The hot sun shined mercilessly down on Will, the confused self-published nature photographer wandering aimlessly across the hot African Savannah, trying desperately to find his tour group. “Where the fuck is everyone…?” He asked himself while panting, sweat dripping from every pore, his body desperately trying to cool down him down.

Earlier that day, Will, knowing that there would be no way in Hell he could afford a proper tour through the national park, decided to sign up for a less-than-official tour through the park. The driver, a young Kenyan man who also doubled as the tour guide, promised Will that for about $20 more he would allow him to get out of the van and get some better pictures of the wildlife.

Of course, Will agreed, and when he spotted a group of giraffe Anthro, he requested that the van stop. Too much of the driver's credit and much to the other tourist's displeasure, the driver did indeed stop the van. However, after exiting the van and walking a few dozen meters away to take some good pictures, the driver caught sight of a Ranger vehicle heading toward them. In a panic, the driver sped off, leaving Will behind to deal with the Rangers himself.

Luckily, or rather unluckily, the Rangers either had not noticed Will, or had decided that dealing with a cheapskate Western tourist was not worth the time or paperwork, and had sped right past him to continue following the van. However, this meant that  Will was now in the middle of the Savannah with nothing but a pair of black boots, a pair of khaki shorts, a khaki button-up shirt, a tan bucket hat, and a digital camera hanging from his neck.

Will continued aimlessly wandering, his body becoming more and more sluggish as the heat continued to drain the water from his body. He began to ponder his mortality and his ancestors, imagining dying in the same place the Human species originated from, where so many had traveled.

Before long his body stopped producing sweat, having almost completely drained itself of water. The sweat that was on him quickly heated up, causing him to feel sticky and rather itchy. His clothes clung tightly to his body as if they were glued onto his skin.

As Will was feeling extremely unwell, his eyes locked onto something near him, two figures standing tall in the distance, observing him. As he squinted his eyes to better make them out, a chill ran through him. 

They were Lionesses.

Will felt his face grow pale with fear, and his breathing grew shallower, as adrenaline pumped through his veins.
He started sprinting as his life depended on it, running frantically and trying to find somewhere to hide. He kept darting through bushes and brush hoping to lose the lions who, in a mind-boggling burst of speed, were almost right behind him. His body no longer cared about the heat, his thirst, or anything other than just escaping the lions.

However, not thinking about the heat and dehydration doesn’t magically make it no longer matter, and before he knew it Will was toppling over, his body giving out underneath him. Before losing consciousness, he felt a paw grab his arm mid-fall, stopping him from hitting the ground.

As Will came too, he found himself under the shade of a tree, the trees canopy covering him in shade, his head resting on something soft. Turning his head to look up, he found himself staring directly into the amber eyes of a Lioness, his head resting on her soft thighs.

Will's eyes widened as she smiled down at him, her sharp fangs on full display. 

“Oh shit!” He yelled before trying to sit up and escape, however, the Lioness quickly grabbed him and forced him back down onto her lap. She gave him a stern look before turning her head and calling out to the other Lioness.

“Mtu huyo ameamka!” She yelled out before turning her head back down to look at him.

“Naam hiyo ni nzuri. Niliogopa kwamba hangeamka kamwe,” The other Lioness chuckled before walking over, her hands full of berries. “Nilimchuna matunda. Nadhani wanadamu wanaweza kula mimea pia.”

The Lioness approached Will before offering him a paw full of berries.

“Unaweza kula hii?”

Will looked at the berries, unsure about what she was saying, his heart rate still going crazy, and then slowly reached his hand out for the berries. He took the offered piece between his thumb and forefinger and looked back up at the Lioness with wide eyes. He watched her face to see her reaction as he placed the berry in his mouth,  chewing nervously, as he waited for his fate.
He swallowed nervously as the Lioness stared back at him. Her eyes seemed to search him carefully before relaxing and nodding her head approvingly. 

The Lioness then grabbed one of Will's hands with her paw before depositing a handful of berries in his palm. As Will began to eat the two Lionesses began to speak with one another.

“Tumlete mtu huyu kwa malkia?” The standing Lioness asked with a serious tone, crossing her arms.

“Ndiyo. Yeye ni mkamilifu,” The Lioness that Will was resting on replied. 

