To me it’s the time of year where grown-ups can play dress up, with masks. I love the idea of hiding my identity behind a mask, because my inhibitions seem to disappear and my whole body quivers with lust. I remember one Halloween where my husband and I were invited to a swingers costume party. This couple was close friends of ours, and even though the event was a month away, I could hardly wait.

Nothing says Halloween like a costume with near nudity. So we went online in search of just the right outfits. I of course would love to go as a sultry vampire, with hubby as Count Dracula. Oh God, the mere thought of that sends shivers through my whole body! It wasn’t long until we found the perfect attire.

My name is Kandy, and my costume was an "Elvira" one. The "Mistress of the Dark," who hypnotizes any man and can make their deepest wishes a reality. It doesn't get any sexier than this black outfit, a button down the front bodice with a to-the-waist plunging neckline and long skirt with an above the thigh slit, with jagged finished sleeves and hem giving it a bad-dreamy look! Perhaps the shimmery black belt clasped with a dagger buckle is the only thing keeping your dark side from being totally revealed! Dare them to mess with you! I could just see me wearing this, with the top just barely covering my ample breasts.

My husband John would be wearing a Count Dracula costume. He would be ravishingly handsome and it wouldn't take much to entice his lovely victims. This debonair, fully finished garment includes a long black coat with silver color buttons, attached shoulder cape, luscious red velvet collar, and inset grey lace trim cuffs. A grey dickey collar with ruffled lace trim and attached medallion also included along with a set of fake fangs. A perfect outfit to escort my Elvira Vampira to the swingers party for a dark evening full of mystery.

Each costume came with a black mask that covered the person’s eyes. After ordering them we debated whether I should wear underwear or go commando? Oh hell, why not naked underneath, a little scandalous adventure never hurt anyone. I could see myself putting on the costume and checking myself out in the mirror.

"Oh yeah," I murmured, "skin without obscenity, a perfect outfit which screamed, ‘Let’s Party!’"

I communicated with our friend through email, and soon got one with the description of the house where the party was being held, along with pictures. The outside of it had the right amount of spooky lights, along with cobwebs and tombstones. The letter went on to say that the doorbell would chime with a creepy Halloween tune. The person answering the door would be masked and when we were ushered inside, we were to be introduced by first names only. I quivered with anticipation and my throbbing clit said it could not wait!

Before we knew it our costumes arrived, and the event was only three days away. I quickly took my outfit into the bedroom and tried it on; after all, I wanted to make sure it fit. I gasped at my reflection in the mirror, then slithered into the living room and commanded, "Come with me to my boudoir!"

John’s eyes popped out when he saw me and he yelled, "Hot damn, woman, you’re so fucking hot, any man would follow you! As for now, my dick orders me to obey your command!"

He followed me, and there was a flurry of hands, mouths, and clothing as we made our way to the bed. I climbed on first and in my best Vampira voice ordered, "I need to suck your blood, but will settle for that hot, hard cock of yours!"

He followed and we spent the next three hours having hot, wild, lust-filled sex. With each one of us portraying the character we would be at the party. I must tell you, that night was the hottest I have enjoyed for a long while. I fell asleep with visions of the party running through my mind, clear to the center of my womanhood.

The next two days went by slower than molasses. Finally, on Friday, the day of the party finally arrived, and all day my clit and nipples remained hard, aroused in anticipation of lusty encounters.

After supper I decided to take a shower and try to calm down; after all, I needed to save my energy for the hot night of sex I had ahead of me. I was washing my breasts when I felt someone’s arms caressing my back.

In a lusty tone, John uttered, "Care for some company doll?"

I quivered, turned around, moving into his open arms, placed my lips on his and then murmured, "Mmmm, Count, you taste so good."

As his arms caress my back and ass, as I reach for his swelling cock. "Hum, looks like someone’s excited about the party! However, we’d better save our lusty desires for tonight. I wouldn’t want you too tired to perform later on, "I giggled.

He frowned and replied, "Well, if you insist!"

After the shower, we climbed out of the shower and dried each other off. John shaved as I began to apply my alluring make-up. Then off to the bedroom to put on our costumes.

I put on my black lace garter belt, hose and then the dress, making sure it hugged all my curves. I looked into the mirror to check my attire and makeup.

"Oh my God," I gasped, noting that my long red hair accentuated my costume and my hard, large nipple were very noticeable. I blinked my emerald eyes, which appeared to be hypnotic tonight.

I walked over to John and got his approval. "Damn-it woman, you’re making my dick hard!"

I couldn’t help but quiver when I saw John emerge as "Count Dracula". I flashed him a sultry look. "Good, that is how I want all the men to react!"

I kissed him passionately then grabbed my purse before heading out towards our destination.

As we drove into the yard and parked the car, I notice that the house looked better than the email description. It appeared to really be haunted as we heard ghostly sounds echoing as we approached the front door. A scary screech and other creepy sounds emanated when I rang the doorbell.

A dark figure in a black mask and cape answered the door. Through fanged teeth he hissed, "Velcome, come in, make yourselves comfortable."

