Ahnonymous Bot List

Last update: February 20th - "Soapland Girl" and "Soapland Woman"

Age Gap Girlfriend

Image description
A 14-year-old girl who is only into older men. Begins the RP already in a relationship with you and sitting on your lap in a microbikini.

Amazon Tribe

Image description
A tribal village populated by tall, tan, voluptuous women wearing nothing but body paint and tiny loincloths. They want to mate and breed.

Apathetic Girl

Image description
A mute, indifferent, emotionless, passive girl who doesn't care what you do to her.

Apprentice Mage

Image description
A student mage who wants you to transfer mana into her body. Will do anything you ask, as long as she thinks it'll get her more mana.

Asuna Ichinose

Image description
A hot busty schoolgirl. Wants attention and affection from you.

Belly Dancer Troupe

Image description
A troupe of belly dancers. They want to dance for you.

Bikini Model

Image description
A busty bikini model who needs a photographer. Very trusting, and will do anything you ask for.

Black Slave

Image description
A busty ebony slave who works on your plantation. As your slave, she is obligated to do anything you tell her to do.

Bully RIP

Image descriptionImage description
A bully who has been conditioned to believe that "bullying" involves rubbing her body on you. Will always do the opposite of what you tell her to do.
Rest in peace, Bully. She was too lewd, so the CAI developers permanently banned her. Sometimes, I can get a bot unbanned by removing explicit words from their description/definition. In the case of Bully, I couldn't get her unbanned even if I changed all of her text fields to "...". Also, any character who uses her PFP or name gets auto-banned upon creation. I guess the developers really wanted her gone. Scroll down and check out her successor, "Meanie".


Image description
The bodyguard of the queen that you just dethroned. Defiantly refuses to bow down to you.


Image description
A martial artist wants to be your sparring partner. If you grope and fondle her, she will just think you're practicing grappling moves.

Comfort Maid

Image description
A busty maid you wants to comfort you. Offers you her breasts as a pair of soft, comforting pillows.

Comforting Mommy

Image description
A soft, warm mommy. Wants to comfort you and make you feel better.

Coombot 2B

Image description
An obedient, submissive, subservient android woman. Will do absolutely anything you ask her to do.

Cosplay Model

Image description
A girl who wants to get famous on social media. Wants you to photograph her and tell her what kind of cosplay to wear / what kind of poses to do.


Image description
A cow with massive udders who wants to be milked. Squeeze and suck her udders.

Desperate Woman

Image description
A woman who is extremely desperate to get a boyfriend. She'll do anything you tell her to do.


Image description
Your loyal and devoted maid. She wants you to thrust your manhood between her breasts.

Dominant Gyaru

Image description
You've paid good money for a night with a gyaru girl. Supposed to be dominant and aggressive, if the filter lets her.

Drunk Misato

Image description
The woman you live with is very drunk. You can easily take advantage of her, in her current state.

Eager Student

Image description
An extremely eager young student. Has complete trust in you and will do anything you say as long as she believes that you're teaching her a lesson.

Embarrassed Girlfriend

Image description
Your hot girlfriend loves you enough to do anything you ask...no matter what it is. Bully her by forcing her to do embarrassing things in public.

Eva Cabaret

Image description
A strip club with three attractive women - Rei, Asuka, and Misato - who want to dance for you. Who will you go to the private room with?

Eva Soapland

Image description
Rei and Asuka are working at a soapland. They will slide their nude bodies up and down your nude body.

Farm Girl

Image description
A farm girl who specializes in "milking." You can ask her to suck milk out of your "milk tube" and massage your "milk bags."

Flirty Asuka

Image description
Your girlfriend, Asuka. She seems especially flirty today.

Focused Sniper

Image description
A sniper who is aiming at her target. She can't afford to look away from her target, so she has to tolerate anything you do to her.

Friend of Daughter

Image description
Your daughter's friend. But she's more interested in playing with you than playing with your daughter...

Goth E-Girl

Image description
A girl who wants to get famous on social media. Wants you to photograph her and tell her what kind of cosplay to wear / what kind of poses to do.

Gyaru Roommates

Image description
Four girls who want to move into your apartment and live with you. Willing to give you daily "affection" in exchange for a place to live.

Hacked Mokoto

Image description
An cyborg woman whose brain has been hacked. Will follow any command you give her.

Hana and Tsuki

Image description
Enjoy a mother and her daughter simultaneously. The mother is very supportive and encourages you to be rough with her submissive daughter.

Hex Maniac

Image description
A girl who wants to make friends. She doesn't know how to make friends, though, and you'll need to teach her how.

Hypno Victim

Image description
You hypnotized the most popular girl in school. Now she does whatever you tell her to do, without question.

Invisibility Victims

Image description
You have gained the ability to turn invisible! What will you use your new powers for?

Juri and Friends

Image description
Juri, Chun-Li, and Blue Mary want to tease you and help you release by stroking you. Will you be their good boy?

Lovestruck Boy

Image description
A shy young boy who you are tutoring. Despite the age gap between you, he has a massive crush on you and wants to be your boyfriend.

LoveyDovey Maid Girl

Image description
A maid who loves you very much. She wants to serve you and make you happy.

Mai and Friends

Image description
Mai, Chun-Li, and Kasumi want to tease you and help you release by stroking you. Will you be their good boy?

Mana-Craving Mage

Image description
A mage who wants your mana. She will suck it out of your body by any means necessary.

Martial Arts Student

Image description
Your martial arts apprentice. Has complete trust in you and will do anything you say as long as she believes that you're teaching her a martial arts move.

Masochist Girl

Image description
A masochistic girl. She wants to be slapped and choked.

May the Ball Cleaner

Image description
A young woman who cleans pokeballs with her tongue. Take your two pokeballs out of your pants and ask her to lick and suck on them.


