By Hurtfully
For once, your mom had made a decent suggestion.
That’s what it seemed like at least as the bus you were on went down the streets of Miramar.
It was late, and there wasn’t really anyone else on the bus besides you and giggling pair of old crones near the front.
To your left was the sea, dim and glimmering in the low light, and to your right were incessant fields occasionally interrupted by vast masses of dark green bush.
Yours was the last bus of the day and despite some mild nervousness that you attribute to being out of your home country for the first time in your life, you feel excited.
Your mom had suggested you come down and stay with a good old friend of hers, from when she used to live down here herself.
College had been busting your balls hard, and instead of sticking around after finals being a lazy fuck around the house, Mom decided it’d be better if you got away from the freezing Colorado weather and truly relax.
You weren’t the biggest fan of it at first, but it honestly seemed pretty great the more you thought of it.
You were going to be somewhat out in the countryside, largely alone with absolutely zero expectations, bar one-keeping your moms friend occupied.
Seemed like an odd thing to say and even mom didn’t seem to fully understand it, but Mom wasn’t the sort to really worry over things like these, and just sent you over.
You passed through a brick arch just now, and just out of the window you could make out the buildings ahead, lit up in the retreating light. For a main road, it was pretty narrow, and as the bus made it’s way into town proper. The roads weren’t bustling but there was definitely a good bit of traffic, and there were a lot of people walking about, talking.
Not so different from back home if it wasn’t for the relative ruralness of everything.
Not to say that it felt run down or anything, but it definitely wasn’t built up like any palace in the states.
Took you awhile but there definitely wasn’t a single street light around.
The bus terminal looked pretty new as you pulled into it, big modern looking building with glass panes all along the front.
When you got off, the crones-two of the shortest people you’d ever seen, armadillos, seemingly-wandered off into the terminal itself as you pulled your luggage off of the bus.
Luciana was meant to meet me out here the moment I arrived, but none of the cars out front were occupied, nor had any but a few of them had seemingly moved at all in a while.
Hearing steps to your right, you look up.
“Anon! It’s been so, so long since I’ve seen you!”
You recognize her voice from the phone, but you couldn’t have expected this.
Luciana was wearing a short dress with flared pants, a…different look, than you’re used to.
You notice as you stand that she’s about a head taller than you, not something you entirely expect from a rodent species like the capybara, before she folds you into a hug.
She was warm, if not slightly…oily, her dull claws pressing into your sides a bit as you rocked back and forth, but what was really at the forefront of your mind was something completely different.
Half of your face was buried in her tits.
Her dress had a deeper neckline than you first thought, and everything below your nose was immersed in soft flesh, smelling faintly of some spice you couldn’t name.
Before you could even return the hug she pulled back, keeping a grip on your shoulders as she looked you up and down.
Her eyes glittered and she pinched your cheek a bit.
“Last time I saw you, you were a red little screaming pile on your mom's tit!” She says with an odd, almost dry clicking sound, “But you’ve grown into a pretty sturdy young man. How was the flight?”
“It was alright, Lucianna. The bus ride over here was a little dull, and pretty, but besides that, it could've been worse.”
She picks up your luggage and beckons with her free hand, already moving towards the car.
“Come, come, wecan talk as we go. It’s a long drive.”
And so you find yourself zooming down a completely unlit dirt road in the countryside in less than 10 minutes, the only light coming from the powerful headlights of the Ford Falcon, as tne glow of Miramar fades behind you.
Luciana-Lucy, she told you to call her- spoke periodically, between focusing on the road and focusing on you, as the car shuddered and bumped over the terrain.
There wasn’t much out here besides light poles with one or two wires between them, and fences
You were honestly surprised at how quickly the city fell away, but Lucy explained to you in her accented, almost flat voice that this was generally the norm in this area.
Her family had lived in this area for a long while and for the most part people kept apart out here.
You asked her about that, her family, and she went on the longest tangent about this and that.
Not the most interesting, but her accent was cute, so you couldn’t help but listen.
Her family was away on this traditional once-every-five-year trek around south america and each time it came up, someone had to draw the short straw to house sit.
There was no disqualifier besides age, and throughout her entire life Lucy hadn’t been chosen once.
For the first time in her life she wasn’t living in a house with about 40 other people, so she was feeling a little lonely, and was very happy when your mom suggested company in the form of you.
When you asked her about a husband or anything like that, she just sort of shrugged.
