Rochelle and I spent the whole day in bed. It was heaven and I never wanted it to end. I woke up the next morning to the sound of water running from our bathroom. I slowly sit up and see Rochelle in a robe next to the faucet of the whirl tub. She looks over at me and smiles, "well are you going to join me or not?" I smile back at her as I jump out of bed, "MMM, I was hoping we have some fun in the tub." "Shut up and get over here," she says as she feels the water as it fills the tub. Next to the tub is her favorite dildo, oils and soaps. The smile on my face gets bigger, and my cock gets hard just seeing all the fun stuff. I walk up to her and kiss her lips, "Damn baby, not so fast. I told you, you need to save your energy for tonight," she says. "Oh baby, don’t be mean to me," I moan as I kiss her lips. "I’m not being mean," she says as she holds me at bay, "just getting you warmed up." She turns off the water, the tub over half full. She then kisses my lips again as her hands slowly fall to my waist.

I feel her hands pull at my shorts, teasing me as she slowly pulls them down and then back up. She then slowly pulls away, smiling as she slowly pulls the sash from around her waist. It glides across her body, slowly becoming undone. She gives me that devilish smile of hers as the robe slides off her shoulders and onto the floor. Her naked body staring at me, her nipples erect as she guides her hands over every curve of her body. She slowly gets into the tub as I begin to slowly pull my shorts down. "No no," she says, "you stay dressed. I need you to be good, come over here, and wash my body." I pull my shorts back up and pout a little as I walk over. "Aw, don’t worry baby. I promise tonight will be worth all this teasing," she says giggling. "It better be," I say as I smile at her, "all this teasing is driving me insane." I pick up the soap and washing cloth, getting both wet, and rubbing the soap on the cloth. I lean in and kiss Rochelle’s neck as my hand guides the cloth to her body.

She softly moans a little as I rub the soap up and down her back, rubbing deeply, giving her body a massage. I rub down her long, silk legs, and then back up giving her butt a little bite before I cover it in soap. She laughs, "Now who is teasing who?" I smile up at her with my own devilish grin. I then bring the cloth around to her stomach and up her chest. I turn her around to face me, massaging the soap into her breast as I kiss her lips again. I then work my way down, guiding the cloth between her legs as I look her in the eyes. She smiles and moans again as I press the cloth a little hard against her soft mound. "Mmm, I think I am clean enough," she says as I dip the cloth in the water. I wash the soap off her body, kissing each body part as the soap drips down into the water.

"Now, I want you to give me a preview of tonight," she says as she leans over and grabs her favorite toy. "Pretend this is your cock and show me what you will do with it," she commands. I kiss her lips and take the dildo from her hand. Our tongues merge in each other mouths as my hands massage her round, big breast. I kiss down her neck and pull her nipple into mouth. Sucking on it hard, she moans a little louder. I pull her nipple with my teeth and suddenly let go, I do the same to her other nipple. I then slowly lift her right leg up onto the edge of the tub and kiss my way back down. I slowly glide my tongue out my mouth and let the water dripping from her pussy hit it. The sweet nectar causes my cock to throb a little as I draw closer to her.

I feel her body shake as my tongue rolls over her moist pussy lips. She looks down at me as my tongue forces itself between her lips, "Oh Fuck baby," she cries out, "God that tongue knows my pussy so damn well." I laugh a little as I begin to roll up, down, and in circles over her excited clit. Her head falls back as my tongue focuses on her hard clit. I feel her hand run through my hair and the juices begin to flow from her pussy. "Mmm, darling you taste so sweet," I moan as my tongue moves faster over her clit. "Shut up and fuck me," she says smiling at me. I lift my head up, my tongue still licking her clit as I slowly push the dildo inside her. "Oh shit," she yells as I push the dildo deep inside, the vibration turned up so high I can feel it as I lick her clit.

"OH MY GOD," She screams. I pump the dildo hard and deep inside her wet pussy. The juices dripped down her toy and on to my hand. I lick her clit faster as my eyes look straight into hers. She looks down and gives me that devilish grin. I work her pussy harder and harder, my tongue sucking hard on her clit. Her body begins to shake again, her hand grabbing my hair and pulling at it. "FUCK," she yells as she shakes. The juices explode from her pussy as I pull the dildo out. My tongue shoves deep inside, feeling the juices squirt down my throat. As I lie down I feel my cock throbbing, tearing away at my boxers. I reach down into my boxers and grab hold of my dick.

"No, No," she says as she grabs my hand and lies beside me on the floor. "Oh babe, you are torture you know that," I sigh as I lay back and wrap my arms around her. She flicks my hard cock and smiles, "I know darling but I promise tonight will be well worth the wait," she says as she leans in and kisses my lips. We lay for what seems forever, my cock never losing any blood. Soon we get up and take what seems to be the longest cold shower, Rochelle watching me to make sure I don’t cheat. The sun finally sets and we are off.