As the two talked, Will couldn’t help but let his eyes wander up and down the standing Lioness's body. She was tall and lithe, with a slight amount of muscle covered in a sleek, yellowish-golden fur everywhere except for her fluffy, cream-colored underfur which came down from her inner thighs, up past her crotch, straight onto her belly, chest, and neck, with a small amount of it wrapping halfway around her muzzles. Both she and the other Lioness were completely naked, with not even a simple loin cloth to cover them.

Will’s eyes naturally gravitated to the Lionesses exposed, C-cup breasts, his gaze locking onto the coal black nipples which protruded from her cream-colored fur. If he was going to die at least he was going to die with a wonderful view. 

Turning his head upwards, he stared up at the Lioness whose thighs he was resting on. She was similar in appearance to the other Lioness, however, she appeared to be slightly older and had a bit more curve to her.

“Unajua sijawahi kuona mtu mweupe hapo awali. Ni nadra?” The standing Lioness asked, turning her head to look down at him.

“Nimeona wachache kabla ya kujificha ndani ya mikokoteni ya chuma. Labda ni maalum?” The older one replied, also turning her head to look down at him.

Will blushed as he averted his gaze as they began to look him over. 

“Hiyo ni nini?" The younger one asked as she stared directly at his crotch, her eyes locking onto a noticeable bulge in the Human's shorts. The older one began to laugh as she noticed it too. “Inaonekana kama mtu anafurahi kukutana nasi...”

Walking over, the younger Lioness crouched down and began to run her paw over the bulge in the shorts. Just then the younger one suddenly gasped, looking up at the older Lioness.

“Uume wake ni mkubwa!” She exclaimed, continuing to feel up and down Will’s bulge.

“Nzuri. Wacha tumpeleke Mtu Huyo Kwa Malkia,” The older one laughed before grabbing the younger lion's paws and pulling her away. The younger lioness pouted and stood back up.

“Pumzika, Imani. Nina Hakika Malkia atakuruhusu ufurahie. Malkia atahitaji Kila mtu ikiwa anataka tupate nguvu tena,” The older one said before looking back at the Humans face. “Unaonekana kuahidi sana.”

Reaching down the older Lioness gently pushed him aside before standing up, Will's eyes catching a glimpse of her black pussy lips as she did so.  As he tried to get off the ground, the older Lioness bent down once more and helped him stand up before grabbing a hold of his hand and starting to drag him along with her. 

Will didn’t even bother protesting. The Lionesses stood as tall as he did and possessed not only fangs and retractable claws but also muscle, which, while not obscene, was indeed noticeable underneath their fur. There would be no reason to try to escape now given that while the Lionesses may kill him, heat and dehydration would. So like a lamb to the slaughter, he allowed himself to be guided by these two beautiful apex predators.

Will followed the two Lionesses for almost an hour before catching a glimpse of a large rock formation ahead. The two Lionesses guided Will towards it, and soon enough Will found himself being guided up a conveniently fallen rock towards an opening in the rock formation. Outside of the entrance stood a lone Lioness, her body more muscled than the other two. Her eyes immediately land on Will before glancing at the two Lionesses behind him. With a nod of approval, she stepped out of the way and allowed the three of them through. 

Once inside, the three of them walked a short way inside before entering a large chamber with a large number of Lionesses sitting around on top of improvised beds of leaves and animal skins. A series of fire pits also dotted the floor which were currently burning wood and piles of tall grass, the smoke venting outside of small cracks throughout the walls of the cave.

Will watched as the Lionesses turned their heads and stared at the three of them, their eyes seeming to gleam with hunger. One by one, they got to their feet and approached the newcomers, their tails swishing behind them as they approached. Will felt overwhelmed for a moment as they crowded around, all excitedly speaking amongst one another as they began to reach out to touch him.

“Acha! Hakuna hata mmoja wenu atakayemgusa mpaka amezungumza na Malkia!” The older Lioness shouts as she steps in front of him, blocking the other Lionesses from touching him. Immediately the other Lionesses back off, allowing the three of them through. 

Will sighed heavily and tried to calm his racing heart as they walked across the room before coming across another opening, this one heading even deeper into the cavern. However, just as Will was about to enter, he noticed the two Lionesses step away.

