untitled bunboy story by anonymous

Anon sees small bunboy at the counter one evening, sitting all alone and looking very uncomfortable and sad.
A gaggle of tipsy women at the high top just across from him are giggling and making not-too-quite jokes about his cheap, thrift store clothing and short height.
There are tears welling in his eyes. Poor boy needs a friend right now.
...you know what? You're going to be that friend this evening.
Scoot on down to him, start chatting him up.
Notice he's got a DnD character sheet open on his phone, start talking about that.
He lights up instantly, talking animatedly about the campaigns he wishes he could run and the characters he's made.
You get the sense he doesn't really have many friends. Turns out his brother had dropped him off at the bar, insisting he try and find a date there. Instead just kinda felt lonely.
He ends up staying with you the whole evening, looking up at you as if you were some super cool, amazing warrior like one of his OCs.
Even has a sketch book with him!
...those are some muscly ass dudes.
You know why he wasn't trying to talk to any of the girls now, at least.
After you finish locking up, you pat him on the head and say he's a really cool guy.
You invite him along to DnD next week.
His face goes bright red as he stammers out a thank you.

You're surprised to see him there sometime around 3 the next day, his eyes lighting up when you walk in.
Begins chattering excitedly about this DnD podcast you both listen to.
Surprised to see him at the counter the day after too.
And the day after that.
Whenever you leave for the evening he always has this longing look in his shimmering eyes, like there's something he wants to say to you but doesn't have the courage to.
One evening after a night of biting his lips and barely saying a thing he consumes an entire TWO HARD CIDERS.
Completely smashed.exe
Your boss lets you off early so you can walk his drunk ass home.
Some people are angry drunks, some people are sad drunks, and some people are fun drunks.
Bunboy though (his name is Ashley)? He's an affectionate drunk.
Really smiley and giggly, nuzzling your side and talking about how you're the coolest person ever, how much he wishes he was big and brave like you.
Get to his house, it's a fucking mansion.
Turns out he lives with his parents and they're fucking loaded.
See signs out front for some family values conservative candidate and various bible related bumper stickers in the driveway.
It suddenly makes sense. This kid is CRAZY in the closet, and crushing on you hard.
Older brother answers the door. Given how tall he is, you get the sense that Ashley's the neglected runt of the litter.
He's clearly disappointed it's not a girl his brother's come home with, and directs you upstairs to his kid brother's bedroom.
The walls are covered with posters of masculine fantasy heros and the occasional shirtless Shonen MC.
When you go to put him to bed he clings to you, tears welling in his eyes. He pleads with you to stay, he doesn't want to be alone anymore.
You sigh, but agree. Poor boy tries to get his pajamas on by himself, but keeps stumbling drunkenly. You have to help him strip and change, during which he's completely red faced.
Though it's dark, you can make two thing out clearly:
He's wearing a very girly pair of blue striped panties
And there's a very DISTINCT wet patch at the top of his small but throbbing erection.
Finally manage to get him into bed.
Hold kneeling by the side you gently stroke his hair as he starts to crying.
He's absolutely terrified of girls; they're all so catty and mean, and they never like him.
His family keeps bugging him about getting a job, but he's so skittish and anxious all the time that he can't hold one down for long.
Admits that you're the greatest person he's ever met, and that he wouldn't know what to do without you.
Your heart absolutely breaks, hearing all of this. Your feelings go out to him, wishing he could be himself in such a stifling environment.
You also feel some kind of admiration for him, bravely trying to come out of his comfort zone despite his fears and anxieties.
You spend the rest of the evening gently stroking his hair as he cries quietly. He eventually calms down and nuzzles his head into your lap, clearly enjoying the attention.
Before you go you keel by his bed and give him a hug.
Your heart hammering in your chest, you gently lift his chin and bring your lips together.
He's absolutely shocked, but the electricity passing between the two of you keeps him from pulling back.
Pulling back, you move in and kiss him again. This time though Ashley closes his eyes, eliciting a needy, longing moan.
You pull back, fresh tears in his eyes as you whisper your goodbye.
"See you soon, cutie..."

