Standing watching everyone down at the baggage claim, watching every face, waiting eagerly to see yours. All of a sudden, there you are wrapping your arms around me, from behind, you snuck up on me. Pulling my hair to the side you started kissing my neck... My body started to shake. I turned around to look at you, put my hand up and touched your face, ran my thumb across your lips. My breath caught as your tongue grazed my thumb and you sucked my thumb lightly into your mouth and grazed it with your teeth as I started to pull my hand away. You reached up and grabbed hold of my hand, turned
your face into my palm and kissed it, kissed each finger tip, kissed my wrist at the pressure point, kissed the inside of my elbow, the curve of my shoulder, my collar bone, the curve of my neck, jaw line, chin, looked into my eyes and captured my lips for a long, soft, sweet kiss. My whole body was trembling, I could barely stand. You held me against you until I had enough strength to walk to my car. Once we arrived at my car, I leaned with my back against it and pulled you to me, put my arms around your neck and it was my turn to make you weak. I gently sucked your lower lip into my mouth and licked it then let go, you leaned in to kiss me again and I stopped you, just barely. I leaned up and barely licked your lips with the tip of my tongue, each corner, the middle of your bottom lip... I put my hands on your neck, I reached my tongue into your mouth... searching, our tongues met with intensity and desire, it sent flames burning through our bodies... knowing what the night held for us. You pulled away from me and asked me for the keys. I gave you the keys and you opened my door and helped me in, you were driving.
You got into the driver's seat and pulled out of the space that my car had occupied for the better part of 2 hours and off we went. You were holding onto my hand, kissing every inch of it that you could reach, licking, sucking on my fingers.... driving me insane with complete desire. Finally you noticed that I was wearing a skirt. You put my hand down in my lap and placed your hand on the inside of my thigh working circles on my skin... slowly inching your way closer to the heat you could feel coming from my pussy. You tell me to lay the seat back and not to move, your fingers find my thong, which is drenched with my juices. I spread my legs for you to have better access to my pussy. You reach and pull my thong to the side, my eyes are closed, my breathing shallow, with 2 fingers you part my lips and with a third you find my clit. Rubbing my clit, I start to grind my hips towards your fingers, you stop. I open my eyes and look at you, you shake your head no and tell me not to move. You move your hand slightly and work your fingers up and down my slit, getting your fingers covered with my juices, as you are working your fingers up and down, you find the center of my desire. Slip the tip of your finger into me and I gasp, holding my breath, waiting for your finger to slip the rest of the way inside of me, you slide a little more into me... you say you want me to tell you what I want... " I want your finger inside of me, fucking me" I scream as you slide the rest of your finger into me and back out, thrusting in and out... "I want another one, put 2 in me" Your thumb on my clit sends my body into throws of an orgasm as you continue fucking me with your fingers. Your hand now covered with my juices, finally my muscles relax enough for you to pull out your fingers. You bring your hand to your mouth and lick my juices from your hand. I pull your hand to my mouth and fisinsh cleaning your hand with my tongue. Sucking on your finger tips, taking your fingers into my mouth, all the way, one at a time, down my throat. I run my hand over the bulge that I can plainly see in your pants and I ask you if that is for me? "Every solid inch" is your reply. I unbutton your pants and your cock stands straight up, waiting for my attention. I put my hand around it and start to run my fingers around the head, a little bit of pre cum comes out to greet my fingers. I lay down in my seat and lean over your lap and take the head into my mouth, I feel your breath catch and the car swerve a little as you feel my tongue run over and over the head of your cock. I open my mouth and slowly slip your cock into
my mouth, inch by every inch of rock solid man. You reach down and place your hand on the back of my head, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me away. "I don't want to cum yet and if I let you go on doing that, I will." We get to the hotel where you have a room reserved for us, and I can't keep my hands off of you. The guy behind the counter must think that I am some hooker you picked up off the street. You kindly tell him to put a Do Not Disturb on the phones, and ask him to make sure that you and your wife are not disturbed by the maid in the morning. I looked at you with a look of bewilderment and you just squeezed my hand and said that everything was going to be just fine.