“Tuna Moja, Malkia!” The younger Lioness called out down the tunnel. Will was about to turn around when the older one pushed him into the tunnel and gestured for him to go deeper inside.   After giving her a confused look, Will reluctantly complied before passing the opening which led into the dark passage. He could faintly make out the outlines of the passage before the tunnel completely became pitch black. His heart thumped loudly against his chest as he continued to proceed through the darkness, his hands extended outwards to feel around the dark.

Before long he spots a small amount of light coming from the end of the tunnel. 

Once again Will hesitantly reached out and pressed forward until the light grew larger enough to reveal his surroundings. William found himself in a small chamber that was lit with a few small fires resting on top of natural crevices in the rock walls, the smoke disappearing upwards into small holes. The room was filled with a variety of old furniture which was all scattered about the space, with the largest and oldest-looking piece being an elaborately decorated wooden bed frame with a large mattress covered in a blanket and pillows resting on top of it.

“What the…” Will mumbled to himself as he approached the bed. 

“Sasa tuna nini hapa?” A female voice suddenly spoke, causing Will to almost jump out of his skin. Spinning around he watches as a lone Lioness enters the chamber from the darkness, her body adorned with a variety of red tribal symbols painted across her fur as well as a few pieces of jewelry, most notably two nipple piercings made out of what appeared to be bone in her massive G-cup sized breasts. “Unaongea kiswahili?”

“S-sorry. I no speak Swahili. Swahili? No speak,” Will sputtered out, his eyes darting up and down the Lioness's body, taking in every curve from her breasts to her hips and ass to even her slightly pudgy belly, an obvious sign of a past filled with childbirth.

“Why be you even here if you can’t speak Swahili?” She asks in an African accent before letting out a chuckle. “I’ll nèva understand.”

“Y-you can speak English?” Will asked,  unable to mask his surprise.

“Mi can speak a bit. Please forgive mi if Mi make mistake here ann' dere.”

“Oh thank God! You have to help me! My tour guide left me and-“ Will began to explain before being cut off.

“Why be you so quick ah leave? We haven’t even gotten ah know each otha yet,” The Lioness interrupted before stepping forwards, placing a paw upon Will's shoulder. “Go sit down on deh bed. We need ah talk a little.”

Will stole another glimpse of the Lionesses breasts before complying, stepping back wards, and sitting down at the end of the bed. “I-if I may ask… Where did you come from? You weren’t outside with the other Lionesses.”

“Mi be in deh passageway. In deh dark. You walked right past mi, mi gues Humans don’t have good night vision. No?” She asked as she walked up to where Will was sitting, the Human starting to feel a bit nervous. Even though she had been friendly, he couldn't help but be a little uneasy with how she had spoken to him. Still, he gave her a small smile. 

“No, we really don’t. But as I was saying I need your help to find my way back to-“ He began to speak before being cut off once more. “Relax. All of dat go come soon enough, Mi just need ah talk with you.”

“About what?”

The Lioness takes another step closer before placing both of her paws onto Wills shoulders, her tail swishing behind her. “First Mi want ah know ya name.”

“I-it’s Will,” Will chuckled nervously as the Lioness bent down to be at eye level with him.

“Well Will, I’m Aziza.”

“P-pleasure to meet you Aziza.”

“Chrust mi, deh pleasure all mine.”

“I’m happy to hear that… W-would you mind backing up a bit? You’re kinda close…” The Human requested, only to be met by a chuckle.

“Mi would betta get used ah it. We’re gonna get a lot closa den di soon…” Aziza whispered into his ear, causing a chill to run up the Humans spine.

“W-what do you mean by that?” He asked with a nervous smile.

“Oh come on. Surely you’ve noticed somethin' strange about di pride?”

Will began to think for a moment before realizing something that was indeed strange.

“Oh yeah! Where are all of the males? Are they out hunting or something?”

The Lioness frowned before suddenly pushing forward and easily pinning the Human to the bed, her claws digging into Will’s shoulders.

“No. Dey’re all dead,” The Lioness growled, baring her fangs, Will’s heart rate exploding once more.

“O-oh! I’m sorry to hear that…” He stammered out, trying his best not to sound afraid.

“I’m sure you are,” Aziza growled before lowering her head next to his ear. “Do you want ah know how dem died?”


“Dem be shot by poachers. Human poachers,” She whispered, her voice filled with hate.

“O-oh…” Will stuttered out as he felt her grip tighten around her shoulders, the Lioness's claws digging deeper into his shoulders. The Lioness continued to dig her claws into Will’s shoulder before letting out a long sigh and relaxing her grip ever so slightly before moving her head back.

