Our sex life was pretty hot, but we started to hit a rut as sex became a Saturday night ritual that had lost it's excitement.

My wife is very conservative and somewhat sexually naïve. When we first got together she was 18 and I was 23, she had never sucked a dick or had her pussy eaten and had only had one prior sexual experience and it was not a good one.

Over the years, we gave each other pleasure and did make some very passionate love, but with kids and work that spark kind of fizzled.

I suggested to her that we should buy some sex toys to spice things up. My wife to my surprise eagerly agreed. We started out with some basic dildo's and a porn movie or two.

We excitedly took these home and used them very successfully for awhile, but they were kind of the basic dildo's. After a while we talked to each other and began to discuss our sexual fantasies with each other. I have two really, one being a 3some with her and another guy and one with her and ano

She told me that she was not sure she could do that, but we could get better quality dildo's and a fake pussy and we could experiment a little.

Her fantasies were much less kinky and just involved us. That was ok with me and I thought maybe as we experimented she would become more interested in to my fantasies.

The next weekend, we took the kids to my Mom's for the weekend and we went shopping at the toy store. I thought we'd get a video or two of 3somes and then we'd pick out one of those realistic feeling dildo's, but that was up to my wife as I wanted her to pick the dildo that would be fucking her.

My wife stared at the rows of dildo's and felt them as she went, she found one of the real feel dildo's and really liked it. She said, "It's kind of big though, what do you think?"

I told her that if she liked it, we could try it and see. That thing felt about as real as my cock and was a bit bigger and a little longer. We bought some good lube and to my amazement my wife bought some rings for her nipples. My wife had beautiful firm c sized breasts and I have made her cum many times just sucking her tits.

It was my turn to get the movies, I picked one with a white guy, black guy and a white girl and then one with two women and one guy. I then found a small realistic feeling pussy that was one we could put on the bed and both play with while we fantasized.

As we were getting ready to leave, I went over to the dildo's and found another real feel in black that was much bigger than my cock and my wife's eyes bugged out and she looked at me and said, "That will never fit in me, it'll rip me in half!"

I just smiled and told her, we can at least try it. She smiled and agreed quietly.

We paid for our items and went out and got in the car and I could tell she was excited at the prospect of our night of role playing. I reached over and rubbed her pussy through her jeans and I could tell by the heat coming from her legs that she was dripping wet. As I drove home she actually gave me a blowjob!

My wife had never done anything like that before so I knew she was really excited about the dildo play that was coming. We got home and before we got out of the car she kissed me passionately and said, "I can't wait to be fucked with those dildo's!"

My cock was throbbing at the thoughts of our playtime and I was really excited to see my wife this hot!

We got inside and opened a bottle of wine and I filled the sink with hot water and washed our new toys while my wife slipped in to
something more comfortable. My cock was throbbing with excitement and I knew her pussy was aching to be fucked all night.

She went in to the living room and put in the movie with the two guys and girl and sat back and waited for me. I came in and there my wife sat in a red laced teddy that showed every sexy curve and more!

I had put the dildo's in to a pan of hot water to keep them as close to human warmth as possible. I sat down and she giggled as she drank some wine and started the movie. I was a pretty good quality movie and as we watched the movie, my wife watched intently. I slipped closer to her and began to rub her shoulders and stroke the sides of her neck as she moaned in pleasure. The movie progressed and both guys had their cocks out and the woman was doing the best she could to handle them both.

The white guys cock was much bigger that the black guys, so much for that bullshit old wives tale!

As the woman sucked their cocks I slowly rubbed my wife's body and her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was soaking the red lace of the teddy covering her pussy.

I told her to take it off and she complied exposing her awesome tits and soaked pussy. As I worked on her. I looked at the movie and the woman was sucking one guy while the other slowly fucked her doggy style.

My wife was liking what she was watching and what I was doing to her what she wanted to do? She murmured, "I want to suck your cock while you fuck my pussy with one of the dildo's!"

"OK, do you want the black cock or the white one?" "Surprise me!" she moaned.

I got on the couch and she straddled my face and I could see the almost dripping wetness of her tight pussy and she wasted no time grabbing my cock and inhaling it!

As she sucked my cock, I ate her wet pussy and as she moaned softly, she softly said, "Have one of them fuck my tight pussy and tell them to go slow!"

I was amazed, she was really in to the fantasy of this, I naturally took the bigger black dildo and I was still amazed at how real it felt, even more so now that it was warmed. I licked her sweet pussy and placed the head of the black dildo at her slit, she would need no lube for this as she was absolutely soaking wet. I stopped sucking her pussy and asked her, "Are you ready for Joey to fuck you baby?" "Oh yes, have him put his big cock in me and make me cum all over his fat cock."

She sucked my cock as I slowly pushed the pinkish head of the dildo in to her tight hole and as it entered her she stopped sucking my cock and rested her forehead on my thigh as the big black cock slowly stretched her pink pussy open. She gasped as her pussy slowly adjusted to his girth. I said, "How do you like a strange cock in you baby!" "It's fucking big, but it feels so good Joey, fuck me with you big cock!" she commanded our non-existent sex partner.

With that I pushed him deeper in to her waiting pussy and she gasped and the length and girth filled her full. "Fuck me Joey, fuck my pussy" she screamed!

I fucked her with the dildo and she sucked my cock as Joey rammed her tight pink pussy. All of the sudden she screamed, "Oh my god, I am fucking cumming on your big cock Joey, fuck my pussy with your big cock, fuck me!"

I could feel her pussy clench Joey's cock and it became hard to withdraw the dildo as her pussy had him in a death grip. Finally I kept pushing and pulling and my wife just groaned in unintelligible words and I licked her clit and all of the sudden she began to squirt on Joey's cock and my face.

My wife had never done this before and it turn me on and between her groans of ecstasy she stroked and half sucked on my cock until I spilled my load on her hand and my stomach.

My wife sat there as I slowly withdrew Joey the black dildo from her swollen pussy. I was amazed at how realistic the dildo looked as it slide out of her hole covered in her juices.

My wife rolled off and rubbed my cock and swirled the cum around on my stomach and smiled devilishly at me, "That was fucking awesome baby, I think we are on to something here!" I just smiled knowing that the love of my life just experienced something so very intense and was able to do it with the love of her life, because of the trust we've built over the years.

My wife purred, " The only thing is I wish I could have felt cum being shot in to me, I think that would have been an awesome feeling!"

Maybe, I can think of a way to make that happen, I told her and she quickly replied, "I don't want a real man you know." "Yes, I know, but maybe I can think of a way to make your dildo shoot cum in to you." "That would be awesome baby!"

We watched movies and fucked the rest of the night. I was amazed at how my wife was able to let go of her inhibitions and act the fantasy out, not only for herself, but for me. Again, I believe it was because of the trust that we have built and our ability to talk and communicate about everything from daily life to being able to express our sexual fantasies to each other without fear of being looked down on by the other.

I will write about our next sexual night with our pussy and dildo's soon and then how we eventually invited others in to our bedroom.

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