She had recently moved to a new city and had run out of birth control a week later, which meant a new pussy doctor in a new town. Victoria took a deep breath and stepped toward the window in the room where the receptionist sat. She wrote down her name and scheduled appointment time on the paper in the window. The receptionist gave her the usual ton of paperwork to fill out while she waited to be seen by the doctor. Victoria quickly filled out the paperwork and handed it back to the nurse who told her to make herself comfortable and that the doctor would be able to see her shortly.

Victoria took a lengthy assessment of the room she was in. It was a trendy brown color and had sparse black and white adornments on the walls and end tables. There were two obviously pregnant girls in the room and another girl around 22 years of age who looked like she definitely did not want to get pregnant. Victoria fell in the latter category, too. She was 23 years old, had a hectic lifestyle as an up-and-coming photographer, and fucked around way too much to take a chance on not taking her birth control. She had long brown hair that fell to her waist and hazel eyes. She was short. Only 5’ 4" tall. Her body was curvy, but excellently toned from all of the squatting and kneeling that her job required. She wasn’t a girl that you would see on the street and immediately think was stunningly attractive. There was something more about her. If you asked the men who had fucked her, they would say she had mad sex appeal. Her wide hips, filled out butt, and full lips spoke of a hidden temptress that only very lucky men got to taste. You had to fuck her good to keep her around. Her quick tongue and temper meant that if you were anything less than an amazing fuck she would have no problem telling you where the door was.

The door at the other end of the room opened and it seemed like all the air in the room was sucked out. The sight of the man in the doorway would have knocked Victoria off her feet had she been standing. He was over 6 feet tall and built with a thick muscular body that only dedicated hours of training could have produced. He had jet black hair and when Victoria met his eyes she saw that they were ice blue. "Victoria? I can see you know," he said in a deep voice that made her heart pound loudly in her ears.
Victoria was unable to say anything. Instead, she got up and numbly followed him down the hallway into the last exam room. This was Dr. Summers? Victoria felt that this man must be a figment of her imagination. He was way too damn hot to have been in medical school for 8 years. Victoria stepped into the room behind the doctor and sat on the exam chair. The doctor began talking to her.

"Hi, Victoria. I’m Dr. Summers, but everyone calls me Ian." Ian looked down at his clipboard and began talking again. "I see that you are coming in to renew your birth control prescription. I also see that you are due for your yearly pap smear. If you aren’t having problems with your old prescription, I see no reason to change it. If you would like, we will move right along to the pap smear. I’m sure by now you already know this routine, so I’ll leave you to get undressed. There is a gown and blanket in the cabinet next to you. If you don’t have any questions…?" He waited a moment for her to say something. When she didn’t, he confidently shook her hand and then exited the room.

Victoria waited until he was out of the room and then smacked her forehead with her hand. She was pissed off. Just who did this guy think he was? Why hadn’t she been able to talk to him? Why was her face flushed like a school girl? She had fucked many men and none of them had impacted her like this damn pussy doctor.

He didn’t have a wedding band…

Victoria began taking off her clothes. When she was naked she looked down at her body, her curves, her D breasts, and her shaved pussy. She was hella sexy and she knew it. No man was going to make her feel shy. She did the stunning around here. As she put on the gown a plan formed in her head.
When Dr. Summers came back in the woman sitting on the bed looked totally different. Before she had looked meek and shy and now she looked like a long haired sex kitten. She sat on the exam bed with a regular every day hospital gown on, but on her it looked like a sexy outfit that might be shed at any moment. The back of the down gaped open so that he could see her back, the top of her toned ass, and the side of one of her voluptuous breasts. Now Ian was the one blushing. Not only was he blushing, he now had a hard on that he could only hope his scrubs concealed.

Nevertheless, he came to stand by the exam bed and began explaining the technicalities of what he was about to do. "Victoria, right now I am going to check your breasts for any sign of anything that shouldn’t be there, so if you will just lie down on your back we will begin." Victoria complied and Dr. Summers went on, "Now I am just moving my fingers in circles all the way around the breast. So far I don’t feel anything that we should be worried about. Do you do self-checks at home, Victoria?"
Victoria put on her most bad girl voice and said, "Yes, Dr. Summers, I mean Ian, I touch my breasts every single day."

