Sue was obviously upset and worried that I would leave her permanently for Danni while Danni thought this would be the end of our relationship and she would be left all alone and pregnant.

I reassured Sue that I had no intention of leaving her, nor when talking it through with Danni did she want to break up my marriage but she didn't want to give up the baby and wanted me to be involved in bringing him or her up. For a couple of weeks everything was very tense and I seemed to be walking on eggshells the whole time desperately trying to keep everyone happy. I even contemplated doing a runner and starting a new life in another town as it seemed the easiest solution for me at least.

I needed to find a way I could keep both Danni and my wife happy and sometimes fate just happens to step in to help. My only true ally in this situation was Iain my son. He refused to take sides and stuck by me showing himself to be a mature and intelligent man. A son I could really be proud of, I think in strange way he was quite proud that his old man (father) could get two women pregnant. About this time Iain decided he was going to move in with his girlfriend Anna and so would be moving out of my house the next month.

At first I was worried about losing the only neutral person I could speak to but in fact this presented the very opportunity I needed. Sue had wanted to turn Iain's room into a nursery however I suggested Danni move in with us and we turn the guest room into a nursery. This way I could spend time with both of them and not have to keep disappearing in the middle of the night. I sensed Sue wasn't so keen on the idea but it did mean we stayed married. I would still be in the house and she could see a lot of me. Danni was worried how Sue would react to her especially after I had spent the night with her. It wasn't going to be easy but I did my best to reassure Danni and Sue that I would spend equal amounts of time with them alone and that if anyone felt uncomfortable about something that we should discuss it and not bottle things up.

After an awkward start with everyone being on their best behaviour and rather too polite it actually worked much better than any of us could have expected. I had sneakily hoped that I might get regular threesomes but apart from one night it was soon clear this wasn't going to happen. But hey having regular sex with two women in the same house is no bad thing for a man of my age.

That special night happened to be my Birthday, both girls were obviously pregnant now and Danni had suggested a little surprise for me after we had all had dinner. Telling me to wait downstairs for 5 mins before going up to the bedroom. Danni and my wife disappeared, when I arrived in the bedroom they had both stripped naked and were on the bed kissing. I could see this was more of a turn on for Danni as she bent down to kiss and suck on Sue swollen breasts. Sue grabbed the baby oil and squeezed some into her and Danni's hands they then started to massage it into each others bodies, helping to keep their skin soft and supple and looking damn erotic too.

At this point I was asked to join in, so I stripped naked and helped rub more of the oil into both women, spending lots of time over their swollen bellies and tits. Warming the oil between my hands I caressed and fondled each pair of breasts leaving their nipples as rock hard as my cock was. Danni kissed her way down Sue's body until she was lapping gently on the soft folds of Sue's pussy. I could tell Sue was holding back, trying not to enjoy it too much. I rubbed some oil into my hard cock before Sue opened her lips to accept the throbbing tool into her warm wet mouth. Danni's tongue must have been hitting the spot as Sue began tremble while trying to suck my hard cock, Sue then pushed Danni's head away from her pussy saying "Come and help me suck his cock"

I think Danni was a little disappointed not to have been able to bring Sue to full orgasm but she wasn't going to miss a chance to suck my cock, so she slowly licked up the inside of my thigh until she reached my hairy balls, gently sucking one into her mouth she started humming. Sue continued to suck my shaft her tongue licking around the bulging head. It was a wonderful sight seeing the two women I loved more than anything in the world pleasuring me orally. It felt even better than it looked and I could feel my balls churning desperate to release their load. I warned both ladies that I was ready to cum. Danni quickly took control now and stopped humming on my balls and wrapped her hand around my thick shaft she started to jerk me off. "Open your mouth" she told Sue, who dutifully lent back and opened wide and Danni pumped my shaft even faster. I groaned "I'mmm cummminggg" as Danni's hand became a blur. The first shot blasted into Sue's mouth so hard it made her gag. Danni had been cleaver in taking control of my cock as she aimed the next blast into her own mouth greedily swallowing it down while further shots of spunk were aimed at Sue's face and breasts. As my orgasm subsided Danni gave my softening cock a good suck before turning to Sue and licking the spunk off her breasts, Danni was such a greedy girl but I loved watching her. Danni’s hand slipped down between Sue's legs, a slim finger rubbing her clit as Danni continued to clean the spunk from my wife before kissing her passionately on her lips. Sue responded by kissing Danni back and let herself have a small orgasm as Danni rubbed her clit hard.

Sue decided that was enough for her and went off to have a shower before turning in which left me a Danni alone. I sensed Danni was disappointed Sue did not return the oral favour but I wasted no time in kissing Danni now that I had her all to myself. I knew she hadn't cum yet so I wasn't surprised at how wet her pussy was when I slipped a finger inside. Danni groaned in pleasure and I was tempted to rub her hard clit but I wasn't going to let her cum that easily. My cock was already getting hard again so I motion Danni into the doggy position and slipped my cock straight into her pussy in one long stroke. Danni must have been a lot closer than I thought as her body shuddered with her first climax. (So much for teasing her!) I kept the long slow strokes up for sometime, if I felt Danni begin to tense or I felt myself cumming, I eased off for a while. "Fuck me harder" moaned Danni.

I knew she wanted to cum and I could have easily pumped a bit harder to give her the release she needed however I decided I wanted that ass first. Her pink asshole was just too tempting to ignore and as I slipped out of her hot wet pussy I moved the head of my hard cock up to the inviting small pink hole. As I pushed forward Danni's arse simply opened up to let me in. All that baby oil from earlier meant she was well lubricated. "Oh yess Pete .... That's it"

Danni really enjoyed being fucked in the ass and I was happy to oblige her. I started with slow short strokes, just a couple of inches at a time, Danni griped the bed sheets tighter as I eased deeper and deeper until my balls rested against her pussy. "Now I'm going to fuck you" I whispered into her ear. I knew I would last long and I could feel Danni trembling as a huge orgasm built up inside of her body. I thrust hard and deep, waiting, watching for the signs that her whole body was going into orgasm. Danni's knuckles went white as she gripped the bed sheet even harder and her orgasm began. I now pounded as hard and fast as I could knowing I had to cum before Danni's asshole spasmed around my cock. "Here it comes" I groaned as I shot spurt after spurt of hot white spunk deep into Danni's arse. The feeling of my hot spunk coating her bowels was the trigger she had been waiting for and Danni exploded into orgasm. Her body shock and she gasped for air and her asshole tightly gripped my cock. I couldn't pull out even if I wanted too.

I gently rolled us into the spoons position so I could still make gentle thrusts into her arse and hoped Danni would be more comfortable. I reached round and rubbed her clit. Danni screamed out loud and she sprayed girl cum out of her pussy, all over my hand and over the bed. I should have realised Danni would still be too sensitive but I couldn't help myself wanting to give her more pleasure. I paid the price though as at the same time Danni's ass spasmed painfully tight around my cock causing me to scream out this time.

As we lay locked together for several more minutes while Danni still orgasmed I decided to gently stroke her thigh. As her ass finally relaxed I held still and let my softening cock ease itself out of her ass followed by a river of my cum. Danni turned her head and smiled as we kissed. "Thank you" she whispered to me not wanting to leave the warmth of my body. Even though we were both a sweaty mess I couldn't believe this gorgeous girl was thanking me, I wrapped my arms protectively around her as we fell asleep very contented.

Life really doesn't get much better my friends.......

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