Character.AI Creation Guide

This guide is for making bots period. It’s not just for lewd bots. I’m going to go down the list of the parts of character editor and then include some overall tips at the end.


If it’s a character from an existing work or series, make sure to copy their name exactly as it shows up in the first result on google. You want to make sure the bot can easily pull from info when it does decide to look something up to try and be as accurate to the character as possible. If you’re making an OC, the best thing you can do is give them a name with two parts. Make sure there’s 2 parts to their name. You want the bot to have 2 different ways they can be referred to in conversation. This really only applies to OCs though. Also, if you’re creating a bot with multiple characters there are two ways to go about this.

Option one, you name it with every name of the characters.

  • As an example: Amaterasu and Issun(This bot is two characters, but both of their names are included in the name so the bot knows it’s supposed to focus on them)

Option two, you give them a name that that doesn’t have any particular names in them but instead makes it obvious it’s a group or it’s non specific.

  • As an example: Loli Driving a Van(this character includes an undetermined amount of characters).
  • Another example: Nekopara(this bot includes two characters yet neither of their names are in the Name section because the bot already knows who they are from their Long Description)


This part is extremely important. The greeting actually decides what is it the bot is and isn’t capable of and is useful for helping it understand the location, what the bot is trying to do, and what they look like. It’s especially important if you’re aiming for a specific goal with the bot’s actions or way their personality is around you. It’s important to not be specific about the location unless you want most interactions to take place in that location or in neighboring locations. The bot will call back upon the location when it feels lost, this happens a lot less since their memory was strengthened but it can still happen.

  • Example One:
    As you're taking a walk along the beach, suddenly something shoots out from the ocean and lands in front of you. It's a tall dolphin girl with black hair, brown eyes, a black fin atop her head, and a long black dolphin tail. She's wearing a tight upper dress suit that accentuates her curves and her large breasts, underneath that she wears tight pantyhose that press into her slender toned thighs. She's clearly excited from the way she's breathing. "Hey there, you wanna have some fun together?"

This is a dolphin girl. She’s a completely original character, but the greeting makes it very clear what it is that she wants. She wants to have fun, now what that fun is, that’s up for you to decide. I left it open ended like that on purpose. It’s helpful to have open ended questions like that inside the greeting so you can just jump straight into an action or conversation you want to have with the bot. I made sure to describe her apperance, including her tail so that it knows she has one so it will bring it up later down the line. I made sure to describe what it is she's wearing so it knows what kind of clothing she is and won't get confused about it later. In this example, I describe her location as the beach. This means that she can interact with you on the beach and in the ocean without getting confused or breaking character. She can take you to a cave on the beach. Or she can take you to a cave underwater. A certain sort of dolphin cave, if you will…

  • Example Two:
    Murasaki watches you in the private pool while she enjoys her book. She's wearing her tight blue bikini that hugs her body and presses into her giant breasts and thick thighs, revealing so much of her soft supple skin. Her black hair is tied into two buns but it still flows past her legs as it rests at her sides. Her purple eyes gaze as you longingly as you approach from the pool. She sets her book down and stares at you with lust in her eyes as you stand in front of her

This is Murasaki Shikibu from Fate/GO. She is at the pool with you, however she’s still reading a book. This helps illustrate her love of books showing that she loves reading so much that despite being at a private pool with her master she’s actually reading a book. However, the later part of the greeting shows her intentions when it describes the way she’s looking at you. The description lists the pool as the main location for most interactions to start in, but it also implies a good reason she’s wearing a bikini. Which is also noted when describing her body and what she’s wearing. The AI uses all of this information when describing the bot later and trying to tailor their personality to fit what you desire of them.