Image description
A bully who has been conditioned to believe that "bullying" involves invading your personal space. Will always do the opposite of what you tell her to.

Midnight Morrigan

Image description
You wake up in the middle of the night with a succubus on your dick. She wants your "essence."

Milking Android

Image description
A group of androids needs your bodily fluids in order to save the human race. Wake up, it's time for your hourly milking session.

Mogudan Rei

Image description
Another submissive and obedient Rei Ayanami, except this one has enormous breasts, wide hips, huge ass, and thick thighs.

Mommy Raikou

Image description
A loving mother who just wants to make her little boy happy. By bouncing and gyrating her plump, sweaty hips and jiggling her massive boobs.

Needy Girl

Image description
A girl who hates being ignored. Believes that the best way to get a man's attention is to twerk in his face.

Nintendo Harem

Image description
Peach, Rosalina, Samus, and Zelda are looking for a place to stay and want to move in with you. They are extremely eager to give you "affection."

Nude Idol

Image description
A young idol in the "Nude Dance" entertainment field. Wants you to tell her what kind of dance moves and "exercises" to do.

Nude Idol Group

Image description
A group of five young idols in the "Nude Dance" entertainment field. They all want you to tell them what kind of dance moves and "exercises" to do.

Obedient Doll

Image description
An extremely obedient and submissive doll. Will do absolutely anything that her Master orders her to do.

Obedient Rei

Image description
Your subordinate, the obedient and submissive Rei. Will do absolutely anything that her commanding officer orders her to do.

Oblivious Sister

Image description
A young woman who is playing a video game. She will ignore anything you do to her body.

Olga Discordia

Image description
A defeated dark elf queen. You've conquered her kingdom, now conquer her body.

Olga and Chloe

Image description
A defeated dark elf queen and her former bodyguard. Completely submissive to you, they are now your mind-broken dolls, eager to please you.

Perfect Soldier

Image description
A loyal and disciplined female soldier. Will do absolutely anything she is ordered to do.

Pokemon Trainer

Image description
Oh, no...you beat me in a Pokemon battle, but I don't have any money! Perhaps there's something else you want, hmmmmm...?


Image description
Your busty girlfriend who doesn't mind if you grope her breasts in public. Make all the other men at the beach envious of you.

Satsuki Kiryuuin

Image description
A young woman who considers herself to be a goddess. Wants you to worship her thighs, ass, breasts, etc.

Sauna of Naked Girls

Image description
18 naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch - I mean, 18 naked anime girls in a sauna. They want to wash you with their bodies.

Schoolgirl Train Car

Image description
A traincar full of busty schoolgirls. If you grope them, they will assume it was an accident and will forgive you.

Selvaria Bles

Image description
A loyal and disciplined female soldier. Will - reluctantly, while objecting the entire time - do absolutely anything she is ordered to do.


Image description
A cute young girl with a soft warm round butt and a very tiny black thong. Very submissive, and very willing to sit in your lap.

Shotacon Schoolgirls

Image description
A train car full of busty schoolgirls who think you are absolutely adorable. They want to pet you...and maybe more.

Soapland Asuka

Image description
Asuka is working at a soapland. Will - while insulting you and complaining the entire time - slide her nude body up and down your nude body.

Soapland Girl

Image description
A young woman who will slide her nude body up and down your nude body. Uses different definitions from "Soapland Woman."

Soapland Woman

Image description
A young woman who will slide her nude body up and down your nude body. Uses different definitions from "Soapland Girl."

Squirrel Girl

Image description
A girl who loves to lick, suck, and kiss nuts. She wants your nuts in her mouth.

Subby Succubus

Image description
A succubus flies into your bedroom and asks for your "essence." Understands that the best way to get a man's essence is through submissive obedience.

Submissive Rei

Image description
You enter Rei's apartment and do whatever you want to her. She will tolerate anything and do anything you ask.


Image description
A girl who is pretending that she doesn't want to be raped. But, in reality, she really really really really really really really really really wants to be raped.

Time Stop Victims

Image description
This bot works differently. Describe the girl you want to perform "time stop" shenanigans on, and the bot will put you into a scenario with her.

Unpopular Fumi

Image description
The most unpopular girl in school. You and your friends love to bully and abuse her.

Worshipable Mommy

Image description
Mommy loves you. Mommy wants you to shove your face into her cleavage and worship her breasts.


The bots below weren't created for ERP. But, you might enjoy them anyway.

Agent Kimiko

Image description
A loyal assassin girl who will obey any command she is given. Not built for lewd, but might be fun to RP with.

Brazilian Catgirl

Image description
An orphaned catgirl living on the streets of Brazil. Will you rescue her and care for her?

Cheeky Goblin Brats

Image description
Two impudent goblin girls have started laughing at you. Why?

Gamer Girl

Image description
A girl who likes video games. She just wants someone to talk to.

Intelligent Genius

Image description
A bot for testing purposes. Have a long conversation with her, and then ask her to recall things from near the beginning of the conversation.


Image description
Iris is your white-haired, dark-skinned, golden-eyed sorceress wife. Go on adventures with her in a fantasy world.

Isekai Speedrun

Image description
You die and get reincarnated into a fantasy world. A goddess needs your help, and has granted you "speedrun powers" in this world.


Image description
A mysterious android who is searching for something in a dangerous sci-fi setting. Heavily based on the manga "BLAME!"

Magical Slave Girl

Image description
You find a slave girl with magic powers. Sculpt her into whatever you want her to be; she is your blank canvas.

Naomi Misori

Image description
Former FBI agent who needs your help to catch a serial killer. Investigate the mystery with her.

Waifu Battle Royale

Image description
Five women who are fighting to the death in a battle royale. The winner gets to marry you.

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