We go for a nice dinner first; the conversation was mostly me begging her to tell me what she had in store for me. "Well," she says giving me that evil grin, "you will definitely be having fun." I look at her, "alright well what else?" She smiles and giggles as she continues to eat her meal, not giving me another clue. We get back on the road, this time her driving and we soon found ourselves back at the movie theater. A grin comes across my face, thinking of the first time we hooked up and wondering if she had that in mind.

The last of the movies were finishing up as people were walking out. She pulled me upstairs to the break room, and soon the grin got bigger on my face. In the break room, there was an array of beauties along with some guys. I had a feeling this was going to be a wild night. Ms. Victoria was there, but not with her boyfriend. I walked over to her and she stood up and hugged me. "I have heard what you have been going through," she said with a big grin. "So what is going on?" I ask. She smiled, "well I got tired of the lazy fuck I was seeing so I got rid of him, say hi to Vanessa." I laughed a little as Vanessa stood up and we shook hands. Vanessa was a tall girl, dark hair, slim with a very tight body. The dress she was wearing showed off every inch of her body, from her perky breast and amazingly tight firm ass. "Very nice to meet you," I said as my eyes wandered up and down her body. She smiled, "Same here, I heard some good things about you." Her eyes wandered up and down my body as well, a sly grin coming across her face. As I watch her eyes picture the stories Ms. Victoria have been telling her, Rochelle walks over and steals me away. I look around and see Jill, Cynthia and their guys with them. In the corner I see one of our other female managers. Her name was Mrs. Stone, a petite woman with short blond hair, and a curvy body. All the guys always talked about her ass and her eyes. Her ass was very round; looking like it can bounce for days. But those eyes were the biggest draw about her, dark blue and sometimes every guy would swear she would look at them as to say fuck me.

After the last of the crowds were gone, Ms. Stone locked up the theater and we all gathered at the concession stand. "Alright, as summer draws to a close we ladies have decided to have a little fun before most of us head off," Rochelle says. "So gentlemen, you are the three that the ladies decided were fit to join us for the fun so I hope you have brought your best tonight." All the ladies smiled as they looked over at us. My cock was getting hard fast, I had to start thinking of everything I could to stop my cock from raging in front of all these ladies so soon in the night. "So it is simple, the guys will go off to a selected theater for them and then we ladies will draw for who gets who," Rochelle says. "And yes guys tonight you will be getting two of us so I hope you are ready for us." All the guys smiled, knowing tonight was going to be one to remember.

"Gentlemen, here are your theaters," Mrs. Stone says as she hands us a small piece of paper, "now head on back and we will see you soon." I grab my piece and find I have theater number 6, one of the small theaters in the back. I start making my walk as the other two guys walk to the other side. My cock was already hard as a rock, thoughts of who I might get and what I will do to them. I had to calm myself down if I was going to last long for these gorgeous girls. I start thinking of anything and everything to get the blood fade away. I walk inside the theater and take a seat. A song going through my head to help keep me calm, knowing the girls will make us wait forever just to mess with our minds.

When I finally got myself calm, I hear the door open and I stand up. My mind started racing again, and soon I was given a wonderful surprise. I see Rochelle and Mrs. Stone walk around the corner, Rochelle carrying a blanket and Mrs. Stone carrying a paper bag. Rochelle smiles as she hands me the blanket and kisses me, "are you happy?" "Yes," I said as I laid out the blanket. "Alright you two, no cute stuff," Mrs. Stone said, "I keep hearing about this big cock so let’s see it." Rochelle and I smiled as I stood there, Rochelle pulling my shirt off as Mrs. Stone joins us and rubs her hands on my body. When my shirt is off, Mrs. Stone kisses me deeply as Rochelle works to get my belt off. I feel Mrs. Stone hands roaming over my body, gliding down to my erect cock as I feel Rochelle slide off my pants and boxers. I stood there completely naked as the ladies get down on their knees.

