RIIIINNNG RIIIINNNGGG!!! "hello?"dan picks up the phone. "hi dan its jerrod,"i say hoping he will say yes to my question setting my plan in motion. "i was just wondering if you wanted to come over and hang out before you go back to englend?" a pause... "....Sure that would be great i'll be over in a few." "ok see you then!!" click!

i get ready and as i iam just getting out of the shower i hear the door bell."HANG ONNN!!!" i yell DiNg...DoNg it goess off again " damn it!" i put on atowel hoping he wont think im not home and i rush to the door.

"hey dan sorry i just got out of the shower!" " i don't mind at all." he syas and i catch him steel a qiuk glance at me. "well i had better get dressed." i say "you wanna go swimming?, we just cleaned the pool" i offer "sure,..Hey wheres your mum?" "oh mom went to her freinds for a while probbly won't even come back tonight." "oh, do you have any swimm'n trunks i can barrow i didn't brieng mine" he asked and i jokeingly reply "no lets go skinny dipp'n!" "ok!" i couldn't believe it he said yes!! i can finaly see him naked.

in the pool we where both naked and i kept getting boners evrytime i saw the sun's reflection glistening on his dripping wet body he wasnt built but he sure had a nice body. he was probbly a 28 waist size and im a 36. one time i splashed him and he jumped on me and i got an instant boner witch brushed against him "oh crap im sorry don't leave!!!" all he said was "why would i leave?" and smiled i was speechless and puzzled just what he wanted he leans over puts one hand behind my head the other around my shoulder and i follow suit as we emprass in the most passianet kiss and i thought i was in heavin felling a moment of total bliss.

some how we end up in my room on my queen size bed making out, tounges going in a total frenzy still naked.i put my hand on his chest and smoothly guide it down to his abdomen then i reach his soft wiry pubes and start playing with his bush and he grabs my hand and lowers it to his penis and i start fondleing him as he was growing more erect to his full 8.5 + as he starts rubbing my 7& 3/4* all the while our lips nevr part.

"i want you sooo bad !" i say quivering with nervesnes and disier at the same time " i know" he says and i start kissing his neck then his callor bone and then i move to his right nipple and start licking it in full circles outlining the edges then the middle as im doing this im foundling his other nipple. i knew i was doing something right when he started to moan. "hmmmmm" he started to breath deeper and more rappid breaths. i start licking his stomache playing with his belly button and as i start to fallow his happy trail i stop look up at him and say, "wait this isn't right."

"im so sorry jerrod please don't hate me i was just cought up in the moment!" he thhinks im serius "oh nevermind mine as well finish what i started! ha ha just play'n ive been wait'n forever for this to happen you think im just gonna pass it up!?!" at that i take his hole member into my mouth and give head like theirs no tomarrow

He starts moning and murmiring sweet words of encouragement. "im cum'n... oh goddd.... Oh hell YAAAAA!!!" at that he shoots his testicle soup down my throught and i like my lips and say "Whats for dessert?" "oh well you can't have dessert till youve propperly served your guess his meal!" takeing that as his que he push's me down on the bed kiss's me very passianatly and goes to work.

i felt his velvity soft tounge on my member the warm wetness engulfing me "Damn your good!!!"
"just showin you how its done in england!" after a couple of minutes of him showing off his oral talent bobing and weaving on my cock i could feel my testicles rise and then my stomach tighten up and i shoot my load in his mouth without any warning. "thought you would like a surprise!" i say

to be continued.....

see what happens next in the next episode of......oh screw it im tired of typing so i will finnish the other parts of my perverted fantasys soon hope you like the SUSPENSE

parden the bad gramer hope it doent ruin your reading!

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