Never Good Enough by CTK: (Komekomeya ver.)

Okujima Yankee BL short:

Mikami to Sato extra:

Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven:

LICENSED: (as Bad Boys, Happy Home)[]


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Abuku - Biting a Vampire [Delinquent/Vampire/Comedy/Blood][]
AM - Playtime with Hakdo [Reversible/Adults/Sex Friends][]
Amarans - BOYxBOY Idol Collection [Entertainment Industry/Pornstars/Tattoos/Muscle][]
Anatama - Anyone! I Don't Care who... Sleep with Me!! -The Hot Student Council Vice Pres. who Only Gets Hit on by Bottoms [High School/Comedy/Misunderstandings][]
Aniya Yuiji - No Matter How Many Times It Takes [Memory Loss/Established Couple/Recovery][]
Asada Nemui - My Little Inferno [Rape/Drama/Hacker][]
Asuka Ibuki - Nipple Bingo [Delinquent/High School/Comedy] []
Asumiko Nakamura - Classmates: Doukyuusei [SoL/High School to Adults/Romance][]
Atsuko Yusen - Deko-Boko Sugar Days [High School/Wholesome/Friends to Lovers][]
Azuma Kaya - The Scene of My Rumspringa [Historical/Amish/Award-Winning][]
Byeonduck - Painter of the Night [Historical/Adults/Manwha][]
Comeri - All Roses Have Thorns [Adults/Friends-to-Lovers/Family/Coming Out][]
Dayoo - Young Bad Education [Teacher/Student][]
Draw Two - I Peeped at my Childhood Friends Having Sex [Anthology/Smut/Muscle][]
Enzou - Drugless Intercourse/Sex [Smut/Pheromones/Disease][]
Fumi Yoshinaga - What Did You Eat Yesterday/Kinou Nani Tabeta [SOL/Adults/Cooking][]
Fuyu Natsushita - The Teijo Academy [Omegaverse/Social Heirarchy/High School][]
Gengoroh Tagame - My Brother's Husband [Not BL/LGBT Themes/Family][]
Gorou Kanbe - Don't Call Me Dirty [Small Town/Social Exclusion/Moving On/Wholesome][] SEQUEL - Don't Call Me Daddy [Older Men/LGBT Themes/Friends to Lovers][]
Hagio Moto - The Heart of Thomas [High School/Grief/Drama/Psychological][OUT OF PRINT][]
Harada - One Room Angel [Supernatural/Age Gap/Psychological/Not Romance][]
Harada - Yatamomo [Drama/Dark Past/Sex Work][]
Haruta - Lovestruck in High School [Parody/Harem/Comedy][]
Hayane Dentou - See You Later Mermaid [Wholesome/Supernatural/Romance][]
Hebiko Habuyama - My Sempai [Delinquent/Friends-to-Lovers/Wholesome][][]
Hidaka Shoko - Blue Morning [Historical/Social Hierarchy/Drama/Romance][]
Hongou Chika - Setagaya Synchronicity [University Students/LGBT Themes/Cohabitation][]
Ichikawa Kei - Blue Sky Complex [Slow Burn/Delinquent/High School][]
Ike Reibun - Dick Fight Island [Sports/Comedy/Smut][]
Ikuyasu - Hammered and Pounded [Smut/Adults/Salarymen][]
Inoue Sato - Ten Dance [Rivals/Dance/Sexual Tension/Seinen][]
Iwasawa Midori - Valley of Regret [Historical/School/War/Rape][]
Jake Akahoshi - Butter Milk Donors [Comedy/Competition/Multiple Couples][]
Jeon Jinseok - A Night of a Thousand Dreams [Folk Tales/Middle East/Royalty/Adventure]]
Jimi Fumikawa - Alcohole Communication [University Students/Drinking/Atmospheric][]
Jun - Dark Heaven [Reversible/Romance/Psychological][]
Kaito - Blue Flag [Not BL/LGBT Themes/Unrequited Love][]
