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It's like this page except much better, and the admin seems cool. I probably won't put in much more work on this page. Thanks for all the support.

Non-Newtonian Mods and mods hated by the Newtonian fandom

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Hogwarts Legacy

Sirona Ryan English voice bugfix (voice pitched up)
Fixed voice:

Sirona Ryan voice fix with AI by anon
Extract to 'SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks'
AI Replacement:

Spicy Garlick

Paler skin mods

For the Chads who don't want to make a Nexus account.

Panty, thong, and bottomless mods from lovers lab

"That unclothed mod from the nuked discord"

Unclothed mod, current version 0.2 with fixed seam, still need to wear fingerless gloves

Full Nude Mod (Beta 0.3):
now works with robes
reduced breast to original size to prevent clipping
minor bug fixes for body
(you can keep using 0.2 if you dont care about robes and liked the bigger size)

Pubic Hair Textures for Full Nude Mod (Beta 0.3)
Preview NSFW

Dark Ensemble Leggings

Bb Riding Attire

Hogwarts - Yennefer Outfit over Dark Arts Set for Female 1.1
(Older version I think):
A mod that changes the Dark Arts Deluxe Edition clothes and gloves for female characters.

Adventurer Leggings by argonmods

Champions Leggings
Includes both vanilla and slender top versions.

Better Rider Attire

Tifa by argonmods
Updated. Now supports darker skin tones.

Barefoot alpha mod.

Barefoot male mod

Shirtless male/Shirtless male-no shoes
How to use

Shirtless male/Shirtless male-no shoes V2
How to use

Nude male v2
How to use
Preview NSFW

Nude male v3
Preview NSFW

Nude male, modest pp
Preview NSFW

Centaur Dong mod

More historically-accurate 1800's Hogwarts
/r/ some nice comparison pics.

Alternate Face for Natsai
You'll still need the NoBlakkks/More historically-accurate 1800's Hogwarts mod to make her white.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Non-newtonian flag mod

Better days
Preview pic
Preview pic2


Replaces colorful flags with american flags

Spider-Man - Human Holocaust
Preview pic

tl;dr by anon:

Download SMPCTool and extract
File > Select asset archive folder
Tools > Convert asset archives (it'll take a while)
Download flag mod, extract and install


No same sex marriage - ESL Version-61398-1-0-1641498606.7z

No Same Sex Marriage for Interesting NPCs - ESL Version-61555-1-0-1641671812.7z

Requires Interesting NPCS.

Straight Hrodulf - ESL Version-61387-1-0-1641492239.7z

Requires Dragonborn DLC.

Cyberpunk 2077

Removes colorful flags from car you get as quest reward

A Hat in Time


Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

mod for Siege of Dragonspear that removes Minsc's GG line and gets rid of Mizhena's background

Baldur's Gate

Convenient Enhanced Edition NPCs

A mod for BG:EE, BG2:EE and EET (Enhanced Edition Trilogy) that allows you to tweak the new Beamdog NPCs.

World of Warcraft

Wrath Classic Gender Icons

Elden Ring

Sex Replaces Body Type



Go for it! Goemon 3 - The Mecha Leg Hold of Jurokube Shishi

Uncensored version!-Goemon-3---The-Mecha-Leg-Hold-of-Jurokube-Shishi-(Japan)-(Rev-2)-[T-En-by-DDSTranslation-vA1]-[n]

Uncensored A2 patch by anon

Tomato Adventures

"The second version of Tomato Adventures had a lighthearted crossdresser joke censored."
1.0 Prepatched ROM:
Uploaded by anon. Thanks.

King of Fighters XV

Nazi Outfit

Dwarf Fortress

You need to start a new world for it to work.

Atomic Heart

Censored cartoon

Here is the clip to replace
Replace "Nu_Pogodi_29.mp4" with the original file

Fire Emblem Engage

Uncensored EN translate Patch

Stardew Valley

Maru and Demetrius portrait mod


27/8/2023 - Reuploaded white Natsai mod (HL)
9/3/2023 - Added Spicy Garlick (HL)
9/3/2023 - Added Nude male, modest pp (HL)
9/3/2023 - Added Uncensored A2 patch by anon for Goemon 3
5/3/2023 - Added Stardew Valley Section, and Maru and Demetrius portrait mod
5/3/2023 - Added Fire Emblem Engage section, and Uncensored EN translate Patch
4/3/2023 - Added Nude male v3 (HL)
27/2/2023 - Added Nude Male (HL)
27/2/2023 - Added Atomic Heart section, and the censored cartoon
26/2/2023 - Added Better Rider Attire (HL)
26/2/2023 - Added Shirtless male/Shirtless male-no shoes V2 (HL)
26/2/2023 - Removed NoMoors mod as it is identical to Noblakkks (HL)
24/2/2023 - Added Shirtless male and Shirtless male/no shoes (HL)
23/2/2023 - Added Barefoot male mod (HL)
23/2/2023 - Added Alternate Face for Natsai (HL)
22/2/2023 - Added Champions Leggings (HL)
22/2/2023 - Added updated Tifa for Hogwarts legacy (HL)


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