How to avoid getting banned

Getting your Switch banned will lead to you not being able to:

  • Access the eShop.
  • Access Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Getting updates to games from the eShop.

Your Switch getting banned will not cause your Nintendo account to get banned.

If you cheat in online games and your Switch gets banned, it is highly likely for your account to get banned as well.

What will get you banned

  • Modifying Online Games.
    • Cheating in online games.
    • Using layeredfs mods with online games.
    • Editing save files for online games.
  • Making modifications to your SysNAND.
    • Installing nsp/nsz/xci/xcz files.
      • Installing homebrew forwarders will get you banned.
      • Installing game backups will get you banned.
    • Running nro's that modify your SysNAND (Tinfoil Installer, etc.)
    • Using a custom profile picture.
  • Doing the above points on Emunand without using:
    • Exosphere/Incognito.
    • DNS MITM.

If you use EmuNAND and you accidentally boot into your SysNAND while using CFW, you will not get banned. Simply booting into SysNAND with CFW will not get you banned.

What MIGHT not get you banned

  • Using CFW.
  • Using cheats in offline games.
  • Running homebrew.
  • Using layeredfs mods for offline games.

It is not recommended to run CFW without using Emunand and Incognito or Exosphere.

How to avoid getting banned

There are four methods that you may use in order to avoid getting banned:

It is highly recommended that you use Exosphere or Incognito alongside EmuNAND and DNS MITM.

Once you are using the above methods, you will be protected against getting your Switch banned.

Nintendo always makes changes to their system and these protection measures could always become outdated, so make sure to visit the guide frequently in order to stay up to date with the latest protection measures.

Even if you are already banned, it is still recommended that you use these protection measures. While being banned won't allow you to get eshop updates or go online, you'll still receive firmware updates. So in order to prevent accidental updates and prevent the update nag, please use the mentioned protection measures in this guide.

DNS MITM works only in atmosphere 0.18.1 and up. If you use an older atmosphere version, DNS MITM will not work.


Why you should not use 90DNS:

  • Relies on an external server
    • You have no control over what gets blocked.
    • 90DNS can affect your download speeds.
  • Protection is not retained when switching networks
    • If you switch to a different WIFI network, your DNS settings will be removed
      and you risk being banned.

Why DNS MITM is better than 90DNS:

  • Blocking relies on your device and not an external server.
  • Gives you control over what gets blocked.
  • Protection is retained when switching networks.

Stick to DNS MITM/Incognito/Exosphere, and do not use 90DNS!

Is it possible to unban a Switch?

A banned Switch is permanently banned.
There are no methods currently for unbanning a Switch.

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Pub: 17 Mar 2021 12:29 UTC
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