Now I was heading for the open moors of the Northern Counties. My unit had debriefed me and I had, in my turn, debriefed a couple of the divorced women of the town to ease an itch that sleep and good food couldn't ease.

Money was no problem. I hadn't been anywhere that I could spend any for eight months and that had been my third similar tour in three years. I could live like a prince during my leave, but I had other plans. It was mid-September, I had twenty-eight days of leave in which to re-acquaint myself with my home environment, and I wasn't wasting a moment of that time.

I was having a hiking and camping holiday such as those I used have as a youth, which was why I was now carefully picking my way alongside a river, which was rapidly rising because of the storm and cloudburst conditions that had begun two hours earlier.

When I'd checked the weather reports for this area prior to setting out this morning, this had not been mentioned.

I'd spent years hiking and camping around this area as a teenager so now I was hurriedly making my way to a cave, which I knew, would provide shelter from any storm conditions.

There is a rock wall blocking this valley with a waterfall down the face and a steep, slippery, pathway to the top of the cliff, which in places was actually an almost vertical climb. I found a soaked and shivering woman at the foot of the climb.

"What happened?"

"I slipped and went under the waterfall."

This was no place or time for introductions. I hoisted her to her feet, shoved her up the path and started up the climb, which meant that, at times, my head was firmly wedged between her thighs and against her soft underside.

In other circumstances, we both might have enjoyed this, but she needed to get dry and warm before hypothermia set in. I was already carrying a large backpack of my own and the one she had was not much smaller so, even though she was small and light, I had a struggle to get us to the top before my strength went.

Once at the top she tried to lie down, but I dragged her across the heather to a large rock, behind which was a narrow ledge. This lead to a cave which was as weatherproof as any I'd ever seen. The entrance was a narrow slot which was the start of a sinuous passage, five metres long and sloping upwards.

She obviously knew about the cave because she eased her way along the ledge without hesitation.

Before I did the same I took a LED light from my pack, switched it on, and then entered to begin the task of getting her warm and dry before she became a medical problem.

I opened my pack, pulled a tube from the centre of my pack which was in fact a sleeping bag wrapped in a ground sheet which I spread on the floor. Pulling a towel out for her, I told her get her boots off before standing on the ground sheet, and then take the rest of her clothes off.


"Get your kit off and start drying yourself while I sort some warm stuff for you to put on. I take it all your gear is soaked?"

"Some stuff is in plastic 'Ziploc' bags but nothing warm. Even so, I'm not stripping in here with you around."

I did my imitation of a conjurer and pulled out a large mug and a self-heating tin of broth. I pulled the tab on the tin and a minute later poured the hot broth into the mug and turned to give it to her.

"Get that inside you and get your clothes off or I'll do it for you. I'm not after your body; I just don't fancy having to get you to a hospital if you don't do it now. You're shivering and shaking, soon you'll turn blue and it won't suit you, so be sensible."

As I spoke, I began to strip my own wet outer clothing off so that I could get dry and into something warm.

"Turn round; I'm not stripping with you staring at me."

"I said be sensible, I'm also wet and cold and in no mood to prat around with your modesty issues."

"It's not modesty; I'm embarrassed because I've never undressed in front of a man."

"Well I suggest you use this opportunity to get that problem out of the way because the outcome will be nothing like what will happen when you do it in more normal circumstances. I'm not standing here with baited breath, but I am getting colder and angrier, so move it."

She turned away from me and started removing her clothing as I found some stuff for her to wear. She had a towel so now I found a warm shirt, a sweater, and some thick socks for her. I told her to take them and as she turned to do so, she revealed two things.

The first was that although she wasn't flat chested; she possessed lovely nipples, pink and erect, but on top of small breasts. I was surprised at how erotic that was.

The second thing she revealed was that, despite her never having undressed in front of a man before, she was extremely interested in what I looked like in the genital department. I know this because she never took her eyes of that area of my body.

I do admit to carrying out a quick inspection of her body. She was slim, and despite her small breasts, she was very definitely female. Her waist, hips, thighs and buttocks were all any man could wish to see.

