Yvette and I met our junior year of college and have been inseparable ever since. I had never experienced a woman who matched me mentally and sexually. A woman who would point out a great ass and not feel as though it diminished her own amazing body. Yvette and I are both overly sexual and have enjoyed some amazing experiences over the last couple of years. Although I always suspected that Yvette was bi she did not introduce this side of our relationship until after I proposed to her about six months ago.

That night she took me to our bedroom wearing nothing but her engagement ring. Her smooth cocoa skin and hardened dark chocolate nipples caressed my skin as we professed our love for one another. After making love for over an hour I teased her about how she didn’t even need any dick tonight after she came so many times from the foreplay. We laid there nude enjoying the cool breeze from the ceiling fan as my hand rested on her glistening body. She began to squeeze my now deflated manhood and like magic it came back to life with a few good strokes. "You are an animal. I can’t keep letting you ware me out with this thing. I might have to enlist help to keep you satisfied." Yvette mumbled in her sleepy voice while continuing to stroke me.

"What type of help do you have in mind" I asked puzzled by her statement. Yvette always made it her routine to grab my dick whenever she wanted to express herself which normally consisted of her telling me not to share it with anyone whenever I went to hang out with friends. But now her angelic face was looking up at me as she ground her breast into the side of my arm. "I don’t know. I know that we have always loved each other but I never wanted to lose you by introducing another woman into our bedroom. I never want to lose the connection we share but I have been having some thoughts lately" she said sheepishly while looking away. I ran my hand over her flat stomach and across her smooth mound as I took her nipple into my mouth. Her legs fell open as she began to open up more about her wishes. "You know how we sometimes fuck in public", instead of answering her I rolled her on top of me and impaled her hard eliciting a guttural moan that cane from deep down within her. "Yes baby like that, it gets me off so much letting someone see you pounding the fuck out of my pussy that I wondered how it would feel to watch two people fucking. Playing with my pussy as I watch the girl take it but all I can ever imagine is your big beautiful cock." I began to hold her close and kiss her neck as she rode me faster. I could tell that she was fantasizing about every word that she was saying to me. "Although it made me jealous to dream of another woman with you I would wake up soaking wet just wanting you to fuck my mouth and pussy like this will always be mine too enjoy." I began leaving it in her depths longer as I sensed that she was getting close. She grinded into me hard with her voice raising a pitch higher. "Fuck baby, I want to see someone cumming on your cock just as hard as you make me cum. I want to see you man handle her and watch as she has to fit all of it into her tight little pussy. Oh fuck, fuck fuck fuck baby mmmmm. Damn that was good" She finally said after falling off of me and continuing to rub her clit. I shoved my length down her throat and told her to clean me up the same way she would after I fuck another woman. I tensed up expecting a punch to my balls for those words but I noticed her hand rubbing her clit faster at the thought. "That’s it suck this cock like you want to see it sucked. Make me fill your mouth so you and a friend can swap my cum with a kiss" she began to moan on my cock as her body writhed in agony for another release. This had to be one of the top three blowjobs she has ever given me and in moments I was pouring my cum down her throat as she began to tremble. Her eyes were glazed over as we both came down from our euphoria.

Days went by without Yvette mentioning it again so I figured it was just another form of sexual talk which she loves. We had sex non stop including the parking lot of the bar after she had one too many. There were a group of girls parked next to us and she began sucking me off so they could see her pleasuring me before the windows got foggy. The next morning I was told not to make plans with my friends because she was going to cook my favorite meal. When I arrived home she was sitting at the table nude with just a napkin in her lap. I was told to do the same and we shared a glass of wine before she clapped her hands and a woman appeared dress in only a pair of black lace panties and high heels. Yvette pulled out a chair for her to join us and poured her a glass of wine as well. After exchanging names and enjoying our drinks the woman stood up after being prompted to do so by my fiancé. We made our way to the bedroom with me palming both of their asses but we quickly found out that the chemistry had to be altered to involve our new play toy. Next we learned that the girl couldn’t take dick and while Yvette was apprehensive about going down on another woman I took one for the team and showed her how it’s done. Unfortunately for my fiancée the woman that she chose was horrible at giving head so after saying our goodbyes I had marathon sex with Yvette to make up for time lost.

We chalked the situation up to bad chemistry but Yvette continued to find women to try out. It became our Friday ritual to turn out some poor unexpecting girl and after a month had passed my fiancé was more comfortable with giving and receiving oral sex from a woman but still she felt something was missing. Up until this point all of the women had been black or Latina but this Friday I was surprised to see the woman that she picked for us. I walked in to see my wife showing pics of me to a petite little white girl with huge breast. She wore glasses and her brunette bangs laid gently on her face; having to be pushed to the side for her to properly see. Yvette placed her laptop down and introduced me to Shelley who seemed giddy and nervous at the same time. As we spoke she kept looking down and I noticed her looking at my bulge as if she was scared to ask to see it. My wife explained that Shelley had never been with a black man but was very submissive and looked forward to having someone dominate her. I walked around Shelley asking her if this was true as my fiancé began to undress. "Take your top off. I love to see a big pair of tits dangling when I’m having my cock sucked." Shelley began to tremble before lifting her shirt over her head. While she didn’t have much in the ass department her huge breast more than made up for it.

