/mep/ more lore


/mep/ is a combination of the busy city, and the grand farmlands of United Kingdom. In the heart of the city is where the most important infrastructure resides, such as the Queen's castle and the RFA. Due to the country's love for Fishing, there are also grand docks along the Seas of the country, perfect for accepting guests. /mep/ is still a Monarch Country with the Queen as our leader but a lot of the decision making is done by the Prime Minister and the country's Council. Because of the PMC, /mep/ is well taken care of and everyone is well-accommodated, in terms of everything (space, money, etc.).


/mep/'s Curreny

As for /mep/'s currency, we have the MEP Coin. These paper bills are produced deep down under the RFA, and is used by the people for basically everything trade and profit.


/mep/'s Military Force

/mep/'s Military Force is divided into two sections, both under the name of the Peafowl Military Corps, or more commonly known as the PMC. These two are:

the Royaltea, who directly answers and serves the Queen and whose main duty is to protect the Queen at all costs,

the Royaltea

and the MERAKyats Sans Frontiers, the group who is in charge of protecting the entirety of /mep/ and the ones who is deployed if neighbouring allies sent requests of assistance.


All allies and friends of /mep/ will automatically be given protection by the MSF when need be, but please do keep in mind that each Soldier is loyal to the Queen and to /mep/ first and foremost.

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