Kamatani Yuuki - Our Dreams at Dusk [Not BL/LGBT Themes/Slice of Life/Psychological][]
Kichiku Neko - In These Words [Detective, Psychological, Serial Killer][]
Kii Kanna - Seaside Stranger [SOL/Wholesome/Mental Health][]
Ko - About How I'm Limp Down There [Comedy/Massage/Smut][]
Koogi - Killing Stalking [Horror/Psychological/Tragedy][]
Koshino - Samejima-Kun And Sasahara-Kun [Friends-to-lovers/Comedy/Romance][]
Kouda Miu - Hello [High School/LGBT Themes/Homophobia][]
Kumota Haruko - Shinjuku Lucky Hole [Comedy/Adults/AV Industry][]
Kurahashi Tomo - Someday I'll Fall for You [Friends to Lovers/High School/Romance][] SEQUEL - Let's be a Family [Adults/Family/SoL][]
Kuro Nohara - Staring at Your Back [LGBT Themes/High School/Childhood Friends][]
Kuzuya Rou - The Love That Binds [Reversible, Homophobia, University Students][]
Kyouyama Atsuki - Silent Voice [Unattractive MC/Sports/High School][][SEQUEL -]
Kyouyama Atsuki - While Being Seen Off by Campanella [Psychological/Moving On/Wholesome][]
m:m - A Windflower Embroidery/Anemone no Shishuu [Drama/Adults/Writer][]
Maki Uda - Stars in Heat [Reversible/Muscle/Smut/Both Gay][]
Marukido Maki - Mood Indigo [Drama/Adults/Writer][][BL DRAMA -]
Marukido Maki - Pornographer [Drama/Adult/Writer][][BL DRAMA -]
Matsumoto Noda - Distressed Boy [Hairy/High School/Oneshot][]
Matsumoto Noda - The Moon and The Wolf [Anthology/LGBT Themes/Furry (first story only)][]
Mita Ori - Our Dining Table [Wholesome/Food/Family/SoL][]
Mita Ori - Yamada and The Boy [Age Gap/Romance/SoL][]
Mone Sorai - Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide [Travel/SoL/Wholesome][]
Motoni Modoru - Dog Style [Delinquent/Comedy/Drama][]
Munamu - A Painter Behind the Curtain [Manhwa/Historical/Class Difference][]
Mushiba - Fall of an Immortal [Comedy/Magical Realism/Absurdist][]
Mushiba - God is Probably Left-Handed [Counterfeiting/Romance/Thriller/Reversible][]
Nagai Saburou - Boys, Be Ambitious [Cringe Comedy/High School/Tsundere][]
Nanasaki Ryosuke - Until I Meet My Husband [Based on True Story/Romance/LGBT Themes][][Essay -]
Natuso Ito - A Miniature-Garden Romance [Anthology/Magical Realism/Artists][]
Niboshiko Arai - Gatapishi [Buddhism/Drama/High School][]
Nikke Taino - An Unmapped Country, Somewhere In This World [Fantasy/Illness/Politics/Drama][]
Niyama - My Dearest Cop [SoL/Adults/Police][]
Nozomu Hiiragi - I'll Make You Cry [Delinquent/Erectile Dysfunction/High School/Unconventional Appearance][]
Nyannya - Jawbreaker [America/Drama/Reversible][]
Okura - I Think Our Son Is Gay [Not BL/LGBT Themes/Slice of Life/Family][]
Okura - That Blue Sky Feeling [High School/Friendship/LGBT Themes][]
Omoimi - His Extra-Large, Ever-So-Lovely... [Comedy/Adults/Big Dick][]
Osamu Tezuka - MW [Psychological/Tragedy/Seinen][]
Peyo - Boy Meets Maria [Psychological/Traumatic Past/High School/Identity Issues][]
Pushcart - Remembering Gale [Delinquent/Smut/Drama][]
Ranmaru Zariya - Liquor and Cigarettes [Shopkeepers/Friends to Lovers/DubCon/Mostly Smut][]
Renji - Monster and the Beast [Fantasy/Monster Boy/][]
