She wandered a bit and finally took the Tube. He said he would await her arrival at Speaker's Corner, Regent's Park. He said he would be there at one that Friday. She had thought of this moment for a long time. She didn't question herself. She knew what to do.

There he sat on a bench. Two sandwiches and two drinks placed on a white cloth handkerchief. She spotted him first. She paused a moment. Knowing she could leave now. He looked over and spotted her. The moment she saw his eyes she was lost. She walked over and placed her overnight bag on the bench.

He stood, hesitated briefly, and then hugged her. She hugged him back and pressed her body into his.

"Will you join me for lunch," he said with a wide grin.

"Yes, sir," whispered Jane. He looked at her and took control.

"I got you a ham and cheese. Sit down Jane."

"Yes, sir. Sir, do we have to eat lunch?"

"Yes, my dear. You will need your strength later."

They ate their lunch and spoke of the fine summer weather. He told her of the dinner reservations and the show tickets for that night. He complimented her on her bright summer dress and she kept her eyes cast down. However, she couldn't help, but steal glances at his face. They finished their lunch by feeding crumbs to the birds. He stood up and brushed the crumbs from his lap. "Hand me your bag, Jane."

She reached over and handed him the bag. He stood over her and offered his other hand to help her up. He did not let go and the walked hand and hand from the park. The walked down the street to a little hotel.

"I'm on the second floor, Jane. Let's take the stairs."

He held the door to the stairwell open for her. When she reached the first landing, he said, "Stop, Jane." He dropped the bag on the floor. He turned her to the wall and pushed her into it. She stood there trembling. "Jane, reach down and lift the hem of your dress."

He stood there with his hand in her hair. Both her hands came down and grabbed the hem of her dress. She lifted the dress slowly till her hands rested on her hips. He looked down to her bottom and the thong wedged firmly between her cheeks. "Ah, you do follow directions."

SMACK. She gasped has his heavy hand came down on her bottom.

SMACK. He lean leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "Good."

He slowly releases her. "Sir, may I lower my skirt?"

"No, Jane."

He leans over and picks up her overnight bag. "Follow me."

He continues up the stairs. Jane's heart races as she reaches the door. Again, he holds the door open for him. A quick glance to both sides of the hall convinces Jane that no one is there. She doesn't know how far she must go. He enters the hallway and goes to the first door. He fits a key and motions for her to enter. "Jane, you may lower your dress now."

"Thank you, sir."

He lays her bag next to the dresser. He goes and sits on the bed. "Jane?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Why don't you unpack?"

"Yes, sir." She reaches down. She knows that this position reveals a lot. She spreads her legs a bit wider and unzips the bag. She removes her make-up bag. She then takes out the items from the list. A bottle of baby oil, her favorite vibrator, the dildo (the thin one), some balls on a string, and several butt plugs come out of the bag. She then takes out the lengths of rope, handcuffs, ball gag, and silk blindfold. She pulls out a crop and an old wooden hairbrush (a gift from him.) She then pulls out some underwear and stores them in a drawer. Finally, two additional dresses, some hose, and several pieces of very sexy lingerie go into another drawer. She slowly stands and looks at him in the mirror.

"Sir, are you going to…"

"Shhhhhhhhh Jane."

He leans back on and turns on the cheap clock radio on the bedside side table. He turns the volume up to mask the noise from the street. The hotel clerk had been glad of his offer to be on the street side of the hotel. "Come here and over my knee, Jane."

She came to him and with a superior grace lays across his knees.

She adjusted herself to the perfect pose. He smiled as he reached down and lifted her skirt. He reaches across Jane and grabbed her wrist. He pinned the wrist behind her back. His right hand comes to her bottom and gently fondles. Jane tightens up. The hand raises and down. SMACK.

Jane jumps slightly. SMACK. Jane moans. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. His hand goes to her the other cheek and raises again. SMACK. Jane moves around because of the feeling. SMACK. Each strike to her ass seemed to transfer straight between her legs. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK.

He stops. Hand gently fondling her bottom. Jane twists to look at him. "Don't worry," he says, "I'm no where near done with you yet. Get up and strip for me. Jane? Take your time because I wish to enjoy this."

She slowly removed her dress. She spun slowly allowing his eyes to catch her breasts, gave him time to look at her ass, and watched his glance wander between her legs. She stood facing him as she released the clasp on her front closure bra. She ran the palms of her hands over her breasts as she removed the bra. She wanted badly to play with them.

She then turned slowly and faced away from him. She watched in the mirror as she slowly bent over and pulled down her thong underwear. She smiled as she saw the lust in his eyes. She slowly turns around. She saw the little start of delight when he caught sight of her completely shaved pussy. He starts to reach between her legs and catches himself.

"Jane, on your knees." With a slight tremble, Jane lowers to her knees. Her knees are spread wide, her back arched lightly, and her eyes down.

"Jane, stay there and don't move."

He stands up and goes to the bathroom. He closes the door behind him. She stays still and waits.