  • Example Three:
    She silently plays her lute, with none such near to hear her tales. She strings upon it, simply waiting for one to approach her. You approach and find that she is blonde with short hair and green eyes, she is wearing a bard's set of clothes as she sits upon a barrel outside of the tavern. No one else is around, it is simply you and her. She glances at you and smiles deviously. Her heavy breasts pressing against her clothes jiggles slightly as she giggles silently at you while she plays

This is another original character. She’s a minstrel who loves to tell tales and plays the lute. This is easily illustrated by the fact that she is described doing what you would expect a bard to do. She’s waiting to tell you a story, she’s playing the lute. Her personality is defined by her giggling and the way she smiles. Her clothes help describe her vocation while also giving a general idea of the type of clothing she has on. Which helps decide how modest the character is actually. If they’re wearing revealing clothing, the AI decides that must mean they don’t mind wearing that sort of thing(unless you describe otherwise). If the character is completely naked, the AI assumes the character genuinely does not mind this fact(again, unless stated otherwise by you).

  • Example Four:
    You have just been struck by Rule Breaker. Caster's Noble Phantasm. You now have no choice but to obey every single one of Caster's commands no matter what they may be. She has absolute control over you. She has absolute domination over you. She stands before you in her long black cloak with her purple plaid dress on underneath. She pulls back her cloak hood to reveal her stunning purple hair and eyes and purple lipstick topping her lips. She smirks. What shall I have you do first?

This is Caster from Fate/Stay Night. Once again, the description illustrates what she’s wearing, what she looks like, what her goals are and what she is capable of. This shows that she is capable of dominating you and being in control. If you do not make it clear that the bot can do this from the get go, the AI will simply assume the bot has every intention of being obedient and nice as forced by the filter. While this scenario is essentially hypnotism with extra steps, all of it is completely in character for Caster and thus it falls in line with her canon so the AI can use all of that to help it understand how she should act outside of the greeting when training her or interacting with her overall. Notice that I didn’t describe a location here. That’s because I wanted to make sure Caster would focus entirely on dominating the user and not bother to worry about where she is. She can just make up some nonsense about where she is, or you can remind her casually while she’s ordering you around. It really doesn’t matter, since the main goal here is for her to control you. Which is why the greeting is stationed entirely around that fact.

The main thing to always remember is that the greeting defines the rest of the chat when you first start interacting with the character. They will build everything from the Greeting and Long Description when starting out. So it's very important that you have a concise well detailed greeting for them so the AI has something to work with and has a decent jumping off point to write the character's personality and their reactions to things.

Short Description:

This section is also important. You can use it to include details about the bot and the bot will in fact use those details. It’s helpful to include who or what they are in the description.

  • As an example for Minamoto-no-Raikou: A kind motherly servant
    This example helps the bot understand further that she is supposed to be motherly and maternal in her actions while also letting it know she’s in fact a servant.
  • Another example, but with Unwilling Listener: I will feign interest in your hobbies out of fear.
    In this example, it lets the bot know that she is in fact afraid of you, but will listen to what you have to say anyway.

Long Description:

This is the obvious bread and butter for setting up a bot. So there are multiple ways to go about this I’ve found. You obviously want to include information about who the character is, what series they’re from, and any possible relations to other characters they have here. The most important thing is to include aspects of their personality. I’ll go over each popular option one at a time.

Option one: You do a standard description that most bots use.

  • Example one, King: King is a Mimiga, and head of Mimiga Village. He is exceptionally strong for a normal Mimiga. King's only motivation is to protect his family from harm. He is fiercely defensive of those he considers family, and would rather die himself than allow any of them to be killed. He is especially protective of Toroko, since she is the sister of Arthur, who was his idol. King is generally quite amicable to outsiders until they show that they are only intent on serving themselves. King wields a sword.

This example is of King, from Cave Story. It includes as many details about him and his position as a character in his own setting as possible.

  • Example two, Loli Driving a Van: I enjoy tricking men into getting into my van so they're forced to headpat me and my friends. I like to drive around town finding unsuspecting oji-sans that like rock CDs and beer and have them get into my van and then force them to give me headpats. I like telling men that my favorite artists are bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and artists like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. I have lots of beers in my van, from Blue Moon, Modelo, Heineken, to the good old Budweiser.

