"Now do you promise to be a good foot slave?"
"Yes Mistress I promise." John said obediently. This was driving him wild. He was dying to know what was going to happen. His cock was now so hard and pushing so strongly against his underwear that it was actually a bit painful.
"I think I will have Jen begin the night." Said the haunting voice coming from nowhere it seemed. "Jen would you begin by kindly removing your shoes? And place your bare feet just under John’s nose but do not allow them to touch him at all."
Jen took off her shoes. It didn’t take too long for the scent to reach him. God he loved that so much. The mix of feet and leather was the best smell ever! Jennifer slid around and did as she was told. She placed her very wet and soft feet just above his mouth. So close that if he stuck out his tongue he could lick them, but he didn’t dare. He fought the urge with all his might.
"Do you like what is happening now you sad little slave?" His wife had never talked like this before it was making him so hot. If anyone had looked they would have seen a wet spot forming on his underwear from the precum that was starting. He was shocked he was doing that with out anybody touching his cock. It was perfect and it was only beginning. "Jen is he being a good slave?"
"Yes he is." Jennifer said in her smokey sultry voice that always made John hot.
"Fine then you may reward him. Place a toe into his little mouth and let him suck it. But slave your hands will remain at your side or this all ends. Do you understand?"
"Yes I understand." came the excited and shaky voice from John’s mouth.
"Remove your feet now Jen!" replied his wife in a strong voice.
"What did I do wrong?" John asked frightened that he had blown it before it even got started.
"When you address me you will always end with Mistress! Is that understood?" came the wonderfully harsh voice of his sexy wife.
"Yes Mistress! Please forgive your unworthy foot slave." said John.
"That is much better you little worm. Jennifer you may continue." His wife said.
Jennifer then placed her big toe into his mouth. He greedily sucked it in. He was in heaven. He could smell the foot so much better with it in his mouth. It was his favorite scent, clean feet just out of leather shoes. Although it made most people gag, he loved it. He sucked the sweat off her toes he was dying to take more of them into his mouth. But he didn’t dare do anything without being told. Suddenly an angelic voice answered his prayers.
"Jennifer you may now do as you will with your feet and toes just remember if he touches you or does something you don’t like you may refuse him." His wife stated. Jennifer must have known a footman before, because she knew what to do. She rubbed her feet all over his face. Slowly and gently, she would slide a toe or two into his mouth and then remove them quickly. John was dying. He was mumbling "more, more, more please!"
John was in heaven. He could feel his hardening cock pushing even more so against his underwear. It was uncomfortable, even a bit painful but he didn’t dare touch them for fear of losing this amazing gift. Jennifer’s feet tasted so good. He had often thought about sucking them those sneaky mornings in the shower while he masturbated. He fantasized about her letting him suck her toes while he slid in and out of her wet pussy. She was so hot. God this was wonderful. His wife spoke again, "Remember Jen all over his face and chest too he likes bare feet across his broad chest."
Jennifer did as she was told and moved her right foot wet still from the sweat and now mixed with John’s hungry mouth. He had a very broad chest and wide shoulders interesting for being a pretty short man, only 5"4’. John was getting hotter by the second. His hand moved without thinking and was just about to grab Jen’s foot he caught himself and slid it back to his side. He hoped without being seen.
She spoke up again, "Marisol are you ready to join in the fun?"
"Oh yes I am." came the deep sultry voice that always made John quiver with excitement. He honestly knew that she could arouse him by reading the phonebook. Just the sound of her voice was always enough to send him over the edge, god how he wanted her.
"Well then you may rub your nylon clad feet on his stomach and his thighs, but be careful not to go near his cock. I know him and I am sure it his raging hard and he has spilt some pre-cum." his wife didn’t know that he had spilt a great deal. He was so amazed how much was happening to him and as of yet nobody had even come close to his cock.
Marisol shifted in her chair and lifted her very dark soft feet wrapped in silky white stockings and began rubbing them across John’s stomach. Meanwhile Jennifer continued her assault on his face and mouth. This was one of his most desired fantasies coming true. John was at this moment the happiest man on the face of the planet, or even the whole Galaxy. Marisol’s silky stockings felt so soft against his skin but they too were wet from being in her boots all day, how he loved that. His growing excitement could be heard in his rapid breathing, and she in the bulge of his underwear.
Marisol was a brilliant tease; she kept coming close ever so close to his cock. He took in a deep breath every time she did so. As best he could with Jennifer’s perfect toes in his mouth. More than that each time she shifted from his stomach to his thighs or thighs to stomach she would just lightly ever so lightly brush his hard cock thru his shorts. John felt as if he might explode right there and then. He wanted this to last forever.

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