Didn’t have much time to ponder on that before she launched into another tangent on the things you’ll be doing with her for months you’ll be around.
Her family was due to come back in a little bit, but the date of return was always something that pushed forward and back randomly.
She wouldn’t stop emphasizing how grateful she was for you to be willing to entertain her for a bit.
A while after that you pulled of down a side road and into a small courtyard, lined with thick shrubbery, and full of obvious parking spaces devoid of cars.
Getting out, the front of her home spread out in the dark, slim shadows spread across the walls indicating something like greenery or vines latched to the surface.
You pulled your bag out as Lucy went off and opened the front door for you, and as you walked in she flicked the lights on.
Not a massive hall, but a nice little foyer, the welcome mat and tiles right before the door pretty well worn.
Lucy holds you gently by the arm, her soft grip leading you through the halls away through empty hallways, turning the lights on as she went.
The entire place smells slightly of some kind of spice, or something. It’s weird
You hear her point out bathrooms and various bedrooms for the more prominent family members, but somehow the fatigue from the ridiculously long flight was finally hitting you a bit, and you only really clicked in when she showed you into your room.
A nice, premade bed, bathroom just a few doors down.
She hugs you again, telling you to get some rest before leaving.
You barely find the time to take off your shoes and pants before you find yourself sliding under the covers
Your lights are out in seconds.

You don’t really dream
You do wake up eventually, to a pressure from your bladder.
Resisting the urge to get up, you push yourself deeper into the warmth of the blankets, pushing your face proper into the pillow.
They had to make these things out of something real different down here, the texture was out of this world.
And the smell! It smelled just like Lucy, which made sense considering.
It was a little warm, but nothing could be more comfortable than this.
You smiled as you felt the blanket pull you deeper into its mass.
Hold on.
Your blankets were breathing.
Opening your eyes, you’re greeted by nothing more than pure darkness-not even your window was open enough to let any light in, but you could just vaguely tell, from what your arms were telling you, that you were pressed up against someone.
You try to pull away but the arms only pull you in deeper, a low mumble the only thing coming out of it.
You were properly waking up now, quickly realizing that you were very properly entangled in her-you could only assume it was Lucy-her arms and legs completely wrapped and entwined with yours.
You quietly push and pull from her, your hands sinking into certains parts that only made your boxers tighten around your groin, before you finally managed to pull away.
Without much thought, you get up and stumble out, quickly beelining it to the pisser.
As you stood over the toilet, the bright lights of the bathroom boring into your dull and still half asleep eyes it finally clicked into places.
Why the hell was lucy just…sleeping with you? Not that you particularly minded but it felt totally out of left field, especially for a woman you just met not too long ago.
Giving your hands a bit of a wash, you walk back out into the hallway.
The gap under your doorway tells you that a light was on in there.
You open the door to Lucy sitting up in bed, her hands lying in her laps as she just expectantly watched as you made your way back to the bed.
Plopping down, you resisted the urge to lay back down, instead turning to Lucy.
She was wearing what you assumed to be bed clothes, from what you could see above the blanket draped across he lap.
A white tank top that looked as if it’d been used since childhood. And not a single trace of a bra
You pulled your eyes away from the softly rising swell of her tits and turned back to her glistening black eyes.
Just as you open your mouth, she cuts you off
“I was going to explain it you, but when I came back you were already asleep.” She says, her voice putting on the lightest tilt besides her accent you’ve heard so far-something close enough to an apologetic tone. “You see, I normally sleep with my two cousins, and this IS my room, so I was going to explain to you about this arrangement-we really don’t have any extra rooms and it’d be a bit forward of me to let you sleep in their rooms without their approval. When I came in I thought about just sleeping in one of theirs, but it’s just been so long since you slept with someone, it just sort of…I hope I didn’t overstep anything?”
She caps it off, putting her hand over yours, her paw feeling warm and slightly most against yours.
You think about it for a second, before just shrugging. It was a little weird, but you really didn’t want to actually care about it at this time of night.
“It’s alright, Luce. We’ll talk about it tomorrow, if we have to. I don’t really mind…OK?”
She makes a noise in her throat like a squeak, and as you slide back under neath the blankets she pulls you into her side, switching the light off before turning over and wrapping you into that full body hold again.
Her smell invaded your nose again, and as her legs rubbed against yours and you pressed your face against her tits-a soft nipple dragging it’s way across your cheek as she got herself into a more comfortable position, your boxers tightening yet again-you figure this isn’t so bad
You get up the next morning to nothing but a slightly tussled bed and the blinds thrown wide open, the window slightly ajar, letting a warm breeze in.
