You would call or send me a text, just shooting the breeze, which always put a smile on my face. The more I talked to you, the more intrigued I became. I didn’t mean to start liking you, it just kind of evolved on its own.

We really only connected because of social media. Funny thing is, I didnt know who you were and you didnt know who I was, yet we shared almost thirty friends. Even funnier was that we both worked for the same agency, though not the same department. I had asked around about you, and come to find out, you did the same. I laugh at that now. I only had a simple question that I posted, yet, it drew your attention and you responded. I read that response on my page and decided I wanted to know more about the man in the tailor-made suit. So, I messaged you privately and it went from there.

Due to your age, you thought you had me all figured out. You were, after all, eighteen years older than me. You thought your experience meant that you knew women like me, that we were all the same. And again, thinking back, I still laugh. You talked to me as if I were innocent, inexperienced and mild-mannered. You let the pearls and soft spoken voice fool you. You taught me a lot about the world, about men. Every conversation opened my eyes a little more.

I flirted with you, in my own unique way. You flirted back, in a way I really didn’t understand. I had mentioned the idea of hooking up, which you smacked down right away, citing ludicrous reasons, in my opinion.

That all changed when you opened up to me, giving me some insight into your "private, adult" life. I wanted more. We talked very little about our private lives. I knew you had a son and a younger daughter who stayed with you half the time, following your divorce. I tried everything I could to just be upfront with you, and yet, you wouldn’t take the bait. The more you resisted, the more I wanted you. I wanted you so bad, I would play with my pussy and think about you. I would wear certain things, posting a picture, just to get your attention. You would comment, but you never took the bait. Oh, how I wanted you to take the fucking bait. I needed you to take the bait. So I realized I would have to push….. Just a little harder. So a plan was hatched.

I told you I was going out of town, to Savannah. I explained that I was going to see an old girlfriend and spend some time on the beach. You and I talked about the city and traded beach stories. The truth was, I was home. Living almost an hour away from you, I needed a good excuse to be in that area. You bought it. You wished me well on my trip and I promised to call you on my way back. I laugh now thinking about how I packed an overnight bag, just in case, my plan worked.

That Saturday came and I sent you a message, telling you I was on my way home. You initially didn’t respond, but then wished me a safe journey and told me to call you if I got bored. Little did you know, the whole time, I was home. I had spent the day doing my hair and getting the cutest bra and panty set I could find. I knew how much you loved red, so I settled for a lace bra and G-string set. Go big, or go home, right? I packed my bag, threw some clothes in there so that my scheme was even more believable.

I drove down by where you lived. I spent some time at the mall, picking up a few items before I got in my car and called you. It was nighttime and getting pretty late. I was almost afraid you were asleep already, but to my luck, you answered. I sounded as if I had been crying. You asked what was wrong. I explained that I had a flat tire and was at the Walmart parking lot. I told you that their tire shop was closed, and I would have to wait until they opened, at 7am the next morning. You asked me what happened. I explained that as I was coming back from Savannah, I stopped by the mall and as I was leaving, I ran over a nail. I cleared my throat and blew my nose. You were genuinely worried. I told you I was scared, I was out there by myself, far away from home and I was stuck. Being the gentleman that I knew you were, you asked which Walmart was I at. I told you the one in McDonough. You sounded surprised, reminding me what I already knew, it was five minutes from your house.

I answered your question about calling a tow truck. I explained to you that the tire shop opens at 7, and I am already in the parking lot. Why spend the money for a tow truck? You agreed. You asked if I had a spare, and you would come change it. I told you I never got another spare after it blew a few months back. You asked if any family could come, and I reminded you that I am over an hour from home, nearly two hours from family. You jokingly told me I was "shit out of luck". I didn’t laugh, which made you feel bad. You seemed to ponder an idea. I made a comment about not having a blanket or pillow, after all, it was chilly outside. Unusual for April in Georgia.

Just as I was about to give up on my plan, you offered to come get me and let me spend the night. You couldnt see or hear it in my voice, but I was smiling wide. You asked me where in the parking lot was I located and I told you the back, by the tire shop. You told me you were throwing some pants on and would be there in about five to ten minutes. I said thank you and assured you, I would wait outside my car for you. We hung up.

To make things more believable. I had already let enough air out of my tire to look flat, but not too flat that I couldnt make it to the gas station and fill it up. I could only hope you didnt ask to see the nail.

Seven minutes later, you arrived. I could hear your truck before I actually saw it. That Hemi Engine was loud. I looked up and saw your silver truck coming towards me. The windows dark, unable to reveal what was inside. You pulled right up, my bag and purse on my arm, I got in. I wiped my eyes. You looked at me concerned, asking if I was ok. I told you I was scared, cold and stressed. You gave me a tissue to wipe what you thought were tears. In actuality, they were Visine eye drops.

