Ed said he had to go back to see what was wrong with the leak that he fixed the day before for Miss. Pam Price.
Therefore, he gathered the necessary tools to fix a leak and went to her apartment ringing her buzzer. She answered the door and let him in.
She said that the baby was sleeping so they had to be quiet,
Jeff said that should not be a problem. She told him not to call her Miss. Price anymore it made her feel too old.

He said ok and that she did not look old to him. At that, she giggled and said thank you.
Jeff also commented on her outfit he thought the color did something for her fair complexion, it looked like a sarong, and it kind of wrapped around but still looked like a dress.

She said thanks again,
Jeff said your welcome Pam
As he knelt on the floor to get himself in a working position, so he could fix the leak.

She was telling him how hard it was being single again after her husband left her for another woman. Jeff said he was sorry and could not believe the man was so foolish. For leaving such a nice looking women. Not giving her a chance to thank him again he said Pam could I get you to hand me that wrench again.
She said sure, as she came to her knees beside him on his back head under the sink. She handed it to him as she had the day before saying this one Jeff.
That was it. She just wanted him to look so he would not miss her beautiful tit’s hanging there for him to see.
As her sarong hung forward and open. This time there was no distractions

Like yesterday when the baby stopped her by fussing.

Poor Jeff could not help but notice they were rite there in front of him they sure looked good. She said
Can you see all right, as he looked, he could see she was watching for his reaction, looking him right in the eye?
All Jeff could say with a smile was yyyes I a cccan stuttering again because he was caught looking.
Then she did what he wanted
As if, she could read his mind or something. Parting the dress eagerly. Therefore, he could get a better look.
She looked to see if she caused a reaction like the day before.
She said she thought
There was a hard-on the day before
However, she just was not sure reaching out to touch the bulge in his pants.

Jeff said he thought he had covered that up with the loose shorts that he carefully picked out today.

She said you could not hide a stiff and large member like this from her

As she squeezed gently getting a better, feel of him.

Jeff closed his eyes as he said you sure know how to make that feel good,
She giggled again.

Pam said could you come out and play Jeff, smiling. Jeff said he was finished now, and would love to. She said you are kidding. No, he said it is not leaking.
Then she admitted that she just wanted to get him back to see if she really did have an effect on him as she thought.

Jeff was on his knees now next to her on the floor lifting his arm so his hand could reach for one of her breasts that she was holding now one in each hand.
Reaching her left swollen breast, he caressed as he learned the day before with Karen next door.
Pam liked it,
Moaning instantly

Jeff knew the signs now so he bent to kiss, lick, and suckle. Pam loved it as she reached for the bulge in his pants
With one hand and the zipper with the other hand.

Undoing the zip easily and opening the pants to give her access to what she really wanted that big fat throbbing cock.
That she had only imagined before.
Reaching inside his shorts she gasped as her hand met his fully erect cock.
This made Jeff sigh, and move one hand from her breasts, to undo her sarong-revealing nothing but pure nakedness.

He was surprised to see her patch of pussy hair was only slightly darker than the beautiful blond hair on her looking head.

He slid in between her slightly parted thighs with his hand, feeling the dampness already there. He parted her moist lips with two fingers and used the third to stroke her clit.
As soon as he touched her on that little nub, she began to vibrate and breathe heavily.
She was his to do what he wanted lick, suck, fuck, or even get a blowjob he thought as he stroked her clit.

She was almost out of control moaning as she stroked his cock saying how good it felt to her and she wanted to suck it, and give it a good loving.

Jeff released her to do her bidding
she loved it holding on to the shaft as her experienced mouth took him in almost all the way as Karen had.

Oh yes he said as she sucked and pumped with her firm gentle hand humming as she sucked him in and out.

He thought he could get used to this kind of treatment so much loving and tenderness dam it was good.

Then she stopped and withdrew to say can you please fuck me a little I just want to cum on your cock.

It feels so good.
I can feel it inside my pussy while you are in my mouth. Jeff said yes please,

She then turned around to give him a fantastic view of her ass and get in position.

Jeff kneeling with cock in hand met her as she backed into him sliding his cock right into her dripping hole.
She said as it went right in. All the way, up to his balls that was kind of dangling today.

He began to pump into her lovely hot cunt just enough to see it going in and out then a little further she began to groan again as he watched her cum.
Her ass hole seemed to relax and tighten as her juices flowed from her.

Therefore, he went even farther making longer strokes.
Yes, she was shooting all right
She was a regular cum factory his balls were dripping with her cum that was it he had to contribute.
He began to moan that made her reach under and grab his sack tickling it to make the sensation better for him.

That was all it took she rubbed both sides of his cock with her hand as she moaned pleas cum please Jeff. He said there it is
As she held his balls in the palm of her beautiful hand
While stroking it with her thumb.

He could feel her tighten around his now throbbing cock delivering a load of his hot cum right up her beautiful love nest.
Ah, he sighed as they both finished at the same moment. They just stayed in the doggie style position
Enjoying the sensation of great sex.

Then she tightened her pussy muscles again and his cock popped out they both laughed.
She turned to look once again at the half-stiff cock that dangled between his legs
Then reached to touch his still glistening member.
She said she would get a clean washcloth and get him cleaned up so she went to do so.
When she returned he was still in the kneeling position, so she knelt too,
Then she could wash him.

He just watched in amazement as her hand with the washcloth took his cock and cleaned it.
As she worked the cloth over his half-limp member, it began to stiffen again
She coaxed it to its full glory talking as she cleansed.

That is it come on back you beautiful cock you.
Jeff could not believe she was talking to his cock
How big and strong it was
Especially the size and shape
Said, she could fall in love with his cock.
Then she started to stroke it so gentile it almost hurt then she bent to kiss it, suck it, and stroke it, pump, and pump.