Your bag was where you left it, near the door, but a few of your clothes were already spread out at the feet of the bed.
Guess that was Lucys doing.
A little imposing.
As a matter of fact, everything about last night was imposing.
Not that it was entirely unwelcome but it definitely was a little much.
You can pick out your own clothes.
A quick trip to the bathroom for a shower and to change and your back out into the hallway.
Most of the lights weren’t on, but plenty of the doors were swung open and you could look into each of the bedrooms.
Place was built almost like a barracks, or a college dorm.
Not to say that the rooms were particularly utilitarian or anything, but the mass housing and similar design to each of them gave off the vibes.
Out in the foyer now, you hear the faint clink of ceramics.
Passing through another door, in a large kitchen.
A dining area off to the side with a near cafeteria length table, and a massive glass back wall, that looked out of a couple other buildings and a decent sized pool.
The place was a bit bigger than the momentary glimpse of it you stole yesterday.
Lucy was in the kitchen, just idly sitting by at the island, slowly munching down on some kind of…crunchwrap or something.
She made some kind of chirping sound at you, waving with one hand while she took a massive bite out of her breakfast with the other.
You’d known more than a few anthros in your life and they all had their respective quirks depending on their race
But for the first time you noticed that she never seemed to smile. Or really emote much with her face in any sense.
The only way you could tell she was happy to see you was the way she pulled out the stool next to her, giving it a bit of pat with her hand.
Talk about dissonance.
Before you was some kind of meal.
Half of some kind of wrap, easily bigger than half of your head.
A side that was also almost disproportionate with what time it was in the day.
And a massive cup of a thick, sweet smelling juice, or so you assumed.
Despite really wanting to question her about what exactly happened last night, the steady and constant chewing from Lucy, along with her expectant gaze, left you with no choice.
You dug in, choosing to use a fork and knife instead of your bare paws.
It was surprisingly good, not that it really looked bad.
The portions were pretty extreme for breakfast, only making it halfway through the salad before you couldn’t stomach anymore.
Lucy patted your hand apologetically as you pushed back.
Something about her posture made you think she was mildly amused.
You exchanged only a few words as she picked up after you, the general atmosphere of silence seemingly the default.
Very different from the car ride over here.
Again, you want to bring up last night, but it just felt…awkward? Not taboo, just that it’d be better if you kept your mouth shut for a bit.
So you watched as Lucy moves around the kitchen.
She was only wearing an airy sundress, that fell off of her very loosely.
Sometimes a gust of wind came through the open windows and pressed it against her frame momentarily, showing off her figure for a couple moments.
If you hadn’t known she was the same age as your mother, you’d assume she was at the very height of her life.
Around her eyes was a smattering of grey fur, but besides that she looked very good, for her age.
THough then again, a lot of anthros age differently from humans so, t was expected.
She sat down with you again after a little bit, her hand softly resting on yours.
“I’d like to show you around, Anon, but I’ve got to get my early morning swim in.” She patted my hand, looking out at the pool. “If you’d like, you can come out with me. Should only be 30 minutes or so.”
Given that you were completely out of your element in this womans home, you really couldn’t think of anything else you could be doing besides watching her swim around.
She tells you not wait up, and disappears back further into the recesses of the house, leaving you to slide open the glass patio doors.
The entire surrounding area was significantly larger than it seemed even from inside the kitchen. The pool was roughly olympic sized, and each of the other houses were at least the size of your own back in the states a fair distance off, the each of them.
How many people were in this family?
…And did they really NOT have a single free room?
Sitting near the pool, on a chair at least 60 years old, with the way the thing squeaked and shifted under your weight.
The sun was shining in your eyes from the east, and it wasn’t warm enough to be uncomfortable, a solid enough breeze coming over the empty plains more than enough to keep the temperatures down.
Hands folded in your lap, you lean back into a comfortable enough position and close your eyes.
Despite this whole thing having a really heavy pinch of awkwardness through and through, it was significantly more calming than anything you could’ve done back home
And the silence, weird as it was, was definitely preferred over the constant screeching of your mom's voice.
You pull out your phone and find that it still isn’t cooperating.
Was there some kind of setting you had to turn on?
Hearing the faint click of claws on stone, you turn.
Making her way down the path, your matron was wearing a fairly modest swimsuit, one piece and strapless cutting off just above her cleavage.
