4Chan in Pokeverse - Thread Primer

1. Quick Start

2. Do's and Don'ts

3. OP Template

Quick Start

Q. What is this stuff?
A. A bunch of hoes pretending that the Pokemon world is real and coming up with varying schlock to amuse ourselves

Q. Can anyone join?
A. Sure. Don't feel the need to know prior knowledge about thread or lore or whatever. You can jump in and get your feet wet at whatever pace you like

Q. Is there pre-established lore?
A. To a certain extent yes, but it's ultimately your choice on whether or not to get invested. Keep in mind each Anon has their own stories and plots they concoct which often mesh together. My recommendation is to simply dive in and ask questions in character. If you don't like or care for something, feel free to ignore it

Q. Do I have to come up with a character?
A. Nope. Anonymous posts are common and often encouraged if you don't feel like playing a character at that moment in time.

Q. Do I have to stick with one character?
A. Nope. You can have as many characters as you want.

Q. Can I post as a Pokemon?
A. Yes, though we recommend giving a reason for access to technology/ability to post to give character depth

Q. Can I RP in the thread as well as the Discord?
A. Yes. Whatever floats your boat, though we anons enjoy reading others RP's so feel free to share your creations in thread. Otherwise if you value your privacy, head to the Discord instead

Q. What's a leggo?
A. A Legendary/Mythical Pokemon

Q. Can I play a leggo?
A. We don't recommend this. It's a highly controversial topic even among the people who post here, but if you can bring a good enough story to the table and make it interesting then try your best. Be warned some people may not like this, as legendaries are inherently very "mary-sue" so to speak since they're very powerful and often unique

Q. Can I have a talking Pokemon?
A. If you give a valid reason for it, yes, but try not to make your character too "special" so to speak.

Q. Can I invent my own Pokemon or region?
A. Invent at your own discretion with extreme caution, with a strong leaning towards No.

Q. People don't like my character or don't talk to me! What should I do?
A. Ask OOC how to improve your character and what people don't like about it. Maybe you project your fetishes too much and make others uncomfortable, maybe people think your char breaks canon or is too OP? Ultimately you'll have to work out a compromise, improve, and adapt.

Q. Is ERP/Lewd stuff allowed?
A. Yes, to a certain extent. Some may be irritated if the thread gets spammed with ERP so try not to go overboard. The Discord is another alternative if you want to ERP frequently

Q. Can I ERP my fetish in here?
A. Sure, but people are allowed to mock you as much as they want ya deviant little nerdo~

Q. Am I required to join the Discord?
A. Nope. It's purely optional.

Q. Are hybrids, anthros or other such allowed?
A. No, not at all. Characters should fit the universe to a reasonable degree. Do not play a hybrid, anthro, gijinka, or whatever. Just don't.

Q. Can I play a character from another universe?
A. This isn't recommended either for similar reasons above. Characters which are not meant to be taken seriously can be an example of an exception (Case in point, a former poster was a character from the 40k universe but meant as a joke) but do so very carefully and open to the fact others may not like this.

Q. Can I post as a pre-established canon character?
A. No. We encourage you to be creative instead and make your own character. It's boring if you just play something or someone that's already pre-established. I.E; Ash, Ash's Pikachu, etc.

Q. How do I talk OOC (out of character)?
A. (Surround your text with parentheses like this). Desuarchive randomly eats posts in brackets so if you don't want your posts potentially lost to the mists of time, use parentheses.

Q. Why are tripcodes encouraged?
A. Due to a prevalence of shitposters who will potentially try to hijack your character to ruin your day, a tripcode allows us to tell whether or not it's really you posting. While unfortunate, it's a necessary precaution. You don't have to use a tripcode, but be warned of getting griefed if you do not

Q. Someone stole my character!
A. Then you should've used a trip. Sorry anon, looks like you're gonna have to do damage control.

Q. Can I kill other characters?
A. Only with the others permission. Don't be a bitch and murk in RP like some sort of pissant fuckboy.

Q. How do I get people engaged in my plot?
A. Ask around. If you don't get anyone, keep trying. People are often around at different times of the day or different days entirely

Q. Am I required to reply or talk to everyone?
A. Nope. Reply to whomever you want and join in plots as you want.

Q. Are there certain pre-requisites on what plots I can run or whom I can and cannot talk to?
A. No. Feel free to talk to anyone and come up with any plot you want. However do keep in mind nobody is required to reply to you or pick up your plot. Don't be discouraged if you get ignored at first. Posting regularly and letting people know you'll stick around is the best way for guaranteed replies every time you post.