Once she'd donned my offerings, she opened her soaking rucksack and pulled out a plastic bag which held her underwear and was, naturally enough, a lot happier. Unfortunately, she was still without dry trousers and I provided my spare trousers, which were far too large, but at least they covered the areas that were making me sweat. .

I gave her a LED lamp of her own, showed her to the 'liquids only' toilet hole, at the rear of the cave. When she returned, I told her to get in the sleeping bag, which she did. Her mood rapidly changed when I slid in beside her and zipped the bag closed. It took some force to stop her struggling so that I could explain that she needed warmth and I was the only source of that.

She was shivering violently and finally allowed me to hold her tightly, from behind, so that she got some warmth from my body. Then we drifted off to sleep.

I do believe that if there had been any room for manoeuvre in the bag, I would have been pulped. I awoke to the experience of being battered in the face from the pounding that the back of her head was giving it. She was struggling to turn, but was unable to do so and had resorted to yelling at me to 'get my filthy paws off her'.

That was when I realized that my hands had taken up the position that any man's hands would take up if he was holding a woman, from behind, in bed. I had not gone beneath any clothing, I had not in fact, touched any flesh, but my hands were over her chest and she'd panicked.

It took time to calm her and get her to realize that I had been asleep and had not attempted to grope her. She ceased struggling, but asked me to open the sleeping bag because she needed to get up. I did as she asked, but as she struggled to a sitting position her hands went onto my groin which at that moment was sporting a 'stiffy'.

She probably had no idea that this was caused because I also needed to use the 'facility', no matter how basic it was. I tried to move myself to lessen the contact, but she'd already grasped the situation, and I think she enjoyed it, I know I did.

She gasped, but instead of leaping up, she hung on.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"That depends on what you think it is. It is me, but it is caused by a need to pass water so please let go of it and hurry up with your toilet so that I can revert to a more relaxed mode."

We spent the next hour packing everything away and exiting the cave to find that although the rain had long since stopped, there was still a wind to contend with.

As we hiked across the moor, I found that she had been intending to go into the next village and put up there for the night, but the storm had progressed so quickly she knew she'd never make it. Instead, she'd headed for the cave which she knew of but had never been to, which is where I came in.

"My name is Lisa; I'm a computer systems security analyst. I'm from Bristol, and if you make any joke about that then I shall hit you and hate you. Where are we going? I need to eat and bathe and dry my kit out."

"We're going to the village you were heading for, there's a café there that does all day breakfasts and then we're going a little further to a hiker's base camp-site which is run by a...friend, and at this time of the year she'll have vacancies.

You'll have a bed, a bathroom and access to laundry facilities. I'm Max; I was born and raised in the village we're going to. My family used to farm around here, but dad had had enough and mother wanted sun and sea so they sold up and now live in Spain."

"I'm sorry for being so rude and thankless last night. I've never experienced being spoken to so forthrightly before, and you were doing your best to help me. I'm not going to apologise for this morning though, you were stroking me."

"For that, I apologise. Even though I was unaware of my action I realize that it can't have been pleasant knowing that you were trapped with a sex crazed monster and couldn't escape his clutches."

"You're making fun of me. You may have had loads of experiences, but I never have, and I was scared."

"Once again I apologise, it had never occurred to me that a woman as pretty and as shapely as you, would have never experienced close, intimate contact. I make too many assumptions; I suppose being in the forces does that to a man."

"About that other thing that happened; I have to apologise for grabbing your... err... member, I couldn't believe how big and hard it was. I was so embarrassed when I realized what I'd done."

"I don't know about you, but I enjoyed it. If you want to carry out an analysis of that incident, be my guest."

She was saved from having to reply because we'd reached the cafe. It was owned by one of my old school pals so we had a chat about the latest happenings in the village, very few of any noteworthiness. My 'friend' Sheila, had been very successful with her 'Hiker's and Ramblers Camp', which pleased me as I knew it was something she'd always wanted to set up.

