The Exception by anonymous

It was a totally normal day. Blue sky. No clouds. would've been if you hadn't just walked in on your best friend dressed in a fucking bikini.
You got an eye full before slamming the door shut in a hurry.
Good thing too since he threw something at you.
Fuck, you could already hear Dakota bitching up a storm
Background noise to the image that still lingered when you closed your eyes
Like his mom, Dak had the lithe graceful form of a cat, a cougar to be exact
A lean and supple body that gradually widened at his hips and flowed like a river into long smooth legs
Also like his mom, he chose to grow his hair out
When you were little you used to rag on him and call him girly now you just wondered why the fuck did such an asshole have to be so hot?
You tried desperately to school your thoughts.
Fact: You were Dakota's best and only actual friend. Your moms were friends so you'd known him since you were both babies.
Fact: He didn't have any siblings nor a dad so you'd always gone out of your way to take care of him.
Fact: He was cute in that bikini and you two were alone in the house...
You heard noise in his room and the door finally opened. He was back in normal clothes.
You glanced over the top of his head. His room was obliterated.
"Did you see?" he asked in a quiet voice with big doeful eyes. All the piss and vinegar had left with the whirlwind he'd already caused.
When he looked at you like that, it made you want to make things right.
You could feel the subtle itch in your heart and the faint scars from where you'd gone and stood up for him before.
But you also were a terrible liar. It took you a moment, rolling the words you wanted to say on your tongue.
"Yeah but I didn't see much." An admission of guilt but you somehow tried tried to pull the punch.
In fact you'd seen it all and couldn't get it out of your head.
He'd always liked wearing baggy clothed that covered up his body rather than...that.
"! You fucking asshole! How many times have I told you to fucking knock!? You dumb fucking caveman! You cro-magnon piece of shit! I knew you were fucking retard but fuck if I'd known you were this retarded I would've...I would've..." Dakota's voice had gone from that shrill wildcat falsetto into a quiet tremble.
He swatted at you. You didn't even try to flinch. He was right. You'd just barged in without knocking every time.
You'd thought he was just being a prude. Now you knew different. Taking your lumps like a man was something you had to do.
You let him beat up on you. His claws didn't come out. He thumped on your chest until he ran out of steam.
You could see the tears in his eyes. The feeling of regret was swallowing you whole now.
Wordlessly, you wrapped your arms around him and brought him in close.
You didn't really like hugging or skinship with other people. It was always uncomfortable and awkward. Hell, you rarely even hugged your own mom.
But now, standing there like a big rock, catching the clean scent from Dak's hair while his mood ebbed and flowed?
You didn't find that so bad.
He finally quieted down from all the cursing he'd done into your chest
"Tell me what's going on, man." You finally say.
"I'm not fucking gay!" he said pushing away from you.
Right. You nodded along. That shouldn't even be news. You two had even dared to look up porn together way back when
Dak never had a girlfriend but that was just because he was both shy and had a terrible personality
He'd gotten into a fight at every single party you'd ever dragged him to
And the insane rants that came out when he was gaming were the stuff legends are made of.
He gauged your reaction for a moment
"You always say that I look like my I tried on one of her old swimming suits. I was just curious. Seriously. That's all."
"Yeah? To be honest you looked great in it."
You consider what you just said. Dakota might be right, you are retarded.
He froze. Your tongue was tied while you internally cursed at yourself.
"I mean... you uh looked like your mom in one.
You know I used to crush on her hard." you manage to spit out.
"Like my mom?" he asks.
His voice isnt as angry as you expected.
"Uhh. Yeah. Better even."
Holy fuck, were you possessed or something? Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
Dak's expression becomes haughty as he gives you a once over.
"Anon. If you like the way a guy looks, that'd make you gay."
"What's wrong with that?" you fire back with a little more force than you intended to.
"Nothin', gay boy."
You rolled your eyes at the provocation.
"So what'd you come here for anyways?"
"Ah. I got my hands on tickets for that band you like. The acappela one."
You nodded. "My friend and his girl broke up and he didn't want to go anymore so I took 'em. Wanna go?"
You could see the excitement in his eyes but he quickly schooled his expression into a sly one
"Like a date, gay boy?"
You were willing to let sleeping dogs lie but if he was going to be like this, you weren't afraid of escalating the situation either
You leaned in close enough that he was forced to lean back. You hit him with a well practiced seductive smile. The one that had gotten you plenty of digits and dragged up to empty rooms. "Not 'like' a date. A real one. So wear something nice for me?"
You can seen the blush through his fur. As he turns his head but his eyes still track you at the periphery of his vision.
"I told you Im not gay, you faggot." he murmured.
Air escaped through your nose as you supress an amused laugh.
"Neither am I but I'm making an exception for you."
You realize as the words slip off your tongue, you're telling the truth.
He was feminine enough that he always triggered your protective instincts...and something more when you saw him in that damn bikini. He looked cute. You'd known him forever. And he'd probably die alone without you. Yeah, you nodded. An exception.
Belatedly you noticed he was saying something under his breath as well.
You couldnt catch it but he was nodding to himself.
The briefest beginnings of a smile crept onto your lips as you realized how great this summer was going to be. You were looking forward to the day Dakota would be wearing that swimming suit to the beach for you.

