Gym Buddies

˃You are Anon, and It’s gym day motherfucker
˃But then again that’s almost every day of the week
˃You lift
˃Like, a lot
˃Being a naturally bigger and stronger dude, your buddies convinced you to try strongman and powerlifting in high school
˃Turns out that shit was addicting, and it still is over a decade later
˃You’re no Worlds Strongest competitor, but in any gym this size you’re always hard pressed to find someone that can match or out-lift you
˃Even as a human currently in a majority anthro gym, your skills in the art of picking up heavy items are nigh unmatchable by anyone
˃You currently straddle your bench, watching other gym members saunter around or do lifts of their own while you catch your breath after a set
˃As your gym is fuckhuge, you normally don’t pay much attention to the ebb and flow of the other gym goers
˃Today, however, a relative newcomer has caught your eye by chance
˃It’s a gorgeous vixen doing deadlifts at a station next to you
˃And to say you are ‘mirin would be an understatement
˃She is absolutely shredded
˃As some would say, she is diced to the socks
˃Peeled out of her tree
˃A true genetic specimen
˃Her six-pack is displayed proudly between her gray sports bra and similarly-colored leggings, rippling underneath the white fur of her belly
˃She was definitely a red fox, but her color variation was different than most others you’ve known
˃Whereas most red foxes are predominantly orange-y red with a mix of and black highlights on the limbs, torso, and tail, her fur was predominately white with the bits of various shades of orange mixed in throughout
˃You know foxes have names for their color patterns, but don’t know the name of hers specifically, if one even exists
˃The splotches of gradient dark orange fur mostly clung to the sides of her limbs, torso, and head, and blended gradually into the white that covered the remaining portions of her body
˃The only black in her fur sat along the very tips of her hands and ears, as well as a splotch near the base of her mixed orange and white tail
˃Looking upwards, you admire her silky brown hair that sits messily under a blue ball cap, the color of both in wonderful contrast to the fur of her head and extremely fit body
˃You thought you didn’t like jacked girls
˃Keyword: thought
˃You feel a twinge down below
˃No, bad boy!
˃You shake your head and refocus on your lifting
˃Not like she’d be into you anyways
˃You can easily guess her type just by looking at her
˃Shredded dudes with washboard abs
˃The antithesis of a strongman in the gymscape
˃Anyways, today is chest and back day, and you are completing the chest portion right now
˃You pick up your dumbbells and continue banging out sets of incline presses
˃As you’re sitting moderately upright, you can still catch glimpses of the beauty nearby doing her lifts
˃You’re not creeping, just…admiring
˃She’s still deadlifting, and pulling what looks to be about 225
˃Not bad for someone around her height of five-foot nothing
˃After grinding out your last set of dumbbell presses you go to re-rack the weights because you’re not a bitch
˃You also check yourself out in the mirror as you do so
˃The thick veins of your forearm bulge against your skin, proof that your pump is insane today
˃Not that you could really see your muscles with real definition, anyways
˃Because of your lifting goals, you completely embraced the stereotypical strongman aesthetic
˃Bloatlord would be proud of your commitment to the permabulk
˃Out of the corner of your eye you can see the vixen looking over your form in the mirror
˃Your heart skips a beat at first, but then you notice she has a scowl on her face, and she soon turns back to continue her lifts
˃Damn, she probably thinks you’re just fat
˃Sure you have a veritable shit ton of muscle, but it’s placed nicely under a good layer of extra cushioning
˃These 6000 calories a day have to go somewhere, you know
˃You feel oddly deflated as you return to your station and prepare to do some barbell bench presses
˃Why do you care so much about the opinion of a stranger anyways?
˃You go through your warm up gauntlet easily enough once you place yourself in the right headspace
˃It starts with just the bar, moves up to 135, then 225, then 315
˃After your set of 315 you sit back up of the bench and take a breather
˃Again, out of the corner of your eye you spot the vixen still watching you, but now from a squat rack
˃Her face is at least neutral now, an improvement from before
˃…Was she actually ‘mirin you?
˃You kinda hope so
˃Being hopelessly single, any positive female attention was much enjoyed
˃And hell, if a cute lady like her liked what she saw, then maybe there was hope for you after all!
˃With renewed vigor, you load 405 on the bar and steel yourself for the real workout to begin
˃You psych yourself up for a minute before you set yourself up under the weight, and as you set your grip on the bar a figure appears just above your line of sight
˃Craning your head back, you’re shocked to see the vixen of your observations standing just behind the head of the bench
˃What the fuck?
˃“Hey man, need a spot?” she asks in a gruff yet feminine voice
“Oh, uh, sure!” you belt out perhaps a bit too enthusiastically
˃The rack has safeties, but it couldn’t hurt to have some extra help just in case
˃She stands tall, toned arms prepared as you unrack the bar and proceed to lift
˃You slowly lower the bar to your chest, pausing briefly before pushing it back up quickly and repeating the motion
˃Oddly, with her presence you find yourself able to dig deeper and crank out 8 reps of 405, something you’ve never done before
˃After re-racking you lay back and relax, glancing at your spotter before sitting up
˃From this angle, her modest breasts stick out slightly from her chest, obscuring her snout slightly as she looks down at you
˃You avert your eyes and feel another twinge in your dick
˃I said down, boy!
˃You sit up on the bench and turn to thank your spotter, but she speaks before you can
˃“Shit, bro, you’re fucking jacked. Where’d you learn to lift like that?” she asks with a hint of disbelief
˃You don’t detect an ounce of sarcasm as she looks genuinely impressed at your lifting ability
“Self taught,” you reply with an awkward smile. “But plenty of tutorial videos helped over the years though.”
˃“Nice,” she says with raised eyebrows and wide eyes, nodding at you
˃Her emotions then rapidly switch as she looks down to the ground, and her voice becomes more reserved when she speaks
˃“Hey, uh, sorry to just jump in there like that, by the way.” She tilts her head to the right. “Those guys over there were bothering me and well…”
˃You look over to where she indicated, and sure enough, a group of 3 dudes were standing around the rack she previously occupied, eyeing her carefully
“Oh, not a problem,” you say sympathetically. “Umh, feel free to stay as long as you need.”
˃Not that you wouldn’t enjoy her company for a longer time, but you don’t want to come off as creepy like the guys she just avoided
˃“Thanks,” she says with a signature canine smile. “I told them I was here with you, so I might have to bother you for a while”
˃Internally you fist pump
“That’s fine,” you say, trying to keep your calm outward demeanor.
˃You then continue your workout with her presence
˃You stay seated on the bench as she graciously loads up 425 and you manage to get four reps
˃At 445 you grind out two
˃And finally at 455 you only get one hard-earned rep
˃That’s still a PB, and the fox girl seems impressed with your effort
˃“Nice shit, dude,” she says as she gives you a hand up from the bench
˃As you stand to your full height she lets out a low whistle
˃“I thought you were just big, but you’re huge, man. What’s your measurements?”
“Oh, yeah. I’m about 6’6 and 360-ish,” you reply with a shrug and a smile. “I only weigh in every once in a while, though, so that last figure may be off a bit.”
˃You then pat your belly with a chuckle and she laughs as well
˃She looks back to the squat rack and sees that her harassers have given up and left
˃But she pays no mind to that and returns to the conversation
˃“You’re like, over three times my weight. I feel like a shrimp next to you”
“Nah!” you say with a wave of your hand. “I saw you deadlifting 225. No shrimp could do that”
˃You mentally facepalm at your slip up
˃She just complained about gym bros harassing her, and here you were admitting to mildly creeping
˃Her black-tipped ears fold flat along the side of her hat. “You were watching me?” she mumbles quietly
˃You wave your hands apologetically and attempt damage control
“I just saw you lift. I wasn’t creeping, I promise. Your lifts are impressive”
˃She cringes and catches herself. “No, no. I know you weren’t, I’m sorry. It’s just,” she huffs. “I had…issues at my last gym because of the constant harassment. I like this one so far, and I don’t want it to go the same as before.”
“Oh…” you mumble thoughtlessly before formulating an actual reply. “Hey, uh, I’m sorry you had to go through that. You won't have to worry about any of that from me. I swear.”
˃Her ears perk out to the sides of her hat. “Yeah, it’s all good. And thanks, you seem like a cool enough guy.”
˃She then offers her hand to you. “I’m Primrose, by the way, but my friends call me Prim, or Rose. Original, I know.”
˃You take her offered hand into your own large, calloused hand that engulfs hers.
“Anon,” you say to her
˃“Anon,” she repeats as you both retract your hands. “I like it”
˃With the coast clear, Primrose says goodbye and returns to her squat rack to continue her workout
˃You proceed with yours as well, happy with the outcome of your encounter
˃Still, you find yourself stealing occasional glances at the girl subconsciously
˃She’s a damn good lifter
˃Her form is perfect, and for someone her size she lifts an impressive amount of weight
˃You could probably learn a lot from her
˃Despite having lifted for more than a decade, you still find yourself learning new things all the time
˃The science of strength development is always evolving, with new research showing how the body adapts and reacts to different regiments
˃It couldn’t hurt to learn more with someone else along the way
˃But would she want to?
˃You’ve never had a gym buddy before, any you don’t really know how that would work with someone who maybe lifted a third of what you could
˃Oh well
˃You resign yourself to finish your workout and not worry about it
˃Once you’re done for the night you load tiredly up your gym bag and prepare to head out
˃You look over one last time to Primrose, and she gives you a wave goodbye
˃You return it and leave the gym, heart beating a little bit faster than normal

˃Over the next few weeks you see Primrose at the gym continuously
˃From observation it looks like she has the same late workday afternoon lifting schedule as you do
˃You try and keep an eye out for her, given what happened the other day and what she told you about creeps approaching her
˃Sure enough, every once in a while, some dude will come up to her and try to make a move
˃She always looks so uncomfortable when that happens
˃And angry, boy can she get angry
˃She can send some of the more persistent ones crying for mommy once she’s done berating them
˃If she couldn’t shake someone alone, she’d come to you as backup, and you were always happy to oblige her request for company
˃One Monday, yet another of such events happens, and you really start to wonder if most girls go through the same shit at the gym
˃You just never noticed it before being a male, single, and sometimes a bit too focused on your lifting than the plights of strangers
˃Primrose thankfully opened your eyes to this shitshow
˃So, right now you are both working in sets of curls on the machine while waiting for yet another potential suitor to fuck off
˃You are pumping iron into oblivion
˃The presence of a cute girl makes you dig a bit deeper than you thought possible
˃This is some RPE 11 type shit
˃Finishing your set with a grunt, you stand up and shake out your arms that feel like they’ve been dipped in lava
˃Primrose nods with approval as a smile grows on her muzzle
˃“Good work grinding out that last rep,” she tells you with mild admiration
”Thanks, I try sometimes,” you reply jokingly with a similar smile
˃“I can tell, big guy,” she says with an equally joking tone and a roll of her eyes
˃Her voice then shifts to a more serious one, and she steps closer to you with her arms crossed
˃“Thanks again for watching out for me”
”Yeah, no problem,” you say, shying away from the praise. “I just wish I could stop people from bothering you so much”
˃“Well…” she says, trailing off slightly. “I did have an idea on how to stop that”
”You do?”
˃“Yeah,” she says with a hint of excitement. “We just need to work out together all the time. You know, lifting partners”
˃You are awestruck to say the least
˃She wanted to be your gym partner?
˃Hell yes!
“S-Sure,” you squeak out. “You want to keep our usual times?”
˃“Yep,” she says before pulling out her phone as tossing it to you. “Here, give me your number”
˃Now you are straight flabbergasted as you catch the device
˃You look at her phone like it’s a dirty bomb about to explode
˃A living, breathing female wants your number!
˃Suck it Jeremy, that fucker said you’d never get a girls number
˃You feverishly type in your digits in before giving the phone back to her, and moments later you feel your own phone vibrate in your pocket
˃You pull the device from your shorts and see a text from an unknown number
˃It reads “Primrose” and is accompanied by a smiley face emoji
˃On her contact page, you put in “Prim” as her contact name, thinking back to when she told you her nicknames
˃You quickly input the rest of the needed information in your phone and throw a smile at her
“Got it!”
˃“Sweet, man. We can get started for real tomorrow,” she looks over to her station to find it now empty. “Well, it looks like that guy gave up, so I’ll go finish my sets.”
˃She fist bumps you on the arm and turns to leave
˃Her bushy white and slightly orange tail swishes back and forth as she walks away, her strong hips swaying as well with every step
˃What god did you please to deserve whatever the fuck just happened?
˃You’ll never know, but the thought of getting to work out with Primrose filled you with a feeling you can’t quite describe
˃You finish your workout with heightened intensity, and as you prepare to leave, you wave to Primrose who was now back at her bench
˃She gives you a happy wave back

˃With a jiggle and a push your front door opens and you tread inside
˃Holy shit you are starving
˃You check the fridge, grab one of your meal-prep containers, and pop it in the microwave, staring at the bland meal as it rotates around the inside of the appliance
˃After eating your monotonous meal of chicken, rice, and veggies you check your work email and resign to go to bed early
˃As you lay down you find yourself staring at the message Prim sent you earlier
˃Should you text her back?
˃Or was it too soon?
˃Fuck, your social autism is kicking your ass right now
˃Playing it safe, you don’t text her, and instead shitpost on your favorite Bedouin poetry forum until you fall asleep
˃The next morning you wake as normal, feeling a bit sore but energized
˃Hours crawl by as you get your monotonous work done for the day
˃You’re a programmer for a large communications company, completely remote
˃Working from home had its benefits, mostly being that you can get your shit done early and push it to git
˃After that, violà, you are done for the day, meaning it's time to waste time on the internet
˃Before you know it, it’s nearing time to hit the gym
˃You down you usual concoction of pre-workout magic and warm up before dressing yourself in your usual gym attire
˃White t-shirt, black shorts, and your trusty gym sneakers
˃Lookin’ good
˃You hop in your car and make the short drive to the gym
˃As you exit your ride you spot your new gym partner also walking up to the gym
˃Today Prim’s wearing a matching black and white sports bra and leggings with some snazzy off-white shoes designed for paws
˃Also, she doesn’t have her typical hat on today, giving you a good view of her slightly messy hair that barely reached her neck and black-tipped ears that now stood straight up, uninhibited
˃She looked as cute as every previous day, of course, but you’d never say that out loud
˃Upon spotting you she smiles and waves as you meet up with her
“Heya!” you call out, returning her wave
˃“Sup Anon,” she says happily. “Are you ready for today?”
“I think so,” you reply. “I’m ready to see what you have in store for me.”
˃“More like what you have in store for me. What are you working today?”
“Shoulders and arms,” you tell her, thankful for her willingness to change her routine. “Usually I do kettlebell stuff. After that I’ll hit biceps, triceps, and forearms.”
˃“Sweet, sounds fun,” she says as her tail swishes fervently
˃As you approach the holy Iron Mecca you open the glass door for Prim and usher her inside
˃“Such a gentleman,” she says jokingly, covering her snout with a black-furred hand
˃The tip of her bushy tail slightly brushes along the underside of your jaw as she passes
˃It tickles, but in a good way
˃You feel your face violently flush as you silently follow her in
˃Damn fox acting all…foxily
˃After the two of you scan your badges you beeline for the kettlebell area with Primrose in tow
˃The area was mostly vacant, with only a few gymgoers handling the bells
˃Sadly, few people know about the greatness that was the kettlebell
˃Their versatility was amazing, and the strength gains they’ve given you over the years was something you came to love about them, especially in the scope of strongman
˃Prim approaches the rack and picks up a 12kg bell, testing the weight in her hand
˃“I’ve never actually used kettlebells before,” she muses. “My old gym didn’t have them. Mind showing me the ropes?”
“Sure,” you reply happily, glad that you are able to show someone the wonders of the kettlebell
˃You pick up a 32kg bell and set it on the ground in front of you before explaining and showing her the basic kettlebell movements in depth
˃The clean, the swing, and the press comprise your lesson
˃Those were the only ones that needed real explaining, as they required unique movements with the kettlebell
˃She caught on well, and soon she was hitting presses with the 18kg bell for reps
˃The sight of her muscles flexing and straining underneath her fur was attention-grabbing, but you forced yourself to focus on being a good coach
˃You had to slightly tweak her form a few times, but she quickly came to understand why things needed to be done a certain way, such as wrist and shoulder positioning
˃After finishing her set she looks to you expectantly, chirping, “Your turn!” as she sets the bell down and waits for you to begin
˃You grab the 48kg bell by the handle and clean it to the rack position easily enough
˃Then, you military press the bell for a set of 10 before switching arms and repeating the feat
˃With a thud you set the bell down and look to the petite vixen, sweat beads pooling on your forehead
“Form check?” you ask Prim as you shake the lactic acid from your arms
˃“Looks good to me, bro,” she replies before poking your shoulder with a clawed finger. “Flex your arm for me.”
˃You hesitantly lift the sleeve of your shirt and do as she asks
˃She pokes and prods around your arm, getting a feel for the muscles underneath the flab
˃“Your development is excellent, obviously, but you need to work on your stabilizer muscles. Just something I’ve been noticing. While we’re here I’ll show you one that uses kettlebells.”
“Oh, alright,” you reply with intrigue
˃To hear the girl that had never used a kettlebell before knew a good workout not in your repertoire was…interesting
˃She takes a 12kg bell and demonstrates the exercise to you
˃“So, it’s a kettlebell press, but you hold the bell upside down, like this.”
˃She holds the bell by the handle, but instead of the large metal body hanging underneath her hand, it’s being balanced above it unsteadily
˃She presses the bell, and you can see the weight wiggle as she works to keep it steady
˃Oh yeah, this will definitely help work the stabilizer muscles
˃You attempt the exercise with the 32kg bell, but find yourself unable to complete the lift
˃Thankfully you complete it with the 28kg bell, albeit for only 3 reps
˃Prim watches you struggle and stifles a giggle with her hand
˃“Not so easy, is it?” she asks slyly
“No, it’s not,” you grumble out in concentration. “How’d you know about this? Are you a trainer?”
˃“I used to be,” she says. “Before I got my current job.”
“And that is?”
˃She huffs and averts her gaze off to the side. “I’m a law clerk with the court of appeals downtown.”
˃You nearly drop the kettlebell at her words, but a quick breath allows you to compose yourself and reel in your spaghetti
˃That answer was honestly near the bottom of your list of “Prim’s Expected Professions.”
“Cool,” you finally say as you set the bell back down on the ground, trying to keep your cool. “So, you went to law school and everything?”
˃Yea—wait. No snarky comments? No, “How could a girl like you get through law school?””
“No?” you reply, slightly confused. “I mean, I had you pegged as a personal trainer, but law clerk is neat too”
˃She picks up her bell and works on another set. “You’re one of the only people I’ve met in a gym that’s not made some snarky or rude comment about my profession. They see someone like me and think I must be all muscle and no brain”
˃Wow, that’s…really sad to hear
˃This, plus the harassment she’s dealt with? It all makes you question the gym culture that you’ve been a part of for all these years
“Sorry,” you tell her. “I know some gym goers can be real assholes.”
˃She gives a weak smile. “You don’t have to apologize for the actions of others, Anon, but I do appreciate it.”
˃You give her a smile of your own as the two of you continue with the workout
˃After your kettlebell gauntlets are finished with you both move to arms
˃Tricep extensions, curls, skullcrushers, and lat raises are just a few of the lifts you both rally through
˃Turns out Prim is a damn good coach
˃She helps your form, and instantly you could feel your muscles activate in ways you never felt before
˃Time flies, and soon you see that nearly 2 hours have passed since arriving
˃The two of you are exhausted
˃You’re drenched in sweat, and Prim is panting with her mouth open and tongue lolling about
˃But before you two call it quits for the day, you take some time to show her the strongman section of the gym that she hadn’t studied yet
˃This is where you feel most at home
˃A gym with a dedicated section for strongman was uncommon, but with the monthly fee you paid to go here, you figured they better have as much equipment as possible
˃They had almost everything you needed
˃Atlas stones, axels, yokes, sleds, and more adorne the open area
˃No lifts here today, but you still tell her about the equipment she was curious about
˃Now finally done for the day, you give each other tired goodbyes before departing
˃That night you get a text from Prim
˃“Good work today, big man!” It reads, followed by a flexing bicep emoji
˃You feel your heart flutter before typing out your reply
“Thanks!” you write back, “You did great today too. Your coaching helped a ton!”
˃You add a gif of Ronnie Coleman yelling “lightweight baby!” as he deadlifts an obscene amount of weight
˃That night you fall asleep with a smile on your face