Ricken - My Boyfriend's Crush [High School/Established Relationship/Drama/Family][]
Sagano - Gimme Your Trashy Love All Night Long [Salarymen/Comedy/Fanboy][]
Sakana Tojo - My Lovely Bunny [Smut/Childhood friends/High School][]
Sakura Sawa - Momo to Manji [Historical/Romance/Sex Work][]
Scarlet Beriko - Fourth Generation Head: Tatsuyuki Oyamato [Yakuza/Drama/Rape][][]
Scarlet Beriko - Jackass [High School/Fetish/Friends to Lovers][]
Semori Nanako - Simplified Pervert Romance [Delinquent/Masochist/High School][]
SHOOWA - Iberiko Buta and Love and Camellia [Comedy/Drama/High School/Delinquents][]
SHOOWA - Iberiko Buta and the Slave of Love [Comedy/Drama/High School/Delinquents][]
SHOOWA - Nini's Forest [Animal Characteristic/Multiple Stories/Supernatural][]
SHOOWA and Hiromasa Okujima - Bad Boys, Happy Home (Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven) [Delinquent/Dark Past/Comedy/LGBT Themes][]
SI Mitsuru - Life Ain't So Bad [Both Gay/LGBT Themes/Sex Work][]
SI Mitsuru - Megumi and Tsugumi [Omegaverse/Strong Omega/Delinquent/High School][][]
Songhyei - Ouroboros [Psychological/Family Drama/Rape][]
Sumiya Zeniko - Breathless Momentum [Music/Sex Friends/Adults][]
Suzuri Ryo - MADK [Drama/Ero-Guro/Social Heirarchy/Demons][]
Syou Harusono - Sasaki and Miyano [Wholesome/High School/Fudanshi][]
Syundei - Go For it, Nakamura! [Comedy/LGBT Themes/School Life/Fudanshi][]
Takahashi Hidebu - Yuki to Matsu [Historical/SoL/Adults/Both Gay] []
Taro Kawayuka - Crossdresser Therapy [Wholesome/Adult Industry/Crossdressing Top][]
Tetuzoh Odayaka - The Man of Tango [Dancers/Romance/Reversible][]
Thanat - A Marked Love Match [Delinquent,Growing Up,Injury][]
Thanat - Here and There and Us [High School/Comedy/Slice of Life/Slow Burn][]
Tirano Kim - All About Lust [Wholesome/University Students][]
Tomita Douji - Boys of the Dead [Zombies/Post-Apocalyptic/Rape/Violence][]
Tomoko Yamashita - Dining Bar Akira [Bar/Comedy/Slice of Life][]
Tomoko Yamashita - The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window [Supernatural/Ambiguous Relationship/Adapted to Film and Anime][]
Tsukizuki Yoshi - I Can Say "I Love You" in the Afterlife [Suicide Attempt/Time Slip/High School][]
Tsuyuki Yuruco - Link and Ring [University Students/Romance/Wholesome][]
Ueno Poteto - Katsutoshi [Both Gay/Anthology/Laundromat][]
Unohana - Whimsical Jaguar [Music/Adults/Drama][][Upcoming from MediBang]
up-i - My Way With You [Muscle/Trauma/Smut][]
Yamada - Tashiro-kun, Why're You Like This? [Comedy/University/Otaku][]
Yamada Supokon - Replicant: The Love of Dolly the Sheep [SciFi/Cloning/Scientists/Wholesome][]
Yoshida Akimi - Banana Fish [Not BL/Crime/Psychological/Dark Past][]
Yoshii Haruaki - Can I Buy Your Love from a Vending Machine? [Wholesome/Adults/Romance][]
Yuitsu - The Beast That Yearns to be Tamed [Rent-a-Brother/Wholesome/Bad Boy][
Yuri Takayoshi - 108 Complexes [Buddhism/Romance/SoL][]
ZAKK - Canis: Dear Hatter [Artist/Mafia/Dark Past][][]
ZAKK - Canis: Dear Mr. Rain [Artist/Mafia/Dark Past][]
ZawarC - Passionate Teacher [Smut/Group Sex/Sports][]


