The two were backstage at the arena where RAW was going to start in a couple of hours.

"What kind of favor?" asked Terri, pulling down her low cut shirt, hopeful that it might be sex. She looked beautiful as always, wearing her hooker like clothes. Terri was one of Vince's favorite girls. A while ago, she and Vince had a fling, along with Trish, his daughter Stephanie, Hunter and Shane. They were all there in the wild and hot fuckfest. Terri often thought of that when she was pleasuring herself. That and the time when she introduce Chyna to a whole new view of sex that Chyna had never experienced before. Those were some good times.

"You know how the Alliance got out of business and all and you also know who Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson? Well they need a little more training so I was wondering if you could teach them a thing or two," said Vince.

"Me? Out of all people, why me?" asked Terri.

"Well I figured you were bored and needed something else to do." Vince stepped closer to her. "And if you do a good job, I'll give you a reward for a job well done." He pinched her hard nipples through the thin fabric. Terri moaned softly.

"I'll do it."

She gave him a kiss on the lips and went off. First stop was her locker room, to get her things. Then she went into a special WWF training center they had in the arena where WWF superstars could get warmed up before their matches. Luckily the only two people there was Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler.

Stacy was a tall blonde, wearing boots up to her knees. Her ass stuck out from her body and had nice long legs. Torrie, however, was shorter and had bigger breasts than Stacy. She had wavy blonde hair while Stacy's was short and straight. Terri's clit was getting wet at the very sight of the two ladies.

"Hi Terri!" cried Torrie cheerfully.

"Hey, you guys," said Terri. She set down her things and stared at the two. "Well you guys ready for some training?"

"Definitely, I'm tired of standing outside of the ring," said Stacy.

The training started. Terri began showing them moves that she had learned. Torrie and Stacy tried to copy the moves but they couldn't. They fell flat on the mat. Despite the fact that Torrie and Stacy couldn't wrestle, Terri enjoyed the way their breasts bounced up and down as the two divas tried the moves. But Terri was frustrated, they didn't know anything and Terri really wanted the reward. The 3 leaned against the wall, tired.

"I'm not trying to be mean or anything. But don't you guys know anything?"

Torrie gave Stacy a look, then at Terri. "Oh we know some moves." She began stripping off her clothes. Stacy followed. Terri sat straight up, her panties were soaking wet at the sight of the nude bodies.

"Do you want to know some new moves?" asked Stacy. Terri nodded.

Torrie and Stacy began making out on the map, rolling around. Stacy pulled away, sucking on Torrie's nipples. Torrie moaned. "Go down."

Stacy saw an invitation in. She whipped her tongue onto the wet clit. She pumped in 3 fingers while licking the clit. Torrie gasped short breaths. She clutched her breasts as Stacy went to work on her pussy.

"Oh Stacy! I'm going to cum!" Torrie was in an orgasm. Terri was in an orgasm herself. She was watching the two divas as she fingered herself.

Torrie and Stacy looked over at Terri. They walked towards her, stripping off her clothes. Terri was getting hornier. Terri laid on her stomach. Torrie went under her, licking her pussy. Stacy sat on Torrie's stomach and fingered Terri's anus.

Terri moaned softly, her moans turning into screams. Both Torrie and Stacy were fisting her, something Terri had never felt before. "Oh god yes! More more!" yelled Terri. As she opened her mouth to scream some more, a warm big cock entered her mouth. She looked up and saw Jeff Hardy. She smiled and greedily sucked on the cock.

Stacy felt a bigger cock enter her ass. She screamed as pain shot through her back. It was Matt Hardy. He pumped his hips against her ass cheeks.

Torrie was laying on the floor, fingering Terri's clit. Then the biggest cock in the training room entered Torrie's small cunt. She screamed loudly. The cock went slowly in and out, soon gaining momentum. Torrie peeked from under and saw Test.

They soon collasped on top of each other. Stacy stood up. "Jeff, lie down on the foor. Terri, let the cock go into your ass." The two did what they were told, Terri began to pump herself up and down. Jeff let out a small moan.

"Matt, fuck her pussy." Matt stroked his cock and entered it in. "Test, let her suck your cock."

Terri loved the triple penetration. She wondered Torrie and Stacy were going to do. As if reading her thoughts, the two went on opposite sides and began sucking on her nipples. Terri screamed as Stacy bit her nipple.

