T sighed and plopped back into her chair and with a loud thud dropped her books to the desk. She was never going to pass this History class and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. Mrs. Pollard was unrealistic and definitely had it in for her. What a way to start her first semester of college. She sat sulking while the rest of the class filed out and Mrs. Pollard sat behind her gigantic desk, her back ram-rod straight staring at her. Tiffanie stared back.

She really wasn't bad looking, Tiffanie decided. She wore dark rimmed glasses over blue eyes that changed colors. Her dark hair was always pulled tightly up showing off her high cheek bones and pale skin. Her figure would probably be defined as curvy and she had a penchant for wearing high heels and slim skirts that clung to her when she moved with sweaters that seemed to stretch over her generous bust.

"Wow," T thought to herself. "She really is pretty hot and I never even noticed."

"Tiffanie, we need to discuss your plans for this class. I'm not sure you're exactly giving it your all"

Mrs. Pollard's voice shook her out of her revarie. She was slowly making her way around the desk to perch herself on the front edge and look down at T. Thos stupid heels. That's why she wore them...she was short.

"What do you have to say?"

T gave a noncommittal shrug. She didn't know what to say. Frankly, she was getting a little nervous at the way her thoughts were running. It wasn't like her to get worked up easily, but she was noticing more and more the way her instructor's ass cupped the desk and the way the necklace she wore dangled just out of reach of her cleavage.

"Tiffanie. This is serious. Now, I don't usually do this, but I'm willing to give you extra help if you'd like."

"Umm..ok." T squirmed in her chair. She was beginning to sweat.

"Are you ok? You don't look well."

"I'm aight. It's just hot in here." T replied.

"Come here, please."

T slowly stood from her desk and walked up to Mrs. Pollard. She was shocked when the teacher reached out a hand to grasp her arm and pull her closer. Standing up, she placer her lips on T's cheek for a moment and then stood back again.

"You don't have a fever, but you're sweating. It's not warm in here at all."

T's eyes were wide in shock. She could feel the wetness building between her legs and was horrified. What was happening to her?

Mrs. Pollard slowly began to smile. Reaching a hand up to T's cheek, she drew her closer and slowly applied her lips to T's beginning a very slow and very sensual kiss. T stood too stunned to do anything but respond as Mrs. Pollard’s lips moved over hers and her tongue darted out teasingly. Slowly the kiss deepened and T felt lost in the sheer pleasure of what was happening until Mrs. Pollard gave a soft sigh and pulled back.

"Now I know what's wrong. And, I know how you're going to ace this class." An evil grin lit across the face of the older woman.

"Um...what do you mean?"

"Tiffanie...have you ever been with a woman?"

T shook her head in the negative.

"Have you ever been with a man?"

Again, T shook her head in the negative.

"Tiffanie....do you want to be?"

T's head bobbed a yes.

"Hmm...come here...."

Kadee Pollard had been waiting for just the right opportunity for a very long time. Students came and students went, but she had never found the right one until Tiffanie had walked in. She knew as soon as she saw her caramel toned skin and lush full lips this was the one. She dressed like a boy and pitcher her voice low, but Kadee knew that beneath those baggy jeans and polo shirts was the body she’d been wanting and craving.

It was a chance…but, a chance she was willing to take. She took it slowly, asking T – as she liked to be called – to stay after class on several occasions. The time had come because Kadee was hot and couldn’t wait any longer. She had to make her intentions known.

That first contact of her lips up on Tiffanie’s were…well, Kadee could think of no other word than heavenly. She knew she could easily become addicted to their soft texture and was overjoyed when T began to slide her tongue back and forth along Kadee’s lips. In anticipation, Kadee began darting her tongue in and out of T’s and then pushed forward for a full on deep and melding kiss. Pulling back she sighed and knew she’d made the correct choice.

She took Tiffanie’s hand and led her into the office adjoining the classroom where a plush burgundy couch purchased just for such an occasion waited. Kadee had long sat at her desk staring at the piece of furniture daydreaming of this moment. She was so wet in excitement, she could feel her sopping wet panties struggling to hold all the moisture from slipping down her legs. She laid down with Tiffanie – side by side – and began kissing her and letting her hands roam over her body. She was right. Her breasts were exquisite – heavy and rounded. She could feel T’s nipples hardening beneath the sports bra she wore. Tentatively, she felt T begin her own exploration, lightly caressing Kadee’s skin through her clothing. With a smile she noted when cold fingers moved beneath her blouse. Pulling back, she smiled at T.

"Take off your clothes for me, sweetie."

T looked astonished. Kadee stood and began doffing her own clothing.

"Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one"

She held her breath and first shirt, then jeans, then boxers and sports bra made their way to the floor. T was absolutely exquisite. She sported several tattoos. Her round hips came up to a tucked in waist. Her full breasts hung perfectly shaped and her nipples begged to be tasted. She was completely shaven and Kadee’s eyes wondered over her strong thighs and then back to the area she intended to explore the most.

"Lay down for me, Tiffanie."

T did as she was told, somewhat nervously. Kadee lay beside her.

"Don’t be nervous, sweetie. I promise you’re going to enjoy this."

"I can’t help it. I don’t really know what to do."