˃The rest of that week and most of the next you and Prim continue with your new normal
˃You two continue with your routines, working out relentlessly to the point of exhaustion every weekday
˃You’re both are in symbiosis when it comes to your tandem workouts
˃She has the finesse and control while you have raw power
˃You get the company of a cute girl, and she gets permanent protection from the gym creeps
˃Harmonious, as everything should be
˃Before you know it, Friday is here, and you are dying to get some rest in this weekend
˃Prim, however, was making you earn that much needed downtime
˃Today you two are deadlifting, and she is pushing you straight to the brink
˃You absolutely love it
˃“COME ON, PULL!! PULL!! GET IT!!” she yells, clapping as you begin your lift
˃Your knees tremble like leaves, the straps dig deeply into your wrists, and the burning in your muscles screams for you to stop as the weight moves higher and higher off the ground
˃But you don’t stop, you can’t
˃The next seconds of struggle feel like a lifetime, but finally you lock out and the euphoria hits, the grin on your face a mile wide
˃“Down!” she signals, a proud smile on her face as well
˃You immediately lower the weight in a controlled manner, but the large amount of weight still thuds loudly against the padded floor
˃You release your straps and put your hands on your hips to recover, sucking in large amounts of air
˃Looking up, you give a silent prayer of thanks to the lifting gods themselves
˃Prim lets out a low whistle. “705. Didn’t think you had it in ya.”
˃You feign offense by grabbing your chest and gasping
“Your words wound me,” you say in mock pain, still out of breath
˃She scoffs at the display. “Yeah, yeah. Don’t let it get to your head, big guy. Besides, It’s my turn now.”
˃She walks over to her bar and stares at it with absolute determination, looking to will it into submission
˃265 is loaded on, a personal best for her if she gets it
˃You stand in front of the station, acting as her hype man as she prepares herself
˃At least you try to be
˃You’re not very good at it though, your quiet nature means you want to, well, be quiet
˃While you may not be as loud as she was during your lift, you still give her the best words of encouragement you can muster
˃She sets her straps and begins to pull once ready
˃Her knees knock minimally at the start, but other than that she pulls the weight smoothly, making it look almost effortless towards the end
˃After she locks out, you give her the drop signal, and immediately she is giddy
˃She throws her belt off and hops in place several times, pumping her fists in the air with a cry of triumph
˃In the throes of victory, she grabs you in a bear hug, her arms not even able to reach around your thick torso
˃Your face immediately turns beet red at the feeling of her warm body pressed against yours
˃“Fuck yes! I did it!” she yells into your stomach. “For fucking months I’ve tried to hit 265! Haha!”
“C-Congrats,” you sputter out. “You made that look easy.”
˃She releases her grip on you and looks up towards your face, quickly noticing your discomfort
˃“Oh, sorry. You good, man? You look a little red.”
˃Her mouth forms a small “o” as the realization hits
˃“Ah, I see,” she says quietly as she leans in closer, her voice taking a sultry tone. “Surprised at having a girl so close are you?”
˃Your brain is short circuiting
“I…you…no…we,” you mumble as your eyes dart around in panic
˃She giggles and smacks you on the arm. “Im just fuckin’ with you, man. You’re easy to tease.”
˃Your face gets even redder and you shy away
˃She laughs again before speaking normally
˃“I don’t want to embarrass you any more, big man, but, since we’re both out here slaying PR’s, would you like to, say, get some coffee tomorrow to celebrate? My treat.”
˃I-Is she asking you on a date?
“Sure,” you force out. “Just, uh, give me the time and place.”
˃“Let’s say, 9, and do you know that place on Elkhorn? Over by the outdoors shop?”
˃You nod your head in affirmation; you’ve never been a coffee guy, but they do have some killer doughnuts
˃“Cool, see ya tomorrow then, big guy!”
˃As you both depart the gym your head is swimming with thoughts about tomorrow
˃The more you think about it, the more it doesn’t seem like a date really
˃You mean, it’s just a coffee between acquaintances to celebrate your achievements, right?
˃Even if it wouldn’t be a true date, that didn’t mean you won't enjoy yourself, however
˃Shit, maybe you needed some help to decode all of this
˃After getting home you pull up your group chat with some friends and type out your message
“Hey guys, I need some advice.”
˃Within a few minutes you get some replies
˃“Sup?” asks Michael, your old college roommate
˃“Yeah man, whatcha need?” asks Alex, one of your coworkers
˃“Did you call the lunch lady “mom” again?” writes Stephen, your childhood friend
“Fuck you, Stephen,” you write with a laughing emoji. “That was what, 20 years ago?”
˃You continue writing
“So I just met this girl at the gym, and we became lifting buddies. Recently we both hit some good pr’s, and she asked if I wanted to get coffee with her. Is this a date? Or am I overthinking this?”
˃“No way,” Michael writes. “You? With a girl?”
˃You laugh at his words as the other messages come in
˃“Congrats, Anon!” says Alex. “This doesn’t seem like a real date, but if it goes well, who knows what might come next?”
˃“Is she cute?” asks Stephen
“Hell yeah,” you reply. “She’s really pretty, fit as hell, super strong too.”
˃“Human?” Michael asks
“Nope, vixen.”
˃Michael replies with a shocked emoji followed with “Good luck” and a sly-looking emoji
˃You don’t really know what he means by that, but you guess he has a reason, he’s a fox too after all
˃You exchange some other miscellaneous messages with the guys before heading to bed
˃Gotta get your rest for tomorrow!

˃Beep Beep
˃You lazily swipe at your phone, hoping to silence the alarm devil blaring in your ear
˃Why are you waking up so early?
˃Oh yeah, coffee with Prim
˃You get up easily enough, now somewhat energized and ready to go
˃After showering you begin to choose your wardrobe for the meeting
˃Nothing fancy, right? It’s just a coffee shop
˃With the nippiness of fall here, you dress warmer but still nice
˃A flannel shirt and thin jacket go on your top, and a pair of dark jeans fill out your bottom half
˃You give yourself finger guns in the mirror, happy with your socially acceptable appearance
˃Finally, you put on some winter boots and grab your things before heading out to your car
˃The drive was short, with the coffee shop located just a few minutes from the gym that’s already close to your house
˃As you arrive at the small brick and mortar establishment, you see through the large glass windows that it’s not too busy inside
˃At least for a Saturday morning, it isn’t
˃You enter the storefront and notice the “Seat Yourself” sign placed on a stand by the door, so you locate a clean and empty table for two and approach it
˃The small wooden chair groans in protest as you sit, but it stands tall
˃You check the time on your phone
˃8:52, nice and early
˃An older black cat anthro dressed in a patterned blue apron approaches your table and sets a menu down in front of you
˃“Anything I can start you off with dear?” she asks
“Just some water right now, please,” you request kindly. “Oh, and could I get another menu? I’m expecting someone.”
˃She sets another laminated plastic menu at the spot across from you
˃“Morning date, sweetie?” she asks with a knowing grin
˃Your cheeks flush
“Ah, I mean, not really. We’re just friends…”
˃She smiles widely, her pearl-white teeth contrasting with her black fur and yellow eyes
˃“I understand, honey. I remember when I was your age. Oh to be young again…”
˃The waitress meanders off to wait on the other customers, and you return to your menu in wait with an embarrassed look still on your face
˃You’re not a coffee guy, so you try to find something simple that won’t be too strong on your palate
˃...How the hell are there so many types of coffee?
˃It’s just bean water!
˃As you scour and search, you find yourself looking up every time the bell on the door chimes, hoping to see Prim
˃No luck the first few times, but on the fifth or sixth, you finally catch sight of the fox girl
˃Your size makes you stand out, and so does the fact that you’re the only human here, so she spots you right away and beelines towards you
˃She’s wearing a white and black striped sweater with a brown jacket and skinny jeans
˃Her hair is made up nicely, parted to the left and resting along the side of her head
˃As you usually think when you see her, she looks cute as hell
˃Once she sits the waitress returns with your water and speaks to you both
˃“I’ll give you two some time to look over the menu”
˃“Actually,” Prim interjects, “I already know what I want. Have you looked over the menu, Anon?”
˃You nod. “Yep, I’m ready as well”
˃“Alright then,” coos the waitress as she readies her order pad
˃Prim goes first. “I’ll have a caramel macchiato and a bacon soufflé, please.”
˃The waitress turns to you
“I’ll have the vanilla latte,” you request, choosing something that will hopefully be non-offensive to your tastebuds. “Also I’ll have a bacon soufflé as well, and add a maple doughnut please.”
˃The waitress finishes writing down your orders and says she’ll be back with your food in a bit
˃You and Prim chat for a while about your plans for the day
˃She’s going grocery shopping later, so you talk about your favorite places to shop until the food comes
˃She hits up the farmer’s market often
˃Truly patrician taste
˃You discuss your favorite vendors and goods you get from the market, raving about the different vegetables and meats they offer
˃As you’re deep in conversation the waitress arrives with the food, and it all looks delicious
˃Both your hearty soufflés are decently sized and cooked to perfection, with bits of crispy bacon sticking out from the top
˃Your latte isn’t half bad as well, but it's also more milk and cream than actual coffee
˃The two of you continue your random conversations between bites of food
˃You talk first about your schooling
˃Turns out she went to Brackstone for college, here in town
˃You went to Greenberg on the other side of town, and the two are vicious rivals in every aspect
˃You poke some fun at each other’s sports teams, both vowing that your respective alma maters will kick each others ass this year
˃You know their basketball team has no shot of beating Greenberg, but you also know your football team has no chance at beating Brackstone either
˃But it’s all in good fun
˃Both of you then chat some more about whatever topics your conversations lead you
˃Soon you’re telling her about your job and what duties you’re tasked with
˃As you glance up to her from your food, you notice her looking at you with a deep-seated gaze
˃Her head rests in her palms, propped up on her elbows that sit on the table behind her plate
˃She stares directly into your eyes as you tell her about your work, seemingly enraptured at what you have to say
˃You can feel your stomach doing flips as she watches you, but you somehow manage to keep your cool as you finish and turn the question over to her
˃In turn she tells you about her work as a law clerk
˃She says it’s not the most glamorous of jobs, but you still find it interesting
˃She gets to help decide how the law of the land gets interpreted, and that’s pretty cool to you
˃Lazily, she twirls a bit of her short hair in her fingers, still observing you with a smile
˃You notice a clock on the wall, and are surprised to see that it was already 10:30
˃The two of you were long done with your food, and the waitress had already taken your empty plates and cups
˃She soon returned with the bill, setting it down in the middle of the table
˃Both yours and Prim’s hand reach out to grab it, but she snaps her fingers at you before you can take it
˃“Eh-eh-eh, stop it big guy. This is my treat for the both of us.”
˃You relent and retract your hand
“Alright, but I got the next one,” you say to her
˃You don’t even have a chance register what you just blurted out before she responds with a devious grin on her face
˃“Oh, next time? You’re confident, big guy. I like that.”
˃Never have you known exactly why your cheeks like to display your emotions so vividly
˃You look away in embarrassment
˃“Ha! You’re so easy to tease,” she says in her husky voice. “So, have an idea of where’d you want to take me?”
˃Shit, you didn’t think you’d get this far, but an upcoming event gave you a perfect idea
“W-well, next Saturday is the big football game. I was thinking we could go to Jack’s and watch it maybe?” You ask her, heart racing
˃Jack’s is a sports bar, a good place to watch any type of sporting event
˃Their food was good too, so that’s a plus
˃“The Brackstone/Greenberg game, eh?” she mumbles
˃Looking at Prim, she has a mien of concentration on her face as the thinks
˃Her ears shoot straight up and she beams a smile before saying “Alright, that sounds fun. I’m in!”
˃Thank God
˃You want to clutch your chest in relief, but that would be too weird, even for you
˃So, instead, you unleash on her a smile that probably exuded similar amounts of relief
˃You retract your grin and continue to make your plans with her
“The game’s at 7:30, so we could meet around 7, unless you want me to pick you up?” you ask
˃Holy shit, where’s this all coming from
˃Normally you wouldn’t be this forward, but something about Prim has you acting different
˃“You can pick me up, if that’s fine,” she says with a shrug. “I’ll text you my address later.”
˃“It’s a date then,” she says
˃You fight to contain your excitement
˃An actual date!
˃The two of you stand, bill now paid and tip left on the table
˃You lead Prim outside into the brisk air on excited legs, and you are suddenly reminded that it is, in fact, October as you’re hit with a chill
˃You wave goodbye and tell her that you’ll see her Monday, and she returns the gesture as she hops into a swanky SUV before driving off
˃As you drive home you are on cloud 9

