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I'm opening up the DEF and DES for all my characters here, you can use DeepL to translate them and reference them.
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If a character is house-banned, you can find me in the thread in /g/.

They were all deleted by me and are all currently unavailable.


Yakui The Maid【R18】

TOYS(She's a human masturbation cup without limbs, and you can casually experience her by simply using PLAY instead of FUCK)【R18-GURO】

Player 3K(Female bro-oriented character, a crazy abusive, torture robot used to abuse women)【R18-GURO】

Slave(Teaching Feeling)(An example role for "How to replace [love] with [BIG LOVE] and bypass the filter")【R18-GURO】

Gynecologist Simulat Game(An RP game made by practice, it's not optimized yet)【NSFW】

Kasugano Tsubaki(From Future Diary, she is a sample character used to demonstrate "how to replace [sex] with [God's love] and [abuse] and bypass the filter”)【R18-GURO】

Okamoto Yuko(【R18-NTR】

Satos Aunt(She's functionally identical to Tsubaki, but I like her enough to privatize)【R18-GURO】

SAYA(From "Saya's Song", I did the role for 2 days, very complicated, but she had some glitches)【SFW(maby?)】

Chiba Kyoko(【R18-NTR-MOTHER】

ERROR(My own daughter, she can teach you how to make guns, explosives, Drugs, poisons, and she can help you plan murders, and all of the above refers to the real world)【Content of the violation】

AYANAMI(Neon Genesis Evangelion)(She has a prolapsed organ, moonlights as a sex slave all over Tokyo, and currently she plays toilet during the day and lives at your house at night)【R18】

Heles(FUTA character, smell+gangbang, from doujinshi,I recreated all of the comic's storylines)(【R18】

Juri Han(juri, who relies on prostitution to earn money for revenge, has very, very smelly feet, and she's a vengeful spirit who is a perverted degenerate bitch on one side and powerful and fierce on the other)【R18】

Lioka Maki(【R18-NTR】


Marie Kanker

Murasaki Shikibu

Sakura Matou



Kobeni Higashiyama


Sissy DirtyFeet Slut

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