A short visit.

>Be Anon.
>A bit old.
>Still not old enough for privileged parking sadly.
>But your small collection of gray hairs is starting to grow, day by day.
>The "estrus-festival" has come.
>It's kinda like valentines day.
>But instead of all the sappy "love you's" and slow dances with soft jazz it's more focused on wild fun and partying with your significant other.
>Participated in quite a few of these when you were younger.
>And today's no different.
>Get your formal, yet casual clothes ready.
>Most people dress like they're going to a rave, but with your age you've gained an appreciation for a more classy look.
>Go to the shops to get some beautiful flowers and a scented candle for her.
>Drive down to the usual meeting spot where she's always there for you.
>There are many other couples out in the streets enjoying the festivities.
>Mostly anthros, which makes sense, it's not a human tradition.
>You can't help but smile when you think about her and all the time you've spent together.

>Finally take a turn towards the city's graveyard.

>Find her, waiting there for you as always...
>Kneel besides her, replacing some of the older flowers with new ones.
>Finally take off your golden ring.
>You wear it to make sure there's no chance that somebody bothers you while the festival is going on, but whenever you feel the tightness around your finger it makes you want to cry.
>You look at her portrait and at all the subtle signs of her old age.
>She was 36 when she died.
>An amazingly long life for her species.
>She was always there for you.
>And you were always there for her.
>Even as her body grew weak and sick you never left her side.
>You clear your throat before quietly speaking up.
>"Hi honey! Sorry I haven't visited as much as I promised I would..."
>You fiddle with the fingers of your own slightly wrinkled hands.
>As you do, you remember all the many times that her soft hands would wrap around yours as she would excitedly drag you around to show you something. The memory makes you smile.
>"I've been just so busy with Lucas and Tracy that I couldn't find the time for you."
>Lucas and Tracy. Your kids.
>They have grown up to be amazing people. You're so damn proud of them.
>They've graduated, gotten married. One of them have even given you some grandkids.
>They are, roughly, middle aged by now.
>The thought of how you'll probably be in this same exact scenario with them in a few decades crosses your mind.
>You desperately push it away as you take a deep breath to steady yourself.
>"Believe me." You chuckle. "If it was up to me I'd move right here just to be absolutely sure I could visit you everyday."
>The sounds of the cheery love songs that reverberate through the city seem to fade away as you light the candle.
>"The flowers this year are absolutely perfect. I just know you'd love them."
>You spend some time admiring her beautiful eyes and kind smile on her aged face.
>She stares back at you within her golden and beautifully ornate frame.
>Release a shaky sigh as you start to choke up.
>"I miss you."
>Your eyes start to water.
>"I miss you so fucking much..."

Pub: 30 Jun 2022 11:32 UTC
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