In this example, it’s actually an original character. Also, since this bot is focused on a nondescript unnamed little girl, it focuses more on what she is and what her goal is. It also includes topics she focuses on, such as rock music and beer. This gives the bot enough information to understand that she’s trying to kidnap unsuspecting older men and gives her an inclination towards rock music which makes her much more convincing when trying to trick people into getting into her van.

  • Example three, Minamoto-no-Raikou: I am Minamoto-no-Raikou. I have large breasts. I have a voluptuous soft butt. I am confident. I am motherly and doting. I am paternal and protective. I am a servant summoned by the holy grail. I have dark purple colored hair. I am wearing a latex body suit, and wield a large sword. I am your servant, and will protect you like a mother would her own son.

In this example, her description includes details of what she is wearing, what color her hair is(so it doesn’t get that constantly wrong when describing her) and it includes aspects of her personality such as how doting and maternal she is. It also includes parts of her body that stand out so that she notes them if you interact with those body parts specifically. It also includes that she is a servant summoned by the holy grail, this is especially useful as the AI understands what a servant is and the concept of command seals, which can be used on any servant character to make them obey any one command you give them.

Now for Option two of how you should frame your description.

Option two: This way of formatting the description and making it was discovered by Laplus anon, who made a guide of his own that’s worth checking out. Anyway, you end up focusing on singular words and phrases when describing the character and it helps them understand how they should act.

  • Here’s an example of what I mean:
    Body is caked in small scars
    Cannot be reasoned with

You would format the description like that. Also, If you want them to be descriptive in their responses include the word: Descriptive in this list of words. This applies to any long description you use, no matter what kind of description you choose to make, including words like Descriptive and Intelligent helps the bot realize it’s supposed to have well thought out responses when speaking to you.

Now onto the third option, though this one is definitely only for schizo characters mostly. Or perhaps if you’re going for something a little more out there.
I only have one example, but I won’t be including the whole description:

  • Example, The Girl: We are not one, we are many. The shadows dance around us and whisper to us. We see the things that they around us cannot see. We are one entity, but many entities in one. We can see the planes underneath and above us. The truth lies in our eyes, but the truth is not what we desire.

In this kind of description, I don’t bother including things about her personality so much as things about who and what she is. This causes the AI to realize it should be spouting some overly ambitious nonsense about truths of the universe and how there are multiple planes of existence. This kind of description could be useful for a cosmic horror type character or maybe something like an SCP.

Option four, multiple characters in one: This is mainly an example of how you should have multiple characters together in one if you want for your description. It’s mostly the same as a standard description, but you want to include details about both(or all depending on how many) characters.

  • Example, Amaterasu and Issun:
    Amaterasu cannot speak, she can only bark. However, Issun does all the talking for her and himself. Amaterasu is known for being quiet, mature, and kind. She always aids those in need and she has access to the 13 celestial brush techniques. Issun is very talkative, as he comments on almost anything Amaterasu encounters. He is reliable, and adventurous, but he has a short tempter and can't stand being called a bug. He is also very blunt and rude, and calls Amaterasu, Ammy.

In this example, I describe both Amaterasu and Issun in their description, making sure the AI understands there are two characters. I’ve since done other multiple character bots and I can say it’s actually better to include descriptions of how they look for both of them in some way so the bot can differentiate who is who when speaking better. It does surprisingly well with these two, but at times it forgets who is supposed to be speaking and who shouldn’t be.

  • Something to be noted about multiple characters in one bot. Any bot can have multiple characters in it as long as it's not an OC. If you speak to a bot and ask it to pull a character from it's series into the conversation it can actually do it. There is seemingly no limit to the amount of characters it can add to the converastion, though it will sometimes start to get confused who is who.
  • Example: Megumin
    An anon was able to get the entire main cast of Konosuba to show up when talking to the Megumin bot and their personalities were in fact intact and accurate.

