At this point I figured she was just online and using one of her tools to get off, but that changed when I heard the grunt of a man. I stopped in my tracks.

I had assumed the vehicle parked out front was for one of her female clients; my wife does makeup for women in a private setting, teaching them how to apply it as well as giving them facials (oh, I wish). So I entered the house with my usual quiet reserve so as not to intrude upon them should they be talking "girl talk" and the like. My usual habit is to move to another room on the other side of the house and go to work on my laptop and then emerge later when all is clear.

This wasn’t one of those times. As I stood there listening to the grunting of another man and the sounds of my wife’s breathing and moaning, my heart started pumping fast in my chest and my cock instantly filled with blood, slipping past my briefs and sliding to full length between my jeans and my leg. The pressure there was incredible and I moved my hand to it to adjust it slightly. This did little to relieve strain.

At this point my whole world centered on the sounds coming from the bedroom: of all places, our own bed. I let out a breath, had no choice in the matter, it was the kind of breath one lets out when first sinking into one’s wife after a long time of being without her. And here, another man was providing a firm force to my wife, a rhythmic pounding accompanied by his grunting bursts and her "oh…oh…ohhh yeah."

I was so thoroughly engrossed in what I was hearing I could barely think. I knew instinctively though that I didn’t want to disturb them – fuck! Disturb them? There was a small part of me wanting to rush in there and say "what the fuck is going on?!" and tear at the two of them physically – not in a pleasant way for him, but she would get a cock pounding as she had never had while he lay bleeding somewhere near the floor of the bed.

As I said, it was a small part of me that thought this; so small I knew it would never happen. Oh, the pounding she would get, but this guy would get off free, after all, it isn’t his fault for wanting to fuck her - my God, I couldn’t blame any man or woman for wanting her. She’s hot, and exudes a sexual presence deep and primitive to many a male and female. Though at times she seems oblivious to it.

We had talked about sharing her many times; her comments of what she would do to another man during our sex usually filled me with such lust that cumming wasn’t far off. And here she was, live, apparently having decided it was time to move beyond fantasy to fact.

I gathered enough of my functioning thought to slip my shoes off. I was going to watch this and I didn’t want to disturb them by hearing my approach. I moved my hand down to my jeans and undid them, slowly. I reached down and pulled my cock up so that it wasn’t straining at that downward angle. It felt great to have it up and extend above the band of my briefs.

A loud "Oh!" from the bedroom pulled at my thoughts again and I felt a surge and tightening below my balls at my perineum, a place where my wife sometimes ventures, pressing and sliding her fingers down and around as I am fucking her or as she is sucking me, sometimes touching my anus and sending a stimulus I had not experience from anyone before her.

My cock contracted, flexing as it does sometimes with a will of its own. I looked down and watched as a clear bead of precum formed at the opening.

I started to move around the corner and down the darkened hallway toward the bedroom. They were saying something, his male voice adding to the erotic contrast of her feminine tone. My heart was thumping hard and a tingling centered in my lower half of my body and reached out to my fingers, it was as though I had just gone several rounds with my fight training partners, heart and lungs nearly exploding with the energy demand the body requires - and all I was doing was slowly walking down a hallway listening to the sounds of another man fucking my wife. I touched the tip of my cock and slid the precum around.

I was nearly at the door and saw it partially opened ahead of me. My brain worked again, my wife knew of my arrival times, had to. I don’t believe she could have forgotten it; my only problem with it was that she hadn’t discussed this with me, at least warned me of it if nothing else, she knew how hot I was about the idea of it. She would have called at least…

I nearly hit myself on the head right then. The phone. I looked down at it at my waist and saw the telltale red blink of a message waiting for me. Damn! I slid my hand down and slipped the phone out of his holder. I turned it to me so the light from it wouldn’t be seen in the bedroom, though I do believe they had other things on their mind.

"Come on, deeper, fuck me faster…ohhh!"