Then she just made love to his cock moving her head from side to side, as she pumped it with her beautiful mouth.
She brought him right to the edge of climax and stopped,

He thought he would die.
She just left it.
He could not believe she stopped didn't think she could
Nor wanted to but she did.
Now she said do you think you could lick my pussy as she rubbed her clit.
Sure, he said
I just thought the way you were going at it you were sucking me dry.
She said I will but I just need your mouth on my pussy first.
They got up and went to the sofa in the living room where she sat edging her ass over the edge so he could get at her.
He knelt on the floor between her wide-open thighs.
It looked good, pink pussy she took his head on the way down into her hands to guide him,
He liked that.

She held him just out of reach
And said
Please be gentle
He just smiled up at her lovely face.
Then she brought him in to let him get to her
As she said, lick me,
Please lick me,
His tongue was already in motion meeting her clit flicking it licking kissing she began to move into his mouth.
She said dam you are soooo good
Pulling him into her
She began to hump his face pushing and grinding her hips.

That is when he felt her inner pussy folds came out to kiss him full on the lips.
She was shooting in his mouth he couldn't lick fast enough she was shooting in his mouth again, and again, then she pushed him off her and onto the floor telling him to lie on top of her.

She hiked her legs up in the air as he entered her missionary style she said she liked it this way the best said
She could feel his balls hit her in the butt.
He was on top and sliding in and got a big surprise she was so tight it made him feel sensitive
Like he was going to shoot his load right then
However, something happened
All at once, it felt loose and sloppy then tight again, what was happening.
She said stop for a second
Therefore, he did.
She tightened up again, and then, loosened he was confused
She smiled up at him.
That is "the Keagle exercise" and used to firm you up after giving birth.
He said it sure feels good can you do some more.
Therefore, she did.
She massaged his cock to near explosion with her inner folds and stopped.
It felt like she had a hand inside her cunt jacking him off
In a sense she was he only knew he did not want her to stop it felt that good.

Therefore, she gave him a treat.
She did as he asked of her.
She told him not to move to let her do all the work
It was great.
At one point she told him to pullout just far enough so they could look down and see his cock.
What with her pussy jacking him off and the sight of his fat cock sticking out of her
like that he just couldn't stand any more he tightened and she instructed him to wait until he
started to throb and shoot before he could ease his cock back in to the
Man he thought he was dying, the sensation as his cock erupted he slid very slowly back in shooting all the way back in
Squirt after fantastic squirt it was the best.
He just could not get over how much more sensitive it was moving slowly while he was squirting.
He lay on her motionless now as his cock slowly deflated never stopped squeezing with that fantastic pussy of hers until he finally flopped out.

Wow, he said that was fantastic all that Pam said was MMM. They rested for quite a while it seemed.
Then Pam said she might just have to break something occasionally just to get Jeff back here.
He just laughed and said that might not be such a bad idea.

They talked about what they had just done and Pam said she was talking to Karen before she left, and Karen had told her everything.
Jeff could only smile. Pam told him she would also teach him anything he wanted if he was interested.
He said he sure was and could she teach him that thing with the tightening up of her pussy you know the way you tighten up when my cock is up inside.
She said with a smile, sure it is called the Keagle exercise.

She said that he could also learn how to do the exercise. All you have to do is tighten up the muscle like when you are going to the bathroom
When you are almost done you, feel the urge to push or the muscle tightness up just as the flow stops.
He said that he thought so. So she said to try it.
He said right here in surprise, she said no silly just the muscles not to go to the bathroom.
She helped by holding him by the base of his cock and telling him to tighten it.

Jeff tried but was not quite sure how yet so she got up telling him not to move.
When she came back, she had a tube of aloe gel. She squirted some out onto her finger and told him to lie down as she spread his legs to get at his butt hole. Placing her finger at the opening, it slid right in. She told him to tighten up now so he tried and it worked, he could squeeze her finger very firmly.
That made her happy as she told him to try to relax it and tighten it as she had when he was inside of her.
He did as she began to fuck him in the ass with her finger, that was weird how it felt he did not think he liked that and told her to stop.
She said she liked to have something up her ass occasionally he just laughed and asked if she ever had a cock in the ass. She said she enjoyed it but not all the time.
However, as long as you asked you can if you want.
His cock was half-hard already so they got up and squared off to each other.
Jeff behind her now as she backed into him. The gel now in her butt-hole, also Jeff’s cock-head.
The gel made an easy entry as they both gasped, it sure was tight but she tightened right away, putting even more pressure on his stiff hard cock that felt good.

She said to go ahead and fuck her.
So he did slow at first, then he looked at his cock going up her tight ass and seen her hand at work on her pussy.
She was really working on that cunt of hers.

He could feel her fingers working inside where his cock was.
It felt good.
She was grunting and groaning and saying to fuck her in the ass dam fuck Jesus please fuck me she said.
Jeff could not do this any more he had to have some cunt, so he pulled it out and rammed it into her cunt with enough force that pushed both of them flat to the floor.

She gasped out of pleasure as he rammed his cock deep into her love nest push she said pussshhh.
He could feel her release and began to feel the buildup of his own, pushing for all he was worth grunting as he did.

Pam was making a noise that started his release; it was a real deep groan or grunting sound. He pushed and pushed and Oh God he was coming with her. Damn Cuming sure felt great.
They just lay there like two corpses or something that acted dead.
That was about all he could take for one day.
He finally got up and cleaned himself off got dressed and let himself out, as Pam was still on the floor sleeping he thought.

Well that was another day to remember, he learned quite a bit today, and he could hardly wait for Julie to get home so he could try some of it on her.
However, Jeff just was not sure he would be able to with her just yet.

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