Ami Sugimoto - Birthday [Tragedy/Teens/Illness][]
Asada Nemui - Ai, Sei [Sex Friends/Unrequited Love/Negotiation][]
Asada Nemui - Hare no Hi [Slice of Life/Family/LGBT Parent][]
Asano Inio - Rabuka [Sex Work/Sugar Daddy/Unrequited Love][]
Furomae Ari - Houkago wa Itsumo Futari [High School/Freckles/First Time][][SEQUEL -]
Go Fujimoto - Kikyou [Family/Adults/Homophobia][]
Haiki - Akete mo Kurete mo [Supernatural/Smut/Demon][]
Haiki - Clap your hands [Hairy/High School/Smut][]
Haiki - Dainari Shounari [Big Dick/Delinquent/Muscle/Smut][]
Haiki - Mutsunde Aide [Hairy/Tan/Toys][]
Haji - Natsu no Omoide [Friends to Lovers/High School/Wholesome][]
Harada - Piercings [Piercing Fetish/Jealousy/Adults][]
Iwasawa Midori - Hard Fruits [Delinquent/Cars/Comedy][]
Keiko Takemiya - In the Sunroom [Tragedy/Not BL/Historical][]
Kunieda Saika - Reflections in the Water [Psychological/Both Gay/Twins (not incest)/Made into movie][]
Matsuda Usachiko - Oniisan to Yobinasai [Age Gap/Suicide Attempt/Both Gay][]
Matsumoto Noda - Night Routine [Reversible/Established Couple/Smut][]
Meguriai Cosmo - Kunieda Saika [Comedy/Incest/Sci-Fi/Absudist][]
Mentaiko - 1/4 [MiniGuy/Smut][]
Mentaiko - Ookami Shounen to Hamu no Hito [SoL/High school/DubCon][]
Mitarou Teishoku - Are You Really A Homo?/Honto Ni Homo Na No? [Outing/High School/Best Friends][]
Miyoshi Hiromi - The Miscreant Next Door [Muscle/Adults/Wrestler][]
Nishin Masumi - Host is Down [Sci-Fi/Horror/Rape][]
Niyama - Come Over [Older Men/Smut/Wholesome][]
Niyama - Iya! Shi, Iyasare? [Massage/Adults/Glasses][]
Old Xian - The Specific Heat Capacity of Love [Magical Realism/Tragedy/Fishing][]
Puku Puku - The Pool That Night [High School/Bullying/Psychological/Wholesome][]
Sakishita Senmu - Shasei Kanri Dou Deshou [BDSM/Chastity/Smut/Wholesome][]
SHOOWA - I Will Be With You Forever [Horror/Comedy/Bacon][]
Tagura Tohru - Cello Mellow [Musician/Slice of Life/Romance][]
Tojitsuki Hajime - Even Just the Tip/Sakitcho Dakedemo [Artist/Adults/Tattoo][]
Tomoko Yamashita - Roses, Thorns, and a Shattering Clang [Female MC/Friendship/Love Triangle][]
Tsukumo Gou - Mizu no Ue no Tsuki [Tragedy/Unrequited Love/Rape][]
Tsurukame Mayo - Oh! My Dear [NEET/Sex Friends/Adults][]


Araki Yuu - Asagao wa Yoru kara Saku [Supernatural/Ghosts/Tragedy/Wholesome][]
Asou Mitsuaki - Sekai de Ichiban Tooi Koi [Deaf/Disability/Music/Adults][]
Azuma Kaya - Dear Gene [Historical/Drama/Amish][]
Azuma Kaya - MobyamaAji to MobutaniCrou [Comedy/BL Parody/Dark Second Half][]
Enjo - Usagi no Mori [Childhood Friends/Coming of Age/Psychological][]
Haji - Badass [Supernatural/Animal Characteristic/Police][]
Harada - Happy Shitty Life [Comedy/Adults/Sex Toys][]
Huangh - Ah Lü and Ah Mo [Unusual Art/Growing Together/SoL][]
Kano Shiuko - Abunage [Construction Workers/Big Dick/Slice of Life][]
Kumota Haruko - Itoshi no Nekokke [SoL/Adults/Comedy/Both Gay][]
Kyuugou - Acid Town [Drama/Yakuza/Dark Past/Sex Work][]
Madara Mada - Romantic Bitch [LGBT themes/Adults/Family/Smut][]
Mentaiko - This Probably Isn't Love [High school/Unrequited/Both Gay][][HIATUS]