"Holy Shit," Mrs. Stone says as her hands slides up my shaft. Her eyes mesmerized as she begins to grip my shaft. "We told you," Rochelle giggled as she leaned in and kiss my thigh. Rochelle’s hands cup my balls as Mrs. Stone rolls her tongue up and down my shaft before her lips surround my head. I lean my head back as I feel Mrs. Stone lips surround my cock, moving slowly up and down. She soon tries to push my cock deep down her throat, only getting one fourth of the way there. "Damn, I thought I was ready for you," Mrs. Stone said as she strokes me. "Let me," Rochelle says as she grips my cock as slowly glides my cock into her mouth and down her throat, reaching my balls and teasing me as she flicks them with the end of her tongue. "Fuck," I moan as I look down, watching her gag deep on my cock. Mrs. Stone takes my balls into her mouth as her eyes watches Rochelle slide the cock out her mouth and lets her spit drip of her mouth. "Show off," Mrs. Stone has as she grips my cock again and begins to suck and pump it again. Rochelle giggled as she pulls off her top and skirt, showing off her naked body. "I think it is your turn Mrs. Stone," I said as I stepped back and knelt down with girls. Mrs. Stone smiled and begins to pull her clothes off, showing her round breast in a black bra. Her pants where the next to go which showed matching panties covering up a wet, hairy pussy and a small rose tattoo just below her belly button. "Look who was a naughty girl back in the day," Rochelle said with that evil grin of hers. Mrs. Stone got red as we both started kissing her body. I slowly pulled down one of her cups of her bra, showing off the large hard nipple staring up at me. Her breast her a little saggy but still beautiful, I looked into her eyes as I my mouth engulfed her nipple. Sucking on it as my tongue flicked her nipple back and forth, soon Rochelle followed my lead and we were both sucking hard on Mrs. Stone’s breast. She moaned and arched her back as Rochelle and I hands guided down towards her pussy. We both slide underneath her panties and felt the furry, wet flower under our fingers. Mrs. Stone lifted up and pulled her bra off her, as I leaned up and kissed her deeply. Rochelle pulled off Mrs. Stone panties and licked all the way down her inner thigh and back up. Mrs. Stone and I watched as Rochelle teased her.

Rochelle admired the fur on Mrs. Stone pussy, "Mmm, I love your pretty kitty," she said making all of us laugh. Soon Rochelle was sliding her tongue over Mrs. Stone’s wet mound. Mrs. Stone moaned as I sucked on her nipples. I soon feel a hand guide up my leg. I look down and see Rochelle reaching for my hard member. I slide down a little letting her grip and stroke my cock as she began to eat out Mrs. Stone. "Don’t hog that, "Mrs. Stone said as she rolled over onto all fours. I slide in front of her, letting her take my cock back into her mouth. Rochelle smiled and slide under Mrs. Stone, pulling Mrs. Stone’s pussy towards her waiting tongue. Mrs. Stone spits on my throbbing cock, letting the juices glide down my cock before rubbing it deep and fast with her hand. Her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she moans with pleasure. I hear Rochelle sucking hard on Mrs. Stone’s pussy, smacking her ass as hard as possible while Mrs. Stone sucks deep and hard on my cock.

"Fuck me now, for God’s sake," screams Mrs. Stone as Rochelle sucks in the sweet juices. Mrs. Stone Stands up and lowers herself onto my cock. "Damn, don’t you want to go slow," I moan as she shoves my cock deep into her pussy. "Shut up," she moans as she bounces up and down on my cock. I feel a wet tongue glide up and down my balls as they bounce. "Get over here Rochelle, I need something to distract me or I will blow," I say as I grip hard onto Mrs. Stone’s thighs. Rochelle walked over and buried me in her pussy. I could barely breathe as I try to suck on her sweet nectar. "This distract you baby," she said laughing as she finally gave me air. "Yes," I cough as I pulled her back down and began it lick her dripping, soft pussy.

My hands reach up and squeezes Rochelle’s breast as my tongue worked furiously around her dripping wet pussy. The sweetness was able to hold off my cock from exploding inside Mrs. Stone, her ass bouncing up and down. "Oh that’s it baby," Rochelle moans as she looks down at me. "How’s that cock feeling boss?" Mrs. Stone laughs as she leans forwards and kisses Rochelle, "About time we had a real cock at this place." I wanted to look up and ask what she meant by that but Rochelle pushed my head back down, "Keep eating me out." "Oh FUCK I’m going to cum," screams Mrs. Stone. Her ass bouncing harder and harder on my cock as I feel her walls begin to squeeze me. I grip Rochelle’s thighs tight and lick harder and harder, praying I can hold off until Mrs. Stone cums. "AAAAAAA!!" Mrs. Stone screams loud as her head falls back, her body shaking as I feel the juices gush out and cover my cock and ball. "Mmm, tasty," Rochelle says as Mrs. Stone slides off my cock. Rochelle leaning down and taking my cock deep into her throat, cleaning all the juices off as Mrs. Stone catches her breath.

Rochelle sucking hard on my cock, hearing her slurps all the juices off my throbbing cock. "I think you need to get up and take care of me," Rochelle says as she stands up and goes into the bag and pulls out a tube. "Let’s get that cock nice and lubricated," she says she slathers my cock with the warm gel. I lean in and kiss her, feeling her tongue in my mouth as she finishes coating me. She pulls away and puts a large glob of lubricate in her hand, and slathers it all over her ass. "I think you have enough pussy," Rochelle said as she bent over the movie seat, spreading her ass wide for me.

