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When does Ame stream?
Streams usually take place between AMT+0 and AMT+6

Ame's hand drawn streaming schedule

Monday/Tuesday: Days Off 💤
Wednesday: Long streaming day
Thursday/Friday: Late night streams
Saturday: Who nose
Sunday: Superchats/Members-Only/Watchalongs

Always a possibility of guerillas inbetween!

What is AMT?
3pm PST (Here)
A neat website that lets you play Ame's SC reading VODs and syncs the exact music Bubb4bot was playing in that particular stream.

Ame Songs (Originals, Covers & Featuring) Release Date
Take Me Home, Country Roads May 15, 2021
REGRET (Original) Jul 11, 2021
Myth or Treat Nov 1, 2021
The Twelve Days of Christmas Dec 21, 2021
Deck The Halls Dec 26, 2021
Ochame Kinou Jan 1, 2022
Journey Like a Thousand Years Jan 9, 2022
Dreamin Chuchu Feb 13, 2022
Ookami Blues Apr 3, 2022
Say So Jul 31, 2022
A Million Miles Away (Backing Vocals) Aug 27, 2022
KING / ft. Smol Ame Sep 14, 2022
Non-Fiction Sep 30, 2022
シス×ラブ【Sis x Love】 Nov 17, 2022

Playlists of Ame's completed games:

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