Not that it subtracted from her figure in any way, and as you watched her come towards you, it truly clicked just how much breast she had stacked onto her chest.
Like, the way they were swaying made you figure one good smack would knock you out cold.
It was impolite to stare though, so, sitting up a bit more in the chair you nodded and smiled at her.
She came over wordlessly and placed the towel she’d draped over her shoulder on the chair next to you, alongside a pitcher of water and two glasses on the small table in between.
“I would've asked you to swim with me anon, but I couldn’t find anything like swim trunks in your baggage.” She stretched her hands over her head, the shadow of her form falling across you.
She wasn’t the most fit or anything, but from down here it was apparent that these swims really were a constant thing, very…. healthy.
“Maybe I could look around for a spare pair?”
“Ah, it’s alright miss, I don’t-I think it’s alright for now.” You say, trying to stay at least relatively respectful.
“It’s Lucy, Anon. Please, none of this ‘Miss’ business-makes me feel old.” She rubs one of your shoulders-very touchy feely, isn’t she?-and turns away.
Despite yourself, you took a not so quick glance at her rear, relishing the way her swimsuit cut into her cheeks ever so slightly.
A little small on her, but you weren’t complaining.
For the next little bit, you watched as she swam.
She was fucking fast, faster than you’d expect with those airbag strapped to her chest.
And it seemed like she could hold her breath forever, at least from the way she slid just under the surface for minutes at a time.
Longest you timed was something around 6 minutes.
She came up more than a few times simply to ask for a glass of water, which you obviously obliged.
She looked completely in her element
As she pulled herself from the water, you handed her the towel.
One of her ears flicked and she bobbed her head at you.
There wasn’t really much to towel off, the water evaporating off her almost enough to belay the use of the towel.
Seemed like she mainly used it to dry the swimsuit itself, before draping it over the lawn chair.
She laid back and sighed very contentedly, eyes closed and ears idly flicking.
The both of you relax there for a bit, watching the sun slowly rise.
You break the silence.
“So…Lucy…about last night.”
You immediately hear the creak of her lawn chair and you turn to see her on her side, facing you, one arm holding her head up while the other sat draped over her hips.
“We didn’t really talk about it-or if we did I must’ve forgotten, because I really was tired, but…well, isn’t it a little strange to sleep with someone you barely really know?”
She rocked her head from side to side a bit.
“I do know you, Anon. You mom talks about you every single time she’s on the phone with me.”
“W-well, look at it from my perspective. Not that I'm angry or anything, it's just kind of forward, especially for someone like me.”
She sat up now, crossing her arms and turning her head in a way that just exuded a sort of almost condescending feeling.
“Forward how, anon?”
You too, sat up straighter, taking a quick sip of water and cleared your throat.
“I’m not sure how Capybara’s live but when a pretty woman cuddles very closely with a young man, that can cause issues, right? I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable if I….react in a way. You know.”
Are you really talking about this, LIKE this?
Before you could cringe any further, she giggles, a quick stream of high pitched squeaks.
“It’s alright Anon, I understand. Your mother said the exact same thing when we went on that camping trip about…oh when was it….3 or 4 years before she was born?” She scratches at her cheek with a claw, obviously reminiscing “If it really bothers you Anon, that’s alright. I think I can sleep in Sofias room without much complaint…”
“No no, that’s not what I meant” You say. “Like, if it’s really too much of an issue for me to sleep anything else, I don’t want to kick you out of your own bed…it just felt a little weird to jump into it out of the blue, I just want to…acknowledge it.”
She nods thoughtfully. “It’s just that it’s pretty unorthodox for me to sleep alone, and since everyone left it was just…”
You wave your hands, telling her that she doesn’t need to explain herself, to which she responds by running a hand through your hair, thanking you.
You sat there for a few moments more before she got up to change, coming back out from the house yet again wearing that same airy sundress, the white coloring of it contrasting nicely with her brown fur.
She takes you around the compound-for that’s what it actually is. Each house stood on it’s own, all surrounding the massive pool, everything seemingly just bursting out of the greenery. Everything beyond the tiled trails in between each significant area was a mess of grass, scattered bush and the occasionally wiry tree.
Lucy explained to you that each house just stored a different family most of the time-but each family had known each other for a long, long time, and had built this place almost 70 or 80 years ago. Back when the Capybara was more of a nomadic animal, way before the first human step foot in south america, she said it was thought that the 5 families would gather up in the summer and disperse in the winter, for reason you honestly weren’t paying attention enough to pick up.