Jeff reached his hands on Stacy's and Torrie's asses and began fingering them. The two former Alliance members moaned.

Terri was reaching her orgasm. She could feel herself about to cum. Test suddenly bellowed, "Oh shit! I'm going to cum!" He took his cock away from the greedy mouth and jerked his cock. Cum splattered all over Terri, Torrie and Stacy. Torrie turned her attention away from Terri's breasts and began sucking on the cock.

Jeff let out moan, indicating that he was cumming also. Terri felt a huge load shoot from the cock and all inside her ass. Jeff pulled away as his cum dripped out from her ass.

Terri yelled," I'm cumming too!" She was in an orgasm and came all over the cock.

Matt pulled it out and came all over Terri. The 3 men were now fucking the 2 ladies. Terri smiled. She couldn't wait to show Vince what she had taught them.


The next day, after the hot sex Terri had, she rounded up the girls. She found them both in a hotel room, sleeping and nude. Their hot bodies were covered with cum. She smiled at them. Maybe I should have a little fun with them before I show them off to Vince she thought.

Terri playfully jumped on the bed and wondered which to start with. She stripped off her clothes and began to lick Stacy's cunt. Terri was not able to control her own juices so they began spurting out on Torrie's leg. Terri inserted her tongue in the hole, while fingering herself.

In her sleep, Stacy smiled and let out a moan. She put her hands on her breasts, but still asleep. Terri got her to cum and moved onto Torrie.

Terri gently and slowly got on top of her. She spread her ass cheeks and licked around the whole. She then put 4 fingers in, pumping it slowly. Torrie woke up and found Terri. She moaned softly. "Oh Terri, please fist me...oh please."

Terri did what she was told. She inserted her thumb and fisted her. Torrie jerked her head and screamed. "Oh god Terri! Yes!" Her clit began to spurt out juices on the bed. By the loud scream, Stacy woke up and saw Torrie getting fisted by Terri. She smiled and got into a 69 with Torrie. "Eat me!" cried Stacy as she licked Torrie's shaved clit.

Terri watched the two girls in the hot 69 and came. She pulled her fist away. "Ok, girls. We have to go to Mr. McMahon's office and show him what we learned." The two girls knew what she was talking about and quickly got dressed.

They reached Vince's office. Terri politely knocked. "Come on in!"

They entered the room and found Vince working at his desk. He stood up quickly. Terri noticed a bulge around the crotch area. "Hey Vince. We worked real hard yesterday and we want to show you what we learned," said Terri.

Vince gulped and smiled. "Well show me." To his surprise, they began stripping down til they were in their birthday suits. "Hey! Hey! What the hell is this?"

Terri smiled and winked. "You'll see." Torrie and Stacy began to get into a 69, licking each other's pussies. Vince looked in shock and excitement. Terri went over to Vince and sat him down on the chair. "So what's my reward?"

"We-ell, I was gonna give it to you later tonight but here." Vince unzipped his pants, revealing a wrinkly but big cock. Terri gasped at the sight and began to suck on the rod. He moaned, the cock reached all the way down her throat. She massaged his balls. He quivered, enjoying his cock in her mouth.

Terri pulled away. "Hey I didn't cum yet!" whined Vince. Terri said nothing and laid on the desk. She spread her vaginal lips.

"Vince, fuck my pussy," she whispered. Vince smiled and thrusted the cock in hard. Terri screamed in pain, then in delight. He gained momentum and pumped the cock. Terri pinched her nipples. They became rockhard. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming Vince!"

Vince pulled away and licked up all the cum that came pouring out. Terri wasn't through. She pushed him on the desk. "Oh Terri, oh yeah." She got the cock in her ass. She moaned and shivered.

Terri pumped herself up and down, the cock almost disappearing into her ass. The door flung open and Matt and Jeff came in. They wallked over to Torrie and Stacy. Matt began to fuck Torrie doggystyle. Stacy began giving Jeff a blowjob.

After a few hours of different positions for Terri, Vince yelled," I'm going cum!" He shot his load in her mouth. She greedily swallowed the cum.

Jeff jerked his head. "I'm gonna blow!" Cum shot inside the walls of Stacy's pussy. Matt shot his load in Torrie's ass.

Vince sucked on Terri's nipples lazily. "You taught them well, Terri." Terri smiled and began to suck on Vince's cock again.

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