I sat quietly, but inside, I was jumping. You smelled good, like you had just gotten out the shower and used Dove Body Wash for Men. I looked at your dashboard, taking notice of all the gadgets in your truck. You asked if I had eaten, I told you no, but I was ok. I was too nervous to eat. I wasnt too sure my plan would work. Just as we turned on your street, it started to thunder. I took the opportunity to thank you again. You waved me off and said it was fine.

We pulled up to your home, just as it started to rain. It was a nice two story brick home. I asked you how long have you lived there, you said six years. I followed you inside by way of the garage, where you turned the alarm off. First thing I noticed was the smell. It smelled like you had grilled something. I asked about it. you said you made hamburgers. I smiled as you offered me something to drink, which I happily accepted.

You showed me up to the second floor, passing by family pictures hanging on the wall. I walked by a room, that I assumed was your daughter’s room. You commented that she is with her mother for the weekend. I followed you into the guest bedroom, where boxes were stacked high. You apologized and informed me that you were re-doing the room and asked me to excuse the mess, which I happily did. I excused it because I knew I wasn’t going to be sleeping there,

I asked you where I could take a shower. You said I could use your master bathroom. I walked into your bedroom and was struck with how masculine it was. You had your accent wall a dark charcoal gray color. You had a full-size mirror next to the bed. I noticed the windows over your bed headboard. It had started to pour down raining. Your TV hung on the wall, within a black entertainment center. You had an accent rug under the bed which had the charcoal gray color scheme from the painted wall. I looked around at the reclining leather chair in the corner, facing the TV. You had a leather bench at the foot of the bed, which now had your jacket laying across it. I sat my bag down next it. I was proud of myself, I made this far. I was in your bedroom.

You pointed to the door of the bathroom before asking me if I needed a towel and washcloth. I had my own and thanked you. I watched you sit down on the recliner. I wasnt yet prepared to ask you where I would sleep, if all went according to plan, that question would be answered in just a few minutes.

I went in the bathroom, careful to leave the door just opened enough to give you a peek. I could see you, so I assumed you could see me, especially with the mirror on the opposite wall, giving you my reflection. I turned the shower on. I bet you didnt even notice that I didnt bring any clothes with me into the bathroom. I peeled my shirt off, revealing my red lace 38DD bra. I faced the shower and unzipped my jeans, revealing the red G-string that I had been wearing. As I stood there, folding my jeans, I could hear the volume on the TV getting low, I assumed you were turning it down. I pinned my hair up with a black twisty, peeking through the crack of the doorway at you. To my surprise, you were looking at me, through the mirror. I smiled, my plan was working. I unsnapped my bra, letting my breasts fall free and slowly slid out of my G-string.

I stepped in the shower and noticed the Dove Body Wash for Men that you had. I couldnt resist opening it up and taking a whiff of it. God, it smelled good, but it smelled even better on you. I used the Dove bar of soap that you had laying in the shower and washed my body. I washed everything. I wanted everything to be ready, just in case this plan went right along. I washed my breasts, touching them, wishing your hands were on them. I bent over and spread my ass cheeks and hoped that soon, you would be spreading them open. I washed the folds of my pussy, getting it nice and fresh for what I hoped would be an infiltration of your tongue. Once I was done, I grabbed the towel and wrapped my soaking wet body up in it. As I exited the shower, I could hear Johnny Gill singing through your stereo his song, "My my my." I smiled. Someone was setting the mood.

Still in the towel, I excused myself as I walked by you and went to my bag. You watched me and asked if I was trying to give you a peep show. Man, you are smart. That was something else about you I liked. I smiled and said there was no need for a peep show, I would simply just show you. You waved me off and told me that I was "not about that life." I laughed. I looked at you and asked "what if I am?" Your reaction was priceless. Your eyes got big. You seemed to think about what I just said and then dismissed it. Now who was playing?

I let my towel drop to the floor, revealing my naked body. You had to gulp your Hennessey down, to keep from spitting it out. I shocked you by you being so bold. Didnt expect that, did you? You looked at my body up and down. You licked your lips. God, that is so sexy, the way they look when your tongue runs over them. You look like LL Cool J when you do it, it makes me slippery. You ask me if I am serious. I look down at my body and ask you "Don’t I look like I am serious?" You smile and get out your chair, walking up to me. Even at 58, I am still short compared to your 64 frame. Your index finger gently runs down the side of my face. That in itself made my pussy pounce. You ask me if I am sure. I tell you "yes." You take your shirt off. Ive never seen you without a shirt on, your body is just what I imagine. Bare chest, just a bit of love handles and a tattoo across your heart. I trace the rose with your mothers name on it with my finger before looking you in your eyes. You tell me not to play with you and that it is not too late to change my mind. I smirk as DAngelos "Lady" began its opening melody. I give you a devilish grin, cocking my head to the side before saying:

"Which hole do you want first?"