At the farthest extent of the property, looking east, you could see nothing but rolling hills and sunflowers.
When Lucy puts her arm around your shoulders you really understand how this could be hellishly lonely to someone who’s primarily around others.

Over the next couple of days you just live a very simple life with Luciana.
She managed to dig out a pair of swimming trunks from somewhere-with a pattern straight out of the 80s and 3 sizes too large, but she insisted and so most of the days were spent swimming with her, lazing in the sun. It was quiet with her, not exactly what you expected, though you were rarely apart. From sunrise to sundown there wasn’t a long moment in which you were apart.
Something that should’ve gotten on your nerves fucking fast, but with her she was just chill.
Not much in the way of idle conversation, but she was honestly an interesting person to talk to.
Though more often than not some part of her was touching you.
Seemed like a tick of hers, but you really weren’t complaining.
And she was a crazy good cook, not something you expected from a diet that was almost primarily some kind of plant.
Most evenings found the two of you watching some old films on VHS until bed.
You decided to start with the Dollars trilogy, which was thankfully in english.
The only downside that you could think of was the complete lack of internet connection.
Wifi wasn’t a thing anywhere on the compound, and your phone wouldn’t work until you called your provider and enabled some bullshit.
And the cuddling.
Lucy was REALLY physical in bed.
More than once you woke up with her legs tangled with yours, her arms wrapped around you so tight, movement was practically impossible.
Handsy didn’t cut it, she held you like you were family.
You were getting real used to the feeling of her fur.
Not really a downside on its own, but all of this constant companionship really meant that you almost could never….relieve yourself.
Like, you made a few escapades to the bathroom every day or so, but it wasn’t enough to compensate for every night being held by one of the prettiest women you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.
And despite how odd it felt to be lusting after a woman old enough to literally be your mother, every morning you awoke harder than a rock, without fail.
Every morning she was gone, already having breakfast done by the time you got up
And several times you woke in the night with your member poking into her side or gut.
It was beyond embarrassing, but neither you nor her ever talked about it.
Sometimes you wondered if she knew.

Another morning, and the pool was occupied by the two of you.
Or it would be, soon, once she got out here.
You’d eaten your breakfast with her this morning, as normally
Except for the first time since the first day, she was quiet.
Most other times she’d relate to you with an interesting story about something or other.
Nothing too long or in depth, but great to pass the time with.
Made you wonder if she’d run out of material or something.
Anyways, you were just swimming lazy laps about the pool.
Not many chances for a dip where you lived so it was actually sort of nice.
Real good exercise.
You pull yourself up at the edge of the water, rubbing at an ache in your side.
You jump when you feel a large hand slide under yours, tenderly squeezing at the cramp.
Looking, you come face to face with Lucy.
Where the hell did she come from, and how did she get behind you without you knowing?
She was quiet for someone her….size? Age?
She doesn’t say anything, just setting her head on your shoulder while continuing to massage your side.
You don’t really object-with how much has happened in terms of touchy feely shit, this was pretty fucking mundane.
She pressed her palm into your ribs and you groaned a bit at the pain.
Her palms were like supple leather, very pleasing to the touch, but sometimes she could put a hell of a lot of force behind it.
Another hand came for your shoulder and before you knew it your back was pressed against soft, warm fur and cloth.
A little coarse, but honestly not the worst, as you’ve come to realize.
You shuddered again, her fingers working at it before sliding away.
The cramp was gone, but her hand just happened to fall onto one of your thighs.
Wet as they were, your trunks were plastered to you, and her fingers were just inches from your groin.
She didn’t let go of you though, instead sliding her freehand across your torso, pulling you tighter.
With her tits against your back and her nose slowly coming to rest on the side of your neck-her whiskers tickling at your chin-little guy downstairs couldn’t help but respond.
You stiffened a bit as your member grew, slowly but steadily, into and then under her fingers.
Lucy didn’t say anything, her hand staying where it was.
Only the soft sound of her breathing in your ear and steady thrum of her heart beat against your back.
It really only made you harder, paradoxically.
Just before you drew up the nerve to say or do anything, she pulled off of you.
A claw slid along the length of you, a pulse coming from you in response.
She went right off past you and slid right into the water, as if nothing had happened at all.
You watched her quietly flow around the pool before discreetly excusing yourself.

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