Be Ashley
Be lying in bed, alone in a dark room with blackout curtains where the only light comes from the gaming PC you forgot to turn off yesterday.
Everything that you can see in the room is spinning, and you try your best to keep yesterday's lunch down.
You didn't actually eat dinner last night. You knew you were planning on visiting Anon in the afternoon, and you wanted to look your best for him.
You give a sad sigh, and quietly wish you hadn't been born a bunny. Maybe then your thighs and butt wouldn't look so girly, and you would be bigger and taller too!
You wish you could look like your brother David or dad.
Or...or like Anonymous.
"Stop, stop!" you admonish yourself quietly, "it's going to happen again...."
You already feel horrible enough about him having to carry you home during his shift. You don't need anymore shame.
Still, the image starts forming in your head.
You imagine yourself alone in this bedroom, except Anon is there.
He's standing there with that confident, self-assured smile on his face that always makes you feel butterflies in your tummy.
You feel his arms wrap around you, thick and well toned just like the rest of him, as he pulls you against his chest.
Your heart begins to race as anxiety overwhelms you; You can barely breath, and it feels like you're going to faint.
Though your head barely reaches past his stomach, you can feel just how firm his chest is. His hand comes to rest gently across your lower back, and you start to quietly hum to yourself.
Why does this have to feel so good?
Why can't you just have normal thoughts about your friends?
...your only friend.
An evil voice comes to you from the back of your mind. "That's assuming he even considers you his friend. You're more like an annoying kid he keeps speaking to out of pity."

"Shhhh..." you here Anonymous whisper to you, the fur on the back of your neck standing.

His voice is more calming than any medication you've ever taken.
You willpower fails you, and at last embrace him back, tears welling in your eyes as you listen to the beating of his heart.
You know this is wrong, that normal people shouldn't be doing this with other boys, but you just can't seem to stop.
Your hands and fingers are moving on their own now, tracing along the ridges and valleys of his well defined back muscles.
This isn't the first time he help you, is it?
You can still feel your heart fluttering just thinking about the way he swept you off your feet and carried you up the stairs to a waiting bed.
It was so...romantic.
Though...wait. He helped you get changed last night.
Did he see? Oh my gosh, DID HE SEE THEM?
You can feel your face turning crimson now, and you do your best to burry your face into his chest.
You're so ashamed! He's never going to want to--
"So," he starts, the dulcet tones of his voice intoxicating for you to hear.
"You wore these just for me last night, didn't you cutie?~"
You gasp and let out an eep! when Anon's hand slips unhesitatingly down the back of your pants.
He's feeling you up now, his hands groping around all parts of your lower body, even flicking the waistband of your sister's frilly pink undies as if he owned them!
As if he owned you!
Suddenly, in that dreamlike way, your pants disappear completely, leaving you naked save for the shame covering your special place.
Before you can even move to cover up you feel his hands easily pin yours to the new wall behind you, his hot breath sending shivvers of shameful want down your neck.
"I've already seen them cutie, there's no reason to hide anything," he teases.
This is so, so embarrassing, but the butterflies in your tummy aren't going away! They're getting even worse!
Why does this humiliation feels so good?
How is it that I still feel so...safe?
"Because you want it, don't you, little buddy?"
You bring your eyes up to his, deep and beautiful, and give him a trembling nod.
Your whole body is on fire now, and staining your sister's undies.
"Y-yes sir."
Anon puts on a cocky grin.
"You like it when I make you feel helpless, don't you?"
"Yes sir."
His face is now approaching yours, and he whispers into your ear: "Do you want me to want you?"
Your trembling body hesitates, but you tell him the truth,
"I-I do s-sir."
You feel his sweet breath rolling across your lips.
"Please, please sir! I want it, I want it so bad that its hurting me!"
The aching in your chest you feel whenever you think about him is proof of that.
"I can fix that..."he croons, right as he brings your lips together in a gently, caressing kiss...

Your legs strain and shudder on their own, your back arched you are enraptured by an overwhelming orgasm.
Long, thick globs of cum come shooting out of you, staining your clothes, your sheets, and even the carpet.
You did it again...and this time he didn't just hold you.
Shame hits you like a wave crashing to the shore, and you instantly feel you must be the most pathetic person alive.
Boys shouldn't like other boys.
Boys shouldn't disappoint their parents when they expect so little of them.
Boys shouldn't steal their little sister's underwear and daydream about being discovered by someone special...
You feel true, absolute hopelessness, and begin to cry.
After what Anon must have seen last night, he's never going to want to talk to you again!
At that moment when you feel more alone than in any other time of your life, its your cell phone that saves you from despair.
It's a text from Anonymous!
"Heya! The game's set for this evening around 4. I'm so looking forward to this! I'll pick you up around 3:45, yeah?"
Suddenly, all the weight of your doubts and anxieties disappears as you reread that text message over and over again.
He's excited to see you! AAAAA!
You hold our phone against your chest and give a happy, dreamy sigh.
He wants to be around you still. He's your FRIEND still!
You can't remember ever feeling so relieved in your life.
Though the evil voice is insisting things will be awkward and that you'll ruin everything just by being there, you can hear Anon's voice much more clearly.
Things are going to go okay.

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