A Trip to the Park

By Doberanon
Dogwife leash

Be anon
Be married to beautiful Doberwoman
Live together in small town near the city
One day receive a large package in the mail
She won't tell you what it's for, only that it's a surprise
You shrug it off and put it in the back of your mind
A week later, she asks you to follow her into the bedroom
As you enter, you are shocked to find a wide array of fetish gear on the bed; collars, leashes, muzzles, a bag of puppy treats, and even a dog bowl
Dumbfounded, you look to your wife for an explanation.
She explains that she wants your sex lives to take a kinky turn
She's been reading online about petplay and how it's the latest sex craze
Asks you to partake in some some roleplay with her with you being the master and her being the pet
You're to tell her no when she gives you those adorable puppy eyes canines are famous for
You sigh and agree to play along
She squeals in excitement and runs off to put on her lingerie
While she's getting ready, you take the time to inspect the sextoys
The collar is a typical dog collar, colored bright pink, with a single white stripe running across it
Attached to the collar is a metal tag reading, "If found, please return to Anon."
The leash is black leather, and appears to be of very fine quality
The dog bowl seems to be custom-made, with her name in printed out in big black letters
The dog treats are in fact, normal biscuits meant for human and anthro consumption
After waiting around 15 minutes, your wife finally returns, wearing black lingerie
"Puppy is ready to be trained, Mister Anon" she says in a cutesy-style voice
You pick up the collar from the bed and fasten it around her neck
You decide the best way to start the roleplay session is by having her do some tricks
"Sit, girl" you stammer; she immediately complies, sitting on her knees
You reward her with a dog biscuit which she eats out of your hand
"Paw!" she sticks out her hand, which you grab
"Shake" she again completes the action, which you reward by placing a treat in her mouth
You repeat this with other phrases like "Play dead" and "Rollover"
Soon you've run out of phrases
You pour a handful of treats into the dog bowl and place it in front of her
"Stay" you order in a stern tone
You pull out your smartphone and set the timer for 5 minutes
She fake-whimpers and squirms impatiently as the clock counts down
Eventually the waiting is too much for her and she just begins eating the treats
"Oops, I ate the treat before I was supposed to. I'm such a naughty puppy" she giggles
"Bad doggies need to be disciplined", she says in a cutesy tone, motioning for you to continue
You sit down on a chair and order her to crawl on top of your knees; she complies and you begin her punishment
At first it's just light slaps on the ass, but then she mutters under her lips "Harder"
You begin spanking your wife with much more power put into it
She's moaning in a mixture of both pain and ecstasy
After a good 5 minutes of spanking, you finally stop
She crawls on top of the bed and collapses, panting and drooling in pleasure
After a few minutes of silence, she finally speaks
"Oh my god, this is amazing."
"I guess" you reply, lying on top of the bed with her
"Yeah. But it can be even better."
"Sure thing, honey," you say, hugging her from behind
Fast forward to tomorrow
It's the weekend, and neither of you have any work today
You're sitting in the living room, watching the news when your wife walks in, wearing a tank top, some running shorts, and the collar fastened on her neck
She's holding the leash in one hand, and a ziplock bag full of treats in the other
She looks excited and somewhat nervous
"Umm, puppy needs her excercise, so I was hoping, you could, umm, t-take me for a w-walk at the p-park?" she stammers
You stare at her for a few awkward seconds
"What happens when people see us?"
"We can tell them it was just a dare. Besides, both of us work in the city, it's not like any of our coworkers will see us."
You can think of several reasons why her reasoning is flawed, but now she is giving you those irresitable puppy eyes
You sigh and give in, getting up from the couch
It's not like you'll be doing anything else today anyways
You take the treats bag and stuff it into your pocket
The two of you then get into your car and drive to the park in the center of town
Once there, she hands you the leash, which you attach to her collar
Once that is done, you begin your stroll around the park with you holding her leash
Surprisingly, the park isn't very busy today, so at least not many people will be witness to this
Even still, you can see and feel people staring at you
Many humans have looks of confusion and bewilderment on their faces, while several anthros appear angry and disgusted
Parents are covering their children's eyes while shooting dirty looks
The sight of a fit anthro Doberman being led around by a human man is probably a pretty shocking sight to most people
Your face is blushing bright red from embarrasment
The both of you jog several laps around the park before you suddenly hear a shriek of anger behind you
You turn around to see a short male cat fuming at you
"What's big idea, asshole?" he hisses "What are you, some kind of human supremacist who gets off on degrading anthros?"
You try to stammer out some kind of explanation, but he cuts you off
"You make me sick" he says, pulling out his phone, probably to post your transgression on the internet, "treating anthro women like this. Anthros are not your-"
"Hey dipshit! I'm right here! I'm a person too!", your wife suddenly shouts angrily
The cat's tone suddenly changes, frightened by your now infuriated wife
"I-I'm s-sorry m-ma'am, I th-thought that-"
"You thought what? That you'd interrupt a couple's day out by harrassing them?" she snarls "For your information, this whole thing was my idea!"
She's very angry now, baring her teeth at the now terrified feline
"I'm s-sorry ma'am. I-it won't happen again" he squeaks out, backing away slowly
"It better not. Now fuck off" she growls
You have never seen a cat tear off as fast as he did
"Anon, I'm tired. Can we please take a break?" your wife says, switching back into a playful voice
You both take a sip from the water fountain before sitting down at a bench
"Umm, Anon, I'm very hungry, can I have some treats please?"
You pull the bag out your pocket and place a few biscuits in your palm; she happily begins eating out of your hand
Afterwards you spend the next hour relaxing on the bench, cuddling together and watching the fish and ducks in the pond
Your wife breaks the silence by asking you if you're okay with a few more laps around the park; you agree
Afterall, your reputation with the townspeople is already at rock bottom, it's not like it could get any worse at this point
You both get up from the bench; however your wife doesn't stay standing for long, as she gets on her hands and knees and begins crawling like a feral dog
You are going to probably die from embarrassment by the end of the day
The two of you walk around the park for about half an hour, before finally deciding to go home
It's now nighttime
You and your doberwife are now lying in bed, about to go to sleep
She turns to you with a smile on her face
"This was such a wonderful day, Anon, we should do this every Saturday!"
You smile and embrace her as you close your eyes

Pub: 01 Jul 2022 04:20 UTC
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