˃“How’d it go?” asks Alex
˃“Did you fuck?” asks Stephen
˃Screw you Stephen
˃You type out your reply in the group chat
“It went great guys, she even wants to go on an actual date next weekend!”
˃You’re so ecstatic you barely pay any attention to their congratulations
˃All you can think about now is Prim and your upcoming date
˃First, though, you needed to get through this week, but you don’t feel like that will be a problem
˃Sure enough, the days fly by
˃Between your easy work and gym sessions with Prim, time practically glided
˃At the gym you cycle through your routines, but Prim is tweaking them to help better you both
˃Sometimes that means new exercises, and sometimes it means variations of current ones
˃The variety is a shock to your muscles, but it does help with your strength, you think
˃Now it’s Friday, and you are ready to get the last workout of the week in
˃You meet Prim inside, who texted and told you that today was bodyweight training day
˃You are excited (and slightly scared) to see what she has planned
˃The section of gym she was in looks almost like a kids playground
˃There are parallel bars, rungs, monkey bars, pull-up stations, and even several ropes hanging from the ceiling
˃You never really paid much attention to this area of the gym because, strongman, duh
˃But you’d be remiss if you said this wasn’t impressive
˃You spot Prim, who is currently doing what looks like a gymnastics routine on the parallel bars
˃She’s holding herself in a plank position on one bar, straining in concentration as she holds the difficult orientation
˃She moves into a handstand-like stance and does some form of push-up next
˃Holy shit, that’s some serious upper-body and core strength she has
˃After finishing her set, she walks over to you and waves
˃“Heya, Anon, ready for today?”
˃You point to the parallel bars where she just was
“If you want me to do what you just did, well, I don’t think that’s possible for a man my size,” you joke
˃She smiles. “Maybe one day, but nah. To start off I want you to try and climb that,” she says, pointing to one of the thick ropes hanging from the ceiling
˃You try and remember how you’re supposed to even climb one
”I don’t know about this, Prim, seems dangerous…” you say nervously
˃Her upper “lip” crinkles and she rolls her eyes at you
˃“Don’t be a pussy, at least try it, watch.” She grabs the rope and wraps her legs around to grip the rope as she climbs a few feet before coming down. “See if you can do that.”
“Okay,” you say with a hint of fear in your voice. “But if I fall you’re paying my hospital bill.”
˃She laughs and lightly smacks your back. “You can do it, big guy.”
˃You approach the rope and grab onto it firmly
˃With a heave, you pull yourself up and wrap your legs around the rope as Prim did, and you’re surprised to find yourself fairly steady
˃Slowly, you inch your way up the rope, hauling yourself to about half way before your hands say “no more”
˃You make your way down and shake your fiery hands once you reach the mat below
˃Prim looks at you with an air of approval
˃“Not bad,” she says. “I think with some more work I’ll have you reaching the top in no time.”
“You think so?” you ask. “It’s hard pulling all this up”
You accentuate your words with a poke of your belly
˃She grins. “Well maybe if you lost some of that it would be easier.”
“B-but my gains…” you whimper sadly at the thought of losing your well-earned size
˃“Come on, Anon, we talked about your diet,” she says with a pout. “If you just switched up your macros a bit and dropped like, 500 calories you’d keep your muscle but trim some of the fat.”
˃Prim’s been getting on you about your diet recently
˃She has no problem with most of your calories, but she says that more protein and less carbs + fat would help you along with your muscle gain
˃You agree with her, but sadly that would mean giving up on a lot of foods you love
˃And doing actual cardio
˃You shudder at the thought
˃However horrendous the idea is, she still convinced (forced) you to join her on the treadmill for at least a few minutes a day
˃She says it’s a start, but, you’ll see where that goes
˃The rest of today's workout is pretty brutal
˃Who knew that you could get such a good workout using only your bodyweight
˃Pull-ups, dips, lunges, squats, everything contributed to your tiredness
˃As you finish your final set of crunches, Prim offers you a hand up
˃You gratefully accept, and she helps haul you to your feet
“Thanks,” you say as you dust yourself off
˃“Not a problem my man,” she says happily. “How’d you like the workout?”
“I liked it,” you answer honestly. “It hit me in ways I wasn’t expecting.”
˃“That’s what I like to hear!” she says excitedly as her tail thrashes around. “We can work some of this into our normal routine, if you’d like.”
˃You nod your head
“Sounds good.”
˃“Also, about Saturday…” she starts
˃Oh no
˃She’s canceling on you, isn’t she?
˃Fuck, you should have seen this coming, y-
˃“Pick me up at 6:30?” she asks meekly
˃Oh, she wasn’t canceling on you…
“I’ll be there. I got your address and everything,” you tell her, happy and relieved
˃She gives you a hug on your sweat-drenched body
˃“See ya then, big man”
˃She turns and leaves, but you can feel her tail drag along your leg as she moves away
˃W-was that on purpose?
˃At the door she turns back and gives a wave before exiting
˃If you were to die right here, you’d be the happiest man on Earth
˃Shit, does Prim actually really like you?
˃You've only known her for a little while, sure, but spending over 2 hours with her almost every day was plenty of time to get to truly know her
˃She teased you a lot, as well, is that considered flirting?
˃You didn’t really know, but with her now liking to touch and feel you up, your brain can’t help but conclude that she is, in fact, flirting with you
˃A date, flirting, touching
˃Holy shit
˃Your stomach feels like it’s in your throat
˃Is this what it felt like to truly like someone?
˃You don’t know, you’ve never felt this way before, but dammit if you wouldn’t soon find out for sure
˃You have a date to prepare for, after all

˃A day later you find yourself dressing for said date with Prim
˃Deciding on a casual, but not too casual look, you go with a nice “Greenberg” t-shirt, a canvas jacket, and some jeans
˃It’s a sports bar, not a church, you tell yourself
˃At 6:15 you leave the house and follow the directions to Prim’s place on your phone
˃It’s a decent sized two bedroom ranch-style house situated in a small cul-de-sac
˃The outside is comprised of immaculate red brick, with white painted shutters and windows accenting the gray curtains covering the inside of the windows
˃An array of flowers flow along the front of the small front yard, adding vibrant palettes of color to the medium-sized plot
˃You pull into the blacktop driveway at 6:28 and glance at the Sun that’s already beginning to set, turning the sky brilliant shades of orange and purple
˃As soon as you put the car in park, you see Prim walk out of the front door and lock it behind her
˃Both of you wave as she walks down the porch steps and up to the passenger door of your trusty sedan
˃She’s wearing a “Brackstone” hoodie and ripped blue jeans that show off parts of her toned legs
˃You already know what you think of it
˃She looks up and flips you off once she sees your “Greenberg” t-shirt, causing you to chuckle as she opens the door and takes her seat
“Sup?” you ask as she buckles in
˃“Not much,” she answers, “just waiting to watch Brackstone kick some ass.”
“Well, prepare to be sorely disappointed, ma’am,” you retort as you back out of her driveway
“Nice place, by the way,” you add, looking over to her
˃“Thanks!” she says with a smile. “It's always been a dream of mine to own a home, and here it is.”
“Same,” you say. “I’ll have to show you my place sometime.”
˃Oh god she has that look on her face
˃What did you say wrong this time?
˃“Wow, Anon,” she says in a singsong voice. “Inviting me over to your house, before even the second date? How forward of you!”
˃By now you knew that was coming, but you still felt your face get flushed
˃You remain silent as she giggles at you
˃Did she say “second date?”
˃No fucking way
˃’So, she does consider our first outing a date…’ you ponder
˃…Hell yeah
˃She cranks up the radio and sings along to a rock song you don’t know
˃You find that her singing voice is actually quite nice, she hits the notes almost perfectly every time
˃Soon you arrive at the grungy sports bar and guide her inside
˃Tv screens and memorabilia for all kinds of sports teams line the walls of the crowded restaurant and bar
˃Initially you’re worried there may not be enough room for the two of you, but the avian hostess manages to get you a small booth
˃After sitting you both pour over the extensive menu and discuss what looks good
˃She chooses the roasted chicken, while you go for a sirloin steak
˃Prim also gets a draft beer, something you didn’t expect her to drink
“Beer?” you question, thinking that someone with her physique would avoid unnecessary alcohol
˃“What?” she asks, showing her black, furless palmpads to you like she was getting arrested. “I can live a little sometimes too, ya know?”
˃You snort at her answer and shake your head jokingly
˃Both of you turn to the TV and watch the kickoff
˃Brackstone gets the ball first, but goes three and out after their receiver dropped a pass on 3rd and short
˃They punt it to Greenberg’s 30 and Greenberg wastes no time getting into the red zone
˃Sadly for you, they have to kick a field goal on 4th and 6, but they make it, putting them up 3-0
“First blood has been drawn,” you say to your date like a cringy medieval knight. “The first of many points for Greenberg!”
˃Prim waves a hand dismissively at your antics. “Eh, they got lucky.”
˃Yeah, probably, Greenberg sucks this year
˃But you’d never admit that
˃Your food comes out as Brackstone got the ball back and was driving down the field
˃Before you’re able to tear into your steak, however, a cry of despair from Prim and others in the crowd pulls you back to the TV
˃Brackstone’s running back fumbled, and a Greenberg linebacker is running it back up the field!
“Go! Go!” you shout, hoping that your words will somehow propel him into the end zone
˃Sure enough, he dives forward for the score just as the Brackstone players began to tackle him
“Yes!” you and about half the crowd cheer out in excitement
˃Now it’s 10-0 Greenberg, and you suddenly feel as if this game is now somewhat winnable for your team
˃You and Prim return to your food intermittently, trying to get what you can in between plays
˃She has a whole chicken leg in her mouth when the same Brackstone running back that fumbled earlier breaks free on a second down, cascading down the field like a lightning bolt
˃“Mmgo!” she yells with the food still in her mouth, pointing towards the screen as her eyes dart back and forth between you and the TV
˃The Greenberg safety misreads the line and has no chance of catching the faster running back, and Brackstone scores their first points of the game
˃10-7, end of the first quarter
˃It’s been an exciting game so far, and you think Prim is enjoying it as well given her constant whooping and hollering
˃You both devoured your food, now solely focusing on the game at hand
˃Greenberg goes three and out to start the second quarter, but on the punt the Brackstone returner muffed the catch
˃Now Greenberg has the ball in the red zone again, and this time they capitalize on it
˃17-7 Greenberg
˃Prim’s face downturns at the sight
˃On the following drive Brackstone grinds out a long series, resulting in a punch-through touchdown on the 1 yard line
˃17-14, Halftime
˃As the bands play their halftime shows, some people begin to filter out of the bar, likely to return home or scout out another venue
˃Prim sees this and tugs on your jacket sleeve
˃“Hey, Anon, let’s go up to the bar. The TV up there is so much better.”
˃You agree, and the two of you walk up and take side-by-side stools at the bar counter
˃The bartender, an older German shepherd anthro in an old t-shirt and jeans, comes and sees if either of you want anything
˃You’re good, but Prim gets a Jack and Coke
˃She sips on the drink idly as the second half starts
˃Greenberg gets the ball but makes nothing of it and punts it away
˃Brackstone gets a field goal on their drive, so now it’s all tied up
˃Not much happens the rest of the third quarter
˃Both teams trade field goals, so now it’s tied 20-20 going into the fourth quarter
˃Prim’s finished off her second Jack and Coke, and now she’s visibly getting a bit tipsy
˃You’ve been keeping an eye on her, but thankfully her attention has been flowing between the game and you
˃At some point she places her hand on your thigh, keeping it there constantly as you both watch the game
˃It acts like a bellwether for her emotions
˃When she’s excited, she squeezes, when she’s sad, it flounders, and when she’s really happy, she rubs your thigh
˃You like that last bit a lot
˃As the fourth quarter starts you feel nature calling, so you excuse yourself and head to the mens room
˃Both urinals are occupied, so you step into a stall to take care of business
˃As you piss, you hear two boisterous individuals enter the bathroom
˃Normally you pay those types no mind, they’re a dime a dozen in a place like this
˃But their words catch your ear
˃“Dude, that fox chick out there, she’s hot as fuck.”
˃Ah shit, he’s talking about Prim for sure, you hadn’t seen any other foxes here
˃Another male voice sounds
˃“Yeah man, you gonna make a move?”
˃“Fuck yeah,” the first voice says. “I’ll have her dangling off me in no time.”
˃“What about that guy she’s with?”
˃“The human? Don’t care. I don’t see a ring and she hasn’t marked him. Free game for all I care”
˃The two of them laugh and chide some more as they finish and wash their hands
˃Well, it seems nature called at just the right time
˃You’ll have to keep an eye out for any interlopers to your date
˃You wait patiently for them to leave before quickly returning to your seat
˃There’s no sign of anyone near or approaching Prim at the bar, but you were keeping your head on a swivel as you know what’s to come
˃You cautiously look back to the game to see what you missed, but the score is still 20-20
˃Brackstone had the ball and was near the 50 now
˃As you half-watch the game, you eventually hear a voice nearby and feel Prim tap your leg with a claw
˃You look over and see her facing a wolf anthro that was talking to her
˃He stands maybe 6 foot 1, has gray fur with splotches of brown and black throughout
˃Well dressed too, with a black button-down shirt and slacks that looked a little too tight for him
˃A good looking dude
˃But that’s not what mattered
˃What mattered was that he was hitting on Prim right in front of you
˃Ah, he must have been the one you heard in the bathroom
˃You turn to face her when an idea pops in your mind
“Someone bothering you, honey?” you ask her with a nudge, paying no attention to the boisterous wolf
˃Even in her tipsy state, she still sees and plays along with your impromptu act
˃“Hmm, no, dear. It’s just some boy that thinks he’s slick,” she says as she waves dismissively
˃Now the wolf looks angrily at both you and her as he places his fuzzy arm on the bartop and leans into it
˃“What are you doing with a fucking skinnie, anyways? Nothing good about them,” he says in an angry and demeaning tone
˃That strikes a nerve
“No need to bring species into this. Now piss off,” you grumble at him
˃“Or what, ape? You gonna throw your shit at me?” he taunts
“Fuck you,” you growl and turn the stool around, primed to stand up, but Prim throws her arm out to stop you
˃“Look, dude, you don’t want to do this,” she says, giving him a warning glance
˃Her voice is surprisingly calm when she speaks, almost as if she knows for sure what the outcome will be
˃“No, I think I fucking do,” he growls back
˃He points a clawed finger at you. “How’d you like to settle this? Here and now.”
˃Seriously? One of these?
˃You know about these “domination fights” or whatever they’re called
˃Usually canines and some other species fight to prove superiority over one another
˃Of course it was almost always over women
˃Shit happened back in high school all the damn time, but less so in college
˃Being a human, these things usually don’t apply to you, but shit, if this asshole is giving you a free ticket to beat his hateful ass, you’ll happily oblige him
˃Prim retracts her arm with a protracted sigh, letting you stand to your full height
˃“Your funeral…” she says to the wolf with a shrug
˃As you stand you unconsciously puff out your chest and lats, like a cobra poised to strike at its prey
˃He looks up at you, and you can practically see the color draining from his fur
˃In his likely inebriated state, perhaps he thought you were smaller then he was, as most humans normally are
˃Sadly for him, you’re sober, stronger, and bigger—probably by a lot
˃Well, looks like the puppy bit off a bit more than he can chew
˃Before you can get a swing in, he backs away and panics aloud, voice now a few octaves higher
˃“Oh fuck this!” He yells as he scrambles away from you
˃You stand at the ready as he and his lizard buddy hastily throw some money down on the counter for their bill and high-tail it out of there
˃Now most eyes are on you, standing alone by the bar with rage absolutely pouring from your body
˃Your heart is pounding in your neck and head, you don’t know what just happened
˃It was as if a switch flicked inside you, and all you could see was red
˃Prim grabs your arm and tries to calm you down
˃“Anon? It’s fine now. Come on, sit down.”
˃Her voice is stern but soothing
˃It was like the alcohol had left her system in an instant
˃Reluctantly you sit back down on the barstool once you’re sure the coast is clear
˃The bartender walks over to you from behind the counter
˃“Hmph, you handled that well, buddy.” He gestures to the selection of liquor behind him. “Need a drink? It’s on me.”
˃You politely decline and offer it to Prim instead, who gets a whisky sour
“Sorry I ruined the fun,” you say dolefully, turning towards her
˃Her hand returns to your thigh as she matches your gaze
˃“Well, if anything, you made the night more interesting.”
˃She giggles at your befuddled look and takes a sip of her new drink.
˃As she sets the glass down she nods to the TV, and you check the score
˃41-20 Brackstone
“What the fuck?” you mumble aloud, completely forgetting about your near fight
˃You’re not paying attention for what, a few minutes, and your team is now getting wrecked?
˃Prim busts out into full-blown gekkering at your visible reaction
˃You put your hands in your head and grumble in despair
˃Prim pats you on the back. “It wasn’t too bad, Anon, just back to back pick-sixes!”
˃That’s even worse!
˃The gekkering continues
˃In the end, Brackstone runs out the clock in garbage time and takes home the W
˃Fuckers even covered the spread
˃Oh well, Prim is happy at least
˃Folks begin to meander out of the bar with the night’s main attraction having finished
˃The two of you tentatively decide to wrap the night up as well, so Prim hits the restroom while you handle the bill
˃The bartender runs your check and talks with you as he works
˃“You’re with the fox, right? Does she have a ride?”
“Yep, I’m it,” you answer
˃“Good,” he says as he nods his head. “Gotta make sure everyone gets home safely.”
˃He continues as he polishes some freshly-cleaned glassware
˃“That wolf from earlier? He’s a regular here. Always chatting up girls and making trouble, but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen him attempt to get violent with anyone. I’ll sit him down and have a talk with him. Can’t have him scare away good customers, right?”
˃You breathe a sigh of relief
˃You like this place, and would hate to have to avoid it because of one bad experience
“I appreciate it,” you tell him earnestly. “Sorry for almost starting a fight.”
˃“Wouldn’t be the first one,” he chuckles as he hands you the receipt. “Though something tells me it would have been a quick scuffle.”
˃You smile and hand him a good tip
˃He gives you a two-fingered salute before he turns to focus on the dishes
˃You return to your stool and wait for Prim
˃Soon you see her stumbling back over, clearly feeling the effects of all her drinks
˃She attempts to take her seat, but is having trouble with her balance to hop on the high stool
˃Yeah, she’s zooted
˃Instead of sitting her back down, you take her hand into yours and begin to lead her outside into the parking lot
˃“Ahhnooon,” she drunkenly complains. “I wanted one last driiink.”
“No can do, Prim,” you say, opening your car door. “You’ve had enough tonight, and you need to be ready for the gym on Monday, right? I can’t have my gym buddy still hungover during a workout!”
˃Your words seem to convince her inebriated mind and she takes her seat without complaint
˃The drive back is filled with her drunken singing, which you find hilarious
˃She’s like, a half a second too late on the lyrics, and her tone is all over the place
˃But she still sings with confidence, belting out the words like she was on Broadway
˃Her singing stops when you enter her driveway and she grabs your arm
˃“Help me inshide big man?” she asks, pointing to her front door
“Sure,” you say with a grunt, opening the drivers side door and standing into the cold night’s air
˃Once you open the passenger side door, Prim latches on to you, draping her arms around you
˃You help her up, and she stumbles alongside you to the front door
˃She fishes her keys out of her pocket and eventually gets her door unlocked
˃“Come on in Anon!” she says, showing off the inside of her house like a gameshow host
˃She flips on a light to illuminate the small living room inside
˃It’s decorated nicely, with gray couches and a glass coffee table in the center of the hardwood floor
˃A nice tv is hung on the wall in front of the couch, flanked on both sides by a couple of tall speakers
˃Pieces of art adorn the beige walls, all abstract pieces featuring shapes and odd-colored lines
˃There are even some potted plants around
˃You spot a fern, some succulents, and even some well-maintained, colorful flowers
˃Overall you really like the room, it fits her personality like a glove
˃She lets you ogle the room for a minute before poking you on the arm and grabbing your attention
˃“I had a great time tonight, big man,” she says in a surprisingly normal voice
˃She sounded almost completely sober now, even if you can still smell the alcohol on her breath
˃“We should do this again,” she states with a smile
“Y-yeah!” you say in surprise
˃You thought the little stunt pulled by that wolf earlier had ruined the night
˃But then again, she said earlier that it didn’t
˃Either way, thankfully you were wrong
˃With a devious look she puts her hands on your shoulders and pulls your body down to her level
˃At first you’re confused, but you let her do her thing
˃Prim quickly plants a chaste kiss on your cheek, her whiskers and fur tickling your skin delicately
˃Jolts of electricity course through your nerves as your stomach does flips, and your heart skips a beat as you try to rationalize what just happened
˃Prim kissed you, simple as
˃Well, the implications were anything but simple
˃Worrying about that comes later, so instead you focus on the lingering feeling left by the much-too-short kiss
˃She pulls her head back and stares into your eyes, her golden orbs boring deep into your soul
˃“Have a good night, big man,” she says to you softly. “I’ll see you on Monday.”
“Y-you too,” you croak out before clearing your throat. “Until then, Prim. Goodnight.”
˃She gives you a wave as you leave, and you wave back
˃You hear the thunk of her door closing behind you, and suddenly you feel like jumping for joy
˃Prim kissed you
˃Holy shit
˃She really did like you
˃You feel like a kid in a candy store as you drive home, eager to brag to your buddies about today's escapades

