Just like before this is a direct continuation and starts precisely when part 2 ends. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave comments.)

Part 3 (day 1)

Her body limb against mine, I held her in my arms as we both caught our breath, letting my cock slide out of her of it's own. After a moment, her head turned and she looked at me, a weak smile on her lips. Her eyes were exhausted but I could easily read a deep satisfaction in them. Gently she kissed me and as she pulled back she said to me.

:: Please, don't regret it either. ::

:: Shit... ::

I looked down, my rising cock meeting her slit again. She felt it touch her and looked at me with wide eyes. I Couldn't tell if she was impressed, excited, scared or angry. Seemed a bit of everything.

:: How do you do that?!? ::

:: Your fault for being so amazing. ::

I said calmly, almost in a whisper, looking her in the eyes with a gentle smile. Responding with a beaming smile, she happily closed her eyes as I kissed her slowly.

:: Now can I? ::

:: Please, that's five times in a row for me, let me sle-AH! ::

I didn't really let her finish, she even let out a beautiful moan when I pushed all the way in between her closed legs in one thrust. She looked at me with exhausted eyes, begging me with them as she breathed deeply. Though what she begged for, for it to stop or continue, I actually could not tell. A bit hesitant to go on right away, I leaned down over her. I took her hand and wrapped her fingers around mine as I leaned over her face, looking down at her with an amused smirk. I kissed her gently, letting her relax at her own pace and sink into it. Parting our lips I whispered to her.

:: Don't worry, I'll be gentle. You just enjoy it. ::

She hid her mouth with her free hand, trying to hide a girly smile as her cheeks flushed even redder then they already were from all this action. I kissed her again, feeling her moan gently into the kiss as I pulled out before pushing again in one smooth thrust. I kept repeating the movement in a constant, fluid motion, never giving her too little or too much stimulation. Our lips parting, her head fell into her pillow and she brought her free hand back up over her mouth, trying to hide her pleasured expression from me. The sight was so cute I could feel myself getting a little harder and bigger inside her.

My rhythm inside her still smooth and fluid I began kissing her neck. I sometimes even sucked gently on her skin. Her moans were becoming constant and I could see her fingers beginning to slip between her lips again. I stood back up on my knees and straightened my back, allowing me to pull further out of her with each thrust. Her ass now making a sound of suction with each push with all the juices covering it. Letting go of her hand, I grabbed the inside of her leg and brought it over my shoulder so I could push in ever deeper as I began massaging the inside of her thighs.

The moment lasted a while as I listened to the music of her moans. Her free hand creeped ever closer to her pussy, desperately wanting to touch her clit as I slowly made love to her. Still she was too ashamed to just go for it. Getting so close to her goal, I stopped massaging her tights and grabbed her hand, pressing her fingers over her clit. Just as she began moving her fingers of her own, I pushed two fingers inside her ass, the fingers sinking all the way down to the knuckles easily with how soaked she was down there. The sudden intrusion made her body jolt back and release a loud moan. Her eyes shut tight, her lips parted and pouting, I saw my cue to keep thrusting.

Both my cock and fingers moved simultaneously inside her, I could even feel her fingers playing with her clit a bit more firmly. By how loud she was being and how amazing it felt, I could tell neither of us would last much longer. So pushing it deep inside her, I started giving small, fast thrust, keeping as much of my cock inside her as possible as I moved. Using her sexy round and firm ass to bounce in and out. I could feel her ass squeezing my fingers so tight I could barely move them. She was definitely cumming. Still thrusting I leaned over her and looked down. He pleasured expression was so erotic, yet beautiful. Her eyes opened and she looked directly into my own. Loudly she moaned my name as she came, her gaze never leaving mine.

With deeper, slow thrusts I kept going as I came inside her one last time, not wanting the pleasure to end. She kept moaning, a bit more quietly with each thrust as her orgasm subsided within the pleasure.

