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EDIT: As of August 2023, you can now purchase Sarajevo Six as paid DLC ($5). The mod has been taken down from NexusMods.

Sarajevo Six Installation Guide


This guide is to consolidate the process to installing Sarajevo Six and playing it on Peacock. I (Solder) do not claim any credit for the creation or instructions for using these mods. This is just to condense the instructions onto one document. The original instructions are here:


  1. Download Simple Mod Framework installer from
    Download Hitman 3 Framework Mod and Peacock Plugin zip files from
    Download Framework Mod from
  2. Install the Simple Mod Framework by running the installer.
  3. Navigate to the Simple Mod Framework folder within your game directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\Epic Games\HITMAN3\Simple Mod Framework. Open "Mod Manager" from the folder you made in Step 3/ 5, as shown in the above picture. The Mod Manager program will look something like this when opened. If there is a prompt to update the Mod Manager, accept. Mod Manager
  4. Click on "Enable / Disable Mods", and select the "Hitman 3 Framework Mod" and "Framework Mod" zip files you downloaded back in Step 1. It is important that you select the original zip files.
  5. "Offline Image Pack" and "The Sarajevo Six" will now appear in the "Available Mods" tab on the left (refer to Step 6 above). Click on the "Enable" button for Sarajevo Six.
  6. If the Sarajevo Six mod ("Hitman 3 Framework Mod" zip file you downloaded earlier is out of date, you need to update it, e.g.
  7. Now click "Deploy Mods" button.
  • Note: If you want to play Sarajevo Six offline without Peacock as well, then enable the Offline Image Pack as well.
  1. Now for Peacock, to run this with a rating system. If you have Peacock already, make sure you are updated to the latest version (v4.0.0 or higher). If you do not have Peacock, refer here for installation:
  2. Extract the "Peacock Plugin" zip file you downloaded in Step 1. Open it and copy the TheSarajevoSix.plugin file inside. Paste TheSarajevoSix.plugin file into your Peacock Installation folder (the same folder where Start Server.cmd and peacockpatcher.exe are located).
  3. Run Start Server.cmd and peacockpatcher.exe from your Peacock Installation folder. Then launch Hitman 3 as you would normally. If all is done correctly, you will be able to play Sarajevo Six now. From within HITMAN 3's main menu, go to Campaigns > Side Missions > The Sarajevo Six, or you can go to Destinations > HITMAN 1 > any of the 6 main Season 1 maps.
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