Michinoku Atami - Neko de Neko no Neko desu [Animal Characterisic/Mostly Smut][]
Mochigi - Gay Fuuzoku no Mochigi-san Sexuality wa Jinsei da [Not BL/LGBT Themes/Autobiographical/Sex Work][]
Mokumoku Ren - Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu [Supernatural/Horror/Imposter][]
MXTX - Mo Dao Zu Shi [Historical/Adults/Supernatural][][NOVEL -]
Nagai Saburo - Shintan Kairou [Age Gap/Psychological/Dark][]
Roji - Boku no Papa to Papa no Hanashi [Family/LGBT Themes/Wholesome][]
Sato Tsubame - GAPS [Co-workers/Personality Shift/Drama][]
SI Mitsuru - Megumi to Tsugumi [Omegaverse/DubCon/Delinquent/High School][]
Suzuki Tsuta - Barbarities [Historical/Royalty/Europe][]


Aikawa Fuu - Randen to Saga [Delinquent/Supernatural/Secret Power/High School][]
Aion Kiu - Harukawakun to Yukisensei no Fudanshi Jijo [Fundanshi/Adults][]
Akabeko - Shonen no Kyoukai [Omegaverse/High School/Rape][]
Akimi Yoshida - California Monogatari [Not BL/America/Long Hair/Crime][]
Aoume Ao - Honjitsu wa Ohigara mo Yoku [Both Gay/Sex Friends to Lovers/Childhood Friend][]
Arai Niboshiko - Kagakubu no Megane [Glasses/High School/Experimenting]]
Arai Niboshiko - Moratte Kudasai [University Life/Tall Bottom/Movies][]
Asada Nemui - Dear, My God [Religion/Horror/Psychological][]
Asada Nemui - Deen My Love [BDSM/Reversible/Psychological][]
Asahara Naoto and Hirahara Akira - She Likes Homos, Not Me [Not BL/LGBT Themes/Psychological/Dark][]
Ayukawa Ayu - Sore ni Namae o Tsukeru Nara [Age Gap/Sex Friends to Lovers/Virginity][]
Azuma Kaya - Sakurada-senpai Kaizou Keikaku [BDSM/Mostly Smut/Mind Break][]
cielo - Kimi no Oto ga Nari Yamanai [Music/Long Hair/Wholesome][]
Cocomi - Loss Time ni Hanamuke wo [Established Relationship/Moving On/Psychological/Wholesome][]
Cocomi - Restart wa Tadaima no Ato de [Countryside/SoL/Romance][]
CTK - Midnight Rain - [Drama/Adults/Debt/Violence][]
CTK - On Doorstep [Drama/Adults/Crime][]
D.Jun - Guang Xiang [School life/Drama/Romance][]
Fujitani Youko - Kekkonsuru Kamoshirenai Otoko [Wholesome/Family/Marriage][]
Fukura Hagi - Kantoku, Nekona Ore wa Dame desu ka [AV Industry/Fanboy/Smut][]
Hagio Moto - Marginal [Not BL/SciFi/Drama/One Gender/Age Gap][]
Hagio Moto - Zankoku na Kami Ga Shihai Suru [Not BL/Psychological/Age Gap/Tragedy/Rape][]
Hakase - Raion Gotoki no Kuni Kara [High School/Exchange Student/LGBT Themes][]
Harada - Nii-Chan [Drama/Age Gap/Abuse/Psychological][]
Ichinashi Kimi - Sayonara Alpha [Omegaverse/Age Gap/Comedy][]
Ike Reibun -Bi no Kyoujin: X Side [Facial Hair/Scars/Side Stories][]
Ikegami Shougo - Shishi ni Hire [Wholesome/Teacher and ex-student/Adults/Delinquent][]
Inutoki and Shouhei - Ringo, Ki kara Ochiru [Anthology/Comedy/Slice of Life][]
Itz - Revival Blue [High School/Age Gap/Time Skip] []
Janome - Tasogare Outfocus [High School/Movie Club/Romance][]
Jeon Jinseok - A Night of a Thousand Dreams [Folk Tales/Middle East/Royalty/Adventure][]
Jnnkleeche - Umi no Soko [Mermen/Childhood Friends/Reversible][]
Kasai Uka - Ryouomoi Nante Joudan ja Nai!! [Older Men/Friends to Lovers/Unrequited Love][]