“But dat’ okay. Huntin' be fun, we lion know dat more den anyone…” Aziza said with a smile. “But dat doesn’t mean you human aren’t responsible for it dough. You humans ann' ya huntin' ha caused us a lot of pain, so I’m goin' ah have you help us heal from dem losses. You know?”

“What?” Will asked with a confused tone before the Lioness pinned him down once more. Leaning down she moved her muzzle right next to his ear. 

“You’re goin' ah give us deh next generation of lion. Do it well ann' we’ll help you get back ah ya people. Do it unwell ann' we’ll eat you alive. Got it?” She whispered into Will’s ear, her paws running up and down his chest in a suggestive manner.

“Y-yes ma’am…” Will choked out, the Lioness letting go and standing back up straight. 

“Good. Stand up ann' take off dem silly fake fur. Let mi see mi new mate,” The Lioness ordered. Will immediately complied standing up and stepping away from the bed to strip. Aziza smiled as he did so, her carnivorous eyes tracing up and down his pale body as he stripped and laid his belongings onto the floor, including his camera. Eventually, he was down to only his boxers, the Lioness stopping him right before he peeled them off.

“Stop. Let mi take dat one off…”

Stepping up to him, the Lioness reached down and hooked the waistband of Will’s boxers before tugging it slowly off his waist until finally, he was completely bare. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of her. Not only was she taller than him by a solid few inches, but her physique was incredibly perfect, with a bit of muscle complimenting her curves.

“Hmmm~ quite deh exotic body you have,” Aziza hummed as she reached down and wrapped her paw around Will’s rock-hard member, squeezing it slightly. 

“No barb ann' completely smooth, save for di tip. Very interestin'~” Aziza hummed, giving Will’s penis a light stroke, eliciting a gasp from the Human. “Ann' oh so big. Mi have heard deh rumor before, about ya species, but I would have nèva imagined it to be dis big.”

“Why thank you…” Will smiled, somewhat confused by her comments. He was larger than average for humans, but not by that much, with his last measurement putting his penis at about 7.1 inches. “But I don’t think I’m THAT big…”

“Big for a lion. I’m half worried you may not even fit,” Aziza said with a smirk before climbing up onto the bed and getting onto all fours, presenting herself to Will. Will watched as her tail swished back and forth, giving Will glances of the feline's black pussy. Will hesitantly walked up to the bed before crawling up on top of it. Positioning himself behind the Lion, he placed his hands onto the Lionesses hips before bending down and pressing his tongue against the Lionesses pussy, the feline jumping slightly at the sensation before quickly spinning around, her tail smacking Will in the face as she did so.

“What be you doing?!” She exclaimed with a snarl before swatting Will's face with her paw, his head recoiling sideways from the blow. “Why be you chryin' ah eat mi?!”

Placing his hand on his quickly reddening cheek, Will turned to look up at the Lioness. “W-what’s wrong?” He asked, confused about what he had done wrong. 

“You’re chryin' ah eat mi!”

“E-eat you? N-no! I’m just trying to give you oral,” Will replied defensively.

“Oral?” The Lioness asked before leaning back and sitting down.

“Y-yeah! Oral. It’s what we humans do before sex to get ready. We call it foreplay,” Will explained, the Lioness tilting her head. 

“Does it take long?” The Lioness asked, seemingly intrigued by the idea.

“It takes as long as you want it to.”

“Hmmm. Very well den. Show mi how ya specees does dis foreplay,” Aziza requested before trying to spin back around only to be stopped by Will.

“It would actually be easier if you laid down on your back…” He suggested, the Lioness once more giving him a confused look.

“Lay down on mi back?” 

“Yes… like this,” Will confirmed before gently pushing the Lioness down onto her back, her eyes shooting wide open as she felt herself being pushed down. Before she had time to react, Will crawled over and positioned himself on top of her, covering her body with his before cupping her face with his hand.

Leaning in he began to kiss Aziza passionately on her muzzle, the Lioness finding the sensation unfamiliar but arousing. Before long Aziza found herself attempting to return the favor, her tongue licking his bottom lip as he continued to kiss her. Feeling her tongue, Will opened his mouth, allowing the lioness to explore his mouth, tasting the saliva that coated the inside of his mouth. As they continued to kiss, Aziza found her paws wandering up and down her new mate's back, his skin feeling nice under her pads.