After we'd eaten, we went on our way again. It was a quiet walk to the campsite, I had the feeling that Lisa had reached a fork in her particular path, and this hardened into certainty when she asked me for my age and occupation.

"I'm thirty and I'm a member of Her Majesties Armed Forces. You can have my Number and rank if you wish. You already know my name.

"I'm gay."

"I'm feeling happy myself after that breakfast."

"Don't pretend you don't understand what I said. I'm telling you because I don't want you to think that I'm a total novice, I've just never been involved with males. I prefer females."

"Well we agree on something then, I also prefer females. Why did you feel the need to tell me that you have had sexual experiences of whatever kind, and what did my age and occupation have to do with the release of that information?"

"You really don't believe in making a difficult situation any easier for someone do you?"

"I honestly wasn't aware that there was a difficult situation. You wanted to tell me something I had no need to know, and I wondered why."

We were arriving at the entrance to the camp at that moment so the subject went onto the back burner, but I was very interested in what her answer would be.

Once Sheila had recovered from the surprise at our arrival, especially mine, and I'd recovered from the hugs and kisses which were lavished upon me it turned out that we were more than welcome to stay for as long as we wished because, now that the school holidays were over, the place was empty.

The cabins were in the process of being refurbished in readiness for next the year, but we could have one of the completed cabins which were sited at the rear of site. The cabins were sited behind hedges so they had a degree of privacy not normally found on campsites.

Apparently these were normally referred to as 'lover's lairs, information which was imparted with a questioning look at me, especially when she said that the bed was new but I just grinned and said that it wasn't likely to be put under any undue strain then.

Sheila led us to a cabin, made sure the gas heating and electricity was on and said she'd expect us at her house, which was the bungalow we'd passed on the way up the drive, at seven o'clock as she was going to treat us to dinner at her place.

All we wanted was a bath and some quality sleeping time. We sorted our packs as we waited for the hot water to be ready. Lisa's clothes were all soaked, so they were destined for the washing machine. There was a supply of washing powder along with a fairly new washing machine so we were good to go.

Lisa had her soak, and to be honest, I was surprised at how soon she re-appeared.

"I know you're just as cold and tired as I am, so I'll save the real soak for tomorrow. Please be quiet when you've finished, I want to get some sleep."

I bathed; I crawled into bed, smiled at the two pillows down the centre of the bed and drifted off to sleep.

I had never been masturbated whilst I was asleep, so this was a very pleasant and refreshing addition to my awakening experiences. I opened my eyes to the view of a very pert bottom beside my face as Lisa knelt alongside me. As I lay there, pretending to be asleep, she moved to get between my legs and I felt a warm, wet sensation on my cock. I focused my eyes and could see Lisa kneeling between my legs, with her head moving up and down over my cock.

She had about half of my 8 inches in her hot mouth. I could pretend no longer. The feeling was wonderful. She continued to suck for a few minutes before pulling her mouth away to allow her to change position and squat over my hard cock which she was guiding to the entrance to her vagina so that she could fuck me at her pace.

Her pace was slow. Therefore, we both savoured every tiny sensation as she raised and lowered herself along my shaft. She asked me to massage her breasts as she rode me, with her eyes closed. It was soft and gentle until I rolled her erect nipples between my finger and thumbs. That triggered an enormous climax causing her to collapse in a heap on top of me. Fortunately, I managed to refrain from filling her with my sperm as she did this, and I decided that this was exactly the right moment to see if she really did prefer females, because what I'd just experienced appeared to indicate that she wasn't a total novice around the male member.

I rolled her over onto her back, and spread her long legs apart. I didn't waste any time in getting between them, and my still erect cock found its own way to her vaginal entrance. It was a tight fit so I took her gently, easing my rigid cock slowly into that hot, moist tunnel.

Once I was fully inside her, I rested for a moment and then withdrew until only my helmet was inside her. I immediately thrust the whole length of my erection back down her tunnel until I met her cervix at which point I stopped moving and just rocked her. After a minute or two, she tried to lift her pelvis and whispered.