~Part 2~

Hearing that got your excited. You tell me to sit on the bench, in front of your bed. I move my bag out the way and sit down. I comply. You move in front of me and unzip your pants. I am in a daze waiting for your dick to make its introduction. Finally, the moment I have been waiting for months for has arrived. Your pants fall down, revealing gray boxers. I pull them down, revealing a beautiful 8" dick. It was beautiful. It was marvelous. I look you in your eyes as if asking for permission, you nod your head in approval and I took you in my mouth.

The sensitivity of my cold mouth around your hot dick took you by surprise. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the taste of your dick on my tongue. I sucked it politely at first, as if I didn’t want you to know just how excited I was that this plan was actually working. I looked at you, wanting you to watch me sitting before you, sucking your dick. To my own surprise, your head was back, eyes closed. Your mouth was betraying you, it was open. I know you didn’t want to moan so quickly, but you couldn’t help it. I loved hearing the melody that escaped your mouth. I sucked harder, only my mouth touching your dick. I had my hands on the back of your thighs, pulling you into my mouth more. You were helpless and could only enjoy my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked. Your dick had a sweetness to it. And once I could taste the sweetness, I had to have more. I wrapped my hand around your dick, easing it all into my mouth. Words escaped your lips as I began deep throating you. I loved your dick in my mouth. I loved pleasing you, showing you what this young lady could do, when given the chance.

You opened your eyes and told me to get up. I took one last tongue stroke of your dick and stood up. You turned me around and pushed me on the bench, me on my knees. I arched my back, fully expecting you to fuck me from behind. But inside, out the corner of my eye, I see you drop down. I felt your hands spread my ass open. And then your tongue breached my ass. I let out a slow moan. Your tongue was wet, yet delicately soft. I leaned forward, resting my arms on the bed, my knees still on the bench. Your tongue darted in and out of my ass. I let you know how good that felt, you licking my ass. My pussy was raining at this point. I reached down and began rubbing my clit as you licked my ass. You curled your tongue and tongue-fucked me. Oh, it was incredible. I moaned and groaned. I was experiencing a new level of pleasure at that moment. When satisfied your anal sweet tooth, you told me to turn over.

I laid on the bed, in front of you. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand as I spread my legs opened. You commented at nice my bare pussy was. I told you I knew you liked uncovered pussy. You smiled. You ran your fingers over my clit, causing me to gasp. Your fingers were driving me crazy as you played with my pussy and my clit. I leaned up on my elbows and took in the visual of me on my back and you in front me, my legs wide open, your fingers in and out of me. Finally, after you had your fun, you pushed my legs far apart and your tongue entered my paradise.

All I could do was lie back, starting at the ceiling, listening to Barry White sing "The Secret Garden." You brought me wave after wave of orgasms. Clearly, your age and experienced had taught you a great deal about pleasing a woman. You licked my pussy like you yourself had been thinking about this moment. You licked my pussy so good, a tear fell from my right eye. I didn’t want to touch you, for fear this might all be a fucked up dream. Instead, I grabbed the sheets, moved my hips with the motion of your head. I moaned, I screamed, I even shook violently when I came in your mouth, for the third time that night. The amount of pussy juice that rushed out of me didn’t derail your mission. You kept licking, fingering me and kissing my womanhood. I have never experienced anything like that before.

When you had gotten your share of my pussy juice on your tongue, then came the moment I had imagined all those nights rubbing my pussy in my bed. You climbed over, on top of me. I reached up and kissed you. I wanted to taste myself on your tongue. It was heavenly. Your lips, those fucking lips, they drove me to the point of insanity. I opened my legs for you as you sat up and pulled me, by the waist, towards you.

The moment your dick went inside my pussy; I think we both gasped. You went in nice and slow. Your dick filled my pussy up. Between the length and thickness, I could feel it in my stomach. I had never experienced sex like this before. The tightness of my pussy had you excited as you picked up the pace. You leaned down, over me, as you stroked my wet pussy with your dick. I reached up and pulled your face to mine, slipping my tongue into your mouth. You placed your hands on either side of my head, I grabbed on to your back. I wrapped my legs around your waist and held on for the ride your big dick was taken me on. I whispered for you to fuck me harder. I was ready for that dick to pound my pussy in.

And you did not disappoint. You rubbed my clit, fucking me in and out, harder and harder. It was like you were on auto-pilot, your eyes closed and your hips taking control as you fucked me. I allowed myself to enjoy each and every inch that you graciously gave me. i scratched your back, digging my nails into your skin. I couldn’t help it, it was like we were on the Discovery Channel the way we were fucking. You loved it. I learned at that moment you like it a little rough.

