to get software for free. These are one of the many ways people get infected commonly with nasty things on their computer. Only stick to trusted sites listed here on the megathread.
  • Any Torrent Aggregator or Search Engine site like SnowFL, Knaben, BTDigg, Torrents2eu, Zooqle, etc. for software because these sites can crawl for software torrents in unsafe areas like The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents. The people who own the site don't want to infect you with malware, but its best that you stay away from these sites when you go torrent software anyway to stay safe.


Software that you SHOULD NEVER pirate or download.

  • uTorrent - Adware and Spyware Torrent Client that has had a history of running Bitcoin Miners
  • BitTorrent - The same thing as uTorrent
  • BitComet - Torrent Client that is Adware and Spyware similar to uTorrent
  • BitLord - Adware and Malware Torrent Client that slows down your computer A LOT
  • Avast - Antivirus that is notorious for being spyware, collecting user data, and then selling it
  • AVG - Owned by Avast
  • CCleaner - Owned by Avast and has a history of it getting hacked and being replaced by malware in the past

NOTE: THE MEGATHREAD IS UNFINISHED AS OF NOW!!! It'll keep being updated until all sites get added!
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