Katoh Muw - Usachan Ookami [ Comedy/Animal characteristic/Reversible][]
Kazuki Rai - Hatsukoi [High School/Dark Past/Forgiveness][]
Keiko Takemiya - Kaze to Ki no Uta [Not BL/Historical/Tragedy][]
Kimura Hidesato - Oni wa Warau ka [Rape/Psychological/Classmates] []
Kiriyu Kiyoi - Shishi mo Kobamazu [High School][]
Kotarou - Natsu no Teppen ni Saku [Childhood Friends/Wholesome/Coming of Age][]
Kuku Hayate - Stranger [Wild West/Native American/Historical][]
Kuranishi - Tsuki to Kin no Shangri-La [Monks/Historical/Coming of Age][]
Kuroi Tsumuji - Boku-tachi wa Mada Aoku [Slice of Life/High School/Romance][]
Kuzukawa Tachi - Kitto Oujisama ga Nante [Marriange counselor/Comedy/Wholesome][]
Kyuugou - Houtou Musuko to Koi no Ana [Cousins/Countryside/Muscle][]
Mamita - Tonari no Metaller-san [Wholesome/SoL/Food/Music][]
Medamayaki - Practiced Liar [Supernatural/University/ESP][]
Mentaiko - Priapus [Comedy/Adults/Gods][]
Michiru Sonoo - Koh-Boku [Older Men/Illness/Government][]
Minaduki Yuu - Hinadori wa Shiokaze ni Madoromu [Drama/Family/SoL][]
Mitsu Hashimoto - Oreno Saioshi o Kimi Sasagu! [Maid Cafe/NEET/Crossdressing/Smut][]
Mitsuki Emi - Yoake no Joshou [Linked Stories/International/LGBT Themes][]
Mitsuya Bond - Scratch Blue [Delinquent/Dark Past/Injury/Forgiveness][]
Moudama Chokusen - Sonna Me de Mite Kure [Comedy/High School/Unrequited Love][]
Nakamura Asumiko - Kaori no Keishu [Incest/Blindfold/Psychological][]
Namako - Sokuochi Yarichin Yankee [Smut/Comedy/Muscle][]
Naono Bohra - Trip Lovers [Isekai/Romance/Action][]
Natsuhara Saike - 30 Sai Kara no Coming Out [Online Dating/Salarymen/Both Gay][]
Natsume Kazuki - Nights before Night [Grief/Yakuza/Moving On][]
Nishida Higashi - Yasashii Anata… [Yakuza/Romance/Adults][]
Nishima Nakamichi - Aiou Futari [Sugaring/University Students/Family/LGBT Themes]]
Nishin Masumi - Heartless [Incubus/Eroguro/Horror][]
Nitako - Amattare wa Inu mo Kuwanai [Salarymen/Small Top/Glasses/Smut][]
Niumu Misaka - Jun'ai Dropout [BDSM/Mostly Smut/Salaryman/Both Gay][]
non food - Erotic Dream Aquarium [High School/SoL/Tentacle/Wholesome][]
Odayaka Tetuzoh - Sen [Historical/Supernatural/Drama][]
Ogeretsu Tanaka - Hadakeru Kaibutsu [Dark Past/Moving On/Insecurity][]
Ogeretsu Tanaka - Neon Sign Amber [Nightlife/Drama/Piercings][]
Ogi Kannu - Mukuwarenai Koi no Uranaikata [Fortune Teller/Wholesome/SoL][]
Oshima Kamome - Chicken Heart Serenade [Both Gay/Arranged Marriage/Friends with Benefits][]
Oshima Kamome - Houen Catharsis [Historical/Taisho Era/Class Divide][]
Oyoshikawa Kyouko - Oni to Tengoku Vol 1 [Teachers/Psychological/BDSM/DubCon][]
Penguin Frontier - Smile [High School/Full Color/Drama][]
Peyo - Boy Meets Maria [High School/Psychological/Theatre Club][]
Ryo - Shigekikei My Hero [Smut/Reversible/Actors][]
Ryoko Chiba - Knife [Police/Drama/Action][]
Sachimo - Kirei ni Shiteyo [High School/Age Gap/Delinquent][]
Sadahiro Mika - Hai To Diamond [Reversible/Drama/Crime][]
Sagan Sagan - Haru to Natsu to Nacchan to Aki to Fuyu to Boku [Countryside/High School/Wholesome][]
