Angelic Advice#

Amane Kanata - an angel. It's said that if you pray to her, your problem will be solved. However, as many would find out, you might not get a solution that you would want... though you would be forced to accept it no matter what. For instance, if a man prayed, asking for help that he could not get a girlfriend, Kanata might answer his prayer by getting him a boyfriend instead.
Nonetheless, people prayed to her anyway. Such as, for instance, the members of Hololive.

Out in public, Mori Calliope had been told by a bluntly honest bystander about her ass being smelly. Of course, this was not the first time that she had heard this, anyone who got a whiff of that rear end would report that it smelled of shit, old pussy juice and sweat. If you could keep your nose pointed away from it, it generally wasn't too bad, but if that booty got in your face, you would practically be knocked over by its stench. The smell would get even worse if she passed gas. Simply put, she knew that she needed a solution, as it was only ever getting worse. It's not like she hadn't tried. She tried different products, she bathed more often and changed bathing strategies, she even turned to medication. But nothing worked.
She prayed to the heavens. "Kanata, I have been told my butt stinks. Please help!"
The angel smiled, and answered her prayer. "If the smell is all over your body, nobody can tell it came from your ass. Let's lay it on thick all over!"
Mori felt strange as her body changed. She felt a hot sweltering feeling coming off of every inch of her body. The smell. It was coming from all over! She started coughing as the smell of her own ass was in her nose. Her eyes started tearing up.
However, with the granting of the prayer came the acceptance of the solution. As she went out, everyone would physically recoil from the foul stench. When she hung out with the others, IRyS looked like she was going to throw up. Baelz turned her head away and avoided pointing her nose in that direction. Kronii gave her a judgemental stare.
But at least nobody knew it was coming from her butt anymore.

Suisei stood over her toilet. Embarrassingly, it had been clogged when Coco visited earlier. In fact, it was filled to the absolute brim, but Suisei hadn't noticed until she sat on the shit-filled toilet in a rush to evacuate her own. But, as an idol, she found it hard to call a plumber herself. To admit the problem. But then, maybe Kanata could call someone for her? Or, if she was lucky, maybe Kanata would be willing to do it herself.
"Oh Kanata! My toilet's clogged." Suisei said, in a small prayer.
"Work that plunger." Kanata's reply came instantly.
Suisei found herself reaching for the plunger. Though she was disgusted, she put her face right next to the absolutely filled plunger and pressed it in. The toilet being filled rather than simply clogged meant this gesture was ineffective. In fact, it was pushed out of the bowl and onto herself. Still, she had to only consider the option as suggested to her by the angel, so she pushed and pushed and pushed, forcefully shoving the shit down the bowl inch by inch with the plunger.
Anemachi briefly walked in, and saw the absolutely soaked-in-brown Suisei.
"S-Suisei? What happened???"
Suisei gave her an evil eye and slammed the door shut.

"Kanata! Hey, can you help?" Amelia asked. "My diarrhea won't get better."
"Stop eating vegetables." Kanata said. "You probably had too much fiber in your diet."
Ame had to accept that. Unfortunately, when the next meal came around, the only food she had in her place at this time that wasn't vegetable... was old gluten products that she had tried to stop eating.
"You have got to be kidding me!!" Ame grumbled. "Oh well, can't eat fiber, so..."
Ame made herself a gluten filled meal. It was kinda nice eating these old foods she had given up on. Well... it had been nice, but then she could feel a large pressure filling up in her bowels.
"Uh oh...!!!" Ame realized she couldn't hold it in. A warning fart blasted out of her, leaking some shit into the only pair of unstained panties she had left.
Ame started racing towards the toilet. She could already feel it start to dribble out of her. She threw herself onto the toilet... but unfortunately she had forgotten that the seat was down. But it was too late. Her runny, messy shit splattered all over the toilet seat and onto the floor.
"Well... I guess I'm going to have to go grocery shopping again."

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