Part 4 (day 2)

I woke the next morning, my mind a haze. Still half asleep my mind tried to gather up where I was, all the while trying to fall back to sleep. Even barely conscious I could tell this wasn't my bed, neither my home's nor the one of the room I'd rented for the week. I felt something warm and heavy laying on me. Not a common feeling. My fingers slid over it of their own over the soft and smooth mass. They felt it up and down and almost instinctively grabbed onto the lower part at my hip level. I squeezed and played with it without thinking, feeling it jerking in my hands

My blood warmed up, my accelerating heart beat waking me up more until I decided to open my eyes. Long, waving hair hid my view but I could now notice her shallow breathing on my chest and to her later embarrassment, a stream of drool dripping from her pouted lips. Oh well, we both needed a shower anyways. That'll be fun. I lifted a hand off of what I now knew was her naked ass, feeling her hips wiggle a little as my fingers brushed over it. Pushing her locks aside and behind her ear, I could now look down at her sleeping face. She looked so peaceful and relaxed, I might have laughed were it not so beautiful to see the change from her usual nervous expression.

Lowering my head, I gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead as I let my arm wrap gently around her body once more. As I pulled my head back, I could see her eyes slowly fluttering open. I noticed a very rare expression in her eyes, like she wanted to simply stay asleep like this. Here I thought she hated sleep. Watching her wake up, I noticed her cheek getting red as she gathered her surroundings. I could easily notice it was a mix of embarrassment and excitement as she slowly realized she'd fallen asleep stark naked on top of me.

:: Sorry! ::

Her head lifted up in a hurry and her eyes widened, she'd finally noticed the stream of drool dripping down her lips and over my chest. She quickly tried to wipe it off with one hand, though I could feel part of her body was still slightly limb from just waking up. I grabbed her wrist just as she finished wiping her drool off and started sliding her now wet hand down my body, taking away her leverage which slowly brought her face close to mine again. Before she could think I kissed her deeply, while guiding her hand down very slowly until I stopped it right over my crotch. I think we could both feel by now the covers starting to rise up over my hardening cock, which i doubt bothered her with how her ass now gently wiggled of its own in my other hand.

Pulling my head away from the kiss, I noticed her both embarrassed and excited expression getting much more obvious, her cheeks slowly turning a deeper red. As she looked up into my eyes, as if unsure of my thoughts. I looked right back into hers and smiled, a happy but mischievous smile which slowly stretched into a smirk at the end. She responded with a beaming smile, as if all worries had washed away, letting her freely give into the moment without fear. Seeing her relax and lay down her head on my chest again, I let go of her wrist and wrapped my arm around her. Her hand barely moved from where I left it, instead I could feel her cold fingers, still wet with her own drool, sliding over my lower stomach, sometimes moving down a little to gently play with my pubic hair.

Her breathing got warmer and stronger over my chest and I could feel it slowly moving up to my neck. Her wet lips brushed over my collar bone, making a shiver run threw me, which I suppose she caught on to because she then began kissing the very spot that made me shiver. She kept up her fervent exploration of my neck, looking for sensitive areas as she obviously tried to get stronger reactions out of me. Every kiss got me more and more excited, making both my hands grab on to her ass now. Firmly I squeezed and massaged it, spreading her cheeks a little wider with each movement, her hips gradually following my motion. By now I could feel a wet stream dripping down from between her legs and onto my own.

Not to my surprise, as soon as my fingers began to reach for her pussy between her spread out cheeks, I felt her shacking hand move away from my crotch and quickly pull off the covers from over us. It was probably for the better, because both our bodies were starting to get pretty hot. She then reached down my body again, her hand grabbing onto my cock, just bellow the head and began gently stroking it, letting her fingers slowly get covered in my pre-cum. I could feel her breathing getting even stronger over my neck, moans escaping her lips as I began moving my fingers over her pussy and asshole, getting them wet as my other hand kept massing and pulling apart her ass.

Feeling her lips move away from my neck, I opened my eyes and looked down at her face. She looked up at me, her lips parted in a moan, her face red from heat and excitement. I could easily read the desire all over her face although we'd barely woken up a few minutes ago. She looked so erotic and so beautiful, I couldn't help but lean down and kiss her. She fell into the kiss instantly, pulling back to suck on my lower lip before sinking right back into it. As we kissed, I took hold of her body firmly and began moving her over me, making her let go of my cock as it slit between her legs, right below her pussy.