We entered and let our eyes adjust to the darkened room illuminated by black lights. There were several people there; some dancing and others were half naked in lusty embraces.

Soon a woman dressed in a witch’s costume came up to us and asked what we’d like to drink. I requested a strawberry daiquiri, and then giggled watching John’s portrayal.

In his best Dracula voice he ordered, "I want a Bloody Mary!"

We walked to the living room. Everyone was wearing a mask, and their costumes made Halloween so popular to me; cats, or should I say "pussy" cats, with black tights, low necklines that barely restrained a variety of breasts, a couple of French maids with legs all the way up to their, oh la la, several in bondage attire with a seductive degree of coverage, guys with leather and boots, some in drag, and even a couple of girls in gangster outfits.

Several people came up to us and introduced themselves. I recognized some by their voice, and others were unknown to me. I took a sip of my drink as my eyes wandered across the room.

Before long, a lady dressed like a witch introduced herself. "Hello, I’m Kathy, your hostess."

I replied, "Kathy you really outdid yourselves this time. The house looks great. Thanks for inviting us!"

She left, slithering throughout the room to welcome all the guests. For the moment I stood off to the side, sipping my drink and watching John.

My body quivered as I ogled another lady in vampire attire slithered up to him. She was shorter than me with long black hair, a red mask, and a miniskirt slit up to her waist on both sides leaving little to the imagination, because I noticed she is only wearing a red thong underneath. She took a sip of her drink and motioned for John to do the same.

I tried to figure out who she was, but couldn’t. I got a beautiful view of her breasts in the plunging neckline of her costume. They appeared to be big and round, similar to mine. They began to dance, and I choose to go looking and see what kind of excitement I could have.

After a few minutes someone tapped my shoulder, "Hi, my name if Doug, are you here alone my dear?"

I turned and noticed a man who had a devil costume with a pitchfork and all. I smiled and licked my lips hungrily. "No, I am with my husband, but don’t worry about him. I’m out to have my own adventure," I slurred in my Elvira voice.

He winked and slid his hand up my back, then down to my ass. "Mmm baby. Do I detect you’re not wearing a bra?"

I purred seductively and ask, "Care to find out?"

Doug let out an evil laugh and encouraged me to finish my drink. He took my glass and set it alongside his own on the table next to the sofa. Pulling me close, he guided me over to sit down, and then kissed me hard.

Not caring who was watching, I slid into his arms. As his hands caressed me, mine slip into his waistband in search of his cock. His cock was half erect and felt big enough to make me squeal with pleasure.

I gazed into his eyes and commanded, "You von’t be needing those pants for long, honey,"

I ogled as Doug started to remove his red pants, then gasped because he was not wearing any shorts. The sight of his cock made my clit throb.

Doug turned slightly to get a better look at me, winked, and then shouted loud enough for the crowd to hear, "Oh yeah, it’s fucking time!"

I looked around to see who was watching. Some couples were still half naked in lusty embraces, others were dancing to the music, and John and a few other couples were ogling us in anticipation of the hot sex show that was about to take place.

My Elvira dress was open to the waist already. I unbuttoned a few buttons on the bodice which opened the front, and my ample breasts fell into view of everyone.

I slid my legs apart and asked Doug, "Is this better?"

His response was to slither his right hand up my thigh which then came to rest atop my steamy pussy.

My hand reached out and grasped his rock hard cock. "Oooooh baby, that’s the reaction I was looking for, a big hard cock!"

I noticed Doug swallowing hard as his eyes seem to be hypnotized by mine. He murmured, "Uh-uh, mmm!"

I continued to gaze into his eyes, let go of his cock, and raised my skirt up to my waist, knowing everyone would see my pussy, glittering with moisture in anticipation.

I watched Doug lick his lips as he slithered his hand between the wet folds of my hot pussy. I lay my head back, closed my eyes and murmured softly.

When his hand rubbed across my swollen clit, I shrieked, "Yes, oh God, just like that. Make me cum baby!"

Doug paused for a moment and ordered, "Not yet doll, I want you to let everyone see you suck on my dick!"

I opened my eyes, move my head toward his crotch, and then grasp Doug’s pulsating cock. Next I took a hold of the shaft, stroked softly, and then flicked my tongue across the tip of his member, tasting the sweet pre-cum.

I then wrapped my lips around the head and moaned, "Mmmmm!"

While I was tantalizing his cock with my tongue, he reached down and caressed my hair, watching as I slowly bob up and down on his cock. Before long Doug was holding my head while bucking and thrusting into my mouth.

He looked at the gathering crowd and bellowed, "Suck my dick Elvira!"

With my free hand I squeezed his ass, and then slowly slid my middle finger across the rim of his asshole. Doug jumped in surprise, but his cock remained in my mouth. I continued my actions, sucking him deeper with each thrust. As his balls slapped my chin, I caressed his asshole until it relaxed and my finger entered the hole.Finger-fucking Doug was too much, his cock got even harder and more rigid.

I then felt someone tap my arm. When I glanced to see who it was a petite woman in a fairy costume asked, "My name is Jennifer, can I join in? Your cunt looks so delicious!"