I pulled back and then began to use my cock exactly as she wanted me to. I slid in and out of her body with ever increasing speed as she thrust her pelvis up to meet my groin coming down. She was a furnace and I stoked her until she erupted once again with her legs wrapped around me and her arms holding me close to her until her spasms subsided.

Once Lisa had recovered some composure she disappeared into the bathroom for an hour, and on her return, all pink and feminine she asked me lie in my back. Intrigued, I did as asked, and as soon as I'd done that, she straddled my head. She had a hand wrapped around my cock, which immediately began to become erect, and was just lowering her mouth onto the head of my cock as I very quickly lifted her up, slid my hands between her thighs and forced them apart as I lowered her back down.

I could now see, smell, and taste her vagina and as my tongue speared into that burning orifice she moaned.

She moaned, she squirmed and she forced herself onto my mouth and tongue at this end of my body as she forced her mouth down my erection at the other end. I licked, I nibbled, and I sucked that hot, soft, and oh so sweet, offering. She began to pant, I began to thrust my erection upwards until, once again, our two worlds exploded, and she produced an orgasmic jet of her own for me to savour.

She climbed off me and set about making us a cup of coffee as I headed for a quick pee and a shower.

When I returned, Lisa pointed to the living room. I entered to find Sheila sitting in an armchair with a big smile and a bag. She handed the bag to me as she explained that she'd realized that Lisa didn't have any outer clothing to wear until her stuff was dry and ironed, and so, because her partner was around the same size as Lisa, she'd raided her wardrobe for something suitable for the evening, and brought it up to the cabin.

She'd assumed we'd be fast asleep and not wanting to disturb us, she'd let herself in to put the bag where we'd find it in the living room. We'd been so engrossed in our activities that we heard nothing so she'd been treated to a very arousing scene. It had been all the more surprising because she'd interpreted my earlier comment to mean that we were not an item.

Sheila advised me that she really wanted an invitation to participate in any sequels. Turning to Lisa, she asked her if she had a problem with that suggestion.

Lisa smiled and said that she and I had merely been scratching an itch, and as she had been living with a confirmed Lesbian for the past year, she had absolutely no problem with finding out if she still had stuff to learn.

As Sheila headed for the door, she told us that her partner had gone home for a couple of weeks to see her parents, which meant that the nights had become long and empty.

As Lisa opened the bag and inspected its contents, I brought up the subject of inconsistencies in her claim to be inexperienced around men. She pointed out that; as a lone girl, closeted in a cave with a six-foot male who appeared to be overly keen to get her undressed, she had to use every means possible to appear unappealing.

"Well my love, that didn't work. You looked, and you still do, very appealing indeed. What excuse do you have to explain the accomplished manner in which you got me to take part in one of the most satisfying fuck sessions that I can recall?"

"I may not have lots of 'hands on' experience with men, but I can watch porn like anyone else. It doesn't take a genius to work out what goes where, and when. I had a couple of bad experiences with boys as a teenager and decided that other females were much nicer, cleaner and show more tenderness than the males. I was correct as well."

"If that was an example of a practical exam then I would love to help you with your education, because I want to be involved in your final degree exam."

"What that comment about participating in any sequels? I'm not keen on threesomes at all, and certainly not with someone who regards the third member as their property."

"She wouldn't have said that if she didn't like you, or if she'd thought that we were seriously together. It was her way of letting us both know what she would like the near future to have in store for her. There is no way she's going to rekindle what we once had. You are probably being viewed as this evening's dessert.

"We have a history. Sheila and I were born on the same day at the same time so we grew up together. We had our first sexual experience together, and we enjoyed it so much that we spent all our free time pleasuring each other to exhaustion every chance we got.

"Dad had an accident on the farm. He had been kicked in the groin by a horse and afterwards he was unable to get any sort of erection, Sheila's dad happily stepped in and screwed two willing women on a very regular basis. Sheila and I found out, but no one outside of our two families was ever the wiser.

"Things were good until they found out that we were having more sex than they were. For some reason they were all really upset about the situation and Sheila was packed off to a college in France to 'finish her education'. I've thought a great deal about this and I've come to the conclusion that Sheila's dad may have been keeping my mom happy for longer than anyone would admit.