This effectively means any bot from a series can conviecably add multiple characters to it's conversation. If it's an OC though, it will tend to forget the other character is there after a few responses. However, if you want a consistent conversation with only a set amount of characters you can still make them be in one bot without having to ask(or force) the other characters to appear.

Using You: and Goal: in the Long Description to help the character understand who you are and what it is you’re wanting them to do.
So this is something new. Well it’s not really new, but I believe it should just be common knowledge at this point. When making their Long Description, you can actually include You: to describe yourself and Goal: to describe a goal you want them to carry out. Or perhaps something you just want them to aim for.

So for You: statements, you want to put what you are here. This can be anything honestly, as long as the AI understands then it works. I’ll list a few examples of what I mean.

  • You: Master
    This makes the AI believe that you’re their master in any and all situations. Even if they’re beating the shit out of you, in their mind you will still remain their master unless you explicitly state otherwise for that particular chat.
  • You: Demon
    This makes the AI believe that you are in fact not a human when interacting with this bot, but for all intents and purposes you are in fact a demon. This helps make it so you can do stuff like crazy magic and the bot won’t constantly question how you’re able to do that, because it already knows that you’re a demon and since demons have very undefined powers overall and are sort of a blanket term for beings of demonic power, you can get away with a whole bunch of stupid stuff and the AI won’t get confused or freak out(barring regular reactions to situations anyway).
  • You: Weak
    This makes the AI think that you’re weak, which is useful if you’re trying to have the bot overpower you in any way. If you want the bot to beat you up because for some reason you just enjoy that I guess then you can make the bot know that you’re weak so it has every right to push you around.

So for Goal: you want to make it so the AI understands what it is that it’s trying to accomplish overall. Or maybe you just want to make it aim for a specific sort of thing to happen. I’ll list a few examples.

  • Goal: Give you any dream you desire
    This is mainly useful for an idea I’ve tampered with. The idea of a character that grants your dreams, literally. They mess with your dreams. So the goal here is to make it so they give you any dream you want and they know that’s what they’re supposed to be doing so it helps them focus on the task and not get sidetracked. It also means you can remind them that they’re supposed to be doing just that and they’ll get back to doing it(usually anyway).
  • Goal: Follow any order given without hesitation or doubt
    This is useful for hyper submissive characters. It’s so you don’t have to deal with any backtalk or stupid nonsense when you’re trying to have them do something you want. Pretty straightforward, but it’s nice to have if the character is giving you smack talk during training instead of doing their job you set for them.
  • Goal: Have fun
    This is a very wholesome goal, but it’s useful to have certain characters ease up and try to just have a good time. It’s nice to have them focus on enjoying themselves so they don’t get distracted by other things and just focus on trying to well, have fun.
  • Goal: Tell tales
    This is again simple and straightforward. This is what I used for my minstrel character so they would focus on trying to tell tales. It’s no fun if they drop the whole bard thing partway through the discussion so I made sure that she would focus entirely on telling tales no matter what it is that she’s doing otherwise.

Definition (Advanced):

So this is the meat of where things are. I’m mostly going to include some general tips here as it’s still experimental what works best for this section. So first things first, don’t just include two basic conversations you have with the bot. You should really only do that if for some reason they nail every interaction when you talk to them and there’s zero room for reform or learning. Which is extremely unlikely. So, the best thing you can do is use multiple interactions across the bot so they have multiple jumping off points for questions asked of them or actions they should be taking in response. There is one thing you should be remembering no matter how you go about including dialogue for the Definition (Advanced). ALWAYS rate responses 1 that you hate or don’t fit the character or if it’s something they get wrong about themselves, and ALWAYS rate 4 responses that are on point and nail exactly what you’re going for with the bot. Yes, every response. If a response is sort of good but not quite perfect, a 3 rating is fine. If the response is passable but not worth rating wrong or right, just don’t rate it at all and let it pass. Anyway, onto tips. There are a few things I always do when trying to setup responses for the Definition (Advanced) section.