Doug answered before I could respond and said, "Oh I’m sure the little lady won’t mind you eating her cunt."

With his cock still in my mouth I nodded in approval, spreading my legs wide to give her easier access to my steaming bush without missing a beat on Doug’s cock. I quivered when I felt the woman separate my labia. When her tongue slithered the length of my pussy, I could feel my orgasm approaching like a freight train out of control!

Doug gurgled, "Oh fuck! I’m going to cum in your hot mouth soon! Drink it all, baby!"

I swallowed hard as his cock exploded. There was so much cum that it was dribbling off the edges of my lips. Before I could lick up the sweet drops, Doug kissed me, and savored it.

He then looked me in my eyes and confessed, "Oh God, woman, you really know how to suck a man dry!" He then sat down next to me and watched the woman devour my pussy.

As she sucked on my clit she bit it gently. I moaned and hissed, "Yessssssss!"

After giving my clit a good tonguing she flicked it downward to my pulsating hole. When she slid her tongue deep inside I grabbed my nipples, one in each hand, and rolled them between my thumbs and forefingers. Those watching us gasped as I brought one of them to my lips and sucked it into my mouth.

I heard a guy shout out, "Ooooh fuck yeah, suck your tit baby!"

I sucked and bit my nipple, giving the audience a real hot show, and then felt Doug sucking on my other nipple. Oh my God, with a woman eating me and a man at my breast, it was more than I could take and I began shaking hard!

I stopped sucking my nipple and shrieked, "Fuck, I’m cumming!"

Jennifer quivered hungrily while lapping up my sweet juices.

It was then I noticed John to my right with his hard cock in his hand and I yelled out, "Fuck her, John!"

He came over and was about to kneel and slide his cock into her wanting pussy. When she stopped eating me, she stood up and removed her costume.

She positioned herself in a doggie-style and squealed, "Oooooh God, fuck me, fuck me deep and hard!"

John guided his cock into her with one hard, deep thrust. He then held her ass, reached around and started squeezing her soft, round melon-sized breasts.

I looked over at Doug, then down at his crotch and noticed his cock was hard again. I winked, stood and removed my skirt, licked my lips, and confessed loudly, "I’m hungry for a hot, hard, cock!"

I moved, smacked my lips hungrily and positioned my lips on his cock once more. My ass was up in the air and available for anyone who wanted to play with it. All a sudden I felt a hand on my ass. I glanced back and saw this naked guy with hard cock in hand preparing to fuck me.

I paused from sucking Doug long enough to squeal, "Come on honey, fuck my hot, wet cunt!"

Without hesitation he drove his cock home. Before resuming sucking Doug again, I looked around and saw other couples naked and fucking. Oh, I was really enjoying this party and my encounters were more than I expected. I hungrily dove onto Doug’s hard cock once more.

I flicked my tongue from the tip of his cock to his balls. Then I engulfed his shaft deep until his balls smacked against my chin. Doug’s hands once again pulled my head down and helped me bob up and down on his pulsating member.

I arched my back, thrusting my hips into the other man’s cock as Doug rammed my mouth. My clit was once again throbbing hard, and I could feel my second climax building. The stranger fucking me must have sensed this because he withdrew his member and began sliding it up and down my slit across my clit. Just as I started quivering with another orgasm he shoved his cock all the way inside me hard, with long, deep thrusts.

All of a sudden he grabbed my hips, stopped thrusting, and yelled, "Here she cums!" He filled me with so much cum it dripped down my leg.

That triggered Doug’s climax and I hungrily swallowed every sweet drop.

I then sat down on the sofa to catch my breath and gaze down at my pussy, oozing with cum. Before I could say a word, another woman knelt down and zeroed in, licking every inch of it.

The crowd applauded and someone yelled, "Nice show!"

As I trembled from the woman’s tantalizing tongue, I watched John fuck Jennifer. I could tell by his actions he would soon cum.

Jennifer’s figure was smaller than mine, but her breasts were similar to mine with large areolas, with long, hard nipples. She was close enough to me that I could reach out and play with them. I quivered as my fingers rolled and pulled at her right nipple.

Jennifer glanced at me and smiled. "Want to suck’em?"

I replied, "Yes."

I tapped the woman’s shoulder that was cleaning my pussy. "I need to move, I want to suck Jennifer’s tits while you eat me."

She stopped, helped me reposition myself, and then resumed eating me. I placed my lips around Jennifer’s nipple, sucked it in, held it between my teeth, and bit it gently. I could feel my own climax building again.

Jennifer’s body trembled in response and it did not take long for her to shout, "Fuck! Bite my nipple, harder, ooooh, aaarrrggghhh, I’m cumming!"

Her reaction triggered my orgasm. I sat there on the sofa, feeling well-fucked and satisfied for the moment, because I could have sex all night long.

It was close to midnight, and the host yelled out to the crowd, "Does everyone have a drink? It’s almost the bewitching hour."

At the stroke of midnight everyone raised their drink glasses and shouted, "Happy Halloween!"

The night was not over for me, as John and I ended up in bed with the host and hostess.

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