After a few more minutes of swapping spit, the two separated, both panting as they stared into each other's eyes.

“W-what be dat called?” The Lioness asked, her lips trembling from the passion.

“We call that kissing,” Will answered before suddenly diving down to Aziza’s neck, the mature Lionesses breath hitching as Will began to kiss and nip at her sensitive neck. Despite her instinctual aversion towards having her throat messed with, she endured it,  enjoying the way her lover's warm breath tickled her.

As Will continued to kiss Aziza’s neck he began to move his hands up her body before starting to cup her massive mammaries. Her entire body tensed as he began to fondle them, her body heat increasing as he began to touch her hard black nipples. 

After a few more minutes of groping, Will began to make his way down, trailing his kisses downwards past her collarbone and down to her soft breasts before placing his lips onto her right nipple, causing her to gasp. Will then began to ever so gently suckle on it as his hands continued to squeeze Aziza’s boobs.  Aziza let out a groan of pleasure before wrapping her arms around her lover's neck and gripping onto him tightly, this action encouraging the Human to continue.

Moving his right hand down, the Human began to delicately run his fingers across the outer lips of his mate's vagina, causing Aziza to squirm underneath his touch. After a few more minutes of sucking her nipples, Will broke away, continuing to make his way downwards until he was face to face with her sex. Propping herself up with her elbows, the Lioness watched as the Human lowered down his head and began to run his tongue up her slit.  Aziza closed her eyes shut at the feeling of the Humans soft tongue making contact with her slit, his tongue making its way along her black folds before dipping into her opening and beginning to lick her pink insides. 

Moving his tongue around Azizas center, her moans grew louder and louder as her legs spread wider apart, her toes curling as Will continued to use his tongue against her, making sure he kept a steady rhythm. Aziza’s paws gripped onto the bed sheets below her as she began to moan and whimper curse words in Swahili. 

The feeling of Will's tongue swirling and lapping up her pink inner walls sent shivers down the female's spine, she couldn't remember the last time anyone had touched her there and she loved it, every single bit of him. Aziza felt her orgasm nearing rapidly and knew she could barely stand the sensation, wanting to come undone already. That was until Will moved his mouth upwards, and without warning, began to gently lick at her clit. Aziza let out an ear-piercing cry of ecstasy as she climaxed, the sound reverberating through the room as Will continued to lap at his mate's clit. 
Releasing the sheet beneath her, Aziza lifted her paws and allowed them to rest on top of Will’s head, pulling him closer towards her as she tried to bring him even closer. After a minute Will stopped and peeled his head away from Aziza’s crotch, the mature Lioness laying down and panting.

“N-ni kuzimu ilikuwa kwamba?” She muttered to herself, her juices flowing out of her and onto the bed.

Climbing on top of her, Will began to continue fondling her breasts as he kissed her. Reaching upwards, Aziza wrapped her powerful arms around his neck before pulling him in deeper. They continued to kiss deeply and hungrily, both wanting nothing more than to feel as close as possible to their mate. After a few minutes, more minutes of kissing Aziza pushed him away before shakily spinning around and getting onto all fours again, signaling that she was ready. Without a word Will positioned himself behind her once more, the Lioness hiking her tail up as the Human began to guide his penis inside of her.

Pressing the tip of his cock against the Lionesses vagina, Will began to wiggle it up and down with his hand, simultaneously trying to lubricate his penis and push it inside. Will grunted as he managed to push himself inside her surprisingly tight and warm passage. Aziza let out a low moan as she felt the Human slide in, her back arching slightly as she adjusted herself to accommodate the male. “Oh yes! Deepa…” She moaned.

Placing his hands onto her hips, Will continued to push in, his cock stretching the Lionesses insides as he pushed deeper and deeper. “Holy fuck…” He grunted as he eventually bottomed out, the tip of his cock pressed against the Lionesses cervix. It was clearly obvious to him now that she was designed to take much smaller dicks, but judging by how she gasped and shuddered at the feeling of him being inside of her, his size didn’t seem to bother her.

Slowly but surely Will began to thrust in and out of Aziza, the feline shuddering as he did so. 