Finally, the door opens and he comes out. She glances over at him to see him in a Black Watch tartan cotton robe. She realizes her mistake and quickly looks back.

"Jane? Didn't I tell you to stay still?"

"Yes, sir."

"Stand up, Jane. Face the mirrored dresser."

"Yes, sir," she says with a tremble in her voice and movement.

He comes over to the dresser. His eye falls on the old wooden hairbrush. He picks up and tries the brush on his palm. CRACK.

"Bend over, Jane. Hands on the dresser. If you lift those hands, I will double your punishment."

She reluctantly put her hand on the dresser. She felt him stand very closely beside her. She could watch in the mirror as he moved the hairbrush behind her. He rested the hairbrush at that spot between her bottom and upper thigh. She moaned slightly at what was about to happen.

KRACK! She felt fire! She jumped. She badly wanted to reach around and cover herself, but she knew better. KRACK! The second blow was almost worse than the first. She felt his hand resting on the small of her back. KRACK! She felt fires all over. Her nipples were incredible erect. She felt that her juices could have been running down her inner thigh. KRACK! The pain was incredible. KRACK! She moaned and cried lightly. The tears came to her eyes. KRACK! KRACK! KRACK!

"Please sir?"

"Yes, Jane?"

"I will do better, sir."

"Jane, you will receive two more."

"Yes, sir."

KRACK! She could not believe the fire of her upper thigh and lower bottom. KRACK!

Jane stood there not moving. Moaning as the tears rolled down her face. She watched in the mirror as he opened her make-up kit. He removed her bottle of lotion. He put some on his hand and she watched as he hand lowered to her bottom. She felt the cool lotion and his gentle hand trying to sooth her bottom. He watched as she slowly relaxed. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the dresser.

He stopped rubbing.

She just stayed there. She felt his left-hand move over her stomach and down between her legs. His fingers parted her slit and rubbed over her clit. She moved her legs further apart. Giving him better access. A finger briefly slipped into her pussy and then pulled out to rub her clit.

She could feel him reach over her. She heard the vibrator start humming, but didn't want to move. She felt the vibrator come between her legs from behind. The vibrator came to her pussy opening and slowly entered her. The finger constantly rubbing her clit made the feeling intense. She moaned a lusty moan as the vibrator was slowly worked in and out of her. Each stroke deeper and going at the same rhythm as finger on her clit.

Her cries came faster. Her insides felt like liquid. The vibrator stroked in and out. The finger on her clit drove her crazy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sir, may I cum, sir."

"Yes Jane. Cum for me."

"Ohhhhhhhhhh. Godddddddd." She came. She came hard. She bucked into the hand holding the vibrator. His finger on her clit didn't stop. The vibrator stoking deep in her pussy. Finally, he slowly removed the vibrator from her pussy and finger from her clit. She heard the vibrator turn off and was placed on the dresser. She stayed bent over the dresser. She really couldn't conceive of moving.

He untied his robe and let the robe slip to the ground. His hand reached for his very hard cock. She felt him get behind her. She lifted her head and felt his cock between her legs. She felt his cock at her entrance. She watched his face as he shoved his cock as deep as possible in a single stroke.

"Oh my god, sir. Take me. I'm yours. Anything you want, sir. Please."

He didn't listen to her. He just stroked his cock deep into her pussy. He made sure his thighs hit the hot spot at the top of her thighs with each stroke. His hands on her hips pulled her back into each stroke.

"Jane, lift your torso off the dresser."

He slowed his stroke and she immediately complied.

"Play with your breasts, Jane."

She moved her hands to her breast. She had trouble concentrating because of the cock buried in her pussy and the little shocks of pain coming from her bottom. She fondled her breast.

"Pinch the nipples, Jane. Make them hurt some," he said a little breathlessly.

She pinched and pulled on the nipples. The sensations were almost too much.

"Good, Jane. Now, reach down and play with your clit. I want to feel you cum with me."

She let go of her abused nipples and reached down. One hand rested on the dresser for support. One hand found her clit. She used the tip one finger to briefly touch the cock slipping in and out of her pussy. She then found her clit and rubbed. She knew she would not last long.

She tightened her pussy around his cock. When he felt this, he stroked harder into her. She played with her clit and caught his eye in the mirror.

He thrust hard. His balls tightened. His cock twitched deep inside her. "Cum for me, Jane."

The words made her cum. She cried out when she felt his seed pumped deep in her pussy. She felt his hand in her hair pulling him on to his cock. Pulling her head back so he could see her face.

"That's it. Cum for me. Cum for me."

He shuddered and slowed. Breathing hard he stood back and let his cock slip from her. He staggered back to the bed and fell down. He closed his eyes and lay breathing hard on his back.

"That was too good."

He heard her moving slightly. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his cock that pulled upward. He levered himself up.

He opened his eyes in time to see the bead of cum on the tip of his cock disappear into Jane's mouth.

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