Her hand slid up my body, taking hold of my right arm as the other brushed up my left, then my neck and finally began combing threw and caressing my hair, which only sent more shivers threw my body as my scalp was so sensitive. She moaned and groaned into the kiss as I felt her ass squirming into my hand. She was trying on her own to get just in the right position to grin her pussy against my cock. My shaft being a fair length, she pushed her body up over me, now making her nipples brush over my chest with every thrust over all eighth inches of my hard cock. The excitement blurring my mind, I began moving my hips as well, grinding my shaft even more firmly against her, even using the head to rub her clit with each thrust.

Breaking the deep kiss she looked down at me, her gaze blured with excitement and her face bright red as she moaned with each breath. I could feel her hips gradually grinding further, as if unconsciously trying to push my cock inside her. Finally she got the head close enough to to push it in, but with how soaking wet she was by now, my cock just sprung between her legs, making her gasp loudly. To help her out, a grabbed onto the base of my shaft and guided it to her hole, which wasn't easy with the now erratic movement of her hips, grinding it over her pussy and asshole. The pleasure was obviously blurring her thoughts by now. After a moment I could finally push it inside, the movement of her hips pushing the whole length in a single thrust. It made her body jolt up, her back arching from the sudden pulse of pleasure as she moaned loudly, her eyes shut tight and her face toward the sky.

Her body remained immobile for a moment as her insides gradually got used to the large intruder and as she untensed from what I think was an orgasm, which was hard to tell with how incredibly sensitive she was. Her eyes still closed, she gradually began moving of her own again, pulling my cock out to about half it's length before pushing it back in slow, fluid thrusts. Her hands rested on each side of my shoulders, from the corner of my eyes I could see her fingers tightly holding onto the cover below us, indicating she felt even better then she was willing to show. She would probably cum again if she trusted it in any faster.

Wanting the pleasure to last, I let go of her ass and let her take care of the thrusting, letting her have it exactly how she wanted it. I moved my hands slowly over her body, making shivers run up her chest as my fingers brushed over her sweaty skin. Then I firmly grabbed her perfect breasts with both hands, pressing them firmly and pinching her nipples between my fingers. The movement of her hips almost instantly became more erratic as I began playing with her breasts. Her arms even seemed to weaken, lowering them close enough to my face. So, massaging them in a circular motions, I reached for one nipple with my mouth as I teased the other with my thumb.

First I gave it a kiss, sucking on it gently as I pulled my head back which made her eagerly moan my name. I then stretched out my tongue, flicking the hard tip up and down with it, before making slow circles around it and then kissing it again, sucking on it a bit more firmly this time. She obviously wanted more, as I now felt her fingers caressing my hair again and pushing my head into her chest. The movement of her hips was getting even more unstable, her moans getting louder with each thrust. My mouth moved to her other breast, repeating the same pattern I'd done with the first, but I could feel I was getting eager myself as my movement were faster and more firm.

Sucking hard on her nipple, I pulled my head back, watching her perky breast bounce right back up as my lips let go. I really couldn't hold anymore, my hand grabbed onto her ass, once again as I began thrusting along with her, making her moan my name again. I then reached for the back of her neck with my other hand, pulling her once more into a deep kiss. She fell into it right away, her breathing erratic as I parted her lips and sucked on her tongue. Now both my hands held firmly onto her ass, this position allowing me to give her deep, strong thrusts.

Thrusting faster and faster inside, she completely stopped moving her hips, trying to hold back her orgasm as long as she could. I doubted it would be long though, for a moment later she broke our kiss, shoving her face into my shoulder, which muffled down her screams and yelps of intense pleasure. I then suddenly stopped all the way inside her, taking a short moment to breathe.

:: It's alright, come for me as hard as you can. ::

With those words I then began thrusting hard inside of her again. Her fingers grasping the covers with all her strength, her muscles squeezing my shaft, she moaned my name again and again. Then, without warning, I felt every muscle in her body tense up as if lightning was running threw her and she shoved her face into my shoulder again. With a loud muffled scream she came, the pulses inside of her sucking in my cock more strongly with each one. I thrusted with all the speed and strength I could muster, her soaking wet insides allowing me to easily push threw the pressure until I felt myself explode. Thick white cum gushed deep inside of her as I also reached orgasm, filling her insides and mixing with her own juices. I kept on thrusting more slowly as I came, each pulsing of her muscles sucking out more of my cum.

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