This guide for the use of NAI Kayra in Tavern was made by frufroloft

Context Template and Instruct Mode

Context and Instruct Roleplay Files

Download those files and place them in the correct folder:

Advanced Formatting


Important: This is the very first line in the Story String. This signals that everything after it is purely informational. The next line uses square brackets:
[Roleplay Instructions]
This is used like a chapter title, but it's purely to label and separate different blocks of information for Kayra. After this line are the usual roleplay instructions, which can be whatever you want. But here's an example:
The following is a roleplay. You will play the role of {{char}}.
Further down, Instruct Mode is enabled, and my System Prompt is:
Progress slowly and always stay in character as {{char}}. Describe all actions {{char}} takes in full, elaborate, explicit, graphic, and vivid detail. Mention all relevant sensory perceptions.

Format for Character Card Descriptions

The format.

I've been really delving into integrating character cards and SillyTavern with Kayra, and this approach seems effective, at least for me:

[ Knowledge: "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" television series. ]
[ {{char}}'s Profile ]
{{char}} information, such as appearance, goals, motivations, likes, fears, behaviors, etcetera.

The "Knowledge" segment inside the square brackets is a feature of Kayra. It's utilized to communicate the required knowledge or context of the character card to Kayra.

For standard characters, I consistently incorporate:

[ {{char}}'s Profile ]

as my subsequent line. This is akin to chapter titles, as seen in the AI Response Formatting section. It indicates to Kayra that the succeeding information pertains to the character Kayra will be enacting. For scenario cards, I use:

[ Setting: {{char}} ]

This employs the Kayra/Clio-specific "setting" tag to inform Kayra that this card represents a setting rather than a character. To emphasize this, I append the concluding line to all scenario cards:

You are an expert dungeon master running a game for {{user}} that takes place within {{char}}.

However, I always place it under a "special notes" section. I'll elaborate more on that momentarily.

The scenario seems to function more seamlessly this way. That said, Kayra often has difficulties with formatting elements like stats. Furthermore, Kayra doesn't seem particularly concerned about whether the card resembles a lorebook entry or is articulated purely in natural language prose. Conventionally, the further you proceed down the character card, the more crucial the information becomes. Hence:

Least Important Information
Important Information
Very Important Information
Special Notes

In that sequence. This leads me to the "special notes" section situated at the very base of the character card:

All character information

[ Special Notes ]
(Highly critical information, possibly including instructive curly brace directives.)

Here is where I typically place the "dungeon master" statement. It's positioned closely, if not directly, at the character card's end, under [ Special Notes ]. Kayra seems to regard the content here with a high degree of importance, so exercise discretion in its use. I infrequently add more than three special notes in this segment.

Examples (Open images in full view)

Luna Lyra & Bonbon
Luna Description Luna Description

Converted Character Card Descriptions

Character Card Catbox Link
Apple Bloom
Ballbusting Survival
Berry Punch
Cozy Glow
Succubus Cozy Glow
Crescent Shade
Delta Vee
Diamond Tiara
Estrus Simulator
Goth Fluttershy
Green Hornet
Hollow Shades
Lily Valley
Lyra & Bon Bon
Maud Pie
Mean Twilight
Milky Way
Nurse Redheart
Octavia Melody
Pansy Petunia
Pinkie Pie
Posey Shy
Princess Cadance
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Princess Luna (Masturbation Addict)
Princess Molestia
Quill Feather
Rainbow Dash
Silver Spoon
Sunny Skies
Sweetie Belle
The Mane Six
The Royal Sisters
The Silken Stables
The Taming Room (Stripped Back)
Trixie Lulamoon
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Velvet
Wind Sprint (Minus Clear Sky)
Windy Whistles
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