Sagano - Super Darling Is Dead [Comedy/Fake Dating/Scammers][]
Sakuraga Mei - Mujihi na Anata [Comedy/Part of a Series/University Life][]
Seika - Shinyuutte Soko Made Shinakucha Ikenai no? [Adults/Absurd/Smut/Wholesome][]
Seizou Ebisubashi - Kagura Dance [Gachimuchi/Love Triangle/Traditional Dance][]
SHOOWA - Nobody Knows [AI/SciFi/Coworkers/Injury][]
Sugiura Shiho - Koori no Mamono no Monogatari [Supernatural/Drama/Long][]
Suji - Yakuza wo Shibatte Ii Desu ka [BDSM/Yakuza/Submissive Top/Wholesome][]
Suzuki Tsuta - Merry Checker [Bloggers/Romance/Wholesome][]
Suzumaru Minta - Cupid ni Rakiurai [SoL/Facial Scar/High School][]
Syaku - Ao ni Naku [Time Slip/Amnesia/Mystery/Romance][]
Tachibana Mizuki - Seishun Radio Pinchers [High School/Robotics Club/Sports][]
Takaguchi Satosumi - Kreuz [Tragedy/Psychological/Delinquent][]
Takahashi Hidebu - Stigmata [Police/Supernatural/Drama] []
Tatsumoto Mio - Neko x Neko [Reversible/Adults/Romance][]
Tokokura Mita - Life Senjou no Bokura [Age Progression/Romance/Drama/Hetero Marriage][]
Tomo Sakura - Sensuishi to Kurage [Anthology/Europe/Atmospheric/Psychological][]
Uchida Kaoru - Hoshi wo Kazoeru Koto [Salarymen/Adults][]
Watarumi Naho and Kisaragi Manami - Junketsu Drop [High School/Student Council/Enemies to Lovers][]
Watase Yuu - Sakura Gari [Historical/Psychological/Incest/Rape][]
Yamakami Riyu - Renai Jikaku Shoujou [90's/Bosozoku/Drag/High School][]
Yokozawa - Nibi to Kuroba [Detective/Runaway/Wholesome][]
Yoriko - Sugar Dog Life [SoL/Police/Romance][]
Yoshinaga Fumi - Ichigenme wa Yaruki no Minpou [90's/Slice of Life/Adults][]
Yotsuashi - Boku no High Spec Kareshi-sama [Comedy/Absurdist/Omegaverse/Salarymen][]
Yuki Ringo - Tamayura [Historical/Taisho Era/High School][]
Yura Tamaki - Blood [Tragedy/Violence/Delinquent][]
Yura Tamaki - Partners [America/BDSM/Reversible][]


[Blue x Red/Originalshipping]Kemeo - Love Me Right []
[Blue x Red/Originalshipping]Kemeo - Unfair []
[DAYS]Nishida - Norn []
[Hetalia USUK] Hotama (Azuma Kaya) - Arthur in the Dark []
[JJBA Guido Mista x Giorno Giovanna] Zakiko - Dangai []
[JJBA JotaKak]SaiCoro - Skinship []
[JJBA Okuyasu x Josuke] Allegramente (Kujiraya Jin) - If It’s the Two of Us, the Sky’s the Limit []
[KakaIru]Jerry Angel - 69 []
[KakaIru]Jerry Angel - Maikaze Koibito []
[Kawoshin]Cassino - Mauve []
[Kawoshin]Cassino - Only If []
[KiriBaku]Remonman - Kusottare []
[KNY Sanemi x Genya]SK2B - Oshiokishiteyo Nichan[]
[One Piece Zoro x Sanji]Ichioku - Pirate Ship Noah []
[One Piece Zoro x Sanji]ROM-13 - Boukyaku Countdown []
[Promare GaLio]Mecoro Meco - Love is Strange [Friends to Lovers/Roommates/Adults][]


Ai no Kusabi [Social hierarchy/SciFi/Slavery][1992][][2012][]
Boku wa Konomama Kaeranai [Prostitution/Reversible/Bisexual][1994][]
Doukyuusei / Classmates [High School/Wholesome/Romance][2016][]
Doutei Kawaiya [Short/High School/Longing][]
Given [Music/High School/Romance][2019][]
Haru wo Daite Ita [Entertainment Industry/Actors/Romance][2005][]
Hyakujitsu no Bara [Fantasy/War][2009][]
Hyperventilation [Korean/Reunited/Adults][2017][]