You flipped me over roughly and fucked me from behind. I moaned and grabbed hold to the sheets and comforters as you rammed inside of me. You shoved your dick in my wet pussy, slapping my ass, grabbing my hair and finger-fucking my ass while you blew my back out. I kept up the pace. I was not about to tap out before you did, not after everything I did to get to that point. You pulled a handful of my hair before pushing my head into the pillow. I couldn’t move, I could only take the dick pounding you gave me. You seemed to be angry. You seemed to be full of frustration, taking it all out on my pussy. I loved it. You let go of my hair and allowed me to come up for air. I told you I wanted to be top and you smiled, obliging my request.

You laid down as I climbed on top of you. I eased your dick into my throbbing pussy and I rocked back and forth on it. Your hands ran up the sides of my body as I rocked. I moved my hips around, allowing that dick to hit spots I didn’t even know I had. I was never a fan of riding, but clearly, I hadn’t been riding the right man. With you, my inner sexual goddess came out. And she was loving being on stage, front and center. I rode nice and slow. Your hands cupped my breasts, your thumbs running across my nipples. I asked you if you liked it. You replied you did. You asked me if the dick felt good, I told you it did. My hips seemed to do their own thing, having a mind of their own. I started doing a little bounce on your dick, it was hitting my G-spot. God, I was about to cum again. I placed my hands on your broad chest, keeping my balance as I bounced on that big dick. I bounced and I bounced. I looked at you as I rode you, you smiled. I smacked your face, you grunted. I loved it. I knew you liked it rough. My breasts were bouncing in your face. We both were moaning. We were both covered in sweat. I leaned forward, you bit my nipples as I shook my ass on your dick. I could feel the orgasm coming. More than anything I wanted to cum with your dick deep inside me. You held on to my hips, holding me in place and started pounding inside me. I couldn’t help it, I screamed as I came so hard on your dick. I shook with electricity as I collapsed on top of you, just as Maxwell and Alicia Keys were crooning "Fire We Make." How ironic.

You moved me over, I still laid on my stomach. You asked me if I was ready to give you the third hole. I nodded my head, still out of breath. You had me get on my knees, ass in the air. You told me to relax, I laughed. You must have thought I never did anal before. You were in for a surprise. I rubbed my clit nice and slow, as you eased the tip of your dick in my ass. I kept rubbing, keeping my mind off of the fact that you were ripping me apart with your dick. Rubbing my clit allowed my ass hole to relax and open up. I was already so wet, so we didn’t need lube. I told you to spit in my ass, you did just that and rubbed your dick in the spit, as you eased it in more. I moaned as you pushed in, still rubbing my clit, which by now was dripping down my hand. Without realizing it, I was pushing my ass back onto your dick, by now, you were over halfway in me. i rubbed my clit more, I felt another orgasm beginning to form.

You eased all the way in, I knew this because your balls were up against me. Just the memory of your dick all the way in my ass, has me wet right now. Rubbing my clit felt so good, I told you to fuck my ass. I told you to fuck my ass nice and hard. I told you I needed your cum to shoot in my ass. You loved it. You started fucking my asshole like it was a pussy. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the plunging your dick was giving my ass. You told me you were about to nut. I told you to cum in my ass. I kept rubbing just as you cried out as you came inside my ass. You fucked me until the last drop of cum was shot inside of me. I rubbed my clit and came simultaneously as you did. Together, we both screamed in pure ecstasy, you collapsing onto me, your dick still buried in my ass.

You fucked every part of me that night. My body was yours. I had wanted you for so long and finally, I got you. We showered together, cleaning our bodies off. We showered after you fucked my pussy, pushing me down on my knees while you titty-fucked me and came on my breasts. I love when you cum on, next to and in me. I love your cum. It is sweet, it is salty. It is warm, it is thick, and it is runny. It’s everything I dreamt it would be. You dried me off, put lotion all over my body before I fell asleep on your chest.

The next morning, you made me breakfast, as we shared a light-hearted conversation. You took me back to Walmart, dropping me off, kissing my cheek before I left the truck. There was no need for a sad goodbye. We both knew this would be a one-time thing. We knew that was our little secret. I was ok with that, I got what I came for. I watched you drive off, before putting air in my tire and driving home.

That night was magical. I would have loved to do it again. But life had other plans. If only. I would have enjoyed going to bed with your dick in my mouth or waking up with you inside me. But now, when I see you, my pussy still gets wet. We share glances with each other. My mouth even develops that sweet sensation for your dick. Oh well.

After all, you are now my new father-in-law.

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