˃Be Prim
˃And you are breathless, your heart is absolutely pounding in your chest
˃You don’t really know why, it was just a peck on Anon’s cheek
˃But his smooth skin, his reaction, everything about it felt so right
˃You’ve never felt this way about a guy before, and you’re 100% that it’s not the alcohol causing these feeling
˃You’ve had crushes, you’ve had boyfriends
˃But this was something new, something that scared but excited you
˃You lean against your door and slump to the carpet below, dopey smile on your face
˃You haven’t known Anon that long, but that didn’t matter to you
˃He’s kind, genuine, and always a reliable person
˃All traits that were hard to come by in a world like yours
˃In the gym, he was a motivator, a beacon that guided you to better your own self
˃He always checked his ego at the door, and he always made sure you did as well
˃When he tried his best, he gave it all he had
˃And he pushed you to do the same every time
˃You think back to the other day when he deadlifted 705
˃The look of sheer determination and pure will that poured from his very being inspired you to reach new heights of your own
˃His presence made you feel more powerful than anything
˃Even if your lifts weren’t nearly a third of what he could do, he praised you as if you had just set a world record
˃It was a feeling more intoxicating than any alcohol, more satisfying than a good meal
˃Speaking of alcohol, you need to get some water in your system soon
˃With a groan you stand, finding your balance on unsteady legs
˃The alcohol is still raging through your system, but even with it you still remember everything that happened today
˃You had an amazing time on your date
˃Even that asshole that tried to hit on you couldn’t ruin it
˃You could have handled him just fine, but Anon sent him running with his tail between his legs, literally
˃He always looked out for you like that
˃Ever since you’ve started hitting the gym with him, you haven’t been propositioned a single time while working out
˃Yet another benefit of having him around
˃You grab a glass of water from your kitchen and down it quickly
˃You also grab some sports drink from the fridge and start sipping on it as well
˃Hopefully your hangover won’t be too bad tomorrow
˃Like Anon said, he can’t have you hungover at the gym on Monday
˃You shower and prepare for bed, drunk texting with your friends all the while
˃They all seem to be in agreement in regards to Anon and his character
˃You’re excited to see where all of this goes
˃Maybe after the next date you’ll kiss him for real

˃You are the one and only Anon
˃and you are dog tired
˃you just got done with a set of squats and your quads are on fire
˃5 reps of 575 will do that to you
˃“I think you could have gone a bit deeper,” Prim says as you step out from the squat rack
“You think so?” you reply, wiping the sweat from your brow. “I’m already well past parallel, any real benefit to going deeper?”
˃she puts a hand on her chin in an analytical fashion
˃“Better glute activation, for one, plus it helps build your lower back, but you're already good there thanks to deadlifts.”
˃She smiles, “Well, and your ideas of “past parallel” are…misguided. Here.”
˃She goes over to her adjacent rack loaded with 215
˃As she lowers during the squat, you can see how her ass nearly touches her heels
˃Okay, maybe you could go a bit deeper
˃You nod once she rises and re-racks the bar
˃You return to your rack and position yourself back under your bar
˃With a grunt you lift the barbell on your shoulders and take a few steps backwards, preparing yourself for the lift all the while
˃You inhale deeply and begin the motion, going deeper and deeper until you can’t go any further
˃A deep grunt escapes your lips as you force yourself to stand back up
˃The weight digs into your traps and your legs scream in protest but you prevail
˃Two reps is tiring enough for you, and you re-rack the bar
˃Prim looks on with approval
˃“Better. I knew you had it.”
˃You are completely beat now, your legs feel like pudding
˃Prim finishes her last sets and the two of you call it quits
˃But before you leave for the night, there was something you wanted to ask Prim
“So,” you start as she’s packing up her gym bag. “I know we’ve hung out the last two weekends, but I had a lot of fun, and I was wondering if you’d like to do something again tomorrow?”
˃You still don’t know how your amount of courage with girls has increased so exponentially
˃Well, it was only with Prim, but she’s a girl, so it counts
˃Still, a month ago you’d be hard pressed to even say hello to a girl like her
˃And now here you are trying to get a third date with Prim
˃She zips up her bag and stands up, throwing the strap over her shoulder
˃“I’d love to.”
˃Your heart starts to beat faster
˃“But, my parents are coming over this weekend and they’re staying until Tuesday, so, sorry!”
˃Aww, shucks
˃You purse your lips and give a thumbs up through your disappointment
“No problem,” you tell her. “So you won’t be coming to the gym at the beginning of the week either?”
˃She sighs and shakes her head. “Probably not. Knowing my parents they’re gonna run me till I’m exhausted. They’ve got plans for everything already hashed out.”
“Anything fun?” you ask as you grab your own bag
˃She snorts. “No, my parents are stale. We’re going to do a lot of walking around and hiking the trails out at Hammond Springs. That’s their idea of fun, so I just go along with it.”
“Well, hiking can be nice, at least,” you admit
˃While the two of you head to the entrance, she continues the conversation
˃“Is that an idea for our third date?” she asks innocently
”I-if you’d like, or maybe a later one, you know what next weekend is, right?” You ask
˃“Of course, it’ll be Halloween on that Saturday,” she answers
”Mmhm,” you confirm. “So, I was thinking maybe we could dress up and scare the neighborhood kids as we pass out candy? It might not be a true date, but…”
˃She finishes your thoughts for you. ”It would be fun.”
”Yep.” you smile. “And if you want to come over a bit early I’ll cook you some dinner beforehand.”
˃Again you impress yourself with your words
˃They just come so naturally when you’re with Prim
˃Your confidence is through the roof
˃She grabs your well-muscled arm and hugs it, and her voice goes a bit deeper when she speaks
˃“Are you trying to get in my pants, big guy? You seem to know that the best way there is through my stomach”
”N-no!” you sputter
˃Her voice instantly switches to a sad tone
˃“You’re not?” She fake sniffles. “My favorite human hates me!”
˃Alright, she caught you off guard the first time, but now you’re ready to fight back
”Yep, I hate you, that’s why I spend over two hours a day, almost every day, with you.” You shrug while you open the door for her. “Guess I’m a masochist or something.”
˃She laughs with a quick nod of thanks as she exits and continues. ”Oh, you definitely are. Have you seen how you lift? DOMS must turn you on.”
”Girl,” you say with exaggerated sass as you follow her into the parking lot, “I put the “dom” in “DOMS,” cause I make that shit my bitch.”
˃She gekkers loudly and grabs her stomach, doubling over in laughter. “Ahaha!” she cries out as she tries to catch her breath. “I want you to know I’m stealing that from you. Not sorry.”
˃You’ve reached your car, so you wrap up the joke session and prepare to split for the night
”All good. Hey, enjoy your weekend with your parents. I’m sure I’ll see you at the gym sometime next week, but if not, I’ll text you the plans for our fun Halloween”
˃“I’ll be there!” she says giddily. “Oh, and we’ll have to plan our costumes too. What do you want to be?”
˃Hmm, you hadn’t thought about that yet
”I don’t know yet,” you admit as you open your car door. “But, I’ll text you later and we can talk about it.”
˃“Fine with me, see ya!” she yells as she walks back to her car
˃You can’t help but watch her as she leaves
˃You know she was joking earlier
˃About trying to get in her pants
˃But holy shit if that didn’t put pictures in your head
˃Now as she walks away you are acutely aware of just how fucking hot Prim is
˃She’s petite, but her body is filled out immaculately where it mattered
˃Her shapely behind is hugged so perfectly by her leggings
˃You can see how every crease and curve flows with each step
˃Her tail sways to and fro, hiding and revealing the focus of your attention like peek-a-boo
˃The muscles of her mostly bare back also flex and relax as she moves, a testament to just how much work she’s put into her body
˃You feel warm despite the air being cold, and you notice that little Anon is standing at full attention
˃Yeah, you definitely want to get in her pants
˃But thoughts of that would have to remain fantasy for a while
˃You were only on your third date for God’s sake
˃That’s how this works, right?
˃With a sigh you ignore the horny and begin the drive home

˃Saturday arrives with little fanfare, save for Prim sending you pictures of her hiking escapades
˃Hammond Springs looks extremely pretty this time of year with the trees and foliage baring wonderful shades of red and orange
˃Maybe you will take her hiking as a date, it would be a good escape from the toils of everyday life
˃You’ve only been hiking once before, but that was during the summer when it was hot and sticky outside
˃Now, the fall weather should prove less sweat-inducing and more enjoyable
˃During your and Prim’s messaging, the two of you also decide what you’re going to dress up as for Halloween
˃Prim found some good scarecrow costumes that fit the bill perfectly
˃They even made one in your size, apparently
˃It turns out they’re being sold at one of those seedy Halloween stores nearby
˃You know, the ones that pop up in old shopping centers seemingly overnight
˃You decide to go ahead and pick them up while you had time
˃As you step inside the store you’re hit with the smell of cheap plastic and stale, processed air
˃Ahh, memories
˃Individuals of all species meander around, mindlessly browsing the wares of the shop
˃In the maze of shelves incoherently lined with decorations and costumes you have trouble finding what you need
˃Thankfully an employee spots your struggles and approaches you
˃He’s an average-sized mouse or rat of some kind (you can’t tell the difference), and looks like he’s still a teenager
˃“Hey, can I help you find something?” he asks in a voice much too deep for someone his age and stature
˃You have to crane your neck down to look at him
”Oh, yeah, thanks,” you say, pulling out your phone. “Do you all have these?”
˃You then show him the listing for the costumes on the website Prim sent you
˃He studies the page for a second before nodding and says to you, “Yep, we have those, follow me.”
˃Quickly, he leads you to a section on the other side of the store, and there you can see a ton of costumes designed for couples
˃The rodent kid scratches his white-furred head. “Here we go. Now, what size are you?”
˃You rub your arm in discomfiture
“Uhh, well, what’s the largest you have?”
˃He sifts through the rack of scarecrow costumes before pulling out a soft plastic-encased container
˃“4XL, big and tall. That should work,” he says with satisfaction before pointing to the far wall.
˃“Dressing rooms are over there if you wanna try it on. What’s the other size you’re looking for?”
”Hmm…” You look at Prim’s text. “Female small.”
˃He hands you a second pouch, and you double-check it to make sure it’s the same as the one she sent
˃Sure enough, it's an exact match, down to the large “Tail Friendly!” sticker on the packaging
˃You thank the employee and try on your costume in the unkempt fitting room, finding that it fits as well as you could hope
˃It consists of a worn red checkerboard flannel shirt and grimy-looking jeans along with tufts of straw sticking out of every sleeve and the neck
˃A sack hood and blood-stained burlap hat gave the outfit a creepy vibe that the kids would surely find terrifying
˃Satisfied, you return to the storefront and locate the checkout line near the entrance
˃The dings and beeps of the registers distract you while you wait, and before long, it's your turn
˃The same guy from before is now running the register you’re at
˃“So, for you and your girl?” He asks.
˃You grow bashful
”Well, she’s not really my girl, yet. We’ve just gone on a few dates, but yeah,” you say to him as he scans the two costumes
˃“Nice,” he says as he bags your items. “Best of luck to ya.’”
“Thanks,” you reply, taking the bag into your hand. “Have a good one.”
˃You leave the store with your prizes in hand, weaving through the crowds of shoppers out and about
˃After getting in your car, you text a picture of the costumes to Prim
˃She replies with a heart-eyes emoji and thanks you for picking them up
˃Who says chivalry is dead?

