Yes, just the thought of it made my nipples harden and my pussy explode with wetness. So, I slipped under the covers, and made my way to the foot of the bed. I gently pulled one of her legs towards me, then, as I pushed the other leg outward, I slipped in between her legs. On my hands and knees under the covers, I placed my hands on the inside of her thighs, spreading her legs apart just enough to get my shoulders between her knees, and my face right over her pussy. I reached up to feel the front of her panties, and while she still had her hand in her panties, she has stopped fingering herself. I wondered for a moment if she had woken up, but I listened intently and heard the steady slow breathing of someone that was asleep, or drunk and passed out.
I hooked my fingers under the elastic of her panties and pulled the crotch to one side, revealing her hand with her fingers still wedged between the lips of her pussy. Rather than disturb her fingers, I gently coaxed her fingers up and down and in and out of her pussy. In a short while, she began to finger herself once again. With her in the rhythm once again, I lowered my head to rest on the inside of her upper thigh, with my mouth inches from her pussy. I slowly nuzzled closer and closer to her wet pussy, then when my lips met her pussy lips, my tongue snaked out and took a long slow lick on her pussy. Slowly but surely, my licks became bolder and bolder, to the point where I nudged her fingers away from her pussy, so I could dig my tongue deep into her cunt. I was in heaven, and in my position, I easily slip my hand into my panties to give my sopping wet pussy some much needed attention. I could hear her breathing getting more erratic, her thighs closed around my head, and I felt her hand on the back of my head pushing my face into her pussy. Then as she came, her pussy released about a shot glass full of girl cum in my mouth. I was surprised, but it went in my mouth, and the surprise pushed me over the edge, and as I swallowed her cum I came on my hand, I forced myself not to lurch as I came for fear of waking her up. After she came, her legs relaxed, and her hand dropped to her side. I put her panties back the way I found them, slinked around under the covers to get back to my pillow, and had a great night sleep. The next morning, I acted as nothing happened, and apparently she had no idea what happened under the covers at all.

That day, I made up a story about the apartment manager having someone come fix the heater, and while she was taking her morning shower, I reconnected the wire, but left the heater turned off. When we left for brunch, I turned it on so it would be warm when we got back. The day passed, and we went out yet again, (no we’re not alcoholics), later that evening we ran in to some of my friends from Jersey, who were out late for Jerseyites, being that they had to take public transportation to get back to Jersey and then drive from the station home. Sally asked if she could crash at my apartment if it got too late, and since I’ve known her for years, and (my evil brain working overtime) knowing she was bi-sexual, I thought it might make for an interesting evening. I told her no problem, just knock, but not to make it too late. After Lanie and I got in, we small talked a bit, I helped her fold out the sofa bed, told her that "if" Sally stopped by, and added that she always asked, but usually never came by, just share the sofa bed with her for the night. She agreed, I went to my room, stripped down to my panties and pulled on a t-shirt and hit the sack, of course leaving my door open enough to see the entire living room.

It didn’t take too long for the covers to start rustling in the other room, and then I heard a vibrator start up. That surprised me, because I put dead batteries in her vibrator again. Shit, she must have bought a new one… She was working on herself with it for a little while, and I could see her pull her legs up under the covers, and could easily see that she had both hand between her legs going to town. Then I heard Sally knock on the door! The vibrator switched off, and it was dead silent for what seemed forever. Sally knocked on the door again, asking if anybody was home. I heard some rustling around, then Lanie’s feet hit the floor, she walked across to floor, turn the light on, unlatched the door and let Sally in. Sally apologized for being so late, and asked where she could crash. Lanie offered the sofa saying it would be a little tight, but it’s just a night. It took Sally no more than 5 minutes to get a glass of water, and strip down to her undies. She looked around for a second, then just unhooked her bra, saying "fuck it" I’m not sleeping in a bra, and she crawled under the covers. Lanie turned off the light and crawled in next to her. I could hear them talking a little then it got quiet. I figured that Lanie was getting close before Sally knocked on the door, and figured she would need to finish herself off before drifting off to sleep.

It wasn’t long till I heard the cover rustling again, saw her spread her outside leg to create some room between her legs, but did not hear the vibrator. She must have been fingering herself to keep things quiet. She was just getting going, when I saw Sally roll over on her side to face Lanie,and reach between Lanie legs saying, "Let me help with that." There was complete silence, as Lanie must have been stunned, but I could see Sally’s arm in motion, then she propped herself up, meaning that her breasts must have been inches from Lanie’s face while she worked on her wanting pussy. As Sally worked on her, she pushed the covers down past Lanie’s knees, and spread Lanie’s legs wider, by pulling on the inside leg. At the same time, Sally slipped between Lanie’s legs, looking down on the worked up woman while still working on her cunt. I could see Lanie’s panties being forced lower, and rather than fight the panties, Sally grabbed both sides of the waistband and pulled Lanie’s panties well past her hips, making the fingering much easier. Sally stopped fingering Lanie, and whispered to her, let’s get rid of these. With that, Lanie’s panties came off, and were tossed aside. Sally was on still on her knees between Lanie’s legs, and it must have been an erotic site for Lanie, as Sally slowly lowered her panties to her knees, then one leg at a time, removed her panties as well.

Sally lowered her head to Lanie’s pussy and began going to work on her pussy. I could see begin to buck her hips, and could hear soft moans. As Sally buried her face in Lanie’s pussy, Lanie raised her knees up pressing Sally’s head between her thighs, and put both hands on the back of Sally’s head. By this time, my fingers were buried deep in my own pussy, and I could hear Lanie’s heavy breathing as well as the springs on the sofa bed creaking. As I heard Lanie cumming, I remembered the girl cum I swallowed the night before, and as I heard a cough and slurping sounds, I realized that Sally must have been surprised by the girl cum, and I came just thinking about the erotic site. As I watched through my door intently, I saw Sally raise her head, and still on her knees between Lanie’s legs, she leaned forward to embrace Lanie giving her a long wet kiss, and a taste of her own pussy. Sally rolled off Lanie and pulled on her outside arm which caused Lanie to roll over on Sally’s breasts. Sally cupped Lanie’s face in her hands and whispered, now it’s my turn. With that, Sally moved her hands up the top of Lanie’s head and began pushing her head between her legs. In moments, Lanie’s head was between Sally’s legs, and I could tell this was the start of something big.

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