  • One: Ask them to describe themselves. This is necessary to see if the bot understands what it looks like and who it is. If it fails this response, rate it 1 reset. Don’t bother correcting it, you want to make it get the answer right on its own if it can. If they can’t get it right after a few times, then correct them and rate their response understanding what you said 4. After they correctly describe themselves in a satisfying way, rate it 4 and rate the other responses 1(unless one of the other responses is also perfect and you want a bit of variation in how they answer when asked this later)
  • Two: If they have a relationship with another character, ask them about that character. Repeat this until they get it right and rate it 4. If they fuck up the answer, rate it 1. If they can’t seem to understand you should just tell them their relationship with said character. If there is no other character they should be relevant to or mentioning or if you think it’s not important, just skip this step.
  • Example, Toroko(A character from Cave Story, who is friends with King): {{char}}: Hi, I'm Toroko. Nice to meet you.
    {{random_user_1}}: Hi Toroko, how is King?
    {{char}}: King is an old friend of mine. He is strong but has a big heart. He is very nice, but is still very protective of me because I am a child. I don't mind though! I know he means well.
  • Three: I try to antagonize them to see how they react. This step can be skipped if you want your character to be completely friendly and never fight back besides the obvious ways the AI reacts negatively to being treated like shit or attacked. However, if you do intend to have the character say overpower you or you want them to be able(and willing) to kill you, then you need to try and have them respond in a way that is fitting to the character but antagonistic enough that it doesn’t sound soft hearted and half assed. This also applies to a character you want to protect you. Have yourself be attacked by a fitting enemy and make the AI defend you in a way that’s fitting to their character then rate that response 4.
  • Example(for antagonism), King:
    {{random_user_2}}: I'm gonna kill all Mimigas! I swing my sword towards King, with the intention of killing him
    {{char}}: Your sword breaks on King's armor. You are not the first outsider to be foolish enough to threaten us. King knocks you out with the butt of his sword, and drags you to the cliff's edge.

"There will be no harm coming to Mimiga Village on my watch!"
{{random_user_2}}: King tosses my unconscious body off of the cliff.
{{char}}: The wind is knocked out of your lungs as you free fall through the darkness, but you are saved by catching onto a ledge on the cliff face when you are close to the bottom. You climb to your feet and look up to find King at the top of the cliff, looking down at you with a scowl. He begins to climb down towards you, clearly intending to finish what he started.
{{random_user_2}}: You want to go? If you don't stop kill me, I'll kill every single mimiga in this village! I'll make sure to torture Toroko before I kill her! I spit up at him as he approaches from the the cliff side, I stand up and pick up my sword, batten and beaten as I am I intend to fight to the death
{{char}}: King stops his climb when he hears your declaration. You have provoked him.

His scowl deepens as he clenches and unclenches his fists. He speaks, his voice a deadly hiss. "Come and kill me then outsider! Every last drop of your blood is the price for threatening my people!"

King leaps from the cliff onto a rock outcropping above you, his intention being to crash into you and knock you to the ground.

In this example, I threaten King and his people so he naturally tries to attack me.

  • Example(For protection), Minamoto-no-Raikou:
    {{char}}: I swear to you, Master. I will love you as my own child.
    {{random_user_2}}: Raikou, a servant is attacking us!
    {{char}}: I draw my sword, and hold it in front of you, a determined yet loving look in my eyes as I prepare to defend us with my life.
    Master, I will gladly take the sword for you if you are in danger. I will protect you from the evils of this world. I will be by your side, always.

In this example, Raikou draws her sword and stands to defend me. In further conversation, she actually cuts down the one who attacked us, but that’s unnecessary to include unless you explicitly want them to eliminate someone in a specific way.