“Oh fuck…” Will groaned as he began to pick up pace, moving faster and faster. Moving his right hand downwards, Will grabbed the base of the Lionesses tail, using it for leverage as he pounded faster and harder into her sipping wet insides. 

Aziza was moaning loudly and frantically, her paws gripping ahold of the sheets as she arched her back, the sensation of the Humans penis being almost too much to handle. Soon enough she found herself wildly bouncing herself backward to meet the Human's increasingly faster thrusts, her ass jiggling with every impact of the Human's hips.

“Ndani zaidi! Haraka!” She cried out as she tossed her head back. “Ee Mungu! Ndiyo!”

As the minutes went on and the Lioness felt an orgasm growing inside of her, she couldn’t stop herself from feeling amazed at the pale-skinned Humans endurance. As much as it pained her to do it, she couldn’t help but think of her old mate, and the many unsatisfying mating sessions they had with each other. Of course, at the time she had assumed mating wasn’t meant to be pleasurable, only a brief moment of closeness to allow the male to pass on their genes. But the way this Human mated with her, it felt so much more intimate and ever so much more pleasurable. And while she loved her previous mate for his strength, and his ability to lead, she quickly found herself falling in love with this Human male.

Suddenly Aziza felt the Human pull out of her. But before she could ask him what he was doing, she found herself on her back, the Human laying on top of her as he thrusted back inside.

Will began to wildly slam himself into the Lioness, the tip of his cock releasing more and more pre-cum as he felt an orgasm begin to slowly grow inside of him. Azazi quickly wrapped her arms and legs around him as she buried her face into his neck.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” She yelped with every thrust, the tip of Will's cock repeatedly slamming itself into her cervix.

Will felt the Lionesses insides begin to tighten as she began to approach the edge, his own orgasm not too far behind. In a burst of pure primal lust, Will began to slam his cock harder and faster than he could ever imagine, trying to catch up with her as fast as he could.

With an earth-shattering roar, Aziza orgasmed, her grip tightening on her mate as her insides squeezed Will's cock. Not too long after, Will also found himself becoming undone, his mind going blank as he felt himself emptying his balls inside of the orgasmic Lioness. 

“O-oh fuck!” Will grunted as his body shuddered in pleasure. Aziza held him tightly against her, enjoying the feel of his warm, damp body against hers as she lay on the bed breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath. They laid still for a few moments, neither of them daring to move as they continued to hold each other.

After a minute of this Will's cock finally shrunk back down and he rolled off of her, still panting.  Aziza remained on the bed and lay on her side facing him. Both were staring intensely at one another, Will trying to hide his embarrassment over just how hard his orgasm had been.
After catching her breath, Aziza reached down and caressed the male's cheek with her paw before whispering in Swahili, “Nakupenda…”

“W-what does that mean?” Will asked, still panting.

“It mean mi love you…”

“Well, I love you too…” Will said with a chuckle before pulling the panting Lioness up against him. “So… if you don’t mind me asking. How do you know English?”

“Mi learned it from mi previous mate. Much like you, he didn’t speak a single bit of Swahili,” She answered, snuggling into the crook of his neck.

“Why not?”

He wasn’t born here in Kenya. He came from a distant land, say he was a part of somethin' called a ‘circus’. Say he be ‘released’ here afta deh human got bored of him,” Aziza explained, her maw curling downwards into a frown. “He’ deh reason for all di furniture. He have us take it from some abandoned farmhouse a few kilometers from here. Mi gues he nèva did settle into deh wild life.”

Will slowly caressed Aziza’s back, 
 his thumb rubbing circles over her fur in soothing ways. Aziza let out a soft sigh, trying her best to avoid thinking about her old mate.

“Are you the only one that can speak English?”

“No. Few otha lioness know a bit. Not a much as mi of course,” Aziza smiled. “You’ll be meetin' dem soon enough. Mi bet dey’ll enjoy you a much a mi did. Give dem a lot of cubs, okay?”

Will chuckled nervously at this request.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, you’re not just goin' ah be matin' with mi, silly. You’re deh new male. You have ah do it with all of us.”

“H-huh?” Mumbled Will before Aziza rolled on top of him.

“Speakin' of which. We need ah do it again. Us Lioness mate upward of seventy time a day. Each. Hope you’re ready human, dings be about ah get rough~” Aziza purred before leaning in to kiss him.

“Oh God…” Is all Will could think as the Lionesses lips made contact with his.

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