Ian felt his member jump painfully and the first drop of pre-cum moistened the tip of his 7 ½ inch long dick. He had never before been tempted by a patient under his care. He knew all about patient/doctor relations. They couldn’t happen. Ian tried as hard as he could to regain his composure and continued with the exam. It was difficult. Victoria’s breasts were beautiful and her nipples were rock hard. Her skin got goose bumps whenever his fingertips touched. When Ian at last touched the edges of her nipples feeling for any blemished spot in her breast Victoria closed her eyes momentarily and made the quietest of moans. She was so damn sexy! Ian breathed a sigh of relief that he was done with that part of the exam. He felt that if he touched her breasts any longer he would be in deep shit.

Shakily, he told Victoria to bend her knees and open her legs. Victoria looked at him with a sexy little smile and slowly opened her legs to reveal her soaking wet, shaved pussy. Ian was a doctor, but seeing how wet she was after just having her breasts touched was almost unbearable. How he would like to see what else he could do to her.

Ian cleared his throat, "Now I am going to do a scrape to check for STD’s and infections. This may hurt a little or you may not feel anything at all. Just relax and take deep breaths." Ian slowly pushed the long cotton swab into Victoria’s pussy. Out of medical necessity he completed this part of the exam quickly and thoroughly. He put the sample into its plastic container and set it aside.

"Next I have to do an internal exam. I will take two fingers and feel inside you to make sure you don’t have any abnormalities." Ian said.

"Sure, Ian. Do whatever you need to." Victoria said. She spread her legs a little wider and closed her eyes.

Ian was cursing her inside his head. What a huge fucking tease she was! He wished he could fuck her until she begged him to stop. Until she screamed how sorry she was for being such a little cock tease.
Ian was still thinking these thoughts as he slowly pushed aside her pussy lips and stuck two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. Normally he would have used lube to do this part of the exam, but she was so wet he figured there was no way she could need it. Ian didn’t feel anything that would cause concern, but he did pause to consider how tight her pussy was. This was really an exceptional pussy! He pushed his fingers a little deeper than what he had to. He couldn’t help it. If this was the only time he ever got to touch this pussy, he had to make the best of it.

When Ian pushed his fingers into her pussy that little bit, Victoria made her move. She pushed down onto Ian’s fingers and used his surprise to finger fuck herself three times. Ian ripped his hand away from her and angrily stalked towards the door, knocking the mobile table that held the samples on it to the floor. When Ian hand hit the door something in him clicked. To hell with regulations. He turned back towards Victoria and grabbed her shoulders in two strides. Now she was the one surprised. Ian pushed her flat on the exam table and ripped his scrubs off with one hand. His dick swung free, slapping Victoria’s thigh. This caused Victoria’s face to contort with fear. She had wanted to tease the doctor, she wasn’t ready for this!
Victoria’s pussy was already wet though. Ian didn’t waste any time with formalities. He shoved his dick in her pussy to the hilt and started fucking her for all he was worth. Victoria’s face of fear turned to one of complete pleasure and she began to move in time with his thrusts instead of against him.

"It’s all your fault, you little slut," Ian said. "You don’t tease Ian Summers and expect to not get fucked. Next time you will know who not to fuck with!"

With every thrust Victoria’s moans got louder. Ian put his hand over her mouth to stifle the sounds. "Can’t have you making my other patients want me, too," He said.

Feeling some compassion for the girl, he slowed his thrusts and leaned down to kiss her. This kiss wasn’t a regular kiss. It set them both on fire. Victoria grabbed two handfuls of Ian’s hair and whispered roughly, "Fuck me, doctor."

Ian pulled his dick out and shoved it back in and began pumping harder than ever before. She wanted it rough; well that’s what she would get! Victoria’s head lolled back after a minute of this and Ian grabbed her thick hair to pull it back up. That’s when Ian felt her pussy tightening on his dick. She was so easy to make orgasm! Victoria’s eyes were clouded over in ecstasy. Ian hadn’t felt like he was close to getting off, but the look on her face made Ian blow his load deep inside her tight pussy. He stayed in until the last of his cum was emptied from his dick.

Ian casually laid Victoria’s head back on the exam table, pushed his dick back into his pants, and walked out the door saying, "Get dressed. Oh, you’re going to need a new doctor."

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