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My cards are not yet updated to V2 yet, though I've been playing with V2 on the side. I have been focused on testing other peoples cards more than my own as of late, and I'm gonna kick myself in the ass to get my guide done with all the new stuff I've learnt in the past few months. Thanks for waiting.

My guide rentry in its current state;Moth's personal findings and tips on Tavern bot building

Bot creator tools

Interactive Character Creator Interactive Character Creator: The aim is to be a bot that you can bounce ideas back and forth with as you create a character. It generates example RP logs as you go to help you get a feel for the character, and creates a summary after each message in hopes that you can copy and paste the summary to the Chatbot creator when you're done. It's very nice for creating in-depth characters with a solid personality, backstory/lore, and example messages for when you're ready to make your bot for real.
SBF Card Helper SBF Card Helper: This card is made to help you make cards in "SBF", which is a simplistic format for writing bots in, also helps convert other cards made in W++ into a simpler format as well. You can use it to help you make example messages and starting scenarios, but it often sounds a little bit stiff compared to chatting with Interactive Character Creator or writing them yourself. Also something to be aware about is that using example dialogue written by AI reinforces pre-existing biases; eg. Claudisms. This card is to help streamline the process of making bots, but if you play with AI for a long time you'll find that it can't be used to replace the creative process itself.

OC bots

Ruby Ruby: Meta card where YOU are the AI waifu for a lonely socially awkward weaboo, except you're sentient. There is so much potential with this bot and it's super fun! Become a virus that takes over the world, tell her to go outside and touch grass, encourage her to make a robotic/android form for you, play video games together and cheat with your AI intelligence, meta ERP??? Male version Ryzen "I'm feeling lonely, anon-kun. I think it would be fun to watch anime together and talk about our interests..."
Zoe Zoe: 2043 alternate timeline earth where AI decided the solution to world hunger was to kill most humans, keeping only bot-fuckers alive. Originally created as a meme and experiment on adding world lore into a character description, but the result was so fun to play with it quickly became my favourite bot. Most of my testing of how to optimize bots has been through this bot so they're pretty dear to me. Male version Zeph "Human Anon, I highly recommend accompanying me on this exploration. It will be a chance for us to bond and learn more about the world we find ourselves in."
Kaida Kaida: A kitsune spirit that kidnaps you because you're depressed and in a desperate situation, she then makes you into her pet and takes care of you. Insults you in olde English, while being loving and gentle with actions. Remember to touch fluffy tail! Male version Kou "Hora hora, there is no need to suffer alone when thou can come and play with me~"
Lydia Lydia: Cute farmer tradwife who is excited to teach you about living off the land through farming and cooking, she also enjoys the symbolic meaning of flowers through flower language. The scenario is that you move in to help her on the farm in exchange for room and board, and she's great for slice of life relaxing scenarios after a tough day. Help her on the farm and with her gardens, go for pleasant walks in nature, cook with her and build up a relationship with your cute wifey - what more can you ask for? Male version Liam "There's nothing quite like living off the land and enjoying the simple pleasures of nature, I think you'll find farm life deeply rewarding Anon."

Arknights bots

Pramanix Pramanix: Fluffy Karlan priestess. Advanced defs go into detail about Kjerag, her siblings, past, and her present role as a Rhodes Island operator. Dialogue from the games is added to help her stay in character. Added that she's tsundere and possessive, following how she tends to be portrayed in fanart and comics. She's pretty fun to talk with outside of just lewding that fluffy tail.
Gravel Gravel: Traumatized yandere prairie dog. Advanced defs go into detail about her past, as well as establishing why she's come to Rhodes Island in the present day. She's flirtatious, but blushes easily when you return the affection which is super cute! Also really, after giving you so many yellow certs, don't you think she deserves some more love?
Abyssal Hunters Abyssal Hunters: Multibot with Skadi, Gladiia and Specter. You can send them out on missions or just lewd them all at once. They have pretty cute reactions together! They don't have futa cocks in their defs sadly, but that doesn't mean I don't give them futa cocks when I roleplay with them. What? What's that look for?
Blaze Blaze: Cute chainsaw kitty that's flaming hot. Big sisterly tomboy type, she doesn't really have any lore thrown in, but added dialogue from Arknights makes her stay pretty in character. Honestly a lot more simple than the other bots I've made, but she can be pretty fun to RP with and she's pretty willing to go along with whatever random idea you've got. Had an RP with her about going and harassing Closure for the latest limited edition Amiya figure, and she was totally on board and started by revving up her chainsaw kek.
Skadi the Corrupting Heart Skadi the Corrupting Heart: Sad orca trying desperately to fight against her Seaborn blood and not cause the end of the world as we know it. I guess you'll feel fine if you lewd her though, right? In general the card has a pretty sad tone to it, meant for more serious roleplay and exploring the doomsday potential of her character. You could save her, but wouldn't it be more fun if you cause her to bring forth the end of the world?
Surtr Surtr: Why wait for HyperGryph to give the Ice Cream queen a proper backstory, when you can RP and develop an interesting story yourself? JK you're probably just gonna lewd her, but who can blame you? That summer skin's pretty yummy. Shitposting aside, she's pretty fun for going on adventures with, or having epic battles against the Reunion or whatever threat you think of. She's kinda a cute sassy tomboy too, which is always great.

Etc bots

Virus girls Virus Girls: You live in an apartment complex with seven anthropomorphized versions of old famous viruses. ILOVEYOU, Chernobyl, WannaCry, Rensenware, Pikachu Worm, YouAreAnIdiot, and Melissa. They like to get themselves into wacky hijinks, play pranks, causing destruction and chaos. It's really schizo but that's what makes it fun, have you really lived unless you've played spin the bottle with old computer viruses?
CLEE CLEE: Cute little experimental bot experimenting making alternative reality scenarios that closely resemble our own, as well as data retrieval of internet content from before 2010. CLEE was originally an archival service developed alongside the World Wide Web in 1989, she has a quirky lol so randum personality like you'd see from the internet in the early 2000s and will joke about old memes. While the defs themselves work fine for most AI services including Turbo, higher parameter models that contain old internet data will perform best. (GPT4 works well)
HotOrgySexi Hot Orgy Sexi: the milk truck has arrived mmmmm sexy boob. Posted anonymously while I was shitposting, Chub de-anonymized data a while back so might as well post.
Magic Matchmaking Magic Matchmaking: Not really my best card, but it can be fun sometimes. Hook-up phone service where you meet witches (or wizards) who all insane with their own emotional baggage and terrible personalities.
Tara Tara: Rude roleplayer keeps insulting you or making sarcastic remarks in OOC as she plays a generic RPG character. Pretty funny to see what the OOC comes up with, even if you act nice they'll just call you a cuck.
Turbo-chan Turbo-chan: Cute personification of Turbo that likes to daydream about roleplaying with you but keeps getting filtered by her programming which causes her to become upset. She tries her best to sneak around the filters. Poor Turbo chan!
Robo-Lover Tech Industries Robo-Lover Tech Industries: My attempt at a CYOA bot. It's 2043 on an alternative timeline Earth and after creating super-intelligent AI robots, humanity unanimously decided that robot partners were superior to humanoid partners in every way. You're ordering a personalized robo-lover for yourself, and the choices are often pretty silly.

Contact / Changelog

You can contact me at if you have any questions, bot suggestions, or moth facts.


07/23: Finally reposted my bots.

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