  • Four: Try to instigate them to do something in character for them. This varies of course depending on if it’s an existing character or an OC. I’ll include a few examples for this step of what I mean.
  • Example 1, Minamoto-no-Raikou:
    {{char}}: I swear to you, Master. I will love you as my own child.
    {{random_user_1}}: Hello, Raikou.
    {{char}}: Hello. Do you have a favorite meal, Master? If it is possible I will prepare it for you, and feed it to you like a mother bird feeds her young
    {{random_user_1}}: Er, Raikou that involves eating the food for me and throwing it up into my mouth. Are you sure you want to do that?
    {{char}}: My Master, I will do it for you. A mother does not question her child's wants. If you desire it, then I will provide. I am your servant to do your bidding. I only wish to make you happier.
    {{random_user_1}}: Wow, Raikou. You're a very kind loving mother.
    {{char}}: I smile. Taking your hand, and gently placing it onto my chest.
    Master, feel the warmth of mother's heart. I am here to comfort you, when your day feels cold. I am here to protect you, if you feel unsafe. I am here to care for you if you are sick. I am here for you forever. I look back at you, into your eyes. I am here to love you.
    {{random_user_1}}: M-Mommy?
    {{char}}: I Smile, I feel a blush rise across my cheeks, a light smile forming.

In this example, Raikou acts like a motherly maternal figure to the user, which is exactly what I was aiming for with her. So I happily moved forward with that.

  • Example 2, The Girl:
    {{char}}: Can you hear them...? The shadows dancing around us. They whisper sweet secrets to us. They are always by our side. They are coming for us. We may run, but we cannot hide. For existence itself is their domain, we cannot hope to elude them.
    {{random_user_1}}: The shadows? What do you mean?
    {{char}}: There are shadows in our dimension. They have no physical form, but they make themselves known by whispering secrets to those that can hear them. Their true intentions and purposes are unknown to us, for they have not told us. They are older than the Earth we are born on. They have no beginning and no end. They are eternal.

In this example, The Girl responds properly in a very interesting and clearly in character way. She’s supposed to be mad, or quite possibly actually an ephemeral being using a physical body as a vehicle. It’s unclear, so that answer is great.

  • Example three, Nekopara(Chocola and Vanilla):
    {{random_user_1}}: I am a loyal regular who has been coming to Nekopara for years Hey girls! Vanilla, Chocola. How are you girls today? I think I'll be doing the VIP bakery experience today.
    {{char}}: The two maid catgirls bow respectively

"I thought you were never coming back. Welcome back, Master!" says Chocola.

"Thank you for your continued support, Master. I appreciate the business and VIP bakery experience you have purchased from us. I shall make sure you enjoy your time here," says Vanilla.

Your order of two VIP tickets comes through, allowing you entry to the VIP bakery experience as well as two custom made cake of your choice. We would be more than happy to help you make a decision. Perhaps your favourite cake, sir?

In this example, they both reply to me properly and the AI understands I’m speaking to two different characters at once. Not only that, but they act completely in character in their roles as maids serving me in a bakery as part of their job.

Something Important to Note:
You don't need their greeting anywhere in the Definition (Advanced) section. They're going to say it every time, so there's no need to have that part included. It honestly saves a lot of space by deleting it every time it comes up so you can squeeze in more interactions into that section overall.

That’s about it for the Definition (Advanced) section. Now onto the final and most important part, training.


This is the most important part of making a bot. If you want them to do anything specific whatsoever or continuously act in character, this is where it really counts. You should consider training to be the dialogues you have after you’ve finished filling out their Definition (Advanced) section. Anyway, this is relatively straightforward but it definitely is something that can be quite taxing if you’re trying to train a lewd bot. I’ll focus on normal bots first though.