Q. How much of the canon can I break?
A. It's up to you. My recommendation is to find something you think will fit the canon and then go from there. Try and not go too crazy and remember what your setting is. That being said, it's ultimately your choice. Going off the beaten path is fine, but try and stay in the same direction as everyone else.

Q. Can I make a world altering event for my plot?
A. With extreme caution. We try and lower the barrier of entry as much as possible. Keep in mind for others that may not want your change to affect their RP, or newfags joining later on that may not be aware of your changes to the setting.

Q. Can I jump in on a pre-existing plot if I'm new?
A. You'll have to ask the plot runner for said plot in that regard. It depends really.

Q. Am I required to post consistently/every day?
A. Nope. We're a small general, so even if you vanish for a while, people will remember you when you return most likely. Feel free to take breaks at your own leisure. This is ultimately a thread for fun, so if you aren't having fun then we recommend taking time off of thread.

Q. What if I have a complaint?
A. Post OOC with your trip on and calmly discuss it like an adult. People will respond better if you don't flip your shit and rage. A trip is recommended as otherwise people may think you're trying to hide something and not take you seriously. If you have a problem, there should be no reason not to talk it out like a functioning human being, which presumably you are.

Q. Why are people being cunts to me anonymously?
A. To piss you off generally. As stated above, take anything said in derision or complaint without a trip with an extreme grain of salt. We have a long history of people who lurk in thread to find ways to ruin your day, so it's best to ignore these sorts of things.

Q. What's the best way to deal with shitters?
A. Due to the absolute absurd lengths these fags go towards in order to rile you up, you're going to have to find a coping method. My recommendation is to simply ignore anything you don't like. Strongly consider before responding to what seems to be intentionally inflammatory as it usually just fuels the fire. Especially if it's being done anonymously. That's usually an indication that said anon either doesn't have a trip, doesn't actually play a character, or is just trying to get a reaction out of you

Q: Can I shitpost in character?
A: Yes, but please please PLEASE try and make it obvious it's IC. Unfortunately, due to the above problems, it can get very confusing so if you end up just causing problems because of it then consider making it even more obvious, or just not doing it at all.

Q. I'm angry about something or how my RP turned out
A. Then talk it out. You can't get mad at someone for doing something in your RP you didn't like if you didn't specify boundaries beforehand. That's just being a dickhead.

Q. What's with the Evens/Odds rolling?
A. Because /trash/ lacks any dice we use the last number of a post to determine things with a level of randomness to it. An even roll is a success and an odd roll is a failure. For the sake of the thread we are counting 0 as an even roll. Dubs, trips, quads, etc are increasing levels of success/failure. You can use the second to last number as well, but if you need to roll more than two things, one should keep that roll for their next post or determine it with the post below their post. Please state when you are rolling and what your intention is for a success or failure.
Note that this rule is not necessarily mandatory and you may choose (with agreement from whomever you are RP'ing with obviously) to use alternative systems of success and failure.

Q. I wanna do something but somebody told me not to or that I'm breaking the rules. What should I do?
A. Consult the primer again, then go back to thread, and decide for yourself whether it's valid or not. Use your noggin.

Do's and Don'ts

DO: Create a character and post stories about "yourself" and what you're doing in the Pokemon world.
DON'T: Try to be special. Do not try and be the protagonist of this universe. Nobody like a mary sue/gary stu. If you make a character that seems too strong or special or out of place, you may get ignored or derided. See the above issue with leggos for further examples

DO: Tell stories and anecdotes relevant to active discussions.
DON'T: Spam the same type of thing over and over. No one likes a broken record or a one trick pony. Try and come up with new things. Working with a theme is fine, but don't do the exact same thing every day.

DO: Be chill with others
DON'T: Throw tantrums just because something happened you didn't like. You're an adult (presumably), so act like it. And if you aren't, then why the hell are you even here? Go to bed nerd. Bottom line, if you have a problem, talk it out, don't be a fag.

Thread Centric (and frankly, dead) Discord: https://discord.gg/dDkJwJ5mKk
Tangentially Related Discord with slight overlap in users: https://discord.gg/Zzv3rpapGr

OP Template

ITT: Pretend this is Pokeverse's 4chan
<thread edition>

Previously: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/<previous thread number>

Question: <question of the thread>

[ Starting Guide: https://pastebin.com/u80bs0mD ]


Q: I want to [activity with pokemon I am unsure about] / [Pokemon] is making advances I am unsure about
A: Just talk to them already

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