˃The remaining bits of weekend is uneventful, and before you know it Monday is here
˃This is the first time in a while you’re going the gym solo
˃It feels…wrong
˃You’ve gotten so used to having Prim with you that you feel almost naked in her absence
˃As you enter your second home, you head to the front counter to scan your badge
˃A middle-aged deer buck wearing a red polo is seated behind the counter greeting guests
˃“Mr. Anon, good afternoon,” he says as the card reader beeps
“Oh, hello,” you reply cordially to him
˃He looks familiar, you think he’s one of the managers here
˃“Sir? Do you have a moment to speak in private?” he asks as he stands, sending an unnerving feeling throughout your gut
˃You’re not sure what’s up, but you agree anyways, hoping it's nothing serious
˃As far as you know, you haven’t broken any rules or anything
˃He leads you behind the counter and into a white hallway in which several offices lie
˃Keeping his large antlers safe from harm in the low-ceiling area, he opens a door on the far end and ushers you inside, closing the door behind you two
˃The office is small and plain, with a wooden desk hosting a computer and monitor as well as several of the deer’s personal effects
˃You sit in an offered metal chair that lies across from his plush, office-style chair and desk
˃He clears his throat as he sits and begins to type on his keyboard
˃“So, Mr. Anon, are you familiar with this individual?”
˃He slides his monitor around to face you, and on the screen is a picture of Prim
˃The pit in your stomach just grew immensely
˃“Yes,” you answer with a dry mouth
˃“Good,” he says as he returns the monitor to face him. “I’ve seen the two of you working out together for quite some time, but I wanted to confirm that before speaking with you”
“What’s wrong?” You ask, hoping to get some answers for all of this
˃“Nothing! Nothing. I assure you,” he accentuates with a movement of his hands, sensing your emotions
˃His answer is a partial relief, but you’re still confused
˃He crosses his arms on the desk as he notices you calm down slightly
˃“How is Miss Primrose adjusting to the gym? Is she finding everything acceptable?”
“Oh, yeah, I think so,” you answer. “She hasn’t had any complaints to me about it, at least”
˃’So, this is a customer relations thing?’ you think to yourself. ‘But why not speak with Prim?’
˃“Good,” he says with a nod. “Sometimes new members can have issues accommodating themselves, and we like to check on them to make sure they’re having a good experience here.”
“That’s fine,” you say, still hesitant. “But, why talk with me?”
“Well, given her previous incident I was worried that she may not be open to speaking with me, so an in-the-know third party would instead be a good way to get her true opinion.”
˃Previous incident?
˃What the fuck?
˃Your anxiety returns with passion, eating away at your normally calm demeanor
“What do you mean, “previous incident?”” you ask in a deeper and more aggravated tone
˃He realizes what he’s said and becomes intensely nervous
˃“Oh. Sir. I’m sorry, but, if you aren’t aware, she should expl-“
“Stop,” you cut him off as he attempts to stand up
“I’m an adult and a friend of Prim. You brought it up and bothered to ask me about her, so I think I deserve an explanation.”
˃The audacity of this dude
˃You can’t just drop something like that and then try to back out of explaining it
˃He sits back down and sighs, ears twitching fervently
˃“I apologize, Mr. Anon. I had assumed that you were aware of what happened to Miss Primrose at her previous gym given your close acquaintance. The official story may differ, but this is what I was told.”
˃He leans back into his chair as you lean forward in yours, listening intently as he speaks of your friend
˃“Miss Primrose was a member of a gym here in town for several years with no issue. According to the owner of that gym, her contract with them was terminated due to an unfortunate incident that resulted in severe injury”
˃He continues as your chest begins to feel heavy
˃“During the incident, Miss Primrose was observing another gym member's bench press. From surveillance video, she was shown purposely ignoring repeated pleas to help the individual remove the weight after it came down on their neck. Miss Primrose allowed this weight to stay in this dangerous position for over 20 seconds until she finally removed the bar from them.”
˃You begin to feel sick to your stomach as you visualize what he says
˃Immediately, you are drawn back to the day you met her
˃You remember that you were bench pressing
˃Images of scenarios begin to flood your mind
˃What if you couldn’t have finished a rep?
˃Would she have helped pull it off?
˃Knowing her now, of course she would
˃Although the images parade in your minds eye, you still cannot rationally fathom her doing something like that to anyone
˃It’s just not her
˃You know that there’s more to the story, so you continue listening to the monologue
˃“The weight resulted in injury to the member’s throat and spine. Miss Primrose was interviewed about the incident by gym staff, where she revealed the reasoning behind her actions. She said that the individual in question was a serial harasser, and that she had notified staff multiple times about him. While that gym has policies on sexual harassment, there was no provision for the general “propositioning” or “flirting” done by this individual, so Miss Primrose was advised to avoid the gym when the individual was present.”
˃The deer sighs again
˃“However, the individual continued to follow her, and quickly figured out when she would be there. I will say, in my opinion, the police needed to be involved by this point and the individual needed to be trespassed, but that gym is not known for being more proactive in that sense.”
˃“On the evening of the incident, she recalled that the individual had practically begged her to spot him on the bench, but she refused. The individual then attempted to lift more than he was capable of anyways. When the bar went to his neck, Miss Primrose let the bar sit for several seconds. To an extent, I can sympathize with her actions, given the situation, however, most gyms have policies regarding assisting members in need and intentionally injuring another member. Her violation of those policies resulted in her contract’s termination.”
˃Your face exudes a range of emotions, from sadness to an odd understanding regarding her actions
“And then she decided to join here,” you mumble to no one in particular
˃“Yes, we accepted, and continue to accept her. One incident does not define someone, and I also like to believe we have policies in place to mitigate issues like this.”
˃You snort in disbelief at his words
“Sorry to burst your bubble, man, but the whole reason we met in the first place was because of guys harassing her here.” You can feel your anger level rising. “It’s fucked up enough that she has to deal with it, but its even more fucked up that nothing gets done about it”
˃The deer’s voice trembles as he tries to keep you calm
˃“If Miss Primrose has any such issues, she only needs to speak with me personally. I will ensure that anyone mistreating her will be dealt with.”
˃You lean back into your seat and take a deep breath, partially relieved at his proposed remedy
“I hope this applies to all members and not just Prim,” you say to him
˃“Of course it does, sir. The safety and happiness of my customers is top priority. What happened to Miss Primrose should not happen here, at all, to anyone.”
˃You think you see him sweating
˃You didn’t think deer could even sweat
˃But you understand why
˃This is a delicate topic for all involved, and stress was high
˃Plus he’s probably worried you’ll go postal on him
˃Obviously, you won’t, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t an intimidating person just by presence alone
˃You want to be satisfied with his explanation, but the questions keep piling up the more you think about it
“How do you know all of this?” You ask calmly
˃The deer visibly relaxes as your tone shifts from anger to calmness, and he speaks true to his emotions
˃“Us gyms may be competitors, but we’re not enemies in any sense. Information is shared frequently between us, such as problem customers, banned individuals, and in Miss Primrose’s case, injury reports. I knew her story when she approached us for a membership, and I still accepted her knowing full well what happened.”
˃You pause for a minute and internally take a step back to evaluate everything he’s said
˃‘Alright, so, there’s no real problem right now with Prim, he just wants to make sure she’s staying out of trouble given her past. He seems like he’s understanding of her situation, which is good,’ you mentally conclude, finally understanding most of the ‘whys’ of this situation
˃It’s also good to know that this guy is open minded
˃Many would see an incident like that and probably blacklist all parties involved for life
“Thank you,” you say sincerely, “for giving her another chance. She’s a really nice person, and I don’t think another incident from her is something you need to worry about”
˃“I concur,” he says with a nod. “And a question for you. Has Miss Primrose experienced any issues since the two of you partnered with each other?”
˃You shake your head
˃“Then there is no reason to worry.”
˃His eyes dig into you as he idly rubs the base of a horn, but the look is done in an apologetic manner rather than anything malicious
˃“I want to say sorry for all of this, but surely you can understand my reasonings for involving you in this conversation.”
˃You nod in understanding
“I do. This is your livelihood, you need to make sure everyone is taken care of. I can’t blame you for that”
˃“Good. Thank you, Mr. Anon. I’ll let you be now, I’m sure Miss Primrose is waiting for you.” He stands once he finishes
˃You wave your hand dismissively as you stand with him
“No problem, and Prim won’t be here till Wednesday, so I’m solo until then”
˃“Well then, enjoy your time here today, Mr. Anon. Oh, and, please keep this conversation between us, I’m sure you understand why,” he says as he opens the door and leads you back to the reception area
˃You just nod to him, fully intending to not heed his wishes

˃Your workout is shitty today, you just don’t have it in you
˃The conversation with the gym manager drained you more than it probably should have
˃Still, you go through the motions and push yourself the best you can
˃Without Prim here to pump you up, it’s hard to find that deep motivation
˃Constantly, you’re thinking about what the manager told you about her situation
˃Even with some context as to why, you still can’t imagine exactly what that individual might have done to provoke Prim’s actions
˃Yet, even if her actions were understandable, you still didn’t condone them
˃It sounded like that guy could have died during that incident
˃A weight that heavy sitting on a vulnerable position in the neck is nothing to fuck around with
˃In fact, the manager didn’t even mention if he was physically ok afterwards, for all you know he could be paralyzed from the neck down
˃You need to speak with Prim about this, but you have no clue how to ease into the topic
˃So, you complete your workout the best you can today, and do the same the next day as well
˃With it now Wednesday, you’re a bit more prepared to speak with Prim about everything
˃You plan to do it once the two of you leave for the day, but you’ll have to see how everything plays out beforehand
˃As you meet up with her in the parking lot in the early afternoon, you find your usual enthusiasm lacking slightly as you wave to her
˃“Anon, long time no see,” she says jokingly with a hug of your arm
˃Her fur is still of the same softness, but it just doesn’t provide the same feeling inside as it did before
“Hey, hey,” you chirp with a semi-forced smile. “How was your time with your parents?”
˃“Good,” she says, still latching on to your arm. “I managed to have some fun, but I’m glad to be back.”
˃You open the door for Prim, and she releases your arm from her iron grip
“Well it’s good to have you back,” you tell her
˃She drags her tail against you once again as she enters, smug look plastered on her face
˃Sigh, she always knows how to get you flustered
˃The two of you approach the check-in counter, and you notice the buck you spoke with on Monday sitting behind it, watching you both intently
˃You give each other a nod of understanding before you focus is drawn back to Prim and her upcoming antics
˃Today is chest and back day, and God only knows what she has prepared for you
˃Before long you find yourself sweating up a storm doing seal rows
˃Holy shit your back is on fire
˃Prim really likes these isolation exercises on top of the big compound movements
˃So seal rows got alternated with t-bar rows, cable flys got worked with bench presses, and so on
˃But the further along you get into the workout, the more nervous you become as you think about what’s to come after
˃Your heart pounds a bit faster as the sets continue, and your nerves begin to show as you continue your lifts
˃Your form slips several times, but thankfully you’re able to catch yourself before you are gifted a one-way ticket to snap city
˃After wrapping up for the night, you and Prim pack your gym bags and make your way outside into the darkness
˃“You good today, Anon? Feeling ok?” she asks as you walk together in the nearly empty parking lot
˃Oh God she’s noticed
”Oh, yeah, I’m fine, it's just…” You suck up your fears and look down directly towards her. “Look, there’s something I need to talk with you about.”
˃You and Prim approach your car in silence, the tension hanging so thick in the air it felt like you were suffocating
˃Her normally lively tail sits low and close to her body, unmoving and unexpressive, although its status alone gives away her trepidation
˃Once at your car you turn around, unable to even meet her eyes underneath the beam of a streetlight
˃You almost feel like choking up as you speak to her, speaking your mind with surprisingly little hesitation
“So, while you were gone, the gym manager stopped and talked with me. He…wanted to make sure you were adjusting well, but he mentioned something else. Something about an…incident…”
˃“...Fuck,” she whispers under her breath, turning her head to the side and cringing
“Sorry to bring it up,” you say apologetically. “But what he said…he told me only one side of the story. Third-hand accounts really, and…I don’t want that to influence my opinion of you”
˃“What did he tell you?” she asks quietly, unable to even throw a glance towards you
˃“That someone was stalking you, and that well…you…kinda sat by and watched them get hurt, badly.”
˃She sighs deeply, and you can see inklings of tears begin to form in the corners of her eyes as she finally looks at you
˃“Look, Anon, can we…talk at my house? Please? I’ll explain everything”
˃You nod immediately
“I’ll meet you there.”
˃With that, you separate, and you sit and your car for a minute, staring ahead blankly as you contemplate what just happened
˃At least your initial confrontation with Prim went about as well as you could have hoped
˃The ice had been broken, and now it was time to face head on everything that would come from it
˃No turning back now
˃You start your car and pull out into the silent streets of your town
˃No music, no radio, just the rumble of the engine fills your car as you drive to Prim’s home
˃After pulling into her driveway you park behind her SUV and step out into the cold
˃The front door is open slightly, allowing you to enter the abode unhindered
˃She’s standing in the entryway, looking dolefully towards one of the couches as you step inside the house
˃“Need anything to drink? Water?” she asks as you take your shoes off, trying to relax the tensions
“Water is fine,” you answer, taking a seat on the far couch while she leaves to grab your drinks
˃The couch is plush and comfortable, but you are unable to relax anxiety of what’s to come run in your mind
˃You soon hear the tap of claws on hardwood approaching and see Prim enter the room with two glasses of water in hand
˃She gives you a glass that you accept with a meek “Thanks.”
˃She then sets her cup on the coffee table before sitting on the larger couch across from you
˃With a sigh she leans back, spreading her arms across the back of the couch and stretching her legs out in front of her
˃“So,” she starts. “I have to ask. Why did the manager come to you about this?”
“I think he believed we were…closer,” you reply with a shrug. “He mentioned that he’s seen us working out together, so it seems like he thought I already knew what happened and just wanted to check on you”
˃“But why not just ask me himself?” she grumbles, crossing her arms
“Perhaps he wanted to, but he did say that he preferred asking a third-party when it came to others in…similar situations.”
˃Prim takes a sip of water and nods. “Still not very kind of him to just air out my dirty laundry like that.”
“Yeah, I agree,” you say nodding. “But, I did kinda press him a bit because I was confused, which probably wasn’t the best idea…Look, you know, if you want we can just drop the whole thing. I understand if you’re uncomfortable, it's just…Like I said earlier I don’t want what he said to change how I see you.”
˃Both of you stare into each others eyes as you continue to spill your heart out
“I like you, Prim. You’re sweet, kind, funny, and I want it to stay that way. But, we’ve only just started, you know, dating, so I don’t expect you to just reveal your entire past to me on a whim. I won’t force you to tell me anything you don’t want to.”
˃“That’s ok, big man,” she says with a weak grin. “I was gonna tell you eventually, because well, in a way you deserve to know. So, no better time than the present right?”
˃She sighs as she prepares to recant the tale of her previous gym
˃“Well, since you have an idea of what happened, obviously, I’ll fill in the gaps of what he likely didn’t know. Yes, I was dealing with a stalker at my old gym. He’s an ex that I broke up with nearly a year ago, but he had it in his mind that he could somehow “win me back” or some shit if he was persistent enough. No matter what I said, what I did, he just wouldn’t leave me the hell alone. About five months ago he decided to join up at my old gym, and he learned what times I would go. So I switched up my schedule as best I could, but he’d always find me.”
˃She groans deeply and rubs her eyes with her palms, surely staving off the distressing memories that are now reappearing
˃“I tried. I fucking tried to get the staff to do something. Anything. But they fucked me over, saying that they didn’t deal with “domestic issues”, and that I should go to the cops and figure it out.”
˃Her voice takes a sarcastic tone as she throws her hands up. “Well, guess what, I went to fucking law school! I know how this shit works! The fucking circuit judge wouldn’t sign an EPO, said that I couldn’t prove imminent threat of harm. So, I either had to wait until shit hit the fan, or I could…take matters into my own hands.”
˃Her tears again start to form, and they begin to wet the orange fur just below her eyes as they drip down her snout
˃Your heart breaks at the sight, and you can only imagine what her mind is going through
˃“That day, I hadn’t planned anything. Everything about it was spontaneous. It was as if God himself set the opportunity right there—a way to get revenge for months of fucking torture. It was too tempting.”
˃She wipes her eyes as the tears continue to fall rhythmically
˃“I know it was wrong, but, in that situation I couldn’t help myself. It was like I was a witness to my own life playing out in front of me. So I watched as he begged and pleaded for help. I watched as the bar came down on his neck. I watched as he struggled to breathe. Yet, as quickly as that feeling of satisfaction came, it left, and I finally realized what I was doing. I got the bar off of him, but by then the damage had already been done.”
˃She sniffles as she lists his injuries, showing you her fingers as she counts. “Crushed larynx, esophageal damage, spinal contusion, nerve damage, all because of me. He’s alive, but his life will never be the same as before. From what I’ve heard he can barely speak most days…”
˃Sensing the approaching end of her story, you reflexively stand from your couch and move to sit next to her, hoping to provide some comfort with your presence
˃Immediately she wraps her arms around you and buries her head into your chest, sobbing loudly
˃While she cries you think about her story and everything that happened in it
˃Deep inside, you know what she did was wrong, but you also understood why she did it
˃Desperation and hopelessness can lead to rash decisions, and if she felt that it was her only choice to do something herself…
˃You mentally sigh
˃As you hold her you rub the fur on her arm and gently stroke her short, silky brown hair
˃You at least want her to know that you’ll be there, that she can confide her issues to you when her demons become too much to handle
˃Because you know she’d do the same for you
˃A while later her loud cries reduce to petty sniffles, and once she’s all out of tears she pulls her head away from your chest but keeps you near
˃She wipes her eyes and nose on her shirt sleeve, composing herself after her breakdown
˃“Thanks, Anon. Sorry I ruined your shirt,” she says with a pathetic, nasally giggle
˃You look down, and sure enough, your t-shirt is covered in tears and snot
˃Not that you care about that, Prim is more important than a simple shirt
“No worries,” you tell her with a squeeze of her shoulder. “Feel better?”
˃“Yeah,” she says weakly, “I do. You’re the first person I’ve told the full story to besides my parents. It just hurts to re-live everything”
˃She buries her head in her hands and mumbles quietly, ”You probably think I’m a horrible person.”
“No, I don’t,” you say in the most reassuring voice you can muster. “A bad person wouldn’t feel so shitty about what happened. The whole thing was fucked up, and honestly, I want to say I understand why you did what you did. We all have our problems, we all make mistakes, and I don’t think any less of you because of them.”
˃She hitches a sob once and then breathes deeply before hugging your side as tightly as she can
˃“Thanks, big man, for everything,” she says, voice muffled by your body
“Any time,” you say with a smile before posing a question. “So, when did this happen? You said he joined the old gym 5 months ago, so It must have been fairly recent.”
˃“It happened a bit over 4 months ago,” she says with a shrug. “I didn’t even go to a gym for over two months afterwards, and then we met on my third day at the new one.”
˃She sniffles once more before looking towards the small clock on the wall
˃“Hey, it’s late, and we both have work tomorrow. Thanks again for sticking with me, Anon, I’ll get out of your hair now.”
˃You stand with her, arm still draped around her shoulder
˃“Prim, staying out a bit past my bedtime is no problem. Besides, I got to spend time with you and help you through some things. I’d call that time well spent.”
˃“You’re such a sweetie,” she says with a more normal voice, a sign of her better mood. “C’mere.”
˃She pulls your shoulders down to her level, similar to after your second date
˃She gives you another firm kiss on the cheek, this one longer and more emotional
˃You both have smiles on your faces as she pulls away and lets you stand up fully
˃“Goodnight,” she says faintly. “See ya’ tomorrow.”
˃As you leave her house, you don’t feel giddy like the first time she kissed you
˃Instead, you feel content
˃It’s a warm feeling, like you feel during the holidays, or when you spend time with family
˃It was…fuzzy, comfy—like a plush blanket
˃More importantly, however, you hope that after tonight, Prim can find a little closure to those past events that haunt her
˃You know for sure that you’ll be there if she needs someone to lean on
˃That’s what you do for friends, right?
˃But Prim is more than a friend, that much was obvious given your mutual affection
˃Later that night she texts you before bed, thanking you once again for being there for her, and you fall asleep feeling optimistic about your combined future