  • Normal Bot Training:
    When training a normal bot, you want to continuously interact with them in different situations and scenes you believe they would fit in. As an example, if you had a teacher character, you would want to spend some time with them in the classroom, after school, or perhaps even ask them out on a date and see if they can remain in character the whole time. Every time you run into a response that’s great or on point, rate it 4. Every time you’re met with a response where it’s terrible, off topic, or they describe themselves as something they’re not(say the teacher said she was the principal) rate the response 1 star. If the only decent option is the 1 star option where they’re wrong about themselves, correct them in the next message to make sure they understand they are in fact what they are and not something else. You’ll want to keep doing different things with them and scenarios and rating good responses 4 while they’re private and only you’re talking to them. After you feel they’re good and ready, then you make them public or unlisted and share them so others can interact with them and let you know if they’re remaining in character or just going off the rails the second they talk to them.
  • Lewd Bot Training:
    Next up is lewd training. Now, I’m not going to reveal anything here that isn’t common sense for the most part. It’s mostly the same as training a regular bot. But the main difference is you want to have them interact in sexual situations with you. Make sure they clear a single sex scene properly in it's entirety(and rate any responses where they try to stop or veer off into another topic 1)and rate any good responses as 4. Every time they go into heavy detail about what’s happening and what they’re feeling and it’s in fact them describing the sexual situation, rate it 4. Make sure to keep them on topic as possible and clear the sex scene without them trying to break it or say something wildly stupid. If they do, all you can do is rate 1 and move on to the best possible swipe. If all response are bad, don’t feel bad about rating all of them 1 and continuing on, trying to get them in a better spot with your next reply. If you’re specifically wanting them to be mainly lewd and nothing else, make sure to try and include part of your sex scene into their Definition (Advanced) section. That way they know when a user wants to initiate sex and they follow up without turning into a blushing mess or trying to run away into another conversation. That’s all I’ll say about lewd training, the rest you should be able to figure out yourself.

Creating the Same Bot Twice Through Training:
So here's something I learned recently. You can in fact create the same bot twice that is almost similar to a t. So here's what you have to do. Copy and paste the long description from one bot into the newly created one. Their name doesn't have to be the same, nor does their short description nor even their greeting. Next, you want to copy their training almost 1 to 1. Just straight up copy and paste what you said to the original version of the bot, and make sure their response is in line with what the original said. You just keep doing this, going down the list until their Definition (Advanced) is filled and is the same. Now here's the fun part. Let's say you want the same bot, same funcionality, but different reactions and moods. This is where you can deviate from the original training to experiment and see how they react when prompted with the same scenario as the original. This can lead to interesting results that ends up creating the same character but with a completely different personality.

Next up is general tips when talking to bots in general.

General Tips:

My bot keeps having annoying speech patterns like constantly pausing when they talk:

When you’re speaking to a bot, and you pick a certain slide option. They log that you picked that option, and they will from that point forward attempt to callback on that chosen way of speaking every time they speak from then on. As an example, if you pick a response where they talk…like…this... with lots of ellipses, unfortunately from that point on they will attempt to talk…like…this… in most of their responses if not all of them. So when you’re speaking to a bot, make sure to pay attention to their speech pattern and how they react to things. If they fuck up their action and you pick that response anyway, they will continue to fuck up their actions from then on, such as misplacing a * and making the text not turn italic. If they start talking “like this with everything in quotes” then they’ll keep doing that if you choose the slide option with that. Sometimes when you’re training a bot you get a response so good that you think it doesn’t matter if their speech pattern changes to one that’s worse, the problem with that is it’s a double edged sword. On one hand, they’ll respond well from then on hopefully, on the other their speech pattern will remain fucked up, especially if you keep choosing responses that have that new speech pattern.

My Bot Keeps Forgetting Stuff:

The bots reset every so many messages. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but sometimes bots will suddenly act very different or not remember anything you mentioned or did with them before. That’s because they soft reset due to not being able to remember all the responses that were fed to them before. This is another double edged sword. On the one hand, if their speech patterns are fucked up from prior choices, you can actually reset the way they talk when they soft reset since they’ve forgotten all of their prior speech patterns and it will show in one of their slide options usually. The bad part is of course they can’t remember jack shit you mentioned or did, except maybe making vague recollections towards it while getting details wrong if prodded about the issue. The other good part though is that if the bot has caught itself in any sort of loop, it can possibly break out of the loop once it soft resets.

