Proposal on the classification and general lore of schizos

Beliefs: While there are many reasons for one to become a schizo, one aspect that is common to all is the desire to "dethrone" all chuubas by spreading their beliefs to all in Vitubia, ending the chuuba's influence in the astral realm, thus rendering the world devoid of any worship of chuubas. For this reason, Schizoism is more anti-Chuubaism than pure atheism, even though it can be a reason to become a schizo. If not born a schizo in the Northern Wastes, any who doubted their deity's way or morbid curiosity of the schizo's forbidden knowledge can lead one to join underground cults. While who the Schizos attack is usually affected by the flow of events in the astral realm(e.g. if a chuuba grows weak, schizos would exploit this fact), there exist schizos with specific targets called "antis".

As there's still debate on how chuubanite and vitubium actually works(not counting how spells and such are casted universally), I'll shelve the Anti-chuubanite causes madness idea for now. Artefacts are still made using an substance called Anti-chuubanite but the process is vague and not well understood. And any convertion needs to be done through specific means such as using an Artefact, reading a forbidden book (technically counts as using) or by staying too close and too long to a troll.

Artefacts: Source of sorcerous powers for shamans and any Schizos who still process the manal faculty to use them. They are made using an refined chuubanite called "anti-chuubanite". As far as scholars know, they behave just like any chuubanite, aprticulatly non-affliated ones. But they can produce effects that no other chuubanite can, such as interfering the mind of individuals and converting them into schizos. The magic or abilities granted by artefacts range from offensive, defensive and passive ones like the aforementioned schizo convertion. Depending on how it is manufactured, artefacts usually only have one or two spells or abilities, but rare ones can have more than half a dozen.

Rrats: All schizos are connected by a psychic link known as Rrats. A multitude of Rrats existS based on the target of the Schizos and the weakness they are exploiting(Such as Doxx Rrats and #s Rrats). Rrats grants schizos abilities and magik not accessible to a normal person but also differentiate antis based on the Rrat powers they are wielding. This link also gains potency when more schizos join in, strengthening the effect of madness cast by artefacts and trolls, it snowballs by absorbing more schizos and the weak-willed. If the tide is not stemmed, Rrats and the resulting raids can ruin entire countries and even continents. Both written words and spoken words can carry the power of Rrats. Thus schizos can easily sway the opinion of gullible or already doubtful individuals, short of turning them into schizos on the spot. One's transformation into a schizo requires close approximation to artefacts or trolls. So, listening to one or two rumours from a schizo will not turn one mad, but reading a book written with ink infused with Anti-chuubanite has a chance.


  • Taller & bigger than normal humans(>2.5m tall, rare specimens as tall as 7-8 meters).
  • Covered in fur and thick hides, long arms and short legs, normally walk upright but can sprint on all fours.
  • Often needs cannon fire/ massed, sustained fire to take out(if melee warriors, 30 plus men are minimal).
    Brutish creatures with supernatural strength & resistance. Casts an aura of madness around, revealing information about the "true" form of the Gods. Trolls can also concentrate this power by gazing directly into a person's eyes making reeling from pain with a glance or worse, madden by it in minutes. Usually not related to any Rrats, trolls follow any Rrats that are large enough or wander the wastes for food.

Schizos: Enhanced physical strength, pain resistance, otherwise normal from normal humans. Most are too craven to be considered intelligent, but still able to operate firearms(how much do they have access to is the question). Seems to gather around trolls. Trolls and schizos that still retained most of their intelligence command and lead the craven ones. More intelligent individuals can infiltrate settlements and spread their corrupting influence. Those who are duped by their sharp tongue would join cults, exposure to schizo artefacts makes them madder and madder until either all of their humanity is shredded away or they believe they reached "enlightenment" and became a schizo shaman, abandoning all of their previous beliefs.

Shamans: Not all intelligent schizos are shamans but these heretics are more dangerous than the average Schizos due to their ability to cast magik of the forbidden schools. While they can convert individuals into schizos, they don't possess an aura like the trolls. Instead, they use artefacts that originate from the Northern Wastes. Shamans are the ones who create and maintain the Rrats.

  • Some types of Shamans
    • Doxxers: Claims they can locate the true form of the deities in the astral realm and spread their Rrats by creating photographs or books related to said true forms. One of the most common schizo shamans.
    • [###]: Only speak in esoteric formulas and numbers, unintelligible to any person other than schizos, they use tomes to calculate the power of Chuubas. If any weakness is found, they target the chuuba whose power waned.
    • Unicorns: Originally Puritan followers of their diety. They despise any interaction between deities of different sexes, even from the same Pantheon. If any Rrats of the above reached them, they would turn schizo easily.
    • Falseflagger: Schizos who sow and revel in conflict. Whether it's gods from the same pantheon or the same generation, they want to see their followers fight, thus destroying the foundation of their faith.
    • Ultra-Monotheists: Extremists who have been driven underground, then turned mad due to contact with schizos, they only accept the superiority of their God above all others. Can be indistinguishable from falseflaggers.
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