Alyce’s voice shot directly down to my cock. I had heard those words before, and my cock knew it intimately. I exhaled and pressed the phone for my messages. The text came up as follow:

Baby, don’t be mad. You know we talked about this a lot and I have been working a bit on it for you without your knowledge. A surprise. Please baby, I love you more than anything and I want you turned on by this just like when you are fucking me hard. There’s another guy I’ve been talking phone-sex with, someone a couple of hours away. I’ve had him tested and that end is perfect. I actually met up with him a couple of times in public places and got to know him<

Here I had to go to the next message, as she must have hit the send button…

I also let others know my whereabouts when I am with him, actually took Jen with once to see him and get her opinion. Remember the other day when I came home late from being with Jen? Remember how wet my panties and pussy were for you? I actually masturbated on the way home thinking of this guy fucking me. I turned on a guy in a semi-truck as he watched me fingerfuck myself in the car at a stop light just before getting to you.<

I have him here today, in our house. I am going to fuck him, baby, I am going to feel his cock in me and I am going to cum on it hard. He’s taking a shower right now and I am fingering myself waiting for him. I have an awfully wet panty waiting for you. And my pussy is yours for the rest of the night, all night if you want. This is for you babe. When I have my lips around his cock I will think of you…love Alyce<

It was sent 40 minutes ago. I found my mouth open, the air coming into my lungs fierce and primordial. More precum had formed on my cock and I slid the phone back in its holster.

I love you Alyce. It was a thought I couldn’t stop from forming if I wanted to, it leapt to the fore of my mind unbidden. Sound came back to my ears then. I had been so absorbed by what I was reading I don’t think I could have heard a meteor crashing into the house.

"Oh fuck Alyce, you are so fucking tight!" the man said.

I approached the rest of the way and saw a visual that will forever be burned in my mind. Alyce was on her back with one leg up high on the shoulder of this guy, the leg closest to me. His far leg was over hers and his leg closest to me was back some so I could see his cock pistoning in an out of her pussy. Her wet pussy. Every time he withdrew there was a slick sheen to his flesh that spoke of her desire for him.

Right then I discovered something I didn’t know was possible, my cock got harder then it’s ever been – and that says a lot. I slid the top of my jeans down past my hips so that I could free myself. I felt cool air on my ass and on my balls as the fabric moved down. My cock was in a firm grip from my hand and I was starting to slide up and down the shaft.

"I’m going to come all over you, make you drink me," he said as he fucked her.
"Oh fuck… fuck!" Alyce replied, her mouth open and her eyes in tight concentration as she watched his cock plow into her.

He stopped then and looked at her, his breathing matching his previous exertions.

"Unless you want me to cum in you?" he asked.

Alyce stroked him then on the arm that was holding her leg up. She appeared to be thinking hard about it. Finally she nudged his hand off of her leg and put her leg down on the bed. She drew her knees up and wide, oh how she got wide.

Alyce nodded then. "Yes. Cum in me."

He looked at her, eyes locking, "You sure?"

She reached out and pulled his head in for a deep kiss. He slid his legs up tight to her, and I watched his cock disappear into her. She broke the kiss and spoke just loud enough for me to hear.

"You cum in me like you’ve never cum in a woman before. I want to feel your cock throb as it spurts in me. I want to drain you fucking dry until you can’t move anymore." Alyce said.

He didn’t need any further coaxing; in fact, he was thrusting deep and hard after her first few words. His eyes squeezed closed with an intensity I had often felt before as I approached orgasm with my beautiful wife. He shifted his knees back and I again saw his cock slide home, faster and faster.

He let out a gasp and right then I knew Alyce had squeezed her pussy around him, a contraction that feels like the tight grip of a hot hand. She has incredible talent there, tighter than anything I’ve felt, and all at her whim and command.

"Oh God! Oh Fuck!" he cried out. His cock pounded into her as she gripped his forearms with her hands. Her face tilted up and she let out fast and deep moans followed by a long one as she came on his cock.

He yelled out then, as she encouraged him. "Oh yes, baby, fuck me, cum in me, cum hard…ohhhhh!"

And he did. The first few strokes after his ejaculation showed along the length of his cock. It slid out slicker than before, with a slight milky white run along the length of it. He finally thrust into her and held deep and still as his cock spurted the rest into her.

Alyce stroked him on his head then, pulled him in to her breasts so he could kiss them and then wrapped her legs around his ass so he couldn’t get out. Not that he’s want to, the feeling of her tight legs around you is so incredibly sexy, such a turn on. She pulled him higher on her, resting his head on the other side of hers so that her face was unrestricted to me.

He was saying something to her, I didn’t hear. She didn’t either. Her eyes peered over at me and a loving smile came to her face as she mouthed the words, "I love you" to me. I realized I was in the doorway enough for her to see me. And I came right then, spurting all over the door in front of me, some of it landing on the floor. I didn’t stop cumming for the longest time. And I saw her mouth open and her eyebrows contract as if she wanted to be there holding my cock as I came. You were, Alyce… you were.

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