Yvette encouraged her to finish getting undressed so her new black buck could get a good look at her. She pushed down her tights and panties at the same time and by the size of the wet spot in her panties she was either the wettest woman I had ever seen or she had been turned on for a very long time just waiting for this experience to come true. Yvette stood behind me and stuck her hand down my pants. Stroking me over and over while Shelley stood there fixated on what was happening right in front of her. She didn’t say a word and instead waited to be instructed on what she was allowed to do. I told her to get on her knees and Yvette bit my arm as the excitement ran through her as well. "Put my dick in her mouth" I ordered Yvette. When her hand pulled my cock from my boxers Shelley’s eyes lit up with fear and astonishment. "If you’re going to take it you have to take it all" were my last words to Shelley before my cock was guided into her mouth. I took off my shirt and let my fiancé kiss all over my neck and chest before I sucked her breast. Shelley did as told and fought her gag reflex to power through and swallow all of my length. This was a feat that took my fiancé over a year to master and she watched with astonishment.

I pulled free of Shelley’s lips and told her to make my fiancé nice and wet so she could play with herself while I fucked Shelley senseless. As Yvette got situated in the leather armchair I kneeled behind Shelley and began to play with her pussy. "Lick her where I put my big black cock in daily", Shelley began to moan as she devoured Yvette. I watched my fiancés eyes glazed over and if I wasn’t hard already watching Yvette cum on that sweet innocent face would have done it. I helped Shelley up and made her straddle my fiancé. Yvette grabbed Shelley’s ass and parted it giving me a wonderful view of my pink target. Her puffy lips were moist and her clit was begging to be rubbed so I swiped my ahead across it a few times before doing the same to her slit. I lined up and pushed into her slowly as Yvette encouraged her that she could take it. She let out small yelps as I inched my way in so Yvette began to suck her rosy pink nipples. I was turned on so much that I didn’t ever bottom out in Shelley before I began to start stroking. Yvette placed her hands on Shelley’s hips and began to push her back into my strokes. I commanded Shelley to return the favor and suck my fiancés nipples while finger fucking her. Shelley began to finger fuck Yvette at the same pace I fucked her with her head buried in my fiancés bosom. Shelley was very tight and gripped me well as my cock began to pump in and out of her like a piston. My dick was covered in cream as I told her I could see how much she loved being a black cock slut. Yvette kept telling me to fuck her harder despite Shelley screaming in her ear. My balls began to slap Shelley’s clit as I fucked her more passionately. Yvette began to moan below her as the scene unfolding on top of her became sensory overload and made her cum. Shelley fell limp between our bodies as an orgasm ripped through her body and left her motionless.

I was surprised when Yvette rolled Shelley to the side and got on her knees to lick my cock clean of Shelley’s mess. I decided to make Yvette straddle Shelley and I thought she was going to cum the moment I slid into her but it didn’t exactly take long after that. Shelley told me how she had never been fucked that good and Yvette lost it cumming so hard that I felt her juices running down my balls and my thighs. I made Shelley clean it up with her tongue and Yvette sat in the chair playing with her pussy while she watched her own cum being licked off my body by someone else. I laid Shelley down on her back and mounted her right at the feet of my fiancé. I could feel her hands pushing down on my ass as I gave Shelley my all. After only a minute of stroking I could feel Shelley squeezing my dick with her muscles as I kissed her neck and whispered that I was going to breed her with my big black cock. She came instantly so I had my fiancé hold her breast for each one of us to suck. Shelley began to squeal with this newfound attention being given to her body and came again. She was so wet and tight that I couldn’t hold it anymore and hopped to my feet. Both women kneeled before me as stream after stream came boiling out of me and landed in their open mouths.

Yvette reached out and caressed my empty sack before swapping my cum with Shelley in a passionate kiss. I grew hard again watching this and with a gleam in their eyes both women began to suck and lick all over my cock and balls. As they French kissed each other with my head between both of their mouths I lost it and filled their bellies with a bigger dose than before. We all laid there exhausted on the living room floor and laughed as we realized we never made it back to the bedroom. After getting dressed Shelley asked if she could be invited back if it wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Yvette and I just smiled at one another before I ordered Shelley back onto her knees. She was really turned on when I explained that I wanted her to get my big black cock hard again for another round with my fiancé. When I was nice and hard again Yvette walked her back to the car and gave her the details on when we would be able to see her again. Me and Yvette fucked again before she finally told me that she thought we found a keeper and Shelley would be back over every Wednesday and Friday. I looked down at my dick and told her that she should have enough help with it now before giving Yvette a wink.

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