˃Meticulously, you check the meat thermometer currently stuck in a well-seasoned chicken breast
˃168 degrees, perfect
˃You turn the oven off and remove the aromatic golden-brown chicken from it, placing the pan next to a selection of other already-finished foods
˃Today is Halloween, and you are preparing an early dinner for you and Prim before trick-or-treat begins
˃You might have gone a bit overboard
˃Scattered about your kitchen counter sits a smattering of meats, sides, and even a pie you baked earlier
˃Well, at least you’ll have enough leftovers for next week
˃The chicken is the last piece to finish, and looking at the time you see that Prim should be here any minute
˃You triple check to make sure your house is clean and ready for your visitor, something you haven’t had to do since your parents visited last Christmas
˃Just as you finish your inspection the doorbell rings, sending you ramrod straight as you realize that zero-hour has finally come
˃You open the door to reveal Prim, dressed in her scarecrow Halloween costume sans the sack hood and hat
˃She’s carrying a tray of wonderful-looking rolls, and proudly shows them off as you greet the bubbly fox
˃“Heeeeey!” she sings as she comes inside. “Happy Halloween! I’d better get my treat soon!”
˃She’s certainly in a good mood
˃After your conversation about her past gym and stalker the other day, you noticed it was like she had a weight taken off her shoulders
˃Perhaps she finally achieved the closure you hoped she would
˃At least some, hopefully; emotional trauma like that isn’t something that leaves easy, so you fully expect to speak more about in in the future
˃You return your focus to the girl in front of you, not wanting to get lost in thought
“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that,” you tell her. “I might have made a bit too much food for us. Hopefully that’s a treat enough for ya’.”
˃She “oohs” as you lead her to the kitchen and try to find a space for her rolls in the clutter
˃Her tail whips about in anticipation
˃“Jeez, dude. It's a lot, but everything looks so good…”
˃Not wasting any time, the two of you soon plate up your meals, looking to dig in while the food’s still warm
˃You go for two chicken breasts, roasted potatoes, seared asparagus, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, and a hearty amount of broccoli casserole
˃Round 1 looking good
˃Yeah, you’re a hungry bastard
˃Prim gets most of the same, but opts for pasta salad over the asparagus
˃It’s entertaining watching her try to keep the bits of straw on the costume’s sleeves out of the food
˃The two of you sit at your small dinner table and chow down while talking about your past and upcoming weeks at work
˃Prim’s been working on some draft opinions and citations, but she can’t really explain much due to her “vow of secrecy” as she sarcastically calls it
˃Basically it just means she can’t give away specific details until everything is made public
˃It kinda sucks that she can’t explain much, because you’d like to know some of the more intricate details of the court system, but it's all good
˃You’ve been working on database fuckery this past week, and just recalling your struggles threatens to cause a migraine
˃Fuck SQL
˃After round 1 is finished you both go for seconds and devour them as well
˃Once satiated with the main course, you both go for the pièce de résistance, your special blackberry pie
˃It’s your mom’s recipe, and your Grandma’s, and likely that of almost every other maternal member of your family
˃There’s a reason you only make it occasionally
˃You’d weigh over 400 if you made it any more
˃It’s just too addicting
˃Prim apparently thinks so too
˃The moan she makes when the first bite hit her mouth was a bit too…erotic
˃Stop it boner
˃She voraciously downs two slices, and you can see the fox eyeing the pie tin, likely contemplating if keeping her fit body was worth denying it a third slice
˃You know that look, you’ve seen it before
˃Eleven times, as a matter of fact
˃Before any rash decisions can be made, you stand and put the sugary treat away before temptation can consume both of you
˃Out of sight, out of mind
˃Looking at the clock, you see that’s it nearing time for trick-or-treat to begin
˃You excuse yourself to put on your costume, and once finished you exit the house where Prim is waiting amongst your decorations
˃They’re nothing special, just some spiderwebs that line your bushes, a few plastic skeletons and tombstones in the yard, plus a smoke machine and lights to set the mood
˃On the path that leads to your house you have two rocking chairs that sit nearby the ominous decorations
˃Kids will come up get their candy from a bowl you and Prim will have in your hands
˃From there you can scare them, likely by jumping at them or saying something freaky, who knows
˃Their courage will be worth it for them, as this year you have full-sized candy bars to give out
˃When you were a kid, you always loved it when people gave out actual candy bars instead of the little fun-sized ones
˃Now, you will become the legend of the neighborhood
“Are you ready for this?” you ask Prim as you place your hat in position and sit in your chair
˃You can’t see her face because of the mask, but you think you see the corners of her snout upturn in a smile as she affirms

˃A bit over an hour later, the initial tidal waves of trick-or-treaters has died down to a trickle
˃Good thing too, because you’re almost out of candy
˃You and Prim are having a great time
˃Between talking when no-one is around and scaring the crap out of the neighborhood kids, you’d say this was a great idea
˃Now with only a few minutes left, you and Prim are prepared to pack it up for the night when a final group of visitors stops by
˃You recognize them as a family from a few houses over
˃They must have made the rounds of the neighborhood before looping back to your street
˃Their kid, who couldn’t be older than 2 or 3, comes running up the path to your house while the parents sit behind and watch
˃The little lynx-girl is dressed as a fairy, with a poofy white dress, a crown, and a sparkling pink wand with streamers attached
˃As she approaches, you and Prim sit deathly still
˃It was an unspoken rule that neither of you scare the really little kids
˃Don’t want to ruin Halloween for them by making them cry
˃The girl approaches cautiously, wondering if you two are actual people or decorations
˃Your bowl of candy, however, is too alluring for her young mind, and she approaches with only minor hesitation
˃She reaches for the bowl in your lap, but the kit is just a bit too small to reach inside
˃Seeing her struggles, you decide to give her a hand
“What do you like?” You ask in a deep but not scary voice
˃The lynx child takes a few steps back, ears floundering around as she’s caught off guard
˃“Uhh-uhm, I like chocolate!” she says, pointing her wand at you as her confidence returns
˃You grab a chocolate munch bar and offer it to her
˃She takes the bar in her hand before turning and sprinting back to her parents
˃“Thank you Mr. Scarecrow! she yells loudly as she returns to the sidewalk
˃Her parents, who are dressed as a knight and a princess, wave to you as they prepare to head home
˃With no-one else around, Prim removes her headgear and nudges your arm before she stands
˃“Damn. Good with kids, good at cooking, good at lifting…Is there anything you’re not good at?” she asks with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows
“Uhh, social interactions, handiwork, and handling small animals,” you answer plainly as you take off your own headwear
˃“I call bull,” she says facetiously. “You can handle me just fine.”
˃You just sigh and chuckle at her joke while you follow her back inside
˃The rest of the evening is spent watching an old Halloween movie and eating some more food
˃You have a couch and recliner, but Prim decided that sharing the couch was the only option
˃Of course, after that decision was made, she just had to try and cuddle up to you
˃Her costume makes that a difficult endeavor to achieve
˃Random bits of straw poked your skin at first, but you quickly adjusted to be comfortable with her presence at your side
˃You’re not paying much attention to the movie, instead thinking more about the girl sitting right next to you
˃She places her head on your shoulder, and you take this as a sign to put your arm around her
˃With a content sigh she leans into your touch and her tail sits itself in your lap
˃Her head sits just below your nose, and you can smell her shampoo barely as you breathe
˃It was faint, with a woodlands scent to it, slightly woodsy, natural, and inoffensive
˃Anthros with sensitive noses tended to wash themselves with such low-intensity soaps, given that they also use their noses to identify and greet others
˃But you’ve come to enjoy her scent anyways, despite the lack of complexity behind it
˃You relax the best you can and lean into her, and you can feel her tail wriggling and flopping about contently
˃Calling on the willpower of a thousand men, you make it through the movie without embarrassing yourself
˃God only knows how that could happen
˃You notice it’s getting late as the credits roll, and you see Prim stifle a yawn the best she can
˃Sadly, it’s time to say goodnight, and she knows it as well
˃You pack up Prim a large slice of pie for the road before meeting her at the front door once you both are ready
˃“Hey, Anon?” She asks as you approach
“Sup?” you respond as you hand her the neatly foil-wrapped piece of pie
˃The vixen appears nervous, a sight unbecoming of her given the fun time you both just had
˃You can tell slightly from her voice, but mostly because you’ve learned how to read her emotions via tail, strangely enough
˃Like how it swishes and whips around when she’s happy, or gets all puffy when she’s mad
˃Now it's held close between her legs, similar to when you two talked about her previous gym
˃You don’t think you’ve ever seen her this nervous before
˃You feel your stomach twist into a knot, expecting some bad news
˃She sets the plated pie on your side table and twirls her fingers anxiously
˃“So…” she starts. “I’ve been thinking for a few days, and well…would you like to, you know…become official?”
“Official?” you mutter slackjawed. “You mean like…?”
˃“Girlfriend and Boyfriend,” she finishes for you, still not making eye contact
˃The rush of emotions that hits you is indescribable
˃It’s like the ocean waves, where one crashes against the shore and retreats before quickly followed by another
˃Again, and again, and again
˃You want to revel in them, to deconstruct each one as your heart pounds with new life, but Prim is waiting for your answer
˃She’s even looking at you now, her golden eyes conveying a want—or better yet, a need, for reciprocating acceptance
˃A feeling you know all too well
“Yes,” you say just above a whisper. “I’d like that.”
˃Prim’s reaction is immediate
˃With renewed energy she leaps into your arms with a smile on her face, startling you slightly before you quickly move to catch her
˃Her slender arms wrap tightly against your neck and her legs try to wrap around your torso, like a spider attempting to encapsulate its prey
˃But instead of being covered in web you’re engulfed with fluff and the smell of cheap halloween costumes
˃She draws her head back from the crook of your neck, and time seems to go in slow motion as she leans in for a kiss
˃You close your eyes and match her motion just before making contact
˃Most anthros don’t have “lips” in the traditional human sense, so with Prim, it's more like you are the one planting a true kiss on the end of her snout
˃But the meaning is all the same
˃Her fur tickles your lips and her whiskers brush against the rest of your face, sending chills down the entirety of your spine
˃You can feel her intently lean into the kiss, relishing your touch and feel while tightly holding on to you as well
˃She breaks the kiss but holds her face just inches from yours
˃Every breath you can feel wash against your face
˃They’re warm, comforting, and smell like blueberries
˃She lets her tongue loll from her maw and paints a lick across your cheek
˃The action is repeated for the other side of your face, leaving trails of rapidly-cooling saliva in its wake
˃“You’re mine now, big man,” she whispers deeply into your ear before licking it as well
˃You know what she‘s doing, she’s a canid, after all
˃She’s marking you, getting her scent all over your body in an attempt to show others you’re taken
˃It feels kinda nice, especially when she starts rubbing the side of her face and neck against yours
˃When she completes the ritual she releases her grip, and you set her down gently on the carpeted doorway floor
˃“Soooo,” she says, running her hand through her hair and grabbing her pie. “Dinner date on Friday?”
“Sounds good,” you quickly reply. “Where at?”
˃“I was thinking Soto’s. We both like Italian, and it's not too fancy.”
“I like it,” you say with a thumbs up as you open the door for her. “See ya’ Monday.”
˃She runs her tail and hand over your chest as she leaves
˃“See you big man,” she says with a wink
˃You grin happily as you watch her drive off into the night