We got to our room and you unlocked the door, turned on the lights and picked me up over your shoulder and carried me into the room. As I pushed myself up on your shoulder to look you in the eye, you slowly let me slide down the front of your body so that I could feel exactly how badly you wanted me. You sat me down on the end of the bed and told me to lean back, I leaned back on my elbows so that I could watch you. You unzipped my skirt and reached for the waistband and started to pull, I rocked my hips either way so that you could pull it off. You got down on your knees in front of me spread my thighs so that you could see every inch of my womanhood. You started kissing my thighs, making me squirm, took my legs and parted them, then put my feet on the bed so that you had complete
access my pussy and all that it had to offer, you buried your face in the curls, still damp from the drive from the airport, and found my clit with your tongue. Putting your fingers back inside of me preparing my body for what was to come next. Once you felt my pussy start to get wet with natural lubrication, you came to your knees at the end of the bed, asked me if I was ready for you to put your cock inside of me, asked me if I wanted to feel you now. I reached up and grabbed your neck to pull you down for a kiss to show you how I wanted to feel you inside of me, and with one swift movement your tongue was in my mouth, exploring every inch of my tongue and lips, while your cock was filling my pussy, inch by beautiful inch, I pulled my head back and screamed with passion. You started to pull
out thinking that you had hurt me in some way, I wrapped my legs around your waist and pulled you deeper into me. You lifted me off the bed and crawled to the pillows and laid me down on them, taking one and putting it under my hips for deeper penetration. You lean down and put your arms on either side of my head and take my lips captive between yours, as you start to thrust into me, I meet you with every stroke that you bury into my pussy. "Fuck me doggie style." I beg you. You pull out long enough to pull me to the end of the bed, flip me over on to my stomach and pull my ass into the air, while standing at the end of the bed, you pull my
hips back to meet yours and I hear you say "you want me to fuck you? Come here" You grab a handful of myhair, pull my head back so that you can bite on my neck while your cock moves in and out of me, faster and faster with each movement. You spank my ass with the other hand, with my hair still wrapped around your hand, you turn my face to kiss me, hard and deep and fast. I tell you not to stop that I am going to come all over your cock, I want to feel you come with me. "I want
you to come inside of me" "Don't stop, OMG Ron, Don't stop, fuck me, OMG" You reach around and grab my clit with your fingers and roll it between your
fingers and I scream " OMG I'm going to come" I hear you whisper in my ear... "I'm not done with you yet, you come all over my cock, but I'm not done". "Come on baby, come all over my cock, I want to feel your juice run down my cock, come on baby, come on Stephanie, cum all over me." Fucking me harder now and still playing with my clit, my body starts to tremble, again. I claw at the pillow in front of me, as I can feel my body start to do exactly what you ask of it. Your strokes slow, and I can feel my pussy juices flowing down the inner walls of my pussy onto your cock. You pull out of me, covered with my juices, tell me to lay down on my side as you climb into the bed with me you come up and slip right into me as you wrap your arms around me from behind, you take your hand and start to run
your nails up and down my back, I groan as I can feel with every stroke you thrust into me I am starting to tremble again, you're kissing my neck, across my shoulders, behind my ears. I ask what you are doing and you say "I have already fucked you, now I am going to make love to you. I am going to explore with my hands, mouth, and body every inch of you". You pull out of me and lay me on my back so that I can face you and you kiss me, tracing my body with your hands
feeling the side of my full breasts, your thumb touches my nipple and instantly it hardens... you run your thumb over it several more time, take your mouth away from mine and suck my nipple into your mouth. My back arches at the heat and moisture from your mouth, you grab an ice cube from a bowl at the side of the bed and put it against my breast, run it all over my chest. I told you that I couldn't take any more and you pulled me on to your lap, rubbed the tip of your cock against my clit, lifted me just enough to be able to push into me without losing contact with our bodies. As I felt you go deeper into me than I though possible, I threw my head back in pure ectasy, and with my hands on your shoulders, I rode you with all my being. You knew how to pull your nails across my back to make me scream, kissing my breasts, nibbling on my neck. I couldn'thandle it anymore, I knew I was getting ready to cum again. "I'm going to cum all over you again." Just as I said that to you, you pulled my mouth down for a kiss so deep I almost forgot where I was. "I told you that I wanted to cum inside of you." was your reply. You asked me if I was ready and I said "oh baby, yes, please cum in me" I reached down to play with my clit so that you could watch and you growled at me in ectasy..."harder, do it harder, faster... I want to cum inside you" I told you that I was going to cum and you said so am I and grabbed ahold of me around the wait
and held on with all you had, as we came together. I was so exhausted that when you laid me down with my head on your shoulder I fell asleep with you watching me.

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