Basically the Chuubanite/Vitubium items of /yeah/

-Kosakan Fur.
Obtained from the Kosakan Fox, the chuubanite imbedded in its fur gives of a warmth that helped the Kosakan Nomads survive in the cold of the desert and steppe. Through a ritualistic process, the chuubanite in the fur can be activated, [basically, when something considered "fortunate" happens, it becomes even more "fortunate", and when something "unfortunate" happens, it becomes even more "unfortunate"]. The degree of this effect is dependent on the quality of the fur

-Alou Feather.
Obtained from the Alou Pup, this 4 eyed, 4 winged creature has one very prominent feather at the top of its head that it sheds as it ages. The chuubanite in this feather grants whoever is wearing it a "connection" to their goddess, and to each other, giving them a sense for incoming danger and a rudimentary form of long distance communication. Since these feathers grants the wearer a connection to their god, it is an important religious item for the Aloupeeps.

-Millie Pad.
This plant can redirect some of the force acted on it, kinetic or otherwise, away from it. This trait can be activated through a ritual, and the amount of force redirected depends on the quality of the ritual, otherwise it is just an ordinary plant. Due to its conical shape, It sorts of resembles a hat, just don't wear the ones that have gone through the ritual, as forces may be redirected directly upon your head, which could be fatal.

[I still need to think off what it actually does, but I'm thinking that it can be used as a chemical weapon or something]

I got a sudden burst of autism, hopefully it lasts long enough for me to explain these additions

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