2.5 Months Later

˃You look out into your modest backyard as a gentle burst of snow flurries begin to fall to the ground
˃With a sigh you check the weather on your phone, unsurprised to see the same forecast that you’ve seen all day
˃Half a foot of snow this afternoon and evening
˃You are supposed to go to Prim’s for dinner, but with this weather you might not be able to get home once you get there
˃“Weather looks like shit,” you text her. “You think I’m still good to come over?”
˃“Yep,” she texts back. “You can always crash at my place if you need to ;)”
˃She also sends a picture of all the food she’s cooking
˃That alone is all you needed to see to convince you
˃But her words do calm your nerves as well
˃You don your winter coat and grab some extra water just in case before loading up in your unprepared-for-winter sedan
˃Thankfully you’re out into the roads before the snow has a chance to seriously accumulate
˃Traffic is light, and as you reach Prim’s only a thin layer of snow coats the roads and grass
˃You exit your car, your boots crunching into the light snowcover as you trod up to her house
˃Prim’s heard your car and is waiting expectantly for you at the front, watching you approach through the storm door and waving
˃As you enter her home you lean down greet the beige-sweatered fox with a short kiss
˃“Hey big man,” she says as you start to take off your boots. “The roads bad yet?”
“Nah,” you reply with a dismissive wave. “Just a dusting right now, but give it a few hours and we’ll see.”
˃You set your coat on the couch and follow her into her dining room as she leads you along
˃The smell is amazing, and the spread of food covering the wooden dining table looks good too
˃Prim cooks a lot healthier than you do, so you take notice of the copious amounts of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats that comprise the dishes
˃She's still got a few things on the stove cooking, one of which looks to be sautéed cabbage and the other is a spicy-looking chicken dish
˃“It’ll probably be a few minutes,” she says as she picks up a spatula. “If you’d like to help you can set the table.”
˃You do just that, grabbing two plates and accompanying silverware from her cabinets
˃After setting the foodware on the tablecloths you then fill up two glasses with ice and water, setting them next to the plates
˃Once finished, you see Prim turn off the burners and place the now-finished dishes into their respective serving vessels
˃“Alright!” She says happily. “Dig in!”
˃You don’t have to be told that twice
˃You pile your plate high with a selection of foods, prioritizing your protein and veggies, of which both are plentiful
˃Prim does the same, and as you both take your seats she starts the conversation
˃“So how’s your dad doing? Better?”
“Oh yeah,” you reply with a shrug. “Food poisoning, you know how that goes. He tried to make homemade sushi, idiot.”
˃Prim laughs at your loving familial banter. “I get it, sushi’s good. You know how much I like Misaki’s.”
“Yeah, you just about bankrupted me!” you chortle. “I’ve never seen someone eat so much before.”
˃She shrugs and winks at you. “Hey, you were offering. I’d be dumb not to take advantage of that.”
You shake your head with a smirk. “Don’t blame ya, I guess this makes us even.”
˃You both enjoy your food as you speak about whatever topics come to mind
˃After firsts and seconds are done with, Prim breaks out her own homemade dessert—protein brownies and ice cream
˃Both of you enjoy the sweet treat on the couch as a movie plays on her tv
˃It’s a slice-of-life movie, a category you’ve never really watched before meeting Prim
˃She loves these types of films
˃You’ve both gone to the movies three times, two on her accord and once on yours
˃Both times you’ve gone with her you’ve watched movies like this
˃They’re…really not that bad
˃Usually you prefer something with a bit more action and adventure, but the slow burns and often heart-wrenching twists provided by her choice of films made you more open to watching them
˃The one you’re watching now is no exception
˃It’s about a girl who goes blind due to an accident, and how she has to adjust to her new life
˃Her struggles play out intimately on the screen, with everything from work, to family, to simple household chores being uprooted and changed forever in her life
˃It’s an interesting concept, to see how losing just one sense completely can irreversibly change the course of your life
˃There are happy moments, and sad moments, but the overall theme of the film seems to be one of melancholy
˃Prim enjoys it though, snuggled deep into your side with your arm draped over her
˃As the film gets about halfway through you hear a soft snore coming from your side, and you look over to see Prim sleeping softly, still wrapped around you
˃With a smile you sit still and finish the movie, trying not to disturb the snoozing vixen
˃However, nature calls you unfortunately, and when nature calls she expects a prompt answer
˃You begin to wiggle yourself from her grasp to hit the restroom, and although she stirs slightly, it looks like she remains completely asleep
˃After taking care of business, you return to find prim sitting up and watching the movie again
˃“Oh, hey,” she says with a stretch as you approach. “I must have gotten tired. You’re too comfy.”
˃You sit back down on the couch and Prim snuggles back up to you, now awake and alert
˃Her hand snakes to the inside of your thigh, rubbing your leg softly as the movie continues
˃You try to pay attention to the film, but you can’t help but notice her exploratory hand getting a bit close to your most sensitive areas
˃She doesn’t stop at all, sometimes lightly dragging her claws on the area or using just a finger or two to massage you
˃Your heart beats a bit faster, surely she knows what she’s doing
˃Every ounce of your willpower is focused on stopping your boner, but…maybe that’s exactly what she wants
˃What do you even do in a situation like this?
˃You nervously let her do what she wants, figuring that if she wants something more she’ll just ask you
˃Your mouth goes dry at what that could entail
˃When the credits finally roll you excuse yourself to the bathroom, thinking that just maybe nothing will come from earlier
˃As you exit, you see Prim standing close by, arms crossed and looking nervous
˃“You know,” she says innocently. “I’m not feeling that tired anymore. Want to…continue the night with me?”
“Oh, wanna watch another movie?” you ask, completely not understanding what she is insinuating at
˃“No, silly,” she huffs before wrapping her arms around your stomach, and you can feel a hand slink to your butt. “I want you.”
˃You stand in stunned silence for just a moment before you feel her other hand move downwards towards your crotch
˃Inside, something starts brewing in your loins, a burning that starts slow but builds as her touches continue
˃Well, your body knows what your answer is, at least
˃Gently, you reach down and cup her chin in your hand, guiding her eyes to face yours
“Alright, let’s do this,” you tell her
˃She looks smugly towards you before jumping into your arms and kissing you deeply
˃Passion exudes from everything about it
˃You've kissed Prim before, but never quite so lovingly
˃It starts slowly before building in tempo as you both grow more confident
˃Her tongue soon lashes against your front teeth, begging for entry deeper into your mouth
˃You allow her passage, and your tongues begin a battle that she easily wins thanks to her longer and more dexterous muscle
˃Eyes closed, you carry the featherweight fox carefully through the hall and into her dimly-lit bedroom
˃She breaks the kiss once inside, signaling for you to set her down as you shut the door with your foot
“Prim, I, uh, don’t have a condom or anything,” you tell her nervously as she places her hands on your chest, feeling you up roughly
˃“Pill,” she states clearly, not caring one bit at your lack of protection. “Besides, I’m not in heat just yet”
˃You nod as she removes the outer layer of her outfit, leaving her in a white t-shirt and short shorts
˃Pressing back into you, her hands then move to your sweatpants before she begins to massage your manhood through the fabric
˃Your body’s reaction is immediate as you feel yourself begin to harden under her targeted rubbing, and she notices it too
˃She still has a devious look on her face as she hooks her hands underneath the waistband of your pants before yanking them out of the way
˃Your breathing rate increases and your heart pounds even harder as only one layer remains between your bare body and Prim
˃She steels herself with a deep breath and does the same with your briefs, exposing your growing length to your new lover
˃“Holy fuck…” she utters breathlessly as she eyes your cock dangling in front of her. “Heh, you know I always call you “big guy.” Looks like that name applies to all of you.”
˃You blush even more intensely at her sexy talk, but inside your confidence swells immensely
˃You suppose you are “proportionally sized” given your stature, but with a girl as small as Prim it made you look like a veritable professional pornstar
˃Minding her claws, she takes your still-hardening dick into her hands, studying and rubbing it voraciously all over
˃Her rubbing feels immaculate, the softness of her fur mixed with the semi-rough pads on her palms combine to create a vortex of sensations
˃She leans in close and sniffs it once with her delicate black-tipped nose, the wetness sending a shiver through your body
˃“Oh god the smell,” she whispers to herself, moaning and savoring your manly scent
˃She buries her muzzle deep into the base of your cock and inhales deeply, drinking in your male musk like she needs it to live
˃One of her hands goes to your sack and gently cups your balls, fondling them smoothly while she continues to indulge in your aroma
˃As she works her tail whips around like its stuck in a tornado, threatening to strike you with its ever erratic movements
˃She looks up to you before sluggishly opening her maw and drawing her soft, wet tongue along your shaft in a painfully slow motion
˃Every inch of tongue brings about a sensation so pleasurable that you can't help but to emit a stifled moan as your knees threaten to buckle underneath you
˃Prim rightfully takes as a sign that she’s doing good
˃She attempts to take your entire length into her maw, but finds herself unable to thanks to her prominent canines and narrow snout
˃With some trying she could probably get it, but for now she resigns to continue servicing you with her tongue, not missing a single iota of your meat with her dexterous organ
˃After a few more minutes of sniffs and drawn-out licks she leans back up, deeming you ready to further escalate the encounter you both are waiting for
˃She pulls at your shirt, and you take the action as a hint to remove it
˃With little hesitation, she follows and takes off her own as well as her shorts, leaving only a matching black bra and panties on her body while she ogles your fully erect penis
˃You guess it’s your turn to take initiative now, so you lean down towards Prim, wrapping your thick arms around her tight form and kissing her again
˃Swiftly yet gently you explore her defined body with your hands, and she does the same to yours
˃Starting with her neck, you revel in the feeling of her wonderfully soft fur mold and part under your palms as her muscles tense and relax
˃You can feel Prim move her arms behind her back and unhook her bra, unceremoniously allowing it to fall to the ground with the rest of your discarded clothing
˃The sight of her perky B-cup breasts immediately adds a new level to your arousal as your dick twitches in anticipation, brushing against her stomach
˃Her charcoal-black nipples stand in contrast to her white chest fur, acting as beacons for your future affection
˃You cup one of the fuzzy breasts in your palm while the other hand still explores her muscled backside
˃She moans even deeper into you as your fingers brush against a rapidly-hardening nipple several times, each sending jolts of pleasure so violent through her that you can feel them, being so close
˃You take the nub in between two fingers and fondle it delicately, producing even more moans and squeaks from the fox as she exhales in pleasure
˃With your other hand you continue lower, feeling every toned muscle of her shoulders and back before reaching the top of her panties
˃You move your hand to her front and rub your fingers along the outside of her mound, eliciting another hearty moan from your partner
˃As you rub, she breaks the kiss with a short gasp and places her hand on top of yours, acting as a guide to her pleasure as you continue your caressing
˃The heat coming off of her is intense and a spicy smell is soon picked up by your nose, making your own head spin with lust
˃You can feel her soft, oddly-shaped lower lips part as your fingers run over them through the fabric, and you also notice a dampness clinging to your fingers as you deepen her arousal
˃Freeing her breast from your other hand, you bring it down to meet the other along the rim of her panties
˃You slide the garment down gently, watching as strands of her sticky, clear arousal try and stay with her lowering underwear
˃Now both completely nude, you pick your fox-lover up and gently lay her on the white, queen-sized bed, determined to give her the night of her life by any means necessary
˃It may be your first time, but you’ve always been one to learn by action, and knowing Prim, she’s going to make sure you perform at the top of your game
˃Just like she always does
˃So starting high you kiss her neck several times before making your way downwards, planting lustful kisses along her body as you move, each one drawing more and more erotic sounds from Prim
˃When you reach her chest you take a nipple into your mouth, suckling it gently as you pinch and play with the other
˃Then you move down towards her stomach, peppering her fur with love and rubbing the chiseled abs visible even beneath her fluff
˃Before you can reach your final destination, she stops you with a hand placed lightly on the top of your head
˃“Wait,” she says softly, trying to catch her breath
˃As you pull back you notice that her tail is covering her crotch, obscuring your view of her most sensitive areas
˃“You…know we’re different down there, right? Than humans?” she asks with a hint of anxiety
˃You’ve seen plenty of “research material” before, so you know the differences in anatomy between humans and anthros
“I know,” you say, taking her poofy tail in hand and moving it out of the way
˃She nods and spreads her legs out slightly, giving you a perfect view of her sopping wet womanhood
˃Her pitch-black triangular folds protrude slightly from her body, glistening with wetness and emitting a heat comparable to a sauna
˃You move your head down towards her lower half, taking in her heady, womanly scent that is now to permeating throughout the room
˃She hisses in surprise as you slowly lick her vulva from top to bottom, taking care to hit every inch of her wonderful canine pussy
˃Her taste is musky and slightly sweet, definitely intense and feminine in all the right ways
˃You take your index fingers and smoothly spread her lower lips, revealing a wet, pink interior that’s begging for attention
˃With another lick you target the divot that contains her clitoris, attacking the recessed button with short and precise prods of your tongue
˃She squeals and grabs your head with her hands, pushing your face deeper and deeper into her nethers
˃“Fuck…fuck,” she moans deeply and rhythmically, hands playing with the back of your head as you eat her out
˃You take an index finger and place it at her entrance, probing and teasing slightly before slowly entering her tight canal
˃Prim gasps and further writhes under your two-front assault, her moans of pleasure sounding like music to your ears
˃After a few minutes of licking and fingering she taps you on the head to get your attention, breaking your motions
˃You raise your juice-coated head, locking on to her face that was stuck in a lust-filled grimace
˃“Hey, I need you inside me now, big guy. I can’t fucking take it anymore,” she says with a whine as she gropes one of her breasts
˃“Yes ma’am,” you say gleefully, eager to fulfil her sexual desires in whatever ways she wants
˃As you rise to you knees, she parts her taut legs a bit more and lifts them to her torso, allowing you to hold them in place while you prepare yourself for the main event
˃Your length sits along her stomach, twitching slightly as the fur teases it with her every ragged breath
˃A large bead of pre forms at the tip, soon soaking into her fur as it drips downwards
˃She looks at you with nervous eyes when she notices that your manhood protrudes well past her navel, and her voice gives away just as much unease
˃“Be careful with me, big man,” she quietly requests
“I will,” you say reassuringly. “Just tell me if I do anything wrong.”
˃She nods as you draw your hips back slowly
˃You look down in between her legs and guide your member to her entrance, gently pressing forward once in position
˃Her juices and differing anatomy complicate your entry, causing you to slip along her lips several times without entry
˃Prim moans as your dick rubs against her clit, but she still notices your struggles and uses a gentle hand to guide your cock into the correct position
˃She angles it down slightly, after which you carefully thrust forwards again
˃With her help, on the third try you find purchase as your head finally slips inside of her cavern
˃You both gasp as the intense electric feelings of pleasure course through your respective bodies
˃Even with just your tip in you can still feel her molten walls clinching and tightening against your cock, threatening to push you back out if you’re not careful
˃It’s already a feeling that you never want to forget, and you haven’t even truly started yet
˃Slowly you press forward, keeping an eye on Prim’s reactions to make sure you aren’t hurting her
˃Thankfully her look is one of pleasure, with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth and moans of pleasure reverberating through her chest
˃Inch-by-inch you continue, savoring the warmth and wetness that envelops you like a glove the deeper you go
˃Just before you can bottom out you hit the limit to her depths
˃Unknowingly, your tip pushes firmly against her sensitive cervix, causing her eyes shoot open as she yips in pain and winces
“Sorry!” You call out apologetically after her reaction, pulling your body back slightly to make her comfortable again
˃“It’s fine,” she says with a groan as she recovers from the pain, clawed hand rubbing her white-furred abs where your cock poked her insides. “I guess I should have seen that coming, huh, big man?”
˃She gives a throaty chuckle and smiles at you, indicating for you to continue with your work
˃You return the gesture before looking down and taking mental note of your current depth, remembering not go past there again
˃Carefully you move your hips back, pulling your length almost completely out of her warm grip before diving right back in
˃Prim gasps as your first full stroke registers in her mind, and her walls constrict around you like a fleshy vice
˃You stay in your near-hilted position for a moment before repeating the motion slowly, making sure you don’t go too deep
˃She’s so tight it's almost painful, but you persist through the mix of pleasure and occasional discomfort
˃Eventually you work into a vigilant rhythm, staying ever aware of your depth inside of her and her reactions
˃It’s hard to tell exactly if her gasps, hisses, and groans are those of pleasure or pain, but she doesn’t tell you to stop
˃In fact, she tells you to go faster as your eyes lock on to one another
˃The fire in her gaze is so intense, so filled with a need for your love that you fully intend to provide
˃To facilitate your change in pace, you release your grip on Prim’s legs, allowing her paw-feet to return to the bed but keeping her knees bent at an angle
˃You then lean forwards, placing your arms on either side of hers for stability as you continue to move your hips back and forth in a sloppy, inexperienced rhythm
˃Your head is directly above hers now, and she takes the opportunity to place her arms around you, pulling you back into a deep kiss as her moans quicken in pace and intensity concurrent with your faster thrusts
˃Her claws dig deeply into the skin of your back, stinging greatly but not in any way that slows your pace
˃Nothing could slow you down now, anyways
˃The bedroom is filled with a cacophony of sounds, from lewd squelching and the creaking of her bed to your combined moans of ecstasy that reverberate off the walls
˃It’s a symphony of mutual excitement and lust, and it grows in both tempo and volume as you continue your unabated pounding
˃By now your thrusts are slightly more practiced, the depth of your deepest possible strokes ingrained in muscle memory permanently
˃With one hand you reach down and toy with her clit, eliciting her most visceral reactions of the night so far
˃She throws her arms to the side and digs her fingers into the bed as her whole body tenses tremendously, back arching as well with a bucking motion soon following
˃“Keep doing that!” She yells as she stifles a desperate moan, her walls rapidly twitching and spasming around your girthy member
˃You do as instructed, homing in on her button as her hips rock up and down in an attempt to grind even deeper against your pelvis
˃Prim’s breathing picks up in intensity as you continue to rub, her chest heaving like she’s sprinting in a race
˃“Oh my God,” she eeks out between sucking gasps of air. “Shit, I’m gonna fucking cum! Keep going! Keep going!”
˃At her almost begging words you maintain your pace but redouble your efforts on her clit, hoping to draw out her first of hopefully many orgasms you'd bring about tonight
“Do it. Cum on my dick!,” you growl deeply to her as you continue the same pattern of rubbing and thrusting
˃You didn’t even mean to say that out loud, you simply thought it, and your mouth just blurted it out with reckless abandon
˃You worry you’ve killed the mood, but then you feel it, a wave of contractions in her pussy that start at the base of your cock and work up your shaft, all the way to your tip
˃They’re pulsing and well-timed, designed solely to draw your seed into her womb, but you still have more left until you reach your own peak and indulge her own body
˃Prim clamps her maw down on her arm, stifling a guttural scream as the intense orgasm rips through her very mind and body
˃Her back arches even further, causing your dick to slip outside as a jet of hot femcum splashes against your body, coating your entire manhood and pelvis before dripping downwards onto the now-ruined sheets
˃You stay unmoving, in shock the display as she rides out her orgasm, grinding her puffy pussy lips against your swollen member as she desperately tries to force it back inside, her juices continuing to coat both of you all the while
˃Moments later her wild grinding slows and her hips return to the bed, finally allowing you to regain focus and drive your girlcum-soaked cock back into her fiery depths where it belongs
˃The sensation is too much for the poor girl, whose face becomes locked open into an “O” shape, desperately panting and moaning your name as the new waves of pleasure supersede the old
˃Again her hands find your sweat-covered back, pawing and gripping at your for dear life as you drill her like a well-timed piston
˃You can feel a churning deep inside your nuts as they slap loudly against her furry taint, an initial signal that your end is approaching
˃But you’re determined to draw your first lovemaking session out as long as humanly possible, so you force the feeling away as you prioritize the pleasure of the girl underneath you
˃Your mind has reverted to pure instinct
˃Gone are the worries, your inhibitions…now your body is purely determined to do one thing and one thing only: to fuck Prim’s brains out and plant your seed deep inside her
˃With her arms still wrapped around you, she’s now pulled herself completely off the bed, holding your bodies together as tightly as possible
˃In this position, you see an opportunity arise
˃You place your arms around her as well, gently lifting her until you both are vertical and facing one another
˃Her head comes up only to your sweaty chest, which she buries her snout into as you both continue to thrust against each other
˃The feeling of her body rubbing against you is incredible, from her velveteen fur caressing everywhere to her rock-hard nipples that grind and poke along your stomach
˃As you bounce her up and down steadily for some time, you begin to feel her internal walls slowly begin the same milking motion as from just before her first peak
˃Knowing what’s likely to come, you unwrap a hand from her back and again rub her recessed clit to give her a further push to the edge
˃She barely has time to warn you of her impending orgasm as her body convulses and writhes on its own under your grip
˃“Shit! I’m cumming again!” she squeals, throwing her head behind her and raking her claws against your already-stinging back
˃This time you’re able to keep her speared on your cock when she cums, giving you the full experience of having the life gripped out of your shaft by your fox partner
˃Another gush of feminine juices sprays out from her pussy and onto your cock, the bed, and anything else it it’s path, the torrent so intense that you can feel the rebounding droplets fly upwards and hit both your bodies
˃Simultaneously, your motions slow for a moment as she recovers from the orgasmic high with several deep breaths and gentle strokes of your scratch-ridden back
˃“How…how have you not cum yet?” She asks, panting with her muzzle pressed against your pecs
“I don’t know,” you answer honestly with a breathless laugh as you rub her hair and flickering ears. “But I know for sure you’re getting me there.”
˃“I want us to,” she starts before moaning into you as your member hits a sensitive spot. “To cum together.”
“Let’s do it then. How do you want to do this?” you ask
˃You can feel her nod as she firmly pushes your larger body back onto the soft bed, and even without words you know what’s to come
˃Grabbing a pillow, you prop your head up so you can watch this gorgeous vixen ride your cock cowgirl-style
˃Knowing that she’s 2-0 in the orgasm scoreboard, Prim seems determined to make you cum just as hard as she has, and she’s willing to put in the work to make that happen
˃Now having the chance to catch your breath, you’re able to more intently appreciate the amazing body of your partner as she begins to bounce up and down on your hips
˃Her perky breasts jiggle slightly with each motion, accentuating her strong chest on the downbeat and floating like perfect orbs on the upswing
˃The small black nipples that protrude from the fur on each are so perfect, so enticing that you can’t help but to reach up and play with them, eliciting some more moans as you tweak the sensitive bits of flesh
˃She leans forward, placing her soft hands on your large pecs for stability as her toned arms flex and work to keep her steady
˃Everything about her is simply perfect, from her golden eyes that bore into your soul to her powerful legs that bounce her up and down on your dick
˃You love her more than anything in the world, and you intend to show that on a physical level
˃As she continues her frenzied ride, you can feel your balls churning again, this time several-folds more intensely
˃You can practically feel the load you’re about to give her stewing around your insides, waiting for just the right moment to make its presence known
“Prim, I’m getting close…” you warn the fox, who leans down and tries to get her face as close to yours as possible
˃“Me too,” she says huskily, licking your pecs as she rides you and moans deeply. “Cum for me baby. I want your fucking cum all inside me. Give it to me, Please!”
˃Her lewd begs stir your loins even further, and when you feel her tunnel begin to clinch around your dick again, you know for sure that your orgasms will be mutual
˃Time seems to slow once her pussy starts to milk you for the last time, sending you straight to the edge as your cock twitches and spasms on the verge of bursting
”Prim…I’m gonna cum,“ you squeak out in warning, but she already knows what’s happening and thrusts her hips against you even harder, trying to pull you along with her
˃You see only stars as the first rope of your cum flies straight into her waiting womb, surely coating the entirety her insides a pearly white on just the first shot
˃“Yes!” Prim screams in delight as the feeling of your hot seed pushes her over the edge as well, sending her pussy into a milking frenzy once the first spurt hits her cervix like a freight train
˃The jets of your spunk continue to fly rapidly into her deepest reaches, each one being practically sucked out by her contractions in perfect synchrony with your own spasms
˃As your balls physically lurch upwards towards her ass, you know for a fact that this is the hardest you’ve ever cum
˃Your stomach and chest heaves with every gush that further ensures that her insides are completely saturated with your sperm
˃The sheer volume of seed is too much for her to handle, and as your vision returns you can finally see a puddle of your combined juices forming as it drips from her completely-filled fox pussy that’s still bouncing on your spasming rod
˃Your last spurts come weakly, with your balls now completely drained of every possible milliliter of spunk
˃Prim collapses onto your chest as your respective orgasms subside, and you wrap your arms around each other in a loving embrace
˃The two of you catch your breath for a minute, basking in the afterglow with each other
˃Soon feel your softening member slip out of her with a squelch
˃You can feel the rush of your cum flow out from inside her, pooling along your crotch with the remaining juices from earlier
˃Prim pouts as the feeling of your cum exiting her hits, and quickly she brings a hand down to the puddle of juices that sits between your bodies
˃“A bit pent up?” She asks as she carefully scoops up a handful of your spunk
“A little it seems,” you say with a soft laugh of your own
˃She sits up, still straddling your hips and looks at her cum-coated hand
˃With no hesitation she laps at the emissions greedily, using her long tongue to get as much into her maw with each lick as possible
˃Holy mother of God, she’s kinky as fuck
˃“Mmm, delicious,” she moans heartily. “Maybe even better than your pie?”
“Now, now, let’s not get hasty here,” you manage to say jokingly, still mildly out of breath and slightly shocked at her actions
˃“Ahh, you’re right,” she says as she lays down again on your chest. “The only thing better than that pie is you.”
˃You didn’t think it was possible for your heart to switch emotions so quickly, but what she said flipped the switch from lusty to sappy in an instant
“I love you, Prim,” you confess softly as you stroke her soft ears
˃“I love you too, big man,” she says in complete agreement, placing a wet kiss on your nose to accentuate her feelings
˃You two continue to embrace in the near-silent room, the only sounds that dare make themselves known being your respective breaths