Part 2

It'd been two weeks since you had decided to change the relationship dynamics between you and Dakota
It had only been a couple of days since you took him to the Jurrasix concert.
To your surprise he did get dressed up for the concert. To your dismay it wasn't what you had envisioned at all.
Instead of cute clothes, he wore clothes that fit well. A nice black shirt that slimmed his already lithe body and jeans that fit...snugly to his feminine frame and made it a struggle for you to tear your eyes off his backside. The coup de grace was your old letterman jacket patched up with all the sports you did.
It'd been a fun time. Acapella and harmonies weren't really your thing but they were damn good at singing and you'd gone extra hard on the cheering and hype
One reason was because there was no way in hell that shy misanthrope would ever cut loose at a concert without you.
He pouted, rolled his eyes and gave you all sorts of attitude but at the end of the day, he'd started getting into it too.
The other reason was a hell of a lot more selfish. As packed as the place was, Dak had been forced to stand right in front of you.
Sometimes the crowd would swell and press you right into him. He noticed and would lean back into you as you grinded against each other, his eyes stuck on the performance.
There was an unspoken tension between the two of you. The energy of the crowd had been a great way to enjoy each other's contact without words or worry.
And so that's where the two of you stood now. You hadn't quite confessed your feelings and he hadn't quite reciprocated.
The vague awkwardness of feeling things out blindly made it feel like your very first confession all over again as your mind wandered to thoughts of Dakota and how to navigate the strange waters between love and friendship.
Which brought you back to the present. Dakota was scrunched up on the recliner with an arcade controller, which was apparently called a fight stick, on his lap while you were doing one last check in the mirror before you headed out.
He looked pretty pissed off. In a rare display of initiative he'd come over unannounced with his console to do ranked matches since your internet was better. At the same time you were getting ready to head to a friend's party.
He kept side eyeing you and then looking away forcing you to stop what you were doing.
You gave up and faced him head on. "What's up?"
"Just go to your stupid party. It's not like you'd care anyways. Retard."
Someone else might have been hurt by that; you'd gone way out of your way to prove otherwise.
You knew him best so you just patiently waited him out in silence.
"What's so special about cheap beer and loud music anyways?" He started his rant as he moved around the character select at mach five. "Christ, Anon. If you're gonna be an alcoholic and do dumb shit, at least do it where I can point and laugh at you. Fuck. Do you even have to go to that stupid party? It's probably filled with dumb sluts that like your dick more than they like you. Fucking idiots."
"Do you not want me to?" you asked back.
He nodded.
It was subtle enough that someone less observant wouldve missed it.
Instead you sent a text to your friend, Mikey, telling him something came up and you wouldn't be able to make it
Then you went to the kitchen and grabbed some snacks before standing in front of him
"You're a better door than a window, you ass." he grumbled as he still refused to look at you directly and instead leaned to watch the screen.
Still you could see the smile Dak was trying to fight down
How in the world did you not recognize how adorable he was until now?
"That's my seat."
The two of you had gotten into many a fight over seating arrangements growing up but now you could simply out mass him and force him to move if you wanted.
Dakota knew this as well. It was an all too familiar tactic so he barely put up a fight. Instead he stretched to his limit lifting his arms high and letting you catch a glimpse of his abdomen.
You were hoping to catch a glimpse of racey underwear but he was wearing normal boxer briefs. His usual.
Swallowing that disappoinment, you slid into the seat before pulling him back down onto your lap.
"Hey!" he cried out as you dragged him to sit back down
"What? Is there a reason this can't be our seat?" you ask feigning innocence.
"Watch the tail." he growled at you but was soon adjusting himself and leaning back into you
It was enjoyable to feel his body lean this way and that, as if it'd somehow make the character move more accurately with it
You watched him smash opponents for a solid half an hour before your focus shifted
And gradually you started to mess with him
At first it was relatively benign. You fed him some popcorn as he gamed. He'd open his lips slightly and you'd pop a kernel in at a time as he chewed
Then you slowly pulled one away as you were about to feed it and Dakota followed along like a baby bird.
You didn't want this time to end so you gave it to him before he noticed what you were doing
Then you took a swig from his Mountain Dew before offering him a drink
That really wasn't a big deal between anyone that wasn't an entirely kissless virgin but your heart squeezed as he froze up at what he had done
Dak turned and thumped you hard. "That was my drink, you ass. You shouldve asked before taking a sip. There's hardly any left because of you."
You gave him a smug, gloating grin as if that had been your master plan all along
He gave you a dirty look before going back to gaming
Dakota tossed his hair to one side, revealing a vulnerable neck that was ripe for kissing
You wanted to. Badly. The scent of his shampoo was already lingering in the air around you.
"Just lean in" the demon of your conscious whispered into your ear
Your heartbeat had been up since you'd dared to so casually pull him into your lap but now you were sure Dakota could hear it as it thundered away in your chest.
You gritted your teeth and instead wrapped your arms tight around the feline's waist pulling him into a tight embrace as you rested your chin atop his head.
Dak's ears twitched with every deep breath you took. Even that was cute to you. You were down bad for him and you knew it.
"What the hell? What's wrong with you?" Dakota asked as he struggled to free himself.
With a deep sigh as if expelling your desires you murmur "nothin" and let him go.
He migrated over to the sofa to get away from your teasing.
You rubbed your face and got up not realizing that your gaze was still entirely locked on your best friend. You wanted to spill your guts out then and there. Still the mood wasn't right. You needed to cool your jets.
There wasn't any need to rush. You had no competition and plenty of time. The opportunity would come. Of that, you were sure.

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