I smiled and smacked Rochelle’s ass hard, "I love that ass," I said as I positioned myself behind her. She looked back at me and gave me that devilish smile of hers. I slowly push my cock into her ass. Rochelle moans as I push just the head of my cock inside her. I push a little deeper, feeling her walls squeeze me harder, causing me to stop for a moment letting her ass get use to my cock. "Fuck, that thing is too big for that," Mrs. Stone says as she moves closer. "Oh this ass can take it. Go deeper baby," Rochelle begs as she opens her ass wider. I push deeper, feeling the walls press harder as I push as much as I can.

"Holy shit," Mrs. Stone says as my cock pushed all the way in. I begin to pump in and out of Rochelle’s ass as Mrs. Stone came up behind me to watch. "Told you," Rochelle moaned as I slowly moved in and out of her tight ass. Mrs. Stone smiled, "well I hope you don’t mind if I join in," Rochelle moaned as Mrs. Stone pulls me towards her and we kiss. My cock still deep in Rochelle’s ass as Mrs. Stone’s tongue was massaging against my tongue. I feel Mrs. Stone hands run up and down my back as I begin to pump a little harder in Rochelle’s ass. "Why don’t you get down there and make sure her pussy is taken care of" I suggested to Mrs. Stone. She smiled and got down onto the floor as I focused on Rochelle’s amazing asshole.

"Oh Fuck," Rochelle moaned as Mrs. Stone tongue slide up and down her pussy. I felt her hands rubbing my balls as I begin to pump harder and faster into Rochelle. "Oh God, fuck baby that cock feels so good inside me," Rochelle yells as I go deeper inside her. Mrs. Stone slides out and moves towards Rochelle head. Kissing her lips, "Mmm, I think it is your turn to cum," Mrs. Stone says to Rochelle. Rochelle begins to moan louder and louder. My cock is gliding in and out her ass. Going faster and faster as I feel her ass begin to get tighter and tighter, " Oh FUCK," Rochelle screams as her body shakes. I see her juices dripping from her pussy as I feel her ass squeeze the life from my cock.

I slide out of Rochelle and fall to the floor. Rochelle and Mrs. Stone kiss each other. Then they look down at me. "I guess he is the last one," Mrs. Stone says as both ladies walk over to me. "Looks like," Rochelle says. "So how will we finish you off," Mrs. Stone says as her hand grabs hold of my cock and begins to slowly pump it. Rochelle leans down and kisses my lips, "Yes darling, how you would like us to finish you off?" I kiss Rochelle again and look up at Mrs. Stone. "Love it if both you girls just finish me off with those sexy lips of yours," I said as I laid back. They both smiled, "Mmm, was hoping for some desert tonight," Mrs. Stone says as her lips locked around my cock. Rochelle leans her breast in my mouth, letting me suck it in as Mrs. Stone begins to cover my cock in her spit. "Don’t you want some," Mrs. Stone says as she slurps up the spit she is using to lubricate my hard cock. Rochelle smiled and leaned down, pushing my cock deep down her throat. I feel her take my cock all they down her throat, then pulling off to catch her breath. Soon I feel both of their tongues gliding up and down my cock as I put my hands behind my head. Mrs. Stone gets between my legs, sucking in my balls as Rochelle head bobs up and down on my throbbing member. Faster and Faster Rochelle pumps as Mrs. Stone pops my balls out of her mouth. I feel cum building up inside me, causing me to begin to moan. "I want feel him explode inside of me," Mrs. Stone says as Rochelle slides her lips off my cock. "MMM, please do," Rochelle says as she leans back and watch. Mrs. Stone takes her hand around my shaft and lowers her lip around the head of my cock. Beginning to bob up and down, pumping my cock faster and faster.

My body is getting tense, her lips wrapped tight around my cock as her hand squeezes my shaft. I grab Rochelle’s hand and guide her lips to mine, looking deep into her eyes. "Oh god baby, I’m going to cum," I moan as I grab Rochelle’s hair tight. "Cum for her baby, fill her mouth up," Rochelle moans as she looks into mine. My eyes close tight as I moan louder and louder, Mrs. Stone not letting up. "FUCK," I scream. Mrs. Stone moans as wave after wave of cum fill her mouth, letting loose as she coughs a little from the squirts. "Damn," she says with a mouth filled with cum. Rochelle lays her head down and opens her mouth, allowing Mrs. Stone to drip a little of my cum from her mouth.

"Mmm, now that is some good cream" Rochelle says as she swallows the load given to her. Mrs. Stone swallows her load, "that was so good." Both ladies lay down beside me as we catch our breaths. Our bodies covered in sweat. "All I know is that you two need to visit me again, because I want more," Mrs. Stone says as she kisses my body.

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