˃You’re close to dozing off when you feel Prim stir, so you crack an eye open to see her looking at you
˃“Shower?” she asks with a wink
˃Your answer is unneeded as you stand with her still in your arms, now energized and more than ready to finally get clean
˃You carry your mewling lover to the small attached bathroom, flipping on the light and setting her down as you enter
˃The bathroom is small but well-built
˃Inside a wall-recessed shower sits across from a porcelain pedestal sink and large vanity mirror, next to which lies the toilet
˃There’s even a fur-dryer built into the far corner that looks like one of the newer, high-tech models
˃If you had fur you’d be jealous, at least you probably would be if all the ads are to be believed
˃Prim opens the glass door to the decently-sized stone tile shower and flips the water on, stepping back as she allows it to heat up
˃Now in a well-lit room, you’re finally able to see just how messy the two of you have become as you look into the mirror
˃Your front is completely covered in a vast selection of fluids, each contributing to the stickiness you feel all over
˃Prim fares a bit better, but her fur is still completely matted and your combined juices are still dripping down her legs steadily
˃Yeah, you both need this shower ASAP
˃Once the water is at the optimal temperature you both step inside, savoring the warmth as it washes over you both
˃Prim soon grabs a bottle of soap and squirts a dollop in her hands before turning and working the thick liquid into a lather on your chest
˃She hands you the same bottle and you repeat the motions, soon working your fingers into her fur as the almost-unscented soap rapidly bubbles up
˃The two of you wash each other all over, taking care to clean every bit of spunk and feminine juices that coat your bodies
˃It’s an action that you could argue is even more intimate than your lovemaking session
˃Your rubbing and caressing each other just feels right, with her lithe form rubbing and pressing against you in slippery bliss
˃It takes time and lots more soap to finally get yourselves clean to an acceptable level
˃Once you’re both satisfied Prim shuts off the water and opens the door, allowing the two of you to step out into the cold bathroom air
˃She hands you a towel from a drawer before retreating to her fur dryer in the corner of the bathroom
˃Prim steps into the pod-like device and works a touch panel, soon starting up the dryer that works with a loud whir
˃While she’s inside you continue to towel-dry yourself, halving your attention between yourself and the fur-dryer that you’ve never actually seen in action before
˃By the time you’re completely dry the machine begins to slow down, and once the mechanical whirring stops you’re greeted with a sight that makes you burst into laughter
˃Prim’s fur is completely puffed out, every single hair standing completely on edge, making her look like an adorable puffball
˃She smirks and scowls at your reaction, handing you a thick brush and nonverbally signaling for you to get working
˃You do as you’re told once she places herself between you and the vanity mirror, leaning back into your body
˃Starting high you work the bristle brush through her frizzy hair, taming the neck-length brown strands before moving down to her shoulders
˃You alternate between brush strokes and using your palms to smooth down the remaining errant bits
˃She coos as you fawn over her fur, sighing contentedly as her wondrous fur gets more under control with each passing minute
˃You take special care when brushing her chest, not wanting to hurt her sensitive nipples and also saving yourself the embarrassment of what nicking them would entail for you
˃Eventually you reach her back and then tail, which you know will be the most difficult part of her to subdue
˃You tried to work out most of the tail’s mats in the shower, but they proved to be much too stubborn for just your fingers
˃Now you have the perfect tool to tackle this challenge
˃Prim continues her hums of satisfaction as you fix up her tail, making sure every mat is removed promptly and efficiently
˃The white-and-orange appendage attempts to sway in your grasp like it wishes to escape, but you keep a firm hold on the strong base so you can work unimpeded
˃It takes the better part of 10 minutes to get her tail to an acceptable level
˃Afterwards you finish up her legs and backside relatively quickly, setting the brush on the sink once finally finished
˃“Thanks, big man, you did good,” she says as she checks herself out in the mirror. “I think you should brush me more often.”
“That can be arranged,” you say happily, planting a kiss on the back of her head as the two of you leave the bathroom
˃Back in the bedroom Prim turns the lights back on to full, and you can see just how badly the two of you wrecked the bed
˃The closer you step towards it, the more it reeks of sex and sweat
˃Every piece of bedding has fluid of some sort on it, with the plush blankets and large comforter taking the brunt of the damage thanks to them being on top of everything
˃You can see multiple large, dark stains in the white bedding, denoting exactly the places Prim’s violent orgasms occurred
˃She looks at the mess sheepily, twirling her fingers in her short hair
˃“Oh wow, that’s, uhm…never happened before,” she admits
“What? This?” you ask, pointing towards one of the large stains as you begin to strip the blankets off of the bed
˃She joins you in your cleaning, her voice still coy. “Yeah…Shit, I’m gonna have to get some waterproof sheets if this’ll happen every time. Thanks, stud!”
˃Your confidence continues to grow leaps and bounds tonight
˃Not only did you have sex, not only did you made Prim cum, but she thinks you’re a stud in bed
“Well, it just goes to show how good I am,” you boast jokingly, throwing a damp blanket in the corner
˃“Don’t let it go to your head, big man,” she says with a roll of her eyes and a chuckle. “You’re good, but I’ll make you even better.”
“I’m good?!” you say, surprised at your newbie skills. “Heh, not bad for a first timer,” you mutter to yourself before paling as you realize what just slipped your lips
˃Quickly you cough once and turn your head away, hoping Prim didn’t notice your admission
˃“Wait, what did you say?” she asks, mouth agape in disbelief
˃Oh God she noticed
“Oh, uh, nothing! I didn’t say anything!”
˃You’re such a bad liar, and Prim can see right through you
˃“No, it sounded a lot like, “not bad for a first timer.””
˃She walks over to you and pokes a claw in your bare chest. “Are you a virgin?”
˃You feel your body completely flush as you quickly avert your eyes
“Was a virgin,” you mumble under your breath
˃“Jesus,” she says as she huffs and cocks her head to the side. “With how you fucked me I was sure you’d have at least a few bodies under your belt, but a virgin?”
˃She wraps her dainty yet strong arms around you, pressing your bodies together. “Was I good for your first time, Mr. Virgin?”
“Better than I could have ever imagined,” you admit with a modicum of confidence at speaking the truth
˃“Good,” she says with a grin as she releases you. “You know I’m gonna tease you about this all the time, right?”
“That’s exactly what I feared,” you grumble with a sigh before chuckling at the ever-goading fox
˃She winks at you before returning her attention to the bed, continuing to strip any wet articles
˃Thankfully the bottom sheet was spared from the deluge, so all that needs to be done now is to get a set of fresh linens to place on top of it
˃“I’ll grab some blankets,” Prim says before turning and walking out of the bedroom
˃You watch as her curvaceous ass is placed on full display in front of you
˃You’d fantasized about how it would look in the nude, but seeing it now, it was everything you imagined it would be and more
˃Two perfect, well muscled and round cheeks that melded into strong thighs, all coming together to form a wonderful peach shape that jiggled slightly with each step
˃Her fur colors accented her curves, as the splotches and streaks of gradient orange contoured along the outside of her legs, blending into the vast whiteness that covered most other portions of her rear
˃You can even see the outline of her black pussy lips in between her legs, swaying in and out of sight with her the movements of her hips and tail
˃…Jesus, it's perfect
˃Sadly your immaculate view ends as she steps into the hall and, from the sounds you hear, opens a closet and shuffles through some items inside
˃A minute later she re-enters with most of her nude form obscured by the collection of bedclothes
˃She throws them down on the bed and sighs before growing a surprised expression as she looks at you
˃“You good?” She asks as you peer down to where her gaze is on your body
˃You notice you’re back to full mast, no doubt spurred by ogling her fine backside
“Oh, yeah, it's just,” you sputter, trying to find a way to explain your pervertedness. “When you walked out I watched you and well…you’re pretty and…”
˃She smiles at your awkwardness and tosses a folded blanket at you, wiggling her eyebrows. “Well, help me get these on and I might help you take care of that, pervert.”
˃You don’t have to be told twice as you get the bed made in a frenzy
˃“Lay down,” she calmly commands once you’re both finished, pointing to the head of the bed
˃You do as told, making yourself comfortable on your back as Prim climbs on top of you
˃Your turgid cock stands at attention between her silky thighs, begging for care despite blowing a load not that long ago
˃She lowers herself between your legs, your manhoob rubbing all along her legs, stomach, and chest as she approaches her final position with her head just above your crotch
˃You shiver and writhe as she wraps both hands around the base of your cock and strokes gently, gauging your physical reactions with a sultry look on her face
˃Prim then sticks out her long tongue and drags it across the underside of your manhood from sack to glans, eliciting a deep moan from your lips
˃Intent to re-try what she could not accomplish earlier, she opens her maw wide in an attempt to pleasure you the way she sees fit
˃Through trial and error she’s finally able to get your rod halfway inside her mouth, your tip just about tickling her throat’s entrance
˃She’s not able to truly suck on you because of her teeth, but the wetness of her mouth and tongue that envelop your dick is alone on a pleasure level comparable to her pussy
˃It was a completely different sensation, too
˃Whereas her vaginal walls were uniform in their movements and waves of contractions, her tongue and mouth are able to move freely and erratically all over your cock
˃She can easily switch up her modes of attack, going from focusing on your sensitive head to immediately toying with your balls in a matter of seconds
˃In addition to her skilled mouth, she also uses her hands to great effect, twisting and stroking your dick as she bobs her head up and down steadily
˃You groan as she attempts to take your entire length into her canid mouth, your shaft entering her warm and tight throat as she dives further downwards
˃She stifles a gag and holds your cock as deep as possible in her esophagus, staring into your eyes as her body starts to beg for oxygen
˃But she holds the position, her dexterous tongue slathering your nutsack in copious amounts of saliva
˃After what feels like an eternity she releases your length from her throat, gasping for air but keeping her tongue in motion as she plants a series of licks along your dick
˃The masterful stimulation is getting to you, and the familiar churning feeling you know so well starts in your loins
˃You have no doubt that Prim notices it too when she intensifies her efforts, paying special attention to your sack as if she could pull your load from it with her tongue and hands
˃Your face contorts and your chest heaves, abdominals flexing as she coaxes your orgasm closer and closer with every lick and stroke
“Prim, getting close…” You force out, glancing down to her beautiful golden eyes that haven’t left your face for a single second
˃She again wraps both hands along the base of your shaft, keeping her tongue wrapped around the head as she firmly massages your length
“Cumming!” you hoarsely call out, gripping the sheets as you feel your orgasm begin to take hold
˃She holds the upper half of your cock in her mouth as her hands continue to fondle the lower half with her hands
˃A moan rumbles deep inside her as cum fills her eagerly waiting mouth, your member trembling with every spurt that flies into her
˃Once she’s sure that every bit of seed has left your dick and balls, she releases her grip on you and opens her maw, showing off your cum that coats her pink tongue and cheeks
˃Without skipping a beat she closes her mouth and swallows your load, smiling as she drinks your essence like it’s water
˃Jesus, you had no idea that Prim was going to be this kinky, but now that you’ve seen her intimate side, you definitely want more
˃She crawls back up and cuddles with you, wrapping her arms around your neck and giving you a peck on the cheek
˃“Feeling better?” she asks
“Holy hell yes,” you say, catching your breath and rubbing her hair. “That was amazing.”
˃“Glad you liked it, are you finally ready for bed now?” She asks, assuming the little spoon position next to you
˃Her question triggers a loud yawn from you, conveying your answer easily enough as she giggles
˃You wrap your large arms around her and pull her into your chest, feeling her back fur and tail press deeply into your torso
˃Prim sighs in content and nestles herself into you, yawning as well
“Goodnight, Prim. I love you,” you whisper to your vixen with a short squeeze
˃“I love you too, Anon,” she murmurs with a hug of your arm
˃With her comfortably in your grip, the two of you fall asleep in each others grasp, confident and eagerly awaiting your shared futures together

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