Getting Started on Paperspace for Retards <3


What is Paperspace?

Basically, a cloud compute service for AI development aimed at professionals developing proprietary models. You run your code on their hardware. They offer a lot of really neat things you can use for developing neural networks but we're only use Gradient.

Why Paperspace?

Paperspace is convenient, free, and you probably don't have a computer good enough to run the AI. They're aimed at professionals whereas Colab is literally for children.

You'll run your code on their powerful GPUs which is much faster and easier than locally on your computer.

Do I have to pay?

Only if you feel limited by their free tier. You should have everything you need to generate porn really neat images. I'm pretty sure Paperspace is cheaper than Google Colab Pro.

Why not Google Colab?

Google Colab is an alternative, but their free tier is more restrictive than Paperspace's and has less powerful hardware. And, knowing Google, they probably record what you generate.

Google deletes your files once the machine turns off. Paperspace doesn't do that, even on the free tier.

But I want to run it on Google Colab!

Ok fine. Here's the official colab notebook by Voldy himself.

But I'd rather run it on my own computer!

Running it in the cloud is much easier and you're less likely to mess up your OS, but since you insist, here's a Docker container to make is simpler: AbdBarho/stable-diffusion-webui-docker

Let's do it!

  1. Create an Account You will be asked for your phone number.
  2. Click this button and fill out the form that pops up


  1. Click this button to create a notebook


  1. Under "Runtime" select "Start from Stratch"


  1. Download StableDiffusionUI_Voldemort_paperspace.ipynb
    Make sure you click the "Raw" button near the top right and do ctrl+s on the page with the raw text. Don't download the webpage.

You can also open a terminal in the notebook and run this command to download the notebook to the machine. Then skip step 6.

  1. Upload that file to your notebook

You don't have to clone/download the entire repository, just the .ipynb file.


  1. Follow directions

I worked hard to make the setup process automated and fool-proof. Read it!

(this image is outdated)

Launch the Jupyter Notebook

Click this symbol in the left vertical menubar.


You can access the terminal in the Jupyter Notebook.

A note about Python 3.10

Python 3.10 is the recommended Python version for running the WebUI. If you encounter any issues, maybe running the WebUI in Python 3.10 will help? Paperspace uses Python 3.9 so you must run a custom container.

If you have already created a machine, delete it and create a new one following these instructions:

Make sure to use this container image: cyberes/gradient-base-py3.10:latest

I need more help :(

Here's some other guides. Please don't shit up /sdg/ with tech support questions.

Pro-tip: go lurk in /sdg/ on /g/ and view /sdg/ archives for tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Here's some other guides, maybe one of these will help:

Images hosted on Github
Github Mirror

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