Then twice. He looked good and his training showed as well. He stood straight, his eyes facing forward, not following her as they used to tend to do. When she had first started training him he was wild and unbroken. He hadn't wanted to be used by her, instead he had wanted to use her. She had shown him that that was not going to happen, and for the first several months he had walked around with an ass full of welt and a pony tail. The pony tail was the Mistresses personal touch on her ponies. When they misbehavied or were just starting training she fitted them with a custom but plug with an attached tail. The men would wear them while with the Mistress and after would keep the plug minus the tail. They would wear these until the next time they saw thier Mistress. Then it would come out long enough to put the one with the tail back in. This particular pony wore one for three months straight, but when he finally broke, she was happiest with him than any of her other ponies.

His wrists were tied behind his head, his cock hard and his balls swollen. The cock ring was slightly too small, putting pressure on him where he was sure to feel it. She brought the crop across his ass once and watched him tense. Smiling in satisfaction at the red line that came up.

She smacked his ass again, and again. Finding satisfaction in the redness of his ass. She put the crop down and used her hand, happily noting the different shades of red that her hand made his ass. Smiling she picked the crop back up.

She stopped in front of him and stared at him, fascinated when his already hard cock, swelled beneath her gaze. Good. She gently used the riding crop to stroke his cock and he tensed. She almost laughed, he knew what was coming, she knew what was coming. And yet he didn’t say a word. His eyes never met hers as she brought the crop down onto his cock. Even though the blow must have hurt, he didn’t cry out, nor did his cock diminish in size at all. She smiled again and smacked his balls with the crop. This time he winced, but still didn’t move.

"Drop to your knees." Her voice was barely audibly, but he slid down immediately. She stepped forward until her pussy was in his face and still he didn’t move. Spreading her legs slightly she spread her pussy lips with the riding crop. "Please your Mistress" she told him. He leaned forward and swiped his tongue across her clit. Moving slowly he slid his tongue into the hot folds of skin. Licking and sucking until his face was buried in her heat. He moaned and she brought the riding crop down onto his shoulders. In reaction he gave her a little nip, which though showed defiance, she liked. So she didn’t punish him. His tongue slid into her and she cam into his mouth. His licked and sucked it up eagerly.

She leaned down and pushed him so that he fell back onto his back, his arms being tied, he could not catch himself. She straddled his face and he continued to lick at her. Sucking her into his mouth while she cam all over his face. When she leaned back and looked down at him, his face was shinny with her juices. She slowly straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock. His face contorted as he tried to keep from crying out and she slid down on him. She rode him hard, and his hips bucked to help her. She gripped one of his nipples in her fingers and twisted it cruelly and watched his face. Suddenly he wasn’t bucking as much as trying to hold himself still and she knew he was trying to keep from cumming. In return she rode him harder, reaching her own climax and screaming for him to cum. He did, hot cum shooting inside of her. She got off of him and stuck her pussy in his face again.

"Clean my pussy." and he did. Sucking her juices and his cum off of her in long swipes of his tongue. She allowed him to stand and watched as he struggled to his feet without the use of his hands. Then she untied him and sent him to wash up and go home with the instructions to keep the cock ring on. All of her ponies wore cock rings.

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