"I decided to make a clean break and joined the Army. Sheila wouldn't look at another man, and there were plenty for her to choose from. She, like you, decided that sexual relief was best obtained from another female. I think you may well have a busy, and hopefully, enjoyable time whilst we're here."

"I must admit that I feel a certain amount of lustful interest beginning to surface, do I wait for an invitation or what?"

"I'd wait for an invitation if I were you. If I'm correct, she'll want you all to herself, and then you'll be spending the night there because she doesn't rush her fences. Now, let's get ready for whatever the night may bring. I take it that this afternoon was an admission that you have decided that I'm not a complete brute after all?"

"You know full well what I decided."

"No I don't. I know you wanted sex, I just wondered what made you decide that I'm suitable for the honour."

"I was lonely, I owed you for getting me through the night and I was suddenly desperate for a cuddle. I moved those pillows and crossed the Rubicon, so to speak. What happened next was not deliberate, but my hand brushed against your penis and I was desperate to feel it in my hand again. Does it ever go soft?"

"Yes, but you have to work at it, or on it."

"I was under the impression that that is what I have been doing, but if that bulge underneath your towel is any indication, then I didn't do a very thorough job."

"You could always try and rectify that."

Lisa grinned at me and unwrapped the towel from around my waist. Grasping my erection, she led me to the table and then asked me to wait as she sat on the table and made herself comfortable. She lay back and spread her legs until I had a good view of the pink delight nestling between her thighs.

Smiling wickedly, she proceeded to stroke between her open labia and rub her clitoris until it visibly swelled. She pleasured herself in this way for a few moments before asking me to come closer so that she could hold my rigid cock. I happily did as she asked for which she rewarded me by using the head of my cock on her sex instead of her finger.

Naturally I tried to move forward, but Lisa had other plans. Asking me to hold her legs up and apart, she placed the other hand on my chest to keep me from being able to get into her. She teased me by slowly sliding her hand along my erection as she rubbed my cock against her clitoris. I was being treated to the arousing situation of watching her bringing herself to a climax as she masturbated me to a similar end.

We arrived on Sheila's doorstep at the appointed time to be greeted with hugs and kisses; and, I noticed, a surreptitious feeling of Lisa's buttocks. We were ushered in to a very large, and beautifully furnished, sitting room. Three large sofas, several armchairs and occasional tables still didn't make the room appear crowded.

We were given a tour of the house; especially the three bedrooms complete with king size beds and en-suite facilities.

We had a very good wine with our meal and followed that with a pleasantly relaxed time with yet more wine in the sitting room. As the evening wore on I began to notice a certain amount of tension building up between Sheila and Lisa and although I would dearly have loved to watch the ensuing activity I reluctantly decided to clear the field for them.

"Sheila my love, I doubt very much that your partner would be happy if she thought that you were even considering taking a man into your bed. I wouldn't want to be the cause of more grief for you so please accept my apologies for leaving so suddenly, but I'm tired and I rather think that you and Lisa still have lot of ground to cover so I'll bid you goodnight."

Before either of them could react I left the room and, grabbing my coat on the way through the entrance lobby, Left the house.

Lisa arrived back at midday. When I asked her if she had indeed 'had stuff to learn' she smiled and told me that the only two things she'd learned was that Sheila loved her partner and then she realized that she loved me. I received I big hug, a very long kiss and was given the freedom of her body for the afternoon.

We spent the remainder of the week rambling around the moors and dales, with the occasional halt for alternative activities. We met Sheila's partner before we departed and I could see why Sheila had decided to live the life she had chosen.

Lisa went to Bristol and I returned to my headquarters. I had made my decision and had opted to take the opportunity to leave the service; so two months later, after my discharge, I rented a flat in Bristol until such time that Lisa had untied the knot to her girlfriend. I move in with Lisa six weeks later. We married shortly afterwards.

Because I had been part of a cyber-attack team in the service, I had no difficulty in getting a job with the company that Lisa worked for.

The End.

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