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru/Run with the Wind [Not BL/Sports/Running][2018][]
Kaze to Ki no Uta [Historical/Drama/Tragedy][1987][]
Lesson xx [High School/Basketball/Friends to Lovers][1995][]
Mo Dao Zu Shi [Adventure/Wuxia/Supernatural][]
Nakedyouth [High School/Nature/LGBT Themes][2007][]
Saigo no Door wo Shimero [Love Triangle/Drama][2007][]
Unbelievable Space Love [Korean/AI/Space/Romance][]
Winter Cicada [Historical/Politics/Romance][2007][]
Yuri on Ice [Not BL/Sports/Ice Skating][2016][]


[Fan Trans][Complete] Cang Wu Bin Bai - Golden Heaven [Historical/Politics/Romance][]
[Fan Trans][Complete] Fei Tian Ye Xiang - Seizing Dreams [Supernatural/SoL/LGBT Themes][]
[Fan Trans][Complete] Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù - Heaven Official’s Blessing [Xianxia/Romance/Action]['
[Fan Trans][Complete] Priest - Guardian [Mystery/Supernatural/Romance][]
[Fan Trans][Complete] Priest - Imperfections [Space/Mecha/Award-Winning/Slow Burn][]
[Fan Trans][Complete] Priest - Sha Po Lang [Politics/Steampunk/Wuxia][]
[Fan Trans][Complete] Priest - Silent Reading [Psychological/Mystery/Both LGBT][]
[Fan Trans][Complete] Tang Jiuqing - Nan Chan [Supernatural/Cultivation/Psychological][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Fei Tian Ye Xiang - Dinghai Fusheng Records [Adapted to Donghua/Wuxia/Action][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Fei Tian Ye Xiang - Tianbao Fuyao Lu [Half-Human/Fantasy/Sequel][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Huai Shang - Po Yun [Mystery/Crime/Romance][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Meng Xi Shi - Peerless [Wuxia/Mystery/Action][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Meng Xi Shi - Thousand Autumns [Wuxia/Historical/Adventure][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Nanchan [Historical/Romance/Politics][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Priest - Faraway Wanderers [Action/Wuxia/Romance][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Priest - Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect [Xianxia/Drama/Romance][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Tang Jiuqing - Qiang Jin Jiu [Historical/Romance/Adapted to Drama][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Wu He - Saye [Psychological/Delinquent/Reversible][]
[Fan Trans][Incomplete] Xi Zixu - Kaleidoscope of Death [Supernatural/Mystery/Isekai][]
[Licensed][Complete] Ichiho Michi - Yes, No, or Maybe? [Romance/Entertainment Industry/Gap Moe][]
[Licensed][Complete] Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù - Mo Dao Zu Shi [Adventure/Xianxia/Romance/Politics][]
[Licensed][Complete] Mu Gua Huang - Fake slackers [Comedy/SoL/Romance][]


Hashihime of the Old Book Town [Taisho Era/Murder Mystery/Bookstore][]
Lucky Dog 1 - Tennenouji [Prison/Mafia/Hierarchy][]
Sweet Pool - Nitro+Chiral [Horror/Psychological/Gore][]
Togainu no Chi - Nitro+Chiral [Dystopia/Crime/Contest][]


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