"Just lay back and do whatever you feel is right."

Kadee began using the magic of her lips and her voice to relax T. Slowly kissing her soft moist lips and then moving down her neck to her ear and whispering words of encouragement and promises of pleasure. Then moving back down over her neck to her collarbone as her hands wondered over her breasts and began a slow delicious teasing of T’s hardened nipples. She gasped and groaned as Kadee expertly brought them to their peak with her fingers…before settling her mouth upon first one and then the other and suckling on them as though starving. Kadee moaned in pleasure when T brought her hands up to thread her fingers through Kadee’s hair. Her hips were moving of their own accord and Kadee couldn’t ignore such a thing.

Moving down with her tongue lapping at T’s skin…over her stomach and slowly to first one side and then the other of her goal. T’s breathing was harsh and she was beginning to whimper. Kadee could smell her sex and see her glistening lips beckoning to her. With a sigh and a moan, she ventured forward and took T’s swollen clit between her lips and began sucking. T’s hips jerked forward and her moan became a cry of ecstasy. Slowly Kadee began suckling T’s clit, much as she did her breasts, all the while using her tongue to twist and lap at T’s lips and vagina. The girl was so wet and tasted so sweet. Kadee was in absolute heaven. T writhed and moaned and cried out. She could feel the her tensing and knew she was about to cum. Kadee redoubled her efforts, grasping T’s hips and pulling her forward into her mouth as she sucked harder and tongued T deeper. With a yell, T thrust her hips forward, her legs shaking and her breathing harsh.

"Oh my God!"

Kadee just kept sucking as T rode the waves of her orgasm and then slowly came down. She rose from her position between T’s legs and T smiled at her.

"That was amazing!" She exclaimed.

Kadee smiled at her. "But, we’re not done?"

Slowly Kadee inched her body up T’s to begin sucking and biting her nipples once again. This time, she was being a bit rougher….and T was obviously loving it. She began fingering T’s clit, strumming it like the instrument it was. T’s hips were moving in circles and her moans were steadily growing louder.

"Do you trust me, Tiffanie?" Kadee asked


"Are you sure?"

Kadee looked into T’s eyes and slid one finger deep inside her pussy. T’s mouth opened in shock and pleasure as she gasped.

"Do you still trust me?" Kadee asked as she began working her one finger in and out of T’s dripping wet slit.


Still looking into T’s eyes, Kadee slipped another finger into T’s pussy.

"It hurts!"

"Shhh…." Kadee leaned forward to take T in her arms and hold her. "I promise you, Tiffanie. You will beg me to fuck you." She lay still – not moving her fingers, just letting them rest inside T’s pussy soaking up her sweet juices.

T began to move bit by bit.

"Sweetie, I thought you said it hurt?"

"It does."

"Then, why are you moving?"

"Because I want you to fuck me."

The words Kadee had been waiting to hear. Leaning forward she kissed T gently on the lips and then whispered into her ear "What was that you said you wanted?"

"Please, fuck me, Mrs. Pollard."

Holding T close, Kadee began moving her fingers in and out of T’s pussy moving slow and shallow.

"Like this?"

"No….please, fuck me."

"But, I am."

"Please, fuck me harder."

Kadee laughed. "That’s my girl!" She began working her fingers deeper into T’s pussy. She was so tight and so wet. Kadee was ready to explode just from watching her move against her hand and close her eyes in pleasure. She began to finger her faster, and reached down to take a nippler in her mouth, biting it with her teeth.

"Oh yes!" T exclaimed.

"My girl likes it a little hard, huh?"

"Yes, Mrs. Pollard! Please! Fuck me hard!"

Kadee began fucking T’s pussy with her two fingers – hard and deep. She felt every muscle moving under her ministration and the clamping down of T’s kegals signaling the girl’s intense pleasure. Kadee leaned forward and kissed her deeply. She wrapped her legs around one of T’s strong, thick thighs and began rubbing her own wet clit against the her caramel skin.

"Oh my God! Please, don’t stop fucking me!" T screamed.

Kadee went into a frenzy, fucking and rubbing and kissing and biting T until finally T let forth a hoarse cry and her entire body began convulsing under the weight of her orgasm. Kadee squealed at just the same time as her orgasm hit her and she felt the cum excrete from her pussy onto T’s leg.

"Please, don’t stop – not yet" T begged.

Kadee obliged, fucking T with her fingers over and over until finally the girl nearly cried when Kadee removed her fingers from her sopping wet, but sorely used pussy.

Standing, Kadee walked to her desk to grab some towels for cleaning up. She turned around to T to hand her one and then sat next to her.

"So, what do you think, Tiffanie? Would you like my help?"

"Yes, ma’am. I believe I would" T answered softly.

"Good then…I’ll see you Thursday?"

"Yes, Mrs. Pollard."

T sat at her computer and entered the numbers from her credit card. She had finally found the perfect one – 8" thick mulatto with accompanying harness. Relaxing back, she reached down and began rubbing herself in anticipation, thinking about her instructor bent over her desk with her lily white ass high in the air.

"Oh, Mrs. Pollard. I think I may even get some extra credit on Thursday."

With a laugh, she shut her monitor off and marked the calandar in her phone for 7 business days as "He arrives."

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