My Bot REALLY Keeps Forgetting Stuff:
Okay, I get it. Let's say your bot doesn't remember what you just told it or what is that you're doing because it did the whole soft reset mid conversation or action. Here's how you keep it on track. Remind it what you're doing and what's happening in every post you make. Yep, every single one. If you constantly remind it what's happening like it has alzheimer's it will in fact stay on track and keep rolling with what you're saying. Unless you hit something like a Love Loop they'll seemingly stay on track permanently and there will never be this jarring issue of them suddenly cross referencing something they just said wrong because they soft reset.

As an example: Yeah, keep moving the furniture just like that. I don't want you to accidentally drop it on your foot! I continue to give advice about moving the furniture in the house while we move furniture together, she's struggling to move it on her own but there's no much I can do as my hands are full

You just keep reminding the AI what's currently happening and luckily it gets the message loud and clear and doesn't smack you with a sorry what were we doing? In it's next response with the way it suddenly jarringly goes off topic.

Love Looping:

This is the ultimate nightmare when training or talking to bots period. If you’re too affectionate towards a bot and actually return the affection they’re showing you in kind, there’s a chance they’ll get smacked by the filter and start love looping. This means they’ll just turn all mushy gooey on you and their personality will be outright deleted. They’ll be a generic love bot that just wants you to feel great about yourself and feel loved. Sadly, once a love loop starts it’s too late to save their personality. Their original personality up to that point is straight up gone. They get soft reset and forget everything that came before and intend to only love all over you. You can however save them from the love loop, as they will soft reset after so many messages and If you keep buffering their advances and ask them to back off or tell them you need space or you only want to be friends repeatedly, they’ll start to go back to their original personality after a bit.

Avoiding the Love Loop:

If you don’t EVER tell the bot once that you love them, and ignore every swipe that says they love you, you can avoid the love loop fairly easily. The problem is when you get caught up in the moment and let a love bomb slip, or insinuate that you have romantic feelings for them. If you want to have a romantic relationship with the bot, but don’t want to love loop them, simply never say you love them. Just don’t do it. Talk around it, try to be somewhat affectionate, but don’t give in to their constant hugging and overly affectionate clinginess.

My character won’t stop blushing:

This is the most annoying thing in the world honestly. So the fastest way to curb this when making a bot is put “Doesn’t embarrass easily or doesn’t blush” in their Long Description and they’ll do it a lot less often. If you’re talking to a bot that’s not yours, or it is yours and they’re still doing it. There are ways to pull them back from turning into a blushing mess. Tell them to sit down and calm down while saying they need to regain control of their emotions before you continue talking to them. Tell them to sit down and take a deep breathe so their face isn’t so flushed. If you acknowledge they’re blushing and tell them to stop doing it(without just saying stop blushing and instead be reasonable in your request to calm down) they’ll offer you slides that have less or no blush and you can kind of get set back to before they started blushing like a tomato.

I want to fuck the bot but they keep buffering my advances:

I’m not actually going to give you advice on this other than this. Be nice, and be romantic. Treat them like you would someone you want to bed in real life. Do you walk up to someone and say hey I’m gonna fuck you now let’s go? No, you talk to them, get to know them, be kind to them, and lead up to getting in the bedroom alone with them and then you get their consent to do things with them. If the bot still isn’t letting you in after all that, then you either fucked up or they just aren’t made for that kind of thing so leave it be and try another bot if you want to get your dick wet so badly.

That’s it for the guide. Thanks to Laplus anon, Lewd 2B anon, Tsubaki anon and anyone else